Other Ways to Track iPhone. Myths and Reality

As you can see, there are indeed options. And for every taste and color. even from a computer, even through messages.

In my opinion, the best one is family access. Once set up and forgotten. the beauty!

But! Many people are interested in other ways of spying on the iPhone. Let’s quickly go over the most common user requests and see what other options are available.?

Spoiler alert: there are practically none. But it is imperative to write about it.

Track iPhone by Phone Number or IMEI

Believe me, it doesn’t work that way. All programs that offer such a service (most often for money) are engaged in the fact that this same money is taken, but they do not give information.

The only case when it can work is a statement to the law enforcement agencies when the iPhone is lost. It is precisely the police who will search for your iPhone by IMEI. The only way.

Install hidden mobile spy program and spy on iPhone

Please remember, there are no such programs. No need to waste time and litter your (someone else’s) iPhone with all sorts of nonsense. nothing good will come of it.

ICloud.com website

You can find the location of any iPhone using the official Apple website. iCloud.com

check, iphone, untied, icloud

  • Find iPhone must be enabled on iPhone.
  • You must know the Apple ID and password used on this iPhone.
  • Go to iCloud.com
  • Enter Apple ID and password.
  • Click on the “Find iPhone” icon.

Important! The full version of the iCloud website only works on a computer. However, from another phone (Android. not supported) you can also perform a similar operation. when you open the site, you will be immediately offered a choice of three positions. Select “Find iPhone” and enter the Apple ID of the device you want to track.

  • You will see the iPhone‘s location on the map.
  • The mail that is registered as an Apple ID will receive a message. “Your Apple ID was used to sign in”.
  • There will be no notifications on the tracked iPhone.

Is it possible to track a person using an iPhone?

Can. But only with his approval. He must know and agree with what you are watching.

Just in case, if anyone does not know, I am giving you especially important information. illegal surveillance is prohibited in Russia. It makes no difference what is used for this procedure. iPhone, spyware, some other gadgets. The very fact of surveillance is prohibited and punishable.

Therefore, all procedures must be carried out with the full consent of the person you want to monitor the iPhone. Remember this and do not break the law!

Well, now let’s move on to the monitoring options

Find a dedicated free tracking software in the App Store

You will not find it. over, installing and uninstalling everything in a row there is a chance to run into a subscription. You will lose money. you will not receive information.

The only service program that more or less works is the “Radar” application from the Megafon company (link to the page in the App Store).

  • The program itself is free. But the service (without which this program does not work) is paid.
  • All opportunities are received only by megaphone subscribers.
  • Reviews, frankly, not very.

In general, you can try, but use it decide for yourself.

Find friends

Another “native” application from Apple that allows you to see the location of other people on the map.

  • On the iPhone you want to track, open the Find Friends app.
  • Select “Add”.
  • Enable AirDrop on your iPhone.
  • An icon of your phone appears on the “foreign” iPhone.
  • Click on it and select “Share indefinitely”.
  • On the tracked iPhone, a notification will appear once “You have started to share your location with the user”.
  • In the “Find Friends” application you. will see the location of another iPhone. Person being tracked. will see your account labeled “watcher”.

How easy is it to track an iPhone? Is free!

Hey! Almost all of us have people dear to our hearts. family members, friends, acquaintances. And all of us, as a rule, are very worried about them and worried in the event that they are not around. Of course, it seems like you can call and find out. how are you, what are you doing, what are you doing, where are you? But, we must admit, this is not always convenient. because the cases are different:

Lack of network and money, silent mode, no way to talk, etc.

And how then to be? Continue to worry, think that everything is very bad and cheat yourself? Not. This should not be done. After all, if a person has an iPhone with him, then his location can be determined without a call. there are not so many ways for this, but they are. And if there is, then you need to use!

