How to distinguish the iPhone original from fake?

Recommending how to create an account on the iPhone, and finally deciding to purchase Apple products, the future owner of the device will face an unexpected or expected surprise. the cost of a new phone. Sooner or later, a logical thought will come to mind: buy an iPhone, already used. Before giving money, the buyer must check the originality of the iPhone; Below. a few simple ways to distinguish the original from the fake.

Despite the skill of manufacturers of informal copies, determine the authenticity of the iPhone for a person, at least a short time held in the hands of the real apparatus, is not more difficult than recovering Apple ID password. The original from the counterfeit is distinguished by a lot of low-challenging strokes: the quality and smoothness of the glass, the rear wall roughness, the smoothness of the buttons pressing, the mass of the iPhone and so on. Of course, to conclude only on the basis of an external inspection. too radical solution, but also to neglect the explicit grinding of manufacture is not worth.

Important: But to be afraid of the inscription “Made in China” there is no need. PRC produces official copies of the iPhone under Apple license. and it is the Chinese models to easily buy in Russia.

General recommendations


  • The first thing to pay attention to the purchase of a new iPhone is a hull. It should not be extra gaps, crackle and crunch are also not allowed.
  • In addition, the device button (if it is in the model) should not “peel”.
  • Paint on the device without divorces is not erased, and does not leave traces in hand.
  • Most fake manufacturers are installed plastic case instead of aluminum. You can distinguish them by texture and characteristic sound if you knock on it.
  • Special attention deserved inscriptions on the back cover. In the original models they are deposited exactly, clearly, the inscriptions are made without errors. The inscription states the following: iPhone, Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China.

Compliance with all the above factors with the greatest probability indicates that the original model is.

Primary examination of the phone

Inspection of the corps

First look at the geometry of the case, place the iPhone in front of yourself as shown in the photo.

iPhone should be smooth and without banano-shaped bends. No one knows how the curvature of the body can affect the IPhone electronics, but definitely the iPhone curve is bad.

Look at the gaps between the display and the case. in the iPhone of the original assembly there is nothing of it, everything is tight and evenly.

Ponseput on the display in each corner. there should be no backlash and click. If they still have. it indirectly indicates the analysis of the iPhone and the disruption of sealing.

Checking on the traces of autopsy

Carefully look at the screws at the bottom of the iPhone, where the charging connector is located. You do not have to see the jackets and slotted screws. The screw should look like new without damage and scratches. This is especially clearly visible on black iPhone.

In the photo, we showed how to look intact screws and how they look like those who visited the service.

Check dust in the chamber

In the iPhone of the original assembly, dust access to the internal device is limited by the IP67 / IP68 standard. iPhone must be fully sealed. Dust inside the chamber, even the smallest, must be absent.

The same applies to the anterior chamber. If dust is. iPhone broke and his tightness is broken.

How does activation blocking?

If on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is enabled “Find iPhone” function, the Apple identifier is safely stored on the company’s activation servers and tied to your device. From this point on, to disable the functionality, delete data on the device and its re-activation, you will need to enter your password.

In case of loss or theft of the device, you must immediately translate it into the disappearance mode in “Finding iPhone“. This mode blocks your screen with 6- or 4-digit access code and displays a message with a phone number in order to simplify the device return.

If necessary, you can remotely erase data from the device, the message will remain on the screen, even after deleting information. While blocking activation works “in the shade”, preventing unauthorized use or sale of the device, the loss mode resembles a found (or by staring) that the gadget has an owner and cannot be used, not knowing the password.

In order to enable the disappearance mode, go to the site icloud.COM / FIND with Mac or PC, or use the “Find iPhone” application for iOS.

How to determine the restored iPhone

Despite the fact that recovered smartphones, in most cases, are not inferior in durability. Unfortunately, even in large stores can be stumbled upon the restored models that are sold under the guise of new at the cost price. It can be both intentional shop fraud and banal negligence, as the externally devices are completely identical.

See the settings menu

The first letter in the model name will help you determine whether your device is new.

The last two characters indicate the region, for sale in which this device is intended. If you bought your iPhone on the territory, and this is officially certified by the ROSStit version, there must be an abbreviation RS, RR, RP or RU.

Defining the restored iPhone by packing

If you have not yet purchased the device, you can define the recovered phone by packing. Of course, it is unlikely that the smartphone will be sold under the guise of new, but it is worth knowing about it.

    iPhone is restored if there is a print with the text “Apple Certified Pre-Owned”. There may also be a few other options, but the meaning is always about the same.

Defining the restored iPhone by IMEI

Is the iPhone new can be found by comparing information from IMEI with what is in fact. After entering IMEI on the relevant site you will receive a part of the device data. Here you should pay attention to several basic characteristics.

  • If only the acquired smartphone is activated by the Find My Phone function, it means it is restored. For new devices, this feature is disabled by default.
  • If the color does not correspond, then the case is clearly changed, so the phone may well be restored.
  • If there is an “expired” (expired), then the device is already in operation for a long time.

check, real, iphone

It works and when buying a smartphone with hands, the owner of which is trying to sell a renovated device under the guise of a new.

In general, despite the improvement of the quality of Chinese fakes, it is still quite easy to distinguish them from the original. It is only necessary to be more attentive and know about some features of Apple products.

IPhone originality via IMEI

Each device has its IMEI-code that is assigned to all phones, including those that were released 10-15 years ago. That is, you can be completely confident that smartphones with the same IMEI is not, so the information will be reliable. You can find IMEI in several ways:

  • If you have a box from a smartphone, look at the rear number. As a rule, the number consists of 15 digits, and there is a mark of IMEI next to them;
  • You can also go to the “Settings” of the device, select the “Basic” tab, go to “About Device” and fly to IMEI. Here and there will be a unique identification number of the phone;

Once the number will be received, you will need to take advantage of one of the services presented below. For complete reliability, we advise you to check the smartphone immediately on several bases.

