How to scan a smartphone with antivirus installed on a computer

If you care about the safety of your smartphone running Android. then you probably use on it one of the popular antivirus programs like DR.Web Light or Kaspersky Internet Security. Although, to be honest, mobile antiviruses for Android is barely useless. Not because they, in principle, are not able to detect a threat, but because, firstly, Android itself has a much more effective security system.

Than the same Windows, and secondly, all applications and games installed from Google Play are carefully checked.

Publications of companies specializing in computer security about a huge number of hazelnces that have aimed at your gadget, often there is nothing more than intimidating the user in order to convince him to purchase a paid version of the antivirus product of a company, hidden or clearly advertised in the publication. In general, if your smartphone is not ruled, and you do not install everything on it from incomprehensible sites on the principle of “to be”, you, by and large, do not need antivirus.

If doubts regarding the presence of harmful software on your smartphone still do not give you rest, which prevents you from scanning it with antivirus installed on the computer. Although Stop, many tried to do this, but unsuccessfully, the antivirus simply does not see the device connected via USB even with the debugging turned on. over, the connected smartphone is not determined in either disk control equipment or Diskpart. Inaccessible to files and catalogs of the connected device, many options for the context menu are also found out. archiving, sending to other applications, etc.D.

The reason for this is very simple. Being connected to the computer, mobile gadgets are defined not as external drives, but as media devices without a letter that have limited access rights. To access the file system of a smartphone or tablet from a computer, the device should be connected as a network disk, which will help us with a free WebDav Server application, which can be installed from Google Play.

By installing the application, start it and press the “Start” button.

In this case, the server will be launched and local IP will be generated.Address, usually http: // 8080.

After that, click PKM along the Network icon on the conductor transition panel and select the “Connect network disk” option.

In the window that opens, select the letter for the network disk and enter in the “folder” field issued Webdav Server IP.the address.

Click “Ready” to connect.

As a result, the gadget connected to the PC will be defined as a network disc with the letter, and you can scan its contents with external antivirus with the exception of those areas Protected by Root.

Using Virustotal

Virustotal is an online scanner of viruses that scans files stored on your device. Since this is an online scanner, it does not require installation.

In the case of the APK Virustotal file, it can help detect all types of viruses and malware present in the APK file.

Another good thing in Virustotal is that it is completely free. You don’t even need to create an account to use the security service.

The service is also quite easy to use: download the APK file and scan will start automatically. If the service detects any malicious software, he will immediately inform you of this.

In addition, you can install the Virustotal Mobile application for Android from the Google Play store. It is also worth noting that the Virustotal Mobile application for Android is completely free.

How to check the phone for Android viruses online

There are special sites called cloud antivirus. They are designed to help users who do not want to occupy the memory of the device and download additional utilities on the phone.

Programs work in such a way that only the installed APK. the file that the user himself will choose. It will provide this file with a viral database. This is inconvenient, since there is no full.fledged verification.

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Check the phone using online antivirus as follows:

  • Find a service that suits the user. You can do this using the Internet. It provides a completely extensive choice. Often select sites with a comprehensive check;
  • After that, you must go to the selected site;
  • Now it is worth using the instructions that the system offers. As a rule, you just need to click on the “scan” button.

Checking online services is convenient for those who want to quickly find files, but do not want to download programs.

Doctor Web

The site is multifunctional, because on it you can check any file for harmful resources, as well as:

Hack computer or mobile using simple virus. | Make a virus using Notepad.

The file itself is simple, its design does not attract and does not surprise. It is minimalist, and to check the files on it, stands:

  • Open the site itself;
  • Find the section “Check the viruses“;
  • Click on him;
  • Select any disk or file on the phone;
  • Scan it.

The program will automatically check everything itself. Dr. Web has a large antivirus base, so any pest will be enslaved.

Google Play Protect

Google Play has its own separate tool for analyzing uploaded applications. By default, they are checked at the stage of the first publication by the developers, and only after that they fall into the open access of the service, but many of them, oddly enough, spread with viruses. Most often this happens after small updates specially produced by developers.

But in addition to standard protection, there is also the Google Play Protect component. Its main task is to check the application at the download stage. If there are any threats in it, then the check will stop. You, when you download games or programs on Google Play, have seen alerts that the threats were not found? This is an example of the work of this component. All installed applications are automatically checked through Google servers once a day, as well as when installing.

