Campfire charger

A handy little thing, but not particularly powerful, it can fill the battery of an iPhone smartphone in 2-3 hours. It feeds exclusively on flammable materials, you can use everything, cones, leaves, dry grass, or ordinary sticks. let’s say thanks to the Japanese, they are the inventors, but they have already established production in China, so the price of the device should not bite.

Using solar panels

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Dynamo machine

The second most popular answer to the question is how to charge iPhone 5s without charging? Dynamo cars have been known for more than two centuries, with the help of them the first electricity was obtained, why not use this principle away from the city. These cars are not expensive, you can find working copies for less than 100 rubles.

Battery charger

Practical, convenient, proven by many travelers thing. But for work, you will have to periodically replenish the stock “cartridge” in the form of AAA or AA batteries.

Speed ​​up battery charging

To speed up the charging time and not waste hours on fully charging your iPhone, just follow a couple of simple steps:

  • We turn on “Airplane mode”. it will help to save a lot of time for filling the iPhone battery, reduce the time by 30%
  • We reduce the backlight of the iPhone screen to the minimum, the backlight drains the battery of the smartphone great, you need to remember this.
  • After we have charged the iPhone battery by 50-70%, we turn off all unnecessary functions, GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi, it is they, more than all other functions, that consume valuable energy. So we will give up the Internet, but we will still be able to take an important call while we get to the outlet.

We are looking for assistants

  • We negotiate with the seller at a nearby outlet, leaving him with his iPhone for a while. In 5-10 minutes, the phone battery is enough to charge for making 2-3 calls, or for 10 minutes of surfing the Internet. This method has its risks. they simply may not return the iPhone, said that they see you for the first time.
  • We are looking for a special stand for recharging phones; in any self-respecting shopping center there are similar devices. Usually on such stands you can find a cord with lighting and micro-USB connectors.
  • We go to the cellular salon and ask the seller to recharge the device, which has sat down, they will not refuse you, but they will take a small fee, usually no more than 50 rubles. The risks of this method are much less when compared with the first.
  • We find a special kiosk where, for a nominal fee (about 50 rubles per hour), you can fill the battery of your device.

Tips for civilized people

Let’s analyze the situation when you are in the city, but you do not have a cable or there is no outlet nearby, how to charge your phone without a charger in such a situation?

Charging with a case

Technologies do not stand still, and Apple specialists came up with a special Juice Tank Helium bumper case, which starts charging the device as soon as it is placed in it. The main advantages of this accessory:

  • Storing iPhone in this case will drain the battery 80% slower.
  • With the push of a button, a dead battery is recharged.
  • The cover is also capable of performing protective functions, as it is made of thin, but rather hard plastic.

The only drawback of this useful accessory is its

How to charge iPhone via USB cable

Using a USB cable is the most popular option to top up your battery without an AC adapter. This can be done if:

  • Connect your mobile device to your computer or laptop via USB cable.
  • Connect iPhone to car radio with this cable.

In both cases, the battery will start charging immediately upon connection. And it is very convenient to use the car radio as source of energy on the road, especially when the navigator is on.

There are also interesting ways to “charge without charging”.

How to charge iProne without charging: several ways

Modern gadgets have many built-in functions that only consume battery faster.

And the charger is not always at hand, it often happens that it becomes vital to know how to charge the iPhone without charging.

There are several ways to recharge your iPhone battery without charging:

  • Using a USB cable;
  • With a special cover;
  • Via iQi Mobile.

Charging via iQi Mobile

Recently, several new ways of charging without a charger have appeared. One of them is using iQi Mobile.

IQi Mobile is a magnetic plate with a special cord, a port for a lightning connector and a charging cradle. To use it to increase the charge level in the iPhone, you need to do the following:

  • Attach the magnetic plate to the back of the smartphone.
  • Insert the cord from it into the connector, and hide all the details in the case.
  • Now you need to put the gadget on the charging stand so that it is in contact with the magnetic plate.

As soon as all the actions are completed, the device will start charging. IQi Mobile has one significant drawback. the process of recharging the battery takes a very long time.