What is IMEI

  • IMEI (factory number) is the license plate that each telephone receives at the factory.
  • During the entire history of the phone’s existence, more precisely, during the time during which the telephone set is in working condition, this factory number does not change.
  • The serial number is the only reliable thing for which this device can be identified and up to five hundred meters in diameter to determine its location, provided that the device will be enabled.

What you need to know imei

Serial (factory) phone number, or IMEI, may be needed in the following situations:

  • When not a new apparatus is bought, and used, and it is necessary to check whether it is not listed among lost, stolen or wanted for any other reason;
  • Get real warranty information on this device;. detect the device in case of its loss or theft.

How to find out the serial number of your device

In order to find out the factory number of the phone, it is completely no need to seek help in a service center or to the specialists of that store where it is sold. There are several ways to independently define IMEI:

  • First, it is possible to find the factory number in the documents that are attached to the phone;
  • Secondly, the serial number is written on the device itself, as a rule, under the battery or in the SIM card container;
  • Thirdly, with the introduction of a certain combination consisting of five characters. The last case is most convenient, as it is available at any time when the telephone is in your hands.

In order to independently find out the factory number of any telephone, you need to dial a combination on the keyboard of this device. Deciphering input sequence:

After entering this combination, a number is displayed on the monitor screen of the telephone set, which will be its identification serial number.

The official resource IMEI

You can go to the https website: // / and check your smartphone there. This is a single resource in which these devices are stored. On the main page, specify a number and click Check.

If IMEI is specified correctly, detailed information about this smartphone will appear. You will see the release date, the main characteristics, model of the device and other data.

Site Sndeepinfo

Another no less popular resource is the site https: // / ru. The main feature of the service is, of course, the support of the Russian language, which is very important for Russian users. But information in free mode here is given less. On the main page in the results you will see the name of the model, the manufacturer, and also be able to view whether this smartphone was stolen or not. For example, the user who has been stolen iPhone can go to this resource and fill in a special application where IMEI stolen smartphone. When checking this number it will be indicated that it was stolen.

If you need more complete information, you can click on the appropriate tab, where for 2 dollars it will be possible to get additional data in full configuration. If you only need basic information, it will cost 0.18 dollars.

All about Activation Lock

Activation Lock is a tool that allows you to block the iPhone that was stolen. No one can remove the blocking, except who owned it until this moment. Activation Lock activation occurs using the FindmyPhone service.


Another common way to check the iPhone on authenticity. an attempt to synchronize the device with iTunes. This is a media player program that is used to download, install and listen to audio and video files. Appendable application available on Apple’s website.

Step-by-step synchronization instructions

To synchronize, it is necessary:

    Download iTunes on the official website https: // www.Apple.COM / RU / iTunes / Download /.

You can connect the device through Wi-Fi:

    In the “Settings” menu, select the “Main” section and find the synchronization button using Wi-Fi.

For the fake apparatus, this action is not available.

Table. Differences of the original from falsification

Aluminum housing Plastic Case and Other Materials
The serial number is identified on the manufacturer’s website Serial number is not in the database
One SIM card May be two SIM cards
Opens App Store Redirect to Google Play
Synchronized with iTunes The function is not available

On a note! But one of the main criteria when buying is the price. Cheaper than 650 y. E. Purchase a device from a new model range will not work.

Detailed video instructions

On Apple’s website there is a section “Checking the right to maintenance and support”, in which it is possible to check whether the iPhone really purchased has been not used earlier. All you need to know the user to work with the service is the serial number of the device. In activated gadgets, this number can be found in “Settings”, in the “Basic” section, menu item “On this device”. In the event that the smartphone meets the user with the launch screen, its serial code can be found by pressing the “I” button in the lower right corner.

In addition, the iPhone serial number is listed on the label placed on the back of the original box.

So, to check the iPhone, follow these steps:

one. Go to “Checking Service and Support Rights” section on Apple.

2. Enter the corresponding iPhone Serial Number field (how to find the serial number), enter the code specified in the picture and click Continue.

The iPhone serial number never contains the letter “O” (the number 0 “(zero) is used.

3. If when checking the supposedly new iPhone (or officially restored (Ref, Refurbished), Apple) will appear “Activate your device”, then it really confirms that the smartphone did not have a story and it really is new.

After activation, the service “right to service and support” will appear (perhaps not immediately, and during the day) the estimated date of completion of the right to maintain and repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the Activation Day. In other words, to find out the date of the first activation, take away from the settlement date exactly 1 year.

Note: The data on the Apple server may not change immediately, it usually happens in the range from 1 minute to 12 hours.

How to recognize fake

You already know some correct ways to distinguish the original iPhone, but if some of them cannot be used or doubts, pay attention to the following:

  • The case must be metallic, and not from plastic.
  • The charger connector is not like in other smartphones.
  • Operating system. iOS without any signs of Android and typical applications for it, like Play Market.
  • Rear on the lid is written that the design is designed in California by Apple, and collected in China. If there is something else there, then this is a fake. The lid itself is not removed.

Of course, all the above does not mean that it is impossible to acquire a used iPhone or a Chinese replica on it. Very often, people take even blocked phones. as “donors” for their. But for such goods you have to offer a completely different price, several thousand (or even tens of thousands) is cheaper than a completely new original. Be careful and careful.