We test the battery: Top rating of the best applications for checking the battery of the smartphone 2020-2021

Review of the best of the editorial office of Zuzako.com. On the criteria of the selection. This material is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying requires a consultation with a specialist.

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Battery is one of the main elements of the design of any smartphone. To test his condition and identify various problems, you need to use the services of the Masters of the Service Center. Alternative to this will be the download of special programs. Before you download them to your device, look at the top rating of the best applications for checking the battery of the smartphone 2020-2021, which the editorial office of Zuzako was based on the reviews of the owners of gadgets and expert opinions. It includes the best utilities for phones on the IOS and Android platform.

Section “Charging

At the top of the window there is a circle, the green part of which shows the current percentage of charge, and the blue. acceptable. The default threshold is 80%, but it can be increased or decreased. Slide the slider and pay attention to how it affected the damage caused by the battery.

A little further is a forecast for the discharge of the battery during mixed use, as well as on and off the screen. Estimates are based on your habits when working with a smartphone in the last seven days.

Finally, scroll down even lower and find out how quickly your gadget is charged from different power sources. For example, connect “native” charging, turn off the smartphone for a couple of minutes, and then look at the Charge Speed ​​block. It contains accurate data on how long it remains to the optimal charge. Repeat steps with another charger or external battery to compare speed.

How to check battery with system opportunities

In what state is the battery on Android, you can check with the help of system programs. To do this, follow the following steps:

The opened tab will provide information on the functioning of the AKB. The system shows the use statistics from the moment the last charge and last week. In addition, you can see an approximate amount of time to keep the smartphone after complete battery charging. Having looked at the information you can conclude a battery status.

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check, battery, android

How to check the laptop battery with windows

Windows has a built-in battery diagnostic tool. To enable it, first dial in the search for the “Command Line” system, right-click on the utility found and run it on behalf of the administrator. Then enter the PowerCFG / BatteryReport command in the window and press Enter.

After a few seconds, Windows will save the state of the battery in the folder at C: WindowsSystem32. Find a file called Battery-Report.HTML and open it with any browser. Then scroll to the Installed Batteries section. here you should see the values ​​of Design Capacity and Full Charge Capacity.

If the report does not need the necessary information, you can see it with free third-party programs like BatteryInfoview and Batterycare. The first shows Design Capacity and Full Charge Capacity right in the start menu, in the second enough to click Detailed Information.

Visual inspection

No need to be a specialist to distinguish a “healthy” battery against spoiled. In fact, most of the problems are distinguishable by the naked eye. If your phone is removed by the battery, remove it, pre-turning it off the device and see if there are such symptoms like swelling, corrosion around metal contacts, greenish or white spots. If this takes place, so long and break up with the phone. If you find suspicious spots or curvature of the battery form, not postponing, contact the manufacturer for replacement or purchase a new battery. In no case do not put the problem battery back so that the electrolyte does not shed inside the device and did not damage anything. The place of “patient” is now in a plastic bag, and in perspective. in recycling.

How to check the battery capacity of the phone on Android

To check the battery capacity on the Android programmatically, you must perform the following:

  • Open the phone application.
  • Enter a special code ### and click call (for Samsung phones code #).
  • Next, the display shows the battery capacity of your smartphone.

You can also check the status of the battery on the Android-smartphone by third-party applications that will be more convenient and visually show information.


Comfortable utility that will help keep track of your Android battery status. In terms of this, the application will propose a function of saving battery charge.

How to check the status of the battery on Android

In addition to the above methods, there are several more methods that make it possible to understand how to learn the battery capacity of the phone on Android. The performance of each method of checking depends on the specific model of the smartphone, as well as on how much he.

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Visual inspection

If the gadget is quickly discharged, it is primarily recommended to remove and carefully look at its battery. As a rule, various blowers will be observed on the worn battery, condensate, bloated. If you do not replace such a battery on time, do not find it in the online store, then the smartphone may suffer.

Using a multimeter

Multimeter is a device producing the necessary measurements of electrical equipment. To use them for checking the battery in your phone, you must perform a number of simple actions:

  • Pull the battery. If the device is unknown, then you have to unscrew a pair of screws.
  • Set the voltage at the multimeter from 10 to 25 V.
  • Touch one terminal of the device to the positive phase on the battery, and the second to negative.
  • Compare indicators that have highlighted on the display of the device, with indicators on the surface of the battery itself.

note! A significant difference between these indicators indicates inadequate quality of the battery. In this case, the battery must be replaced.

How to check the status of the Android battery from the Settings menu

The method is common to all Android phones, but since the models are different, some details may differ. Here’s how to check the Android battery through the setup menu:

  • In the “Settings” application on the phone, select “Battery”. This option is easy to find in the top-level menu, but you can also find it by browsing the page up to find the search string
  • Once you find yourself in the “Battery” section, and if the information you need is not immediately obvious, find such a parameter as “using the battery”.
  • Here you can see the battery status in the last 24 hours and find out which applications consumed the most energy.
  • If you want to forcibly close the application or disable it at all, click on one of the applications in this menu. You will see the ability to disable, forcibly stop or select optimization settings.

Some smartphones can provide even more additional information. For example, telephones running MIUI, such as Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco devices, will show you the current battery temperature. Although it is not necessary to check regularly, any temperature less than 50 degrees Celsius (about 122 degrees Fahrenheit) is absolutely normal.

Obtaining data on current android battery capacity in Accubattery

In Play, the market is available multiple applications for analyzing the battery capacity, but the most popular and accurate (network can be found comparing the results obtained in the program and using hardware tank meters). Accubattery, available for free (there is both Pro version, but for our task it not necessarily).

  • After starting the application and several welcome screens with information about its capabilities, on the “Charging” tab, check whether the application determined correctly “Project Capacity” (it “Passport Capacity”) of your battery. If not, click “Install the Design Capacity” and set the correct number.
  • You can learn the capacity of the factory battery from the phone characteristics on the Internet or using another third-party application: AIDA64 very accurately displays a passport capacity for smartphone smartphones (accubattery in this aspect may be wrong).
  • After the first launch, the “Calculated Capacity” item (exactly what interests us) will be empty. Our task is to gain patience and use the phone. About what should be taken into account. further, after the steps under consideration.
  • Already after the first charging of your Android phone, in the “Calculated Capacity” item will appear on machines in MAH (Mah), calculated at the current time. In the future, as tracking continues, this data will be adjusted and become more accurate.
  • Also, as you use (not from the first day), the schedule “Battery Capacity” will begin at the bottom of the Health tabs at the Accubattery.
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This is almost all: if you need more accurate data on the battery capacity of your Android phone, let the application collect information during the week-two. At the same time, the following nuances should be taken into account:

  • After installing the application, it is configured by default in such a way that when the charge is reached, 80% offers to complete the charging (this can positively affect the total battery life).
  • At the same time, most users are trying not to discharge the battery to the end, as they know that it harms Li-Ion / Li-Pol batteries.
  • The first two points (charging is not completely and after only a partial discharge) lead to the fact that the calculated data on the capacity turns out to be less accurate.

What to do with it. to solve you. I recommend to charge the phone for up to 100% during the week and discharge up to 20-30%, the data is relatively accurate, and the process will be gentle for the battery.