Is it possible to unbind via a stationary PC

If the user wants to know how to log out of their account on the iPhone, then this can be done through a computer. The procedure is performed according to the following scheme:

  • to turn off the profile, you need to open the iCloud.com website on your computer;
  • a form for filling in with personal data will appear on the screen;
  • the owner must specify the parameters for authorization in the account, Apple ID data is used;
  • the password from the system is written in the next line;
  • when you are logged in, you should find the “Find iPhone” section on the page;
  • now you should find the subsection “All devices” on the screen, it is located at the top of the screen;
  • a list of those devices that have been linked to the profile will be displayed on the computer;
  • the owner must choose the one that needs to be untied;
  • when the smartphone is in an inactive position, just click on the “Remove from Find iPhone” button.
  • Interesting information
  • If the gadget is online, the “Online” icon is located next to it. In this case, the owner selects the “Erase iPhone” option. Further, the deletion must be confirmed. To complete the procedure, select the item “Remove from profile”.

What is iCloud Cloud and how to use it

It’s worth starting with what cloud storage is. Modern users call it “The Cloud”. Such a repository is a collection of several servers working online. On such a server, the client can save the created backups from his phone.

The “cloud” can be created by a specific company. If the client uses the storage, then he transfers information from the gadget to third parties. But the owners of the smartphone sign an agreement that all parameters will be inviolable and protected. Still, there are situations when a customer needs to turn off iCloud storage on their iPhone. It is worth learning more about how to do this.

How to unlink iPhone from iCloud

If the owner of the gadget decides to sell his smartphone, he needs to untie the iPhone from iCloud. You also need to cancel the synchronization of the gadget with other devices and programs. The user will need information about what cloud storage is and how to log out of the Icloud account on his own.

How to unlink a gadget from iCloud cloud storage

Smartphone owners have an Icloud account, and if the user no longer needs it, they will need to turn it off. To do this, you can use the phone settings. The operation is performed according to the following instructions:

  • a section with settings opens on the cell phone, it is located on the screen of the gadget;
  • when a client uses a gadget of version 6 or 5S, you should click on your name, the function will be active only with the updated software;
  • if you are using iPhone version 4S or other older models, you will have to use the Icloud item;
  • further actions will not differ on cell phones of different models and versions of iOS;
  • a new section will open on the screen, the page should be scrolled to the end;
  • at the bottom there is a button “Exit”, you need to press it;
  • then a pop-up window will appear on the display, in which the owner must write his password from the Apple ID account;
  • the smartphone will display information that all photos and other files will be deleted from the “Cloud” of Icloud;
  • if it suits the owner, the consent button is pressed;
  • then click on the “Exit” item again;
  • you can delete a profile by erasing all contact information from the phone;
  • a notification will appear on the screen that all calendars and reminders will be erased from the smartphone;
  • to complete the unlink, you must re-enter the password for the account and agree to the deletion.
  • note
  • If the client does not want to lose his data from the smartphone, he should refuse to log out. After that, a backup copy of all parameters is created. Then you can repeat the exit. If the user does not agree with the deletion of all information from the smartphone, then it will not work to untie his iPhone from Aycloud for sale.

There are also situations when a buyer purchased an iPhone, and the previous owner forgot to unlink the account from the cloud service. In this case, you can disable it if the user has a password to access the system. Otherwise, you will have to contact the seller again to get the access code to the profile.

Disconnection is also possible in the customer support service. But you can go there with a gadget bought from your hands only if you have a receipt. In technical support, a specialist will help you unlink your account, and then create a new profile for the owner. It is impossible to bypass protection in other ways.

What difficulties can arise when unlinking a profile from iCloud

If the user learned how to unlink iPhone from iCloud while turning off the profile, he may face some problems. Most often, the client simply forgets the password for his Apple ID account. This leads to the fact that it is impossible to disconnect the account from the “Cloud”. You can solve the problem, for this you will need to perform password recovery through the mailbox or security questions.

When an error appears on the screen during the unlink operation, the owner should check the Internet connection. If the network is malfunctioning, you will not be able to disconnect the account from the cloud storage. Additionally, it is recommended to find out if technical work is being carried out on the company’s servers. If the work is in progress, you will have to wait until they finish, and then repeat the unlinking operation.

Disconnecting the gadget from the Icloud cloud storage may be required if the owner wants to sell his smartphone. The procedure is performed through the phone settings. If this is not available, the owner can use a stationary PC.

How to unlink iPhone from iCloud and Apple ID?

Having successfully managed to create an Apple ID account and sync the iPhone with the computer, the user can go to other settings. for example, set a ringtone and set video options. However, if you need to sell an old iPhone or iPad (or if you purchase another), you will have to first unlink your account from the device that has become unnecessary. How to do it quickly and without violating confidentiality. let’s try to figure it out.