Overview of the most effective ways to “power” without using a standard power supply

Perhaps, let’s start with the most elementary, but not always available option for powering a mobile device. You may not know how to charge your iPhone from your computer. Therefore, let’s consider this charging method, which, as you understand, involves the use of a laptop, tablet, or a device equipped with a USB connector. If the operating level of the battery has become critical, and your device is “tired” of warning about it. it blinked the screen and went out, you need to connect it to any available device that has the necessary port. Thanks to which you will be able to answer the question of how to charge an iPhone without charging, with a practical action.

Today you can buy a case with a charger. That is, the design feature of such a device will be the presence of a built-in battery, the capacity of which varies from 1500 to 3200 mAh. That allows you to use the phone for quite a long time without recharging. The comfortable cover is not only ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. The demanded device will help to effectively solve the problem of how to charge the iPhone without charging, as well as give an anti-shock property to the device. over, protection against mechanical damage to the back of the iPhone is guaranteed in any version of the charging case. An indicator on the front panel of the device shows the battery level, thanks to which the user can always visually determine the level of performance of the auxiliary battery.

In search of promising technologies

First of all, the question requires some specification. After all, each of us knows that without the influence of a certain type of energy, none of the known inventions of the “human genius” will be able to function. Therefore, the question of how to charge an iPhone without charging does not yet have a full answer. Certainly, some of the developers’ attempts to change the principle of “life support” of the phone were crowned with success. It goes without saying that the standard charger will undergo dramatic changes in the near future. The “purposeful universality” problem already has several fundamentally different solutions. However, today it is still not possible to “globally decouple” mobile units from the habitually used power outlets. However, how to charge an iPhone or other “brainchild” of the electronic industry when there is no access to the “benefits of civilization” is already a real reality. But the low efficiency (efficiency) of the developed and, incidentally, mass-produced devices and, at the same time, the incomplete thoughtfulness of the “mechanism” for supplying a certain charge power is somewhat removed from being a full-fledged alternative to a 220 W source or another nominal value of the generally accepted standard of centralized electrification. As a result, we observe an ever-increasing need for alternative energy sources and a genuine interest of manufacturers It is these facts that push developers to search for the most acceptable technological solutions.

A little about the disadvantages

How to charge iPhone without charging? Charging iPhone without a charger

Today it is impossible to imagine a modern person without a mobile phone. However, it is impossible to imagine an electronic gadget without additional devices accompanying the full-fledged operation process, the presence of which is a must. For example, a failed charger will certainly doom the “dependent” device to “energy death”. However, the question of how to charge the iPhone without charging, given the great popularity of the “fruitful” Apple brand, requires special coverage. Several of the most original technological innovations will be presented to your attention, allowing you to “pump” Californian gadgets, which are so necessary for their batteries with the power of electricity, of course, without the “participation” of the standard storage device.

How to charge your iPhone without a charger

Summing Up, or Energy Perspectives for the iPhone

You know how to charge your device from a computer. But what about when you are on a hike or find yourself in a situation where there are no standard power supplies available? Today, there are devices on the free market that are able to charge mobile devices using alternative methods of generating electricity. These are original technological solutions in the form of converting devices that convert mechanical, thermal, kinetic, magnetic and other types of energy into the voltage and current required for your device. Of course, there are much more minuses and flaws in the available devices than we would like. Price, weight, dimensions and other disadvantages hinder the path to achieving absolute perfection. But time passes, and technologies develop

How to charge your phone without a charger

Many have come across such a situation when the battery of a mobile phone is discharged, and there is nothing to charge it with. Or you are on a trip, and you forgot the charger at home, or stayed late at work, and colleagues, as luck would have it, have phones of a different model. Or the charger is simply out of order. Fell from the top shelf and crashed, a beloved cat gnawed a wire, or burned out due to a power surge. there are many cases leading to a breakdown of the charger.

And what to do when, for example, it is deep night outside, and you urgently need to make an extremely important call, or the charger broke down on New Year’s Eve, and it will be difficult to find a working mobile phone salon for a few more days? You can, of course, give up on everything and wait for a convenient opportunity to purchase a new charger, or you can try to charge the phone without charging in one of the described ways.