How To Scan Mobile Virus Through PC | How To Scan Mobile Quick Heal Antivirus | Mobile Antivirus

You can find this component in the Google Play application. You just need to click on the menu icon and select “Play Protection” item. So that it is available to you, you must definitely be authorized under your account in Google.

  • disconnection of administrative rights and subsequent removal of the application containing a virus;
  • Checking a smartphone or tablet with antivirus on PC;
  • reset of settings to standard;
  • flashing a smartphone or tablet.

The method of eliminating the virus depends on its type.


Trian programs penetrate the system and collect the personal data of the owner of the gadget, and also send requests for paid numbers. If there is a Root-right and knowing which application is harmful, open the file manager and go to the application catalog along the Data/App. Having deleted a dangerous program from the folder, you can not worry about the activity of the virus.

check, android, viruses, computer

If you do not have Root access, restart a smartphone or tablet in recovery mode. To do this, turn off the device, and when you turn on, click at the same time power buttons and decrease/volume increase. From a safe mode, disconnect the rights of the administrator to apply with Trojan and delete it.

Virus setting applications on the phone

The most dangerous virus that can independently install applications and create its own files in the directories. Having received the rights of the administrator, the application infected with the virus sets obsessive banners and programs, penetrating deep into the system. As a result, the gadget freezes, stops working normally. To eliminate the virus:

  • Check the device with antivirus programs. Delete all suspicious applications.
  • Open the application manager through the “Parameters. General. Applications. All” and manually delete unknown programs, after cleaning the cache and stopping their work.
  • Get a Root access to the device using the Kingo Android Root or Farmarot application.
  • Disconnect the Internet, download the Root App Deleter and delete the remaining viral programs.
  • When the Internet is disconnected, manually delete the residual files left by the viruses from the System/App folder. Use ES conductor.

If a smartphone or tablet is infected with Android, the method described above does not help. Try to block the activity of the malicious application:

  • In the list of installed programs, find the infected file COM package file.Cube.Activity, open it and select “Disable”.
  • Direct the auxiliary packages left by the virus: COM.ZGS.GA.Pack and Com.System.Outapi.

Com Android Systemui

Launch COM.Android.Systemui provokes Trojan installed in a smartphone along with an unlicensed application or game. The virus loads advertising applications, porn sites, second.rate cliners and batteries to the Android system. You can delete the virus only if there is a root-right:

  • In the application manager, find the program containing the virus, open and select “Stop”. Next, click “Clean the cache” and “Delete”.
  • Open the file manager (ES conductor or X-PLORE), go to the “Root-System-App” folder and find the COM file inside the COM file.Android.Systemui.
  • If this is not, the developers of the virus came up with another name to the file. Calculate the file by the installation date. it must match the installation date of the infected application.
  • Delete a viral file. If necessary, use the “Delete 2” application.
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The virus will stop after rebooting the gadget.

Militaria Banners-Battery Damage Banners-Banners

Militter virus does not allow using a smartphone or tablet, displaying a view of the banner of the view: “Your device is blocked by the Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

To activate access to the device, list 300 according to the details “. There are three ways to remove the banner and virus that caused its appearance:

  • reset of settings to factory through the recovery mode of Android;
  • The application of the application through a safe mode;
  • Re.flashing the gadget.

In safe Android mode, only system applications are launched. respectively, the virus will be inactive. To launch a safe mode and a deinstal of an infected program:

  • Turn off a smartphone or tablet.
  • When turning on, click the buttons of the lock and volume at the same time.
  • Open “parameters. general. applications. all”.
  • Select and stop the malicious program.
  • Clean the cache and delete the application.

Reveal and rollback to factory settings use only in extreme cases. these methods lead to loss of data. To reset the settings:

  • Connect the gadget to PC.
  • Activate Ramenry Rami (Recovery).
  • Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and click
  • On the computer, copy important data from the removable disk and format it.

After rebooting, the smartphone will return to the factory settings, and the virus will be removed.

Security/Firewall Service

The virus interferes with work in a browser and applications. At the time of the launch of the program, a black screen with the inscription Firewall Service opens. If you just close the window, it starts again.

Antiviruses and traditional methods in the fight against Trojan do not work. To delete the virus, delete the application with which it was installed, then get a ROOT access and through the file manager, delete Firewall Service (GMK files from the System/App.APK) and SecurityService (GMA.APK). After rebooting, the virus will stop action. If this does not happen, repeat the actions, but to delete files.APK instead of a regular manager, use the “Delete 2” program.