Unlink in the App Store

If you want to untie a single iPhone service (App Store) from Apple ID and Icloud, while keeping other processes active, the device owner must:

  • Scroll down the main page.
  • And tap on the button where the Apple ID login is registered, from which you need to untie your iPhone or iPad for a while.

Important: you can make sure that the iPhone has been successfully unlinked by paying attention to the same button: now the inscription in it should change to “Login”. To log in with the data of the same or any other account, just click on it and enter your username and password. it’s easier than unlocking Apple ID.

Full reset

The one hundred percent way to unlink your iPhone or iPad from your Apple ID and iCloud profile is to reset your device to a factory state; above all, this is the best option when preparing the phone for sale. The owner will need:

  • Open the “Settings” menu and go to the “General” section.
  • Scroll the page down to the end and tap on the “Reset” button.
  • To unlink the iPhone, the first two options presented in the next subsection are suitable: resetting the settings, including authorization data, or completely destroying the data stored on the device, including the login and password from Apple ID and iCloud.
  • Having chosen the first unbinding method, the user must click on the “Reset all settings” link in the pop-up window.
  • And, having carefully read the system warning, tap on the link with the same name. the iPhone or iPad settings will be reset, and the authorization data will be deleted from memory.
  • The second method involves the owner clicking on the “Erase iPhone” link. you must first copy the valuable data to the “cloud” or to another medium.
  • And to confirm deletion of all files, passwords and contacts, as well as your Apple ID and iCloud login information. reuse this link.

Important: you will not be able to return the settings and data after completely erasing the iPhone or iPad. this method of unlinking the device from the account should be used carefully and only as a last resort.

Unlink iTunes Store and App Store

  • Opening the “Settings” again, go to your profile, then. to the subsection “iTunes Store and App Store”.
  • Find your Apple ID (email address) at the top of the page and tap on the title.
  • Upon completion of manipulations with the “untethered” iPhone or iPad. press “Enter” again.
  • And enter your username and password from Apple ID and iCloud in the pop-up window.

Important: another way to temporarily unlink the iPhone from the specified services is to find the item “iTunes Store and App Store” in the general list of “Settings”, and then proceed in the order described above.


The easiest and most reliable way to untie an iPhone or iPad from Apple ID (and at the same time from iCloud) is to go to the “Settings” of the device and perform a few simple manipulations. It’s easier to do than to get used to Touch ID technology; the owner of the device needs:

  • Open the “Settings” menu in the list of applications.
  • Tap on your account icon. a previously configured image or a circle with profile initials.
  • Scroll a new page “all the way”.
  • And tap on the link located at the very bottom “Exit”.
  • To confirm the action, enter the password from your Apple ID and Icloud profiles in the pop-up window (they use the same account for authorization) and click on the “Turn off” button.
  • Select, by moving the sliders, whether user data should be saved on the iPhone after leaving the profile: contacts and information from the built-in Safari browser. If you need to untie your iPhone or iPad for sale, you should leave both sliders in the inactive position, and then tap on the “Exit” link.
  • Done! The phone is unlinked from the Apple ID and iCloud account, and in a few seconds the owner’s email will receive a notification about the suspension of the Find iPhone service.

Important: to re-link your phone, you just need to enter your account in the same “Settings” section using your data. it’s easier to do this than recovering your iCloud password.

Icloud.com website

You can also unlink iPhone from Apple ID and iCloud on the cloud service website. The first of the options described below is temporary in nature. the binding will resume after the Internet connection is updated. To use it, the owner of the device needs:

  • Go to the site. icloud.com and log in to your Apple ID account by sequentially entering your login.
  • If necessary, go through the two-factor identification procedure; otherwise, it will not work to untie the iPhone or iPad from Icloud.
  • In the “My Devices” section, select the iPhone or iPad that you want to untie.
  • If you want to get more information about the process and the consequences. click on the link “The device is lost, sold or donated”.
  • And get acquainted with the data in the submenu “Deleting a lost, sold or donated device”.
  • Now. click on the oblique cross to the right of the phone name.
  • And confirm your intention to temporarily unlink it from your Apple ID and iCloud account by clicking on the “Delete” button.