Method one, computer. how to charge your phone without charging

You probably have a computer at home: a desktop, laptop, or even a tablet. The main thing is that it has a USB connector, and you have a corresponding adapter from the connector for your charger to USB. Now manufacturers have begun to bring their connectors to the mini- and micro-USB standards, so that many users have several of the same cables. If you have the necessary adapter or cable, but no PC. go to your neighbors, someone of them will definitely help.

3 easy ways to charge a phone without a charger

Method two, technical how to charge a phone without a charger

Here you will have to do a little work and perform several sequential steps:

You will need any working charger, for example, from an old unnecessary or non-working phone, or from a friend’s phone if he suddenly has an extra one.

Cut off the connector from the found charger to connect to the phone. Then carefully make a circular cut with a knife and remove the insulation so that two wires remain exposed: blue and red.

Connect to battery and fix

Remove the battery from your cell phone. Look closely at the gold-colored contacts and look for the “” and “-” markings next to them. Lean the plus of the charger against the plus of the battery. this is the blue wire, and against the minus of the battery. the red one. Pressing the wires tightly to the contacts, secure them with electrical tape or tape.

Connect the resulting device to the network. If you did everything correctly, the battery will start charging. Be careful to avoid electric shock, however mild, and avoid touching the contacts while charging.

Method three, finger how to charge the phone without a charger

Charge your phone via USB port

If you have a USB cable and a computer, laptop, tablet, mini PC or TV with the appropriate connector at home or in the place where you are, then you can easily charge your phone. What to do: Plug the cable into the main unit (OP) and watch it charge. An important condition is that the phone must have a working socket, and the op-amp is fully charged or connected to the network. The charging speed under such conditions is not less than when connecting a conventional charger.

Typically, smartphones come standard with a USB cable (mini or micro, depending on the type of gadget). Also, the wire can be found in packaging from a camera, tablet, e-book and other devices. Difficulties should not arise. The cable can be designed to connect several phones at once.

Is it possible to charge the phone through the headphone jack

Probably, the authors of this urban legend will no longer be found. But in order to independently understand that such an option as charging the phone through headphones is impossible, you just need to look at the schematic diagram of any smartphone.

The contacts on the headphone plug only serve to transmit audio signals.

Even a person who is not particularly versed in electronics will take 20 minutes to figure out that the headphone jack has nothing to do with either the battery controllers or with the battery itself.

How to charge your phone without original charging at home

Charging your gadget at home is much easier than being somewhere in the fields without any devices or charging adapters at all. If you look around a little, you can find the means with which we can easily charge our smartphone.

Civilized methods of charging phones

First, we’ll take a look at more traditional and simpler charging methods using modern technology.

How to charge your phone with a solar panel

Naturally, the chances of finding a solar-powered charger on a hike or building it out of nothing are low. Therefore, it is better to take such a gadget with you.

If you travel frequently, it makes sense to get a solar charger.

It is completely self-contained, easy to use and does not take up much space. The principle of receiving a charge is very simple: we install the solar panel at the optimal angle to obtain the maximum amount of solar radiation, connect the smartphone to our installation and wait.

How to charge a phone battery without a phone using a power adapter (“frog”)

The simplest “frog” looks like a small power supply. In fact, she is. On one side of the device there is a plug for the socket, and on the other. a special clip for connecting the “frog” contacts exactly to the contacts of the battery. Overall, a handy and versatile piece.

Typical frog charger. universal device

Its only inconvenience is that you need to remove the battery from the phone, and this possibility is not present on all modern gadgets. But you can charge the battery without a phone and without factory charging with its help, since it absolutely does not depend on either the manufacturer of the gadget or the model.

The charging process itself is quite simple. The “frog” clamp is able to change the distance between the contacts, which represent the output “” and “-“. The battery must be removed from the phone and the tabs of the “frog” contacts should be set at the same distance as they are located on the battery, and in accordance with the polarity markings. Then you need to clamp the battery with a clip and connect the finished structure from a frog and a battery to the mains.

You can install almost any battery

How to Charge Your iPhone without a Charger? | New

The charger usually has at least one indicator, usually green. If it lights up after plugging into the network, then charging has gone. If not, it is worth checking the polarity and tightness of the contacts. This is a fairly simple and affordable way to charge your phone wirelessly.