Avast is an antivirus that specializes in the search and removal of malicious software: rootkitas, spy programs, trojan. The program has the possibility of scanning devices connected to a computer: smartphones, tablets, USB flash drives, external hard drives and other drives.

The utility works on all current versions of the Windows operating system (32/64 bits) and translated into Russian. Distribution model-conditionally paid. To gain access to all the functions and capabilities of Avast antivirus, you need to buy a license for 2930. Fortunately, the program has a free trial version that can be downloaded here.

To run the smartphone for viruses, you need to start the best antivirus on the computer. In the main application window, it is necessary to go to the section “Protection”. “Virus check“.

In the section that opens, select the item “Selective scanning”. This tool enables users to manually mark folders and sections to search for viral threats.

After that, a small window will open, in which it is necessary to mark the smartphone connected to the computer. Upon completion of the process, the results of the scanning.

  • Convenient integration with support for the Russian language;
  • the ability to scan smartphones, tablets and other devices connected to PC;
  • tools to increase the performance of the system;
  • Search for all types of viral threats.

Checking the Android device for malicious

In Play Market, you can download various antiviruses to the gadget, but practice shows that the effectiveness of such utilities is small. expediently will check the phone for viruses through the computer.

  • First you need to allow full access to the computer. To do this, go into the settings of the device, find the item “for developers”. We cross and put a checkmark in the “Debugging by USB”. If there is no substitution “for developers”, we go to settings. about the device. assembly number. We quickly click 5-8 times, after which the menu will appear in the list.
  • Connect the phone to the computer via USB, on the mobile device we click files, otherwise the computer will not see your smartphone.
  • Open my computer and see the connected device. If you have the same, then you can start scanning.
  • Check the device with antivirus installed on the computer.
  • If suddenly malicious software is found, we delete it.
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Mobile protective applications

Smartphones with Android OS are the most common on the planet. It is because of its immense popularity that this operating system most often becomes a goal for infection with viral in. To ensure full protection and forever forget about checking the smartphone for viruses through a computer, you need to use mobile antiviruses.

They provide round.the.clock protection against all kinds of threats. Not only from viral: for example, from the currently popular “miners” that use the resources of the device for their needs. The presence of such a program will also help maintain the confidentiality of many data. You can add passwords to the local base, and the system will automatically warn you when their input will occur on an unverified and dangerous site.

Not without flaws. Many of the applications do not support the Russian language, as it is developed by foreign companies. And also most often they spread by paid subscription or have (proven and safe) advertising.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast is an international veteran in the production of antivirus software. No one was surprised when the mobile version of the popular and effective antivirus appeared. Despite the fact that this application is free, its functionality is simply huge.

Avast can block unwanted challenges, protect from spam. The most noteworthy feature is the function “antivor”. In the case of loss or theft of a phone, the owner can activate it from another device, and on the lost gadget, all the data will be erased or their conservation with the impossibility of hacking.

Another useful possibility of this antivirus is the mode of blocking access to applications. That is, the user will be able to install the password on any application he used, for example, a messenger or Internet bank. This will close access to these malfunctioning data.

Ahnlab V3 Mobile Security

This South Korean antivirus product is not so popular, but has already managed to win the attention and recognition of experts with its capabilities. It is characterized by high efficiency in the search and elimination of dangerous programs. And the fact that it works great on old and low.power smartphones and cellular.

But these are not the only useful and interesting functions. Antivirus gives the user the opportunity to create hidden galleries for photographs and pictures, cleanse the history of visits and activity in browsers and applications. It also contains an analogue of the Antivor function, which includes alarm for a smartphone, tracking its location, blocking access and erasing data.

This antivirus is distributed by paid subscription, but users can test all the functionality of the program in a trial mode.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

The Kaspersky brand is very popular in Russia, since this company is created by domestic developers. Users await a quality and free product that does not have advertising.

It is very highly appreciated by users throughout the country and abroad, as well as the main antivirus for PC. Like its “older brother”, mobile antivirus neutralizes both existing threats and those that are only trying to get within the memory of the phone.

“Kaspersky” for a smartphone has some special functions, in addition to the usual ability to search and delete hazardous files for antivirus. But most of them are available only in the paid version. However, do not despair, because the basic functionality is more than enough to ensure high.quality protection of the device from any threats.

Each of these products provides the highest level of protection, but the main thing is safe is the user himself. Caution and rationality of actions on the Internet will avoid any threats without additional software and not worry that you need to check your phone for viruses.