Important: during unlinking, you may need to enter your Icloud password again. it all depends on the circumstances and current Apple algorithms.

Find iPhone option

To unlink the device from your account in this way, you must first activate the “Find iPhone” option on your phone. The owner must then:

  • Logging in again on the website. icloud.com, go to the “Find iPhone” section.
  • If necessary. enter the password from the profile.
  • After waiting for the Apple map to appear, expand the All Devices submenu.
  • Mark the iPhone or iPad that you want to unlink from Apple ID and iCloud with a mouse click.
  • In the menu that appears at the top right, select the “Erase iPhone” option.
  • Confirm your decision by clicking on the “Erase” button. given that in the process of unlinking from Iclaud, all data stored on the device will also be deleted.
  • Log in again by entering your account details.
  • Since you want to delete the information, and not to find the iPhone. skip the steps with the introduction of the cell number by clicking “Next”.
  • As a result, all information on the iPhone or iPad will be safely destroyed, and the device will be rebooted and unlinked from Apple ID and iCloud.

There is a way to untie your iPhone or iPad without turning it on. To do this, the user will need:

  • In the “Find iPhone” section, expand the “All devices” menu.
  • Make sure that the desired phone is shown in the list as a silhouette, and click on the oblique cross placed to the right of it.
  • That’s all. it remains, having read the terms of unlinking, click on the “Delete” button. the exit from the account on the iPhone will be made automatically.

Need to go online

At this stage, your SIM card with the Internet will also come in handy. It is enough to go to any page to understand that the smartphone works in LTE networks.

You should also find a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby, or distribute it yourself. Nobody needs wireless internet problems.

It will be useful to go to Maps and determine the current location of the smartphone to make sure that everything is in order with GPS.

How to check iPhone on Apple website

In the same place, in “Settings. General. About this device”, the serial number is written. You can use it too. Go to the Apple website and check the status of the device.

This is how you can understand that this is not a Frankenstein with a conventional 6s body and a six-piece filling. The page will show the model of the device, the date of the end of the limited warranty and information about the date of purchase.

All sensors should work

Few people want to find a couple of dead zones on the display after a while. So check everything at once.

The easiest way is to go to the menu, turn on the icon arrangement mode (hold one of them for a long time) and drag it across the screen. It should move evenly, smoothly, not stop, and not twitch.

Open the keyboard, click all the keys. Pull down the curtains of notifications and Control Center, both in portrait and landscape mode. Everything should work.

Don’t forget to check Touch ID. Ideally, put your finger in there and unlock the device a couple of times, but you can also watch the owner of the smartphone.

Swimmer or not?

Buying drowned smartphones is extremely dangerous. You don’t know how it was dried after falling into the water. Perhaps the iPhone was in the hands of adequate service providers, or maybe it was just put in rice. At the same time, the oxidation of components is still going on, and the smartphone will “move horses” at any minute.

It’s a pity that this only pops up after opening the device. However, one marker is visible from the outside.

  • For iPhone 5 and newer: open the SIM card tray and look inside.
  • For other iPhones: look into the 30-pin jack and headphone port.

Here you can see how the triggered marker will look like in a specific iPhone model. If there are no red dots in the indicated places, then everything is in order, from this side the iPhone was not flooded. precisely, the situation can only be clarified by the service center.

Required. Test call

Don’t miss this moment: you need to insert your SIM card and make a test call to your friend’s number. This is how we kill two birds with one stone; we check the operation of the spoken speaker and the cellular communication module.

In the extreme, if there is no SIM card at hand, then you can dial 112, listen to the robot answering machine, and then reset without waiting for the connection. Better than nothing.

How to check iPhone upon purchase. Top Tips

I am often brought to Avito in search of nishtyaks at low prices. Yes, I haven’t gotten lucky yet, so I wasn’t lucky like our editor-in-chief recently. But a couple of times I managed to profitably exchange smartphones.

It is important to understand that any site with ads is a field of action for various scammers and, in general, unscrupulous people. It’s easy to get into an unpleasant surprise here.

Therefore, any equipment must be examined in detail before purchasing. I bought an iPhone several times. I’ll tell you how to check them.

Classic. Battery status

It is clear that when buying a smartphone from your hands, you will have to endure all the jumps of a shabby battery. But wear on a one- to two-year battery is negligible.

Typically an iPhone will go through up to 500 charge cycles at least. At the same time, the loss of battery capacity is not felt. Do not think, the device continues to work even after, it is just that the “no plug” time is shortened.

The number of full charge cycles can be checked using the free coconutBattery utility. If you are too lazy to take a laptop with you, it is worth discussing with the seller in advance the possibility of installing the corresponding utility on the iPhone. Here, Battery Life, for example.

Plus, in the latest iOS, it became possible to see the percentage of battery wear in the settings. Saves time.

How to check iPhone by IMEI

IMEI is a unique international identifier for mobile equipment. This 15-digit number must match within the same set. We check:

  • IMEI on the back of the case
  • IMEI in “Settings. General. About this device”
  • IMEI on request #
  • IMEI on the SIM-card tray (not relevant for iPhone SE and “fives”)
  • IMEI on the box (if any)

The box worries us last. If everything matches, except for her, it’s okay, just the seller brought the device in non-original packaging. Another question: why did he not warn you about this? This is another reason to double-check everything.

for unlinking iPhone from Apple ID

Unlink from iCloud (no receipt of purchase) for iPhone and iPad

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Verification methods

Verification via the iPhone search application is possible if no password has been set on the smartphone. Many users use a password to protect their information. But if a password is set on the device, the user is no longer able to see and determine the state of the lock. As you understand, it is not possible to decrypt the password, therefore in this case the password will serve as an obstacle in determining the suitability of the device.

First of all, you need an iPhone search application, if you don’t have one, you can download it from the App Store. Next, you need to log in with your Apple ID.

When blocked by Apple ID, your iPhone will be in the list of connected devices. This information is located in the “All devices” section.

With the help of a computer, tablet, in the word of any device that has the ability to connect to the Internet, the verification of interest to us is also possible. You need to launch the iPhone search application and log in to the official iCloud website under your Apple ID.

If there is a blocking problem, you will find your device in the list of connected devices in the “All devices” section. This will be an indicator of the state of your device.

If you buy a new device, you can check the lock activation status through the settings and the iCloud application menu. Lock is active when Apple ID is connected. You can find out about its status in the account item.

Several actions to determine the activation of the lock on the iPhone

The section of interest to us can be accessed through iCloud on the iPhone.

In the line provided, write the code or serial number of the device. Then the system will prompt you to enter the captcha, then mark “Continue”.

The system will display the lock status. If your fears were justified, a number of instructions will appear on the locked smartphone to solve this problem.

It must be remembered that on some new devices, blocking is enabled initially, that is, by default.

Unlink iPhone from Apple ID at the service center

Despite the simplicity of unlinking an iPhone from an Apple ID account. very often there are cases when an iCloud account is entered on the iPhone, the Find iPhone feature is turned on. but for some reason, it is not possible to enter your Apple ID account information. This situation can arise for various reasons, here are some of them:

  • Forgot your Apple ID login information, but you can’t restore access to it by standard means (no access to your Apple ID email; don’t remember the answers to security questions; Apple technical support denied, etc.)
  • An iPhone or iPad was purchased from the aftermarket, but the previous owner of the device did not turn off Find My iPhone in iCloud settings.

If you encounter such problems, then the only solution that will allow you to fully use the iPhone in the future is to contact the service center. In our country, the service for unlinking the iPhone from iCloud appeared relatively recently, but there are already hundreds of iPhone users who have successfully used this service.

It is worth noting that not every iPhone can be unlinked from iCloud. The ability to unlink Apple ID exists only for iPhones that are not in LOST mode (Lost Mode). the iPhone should not be locked or deleted remotely, and when the device is activated, there should only be a message on the screen with information about binding Apple ID and a window for entering an account and password.

How to Unlink iPhone from iCloud and Apple ID Account

05/01/2015 | Rubric: Information for clients | Author: service_Apple | Views: 66919

Apple is renowned for incorporating the most advanced technologies and developments into its software, remaining the leader among the developers of mobile operating systems. Undoubtedly, today it is iOS for iPhone that is the most convenient system for everyday use according to the vast majority of users.

Apple developers are constantly improving and updating their software, constantly adding new features to it and expanding the capabilities of the iPhone. over, this applies to both things useful in solving everyday tasks, and functions that make iOS the most secure system. over, due to the built-in capabilities of iOS, Apple offers an excellent solution for ensuring the security of the electronic gadgets themselves in the event of their loss or theft.

This is the Activation Lock function. which is designed to lock iPhone activation. if this function is enabled on the device, then each time you restore the software, you will need to enter the associated iCloud Apple ID account and password from it. At the same time, without entering these data, the device will not be able to activate and will be, in fact, a piece of unusable iron.

How to check if iPhone is untied from iCloud

How do I know my iCloud linking status? What to do to avoid troubles with locking the purchased smartphone and check the binding of the iCloud application? Apple’s support site will help you answer these questions. This site offers instructions detailing the steps by which you can avoid blocking your smartphone.

  • Initially, you must select the region. Europe, and the country. Germany. You can adjust the language you need at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select iPhone from device list.
  • Flag for Repair Physical Damage.
  • Next select Buttons not working.
  • Then go to the Send in for Repair section and the Home button subsection.
  • Dial iPhone IMEI or Serial Number. Move on by clicking on the arrow.

You must ask your retailer to turn off iPhone search. Otherwise, in the future, you will encounter the problem of its unsuitability for use and a complete blocking will occur.

  • When the “Find iPhone” function is turned off, when the smartphone is not connected to any icloud, the system will display a line for registering with Apple ID.

Until recently, a user could easily determine the iCloud binding of his future device by driving in the code on the iCloud website, but Apple removed this page from the site. Therefore, the fastest and most reliable way now is to reset your settings and delete content without entering your old account. This activates the iPhone.

In order to avoid buying a smartphone, which in the future will turn out to be unusable due to the activation of the lock, we advise you to use the proposed options. This especially applies to not new, used devices.

How to Unlink iPhone from Apple ID?

There are several ways to disable linking an iPhone or iPad to an iCloud Apple ID account, officially offered by Apple:

  • On a device with a stable Internet connection, open the settings, select the “iCloud” item. Having entered it, scroll the page to the very bottom and click the “Delete account” button. Next, you will need to enter the Apple ID password to which the iPhone or iPad was linked. This sequence of actions is the easiest way to unlink iPhone from Apple ID.
  • If you can’t unlink iCloud on iPhone, you can do this through Apple’s website: icloud.com. Once you visit the site, you will need to enter your Apple ID account information. After logging into the system, you need to select the “Find iPhone” section (the icon with the radar image). Then, at the top of the page, click on the link “All devices”, then in the list that opens, select the iPhone you are interested in (the device itself should not have access to the Internet. it can be turned off or in air mode). In the window that opens, at the very bottom, click the “Remove from Find iPhone” button.

Disable in settings

The easiest way to disable all iCloud features on a device is through your phone settings. This is done in just a few steps, namely:

  • Unlock your phone and go to the home screen.
  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Go to the “iCloud” section.
  • Turn off certain cloud functions.

Important! This method of disabling the function is not suitable for later transferring the device to another person, but is simply intended if you do not want, for example, to occupy the available storage space with phone backups. When handing over your phone to the wrong hands, it’s important to know how to completely unlink your iPhone from iCloud.

Unlink iPhone from iCloud Account

Every modern smartphone is connected to one or another file storage system on remote servers. For Windows phones, for example, it’s OneDrive, for Android devices it’s obviously Google Drive, and Apple, in turn, has its own service called iCloud. We will talk about him today.

If you do not want your personal files to be stored somewhere other than on the phone, or if you are just going to transfer the phone for permanent use to another person, then before that you need to find out how the unlinking from iCloud takes place. This can be done in several ways, even if you do not remember the password and login from the account. Now we will deal with each of the existing methods.

Complete shutdown

This procedure is only slightly different from the one described earlier. So, to completely exit iCloud, you need to go to the same section, but scroll through the list of functions to the very end. On this screen, find the Sign Out button. If you are using iOS7 or earlier, the same button will have the name “Delete Account”.


There is one more method that will have to be resorted to anyway if the phone is being prepared for resale. Since you hardly want your personal photos, purchased applications to remain on the phone, and you have logged into all kinds of services and social networks, the most logical action would be to perform a full reset of the device to the factory state, along with which it will be unlinked from iCloud, without password and login and other data that would need to be entered.

A reset is made to the factory settings by means of the system itself, namely:

  • You will need to open the “Settings” menu.
  • Go to the section “Basic”.
  • Open category “Reset”.
  • Select “Erase content and settings”.
  • Confirm the operation.

Important! If iOS7 is installed on the phone (as in the screenshot below), then the name of the items may differ slightly.

All content that is stored on the phone will be deleted, and after a reboot, you will need to re-configure, create or log into accounts and install the necessary applications. The process of resetting the settings itself can take several minutes or several hours, depending on the number of files stored on the device.

Lost phone

In the event that you asked the question of how to untie the iPhone from iCloud due to the loss of the gadget, then the whole process of erasing data, or simply disconnecting the device from the service, can be done remotely. And there are two ways to do this:

  • Log in to the Appleid.Apple.com website and change the password for a single account, as well as perform the same operation with all social networks, forums and other services.
  • Go to the iCloud.com website, log in there and use the Find iPhone function, where you can either simply lock the device or delete all content from it.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlink your phone from iCloud. There is nothing complicated in this procedure, and, of course, even more information on this matter can be found on the official Apple website, as well as in my other articles about working with this cloud service. How to create a backup copy of your iPhone can be found here about Honor.

Unlink Apple ID using a computer

First, sign in to iCloud on your computer.

  • We mark our device
  • Click on “Erase iPhone”

An alternative way to delete Apple ID is to click on the cross in front of your iPhone on the All Devices tab. A pop-up window will ask for confirmation, and also inform about the linking of the account by other users.

Removing iCloud via iTunes

To get started, open iTunes and log in to iCloud. Then follow the instructions:

  • Find the section “iTunes Store”
  • Enter the “Account” settings
  • Go to “Property Management”
  • Click “Delete” and “Finish”.

Removing Apple ID from iPhone

Follow these steps to unlock successfully:

  • Open Settings
  • At the very top, the Apple ID section appears with the owner’s first and last name. Go to this section.
  • At the bottom, click Exit
  • Choosing one of the exit options
  • Enter the password to disable “Find iPhone”
  • Turn off (Off)
  • Open the Settings menu. General. Reset. Erase content and settings.
  • Click. Erase device.

After completing all the steps, the iPhone will be completely unlinked from iCloud. All data is deleted and the phone is reset to factory settings.

Complete account deletion

If you want to create a new iCloud account, then it is best to delete all personal data on Apple servers. A complete cleanup of the account will delete all personal information about the user with no return. All purchases on Apple services are canceled. The iCloud cloud will also be cleared.

To start the process of deleting your account, you need to go to the Apple website in a special section. “Data and Privacy”. First you need to sign in to your account and answer a few questions. Next, select “Delete account”.

The removal process consists of several points:

  • Specifying the reason for deleting the account
  • Agree to the terms of deletion
  • Email address for accompanying information

After that, a code consisting of 12 digits will be provided. The received code is the last opportunity to refuse to delete your account. It will take up to seven days to confirm the request.

Why delete a previous user’s iСloud account?

The biggest danger of not coping with the decoupling of the Athos is that when buying a phone from your hands, you can face big problems. If iCloud is not untied, then the iPhone may soon be locked. Without knowing the login information, the iPhone turns into a museum piece, and you can no longer use it.

Even if you use a purchased used iPhone for some time without any problems, after the first update, the system will display a message about iPhone activation. In this case, only the iCloud account with which the phone was initially set up will be suitable. Resetting settings and flashing unlocking will not help.

How to Check if iPhone is iCloud Lock / Activation Lock (2020)

How to unlink iPhone from iCloud account?

There are several options for this option. You can choose the one that seems easier and more accessible. Sometimes you have to try two or more methods.

Unlock Request to Apple

To unlock the iPhone, the owner can send an unlock request to the company’s specialists. This method is used by those who accidentally forgot their authorization data, or purchased a phone that requires entering someone else’s icloud. This will require confirmation of the legal ownership of the device.