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How to understand that the iPhone is charged?

Greetings everyone! After buying a new smartphone, the user inevitably encounters small inconvenience and difficulties. First of all, these are the nuances of familiarization with an unknown by an intense. Over time, of course, you get used to everything and orient yourself, which is said, on the machine, but at first many happy owners of the “apple” gadgets do not even understand. but whether they are charged with iPhone?

It is about how to understand that the iPhone is charged, it doesn’t matter in what condition it is on or off, and I will tell you today. And believe me, the answer to this question is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance. this task has some important nuances Okay, we will not further rant, it’s time to start!

iPhone on charging turns on and turns off. how to make it work?

Hey! To begin with, it is worth describing the situation in more detail, otherwise it may not be clear from the header what the author means. over, I recently faced this problem personally, so the picture is facing before my eyes and describe the situation of labor 🙂 And the following happened. my rather old iPhone 5s was completely discharged, as they say, “to zero”, and it would seem, nothing criminal, Put it for exercises and went about his business.

I return after a while, and I see a very strange and inadequate behavior of the device. the iPhone turns on, the screen lights up for a while (an apple appears and even a password is visible to a briefly) and immediately the display goes out and the phone turns off safely. And that’s all, this happens constantly. For the sake of the experiment, I waited another 20 minutes. nothing changed (only heated hard), and it continued to turn on and turned off with enviable constancy.

I’ll run ahead and say that the problem was solved independently and without visiting the service center, and in a fairly easy way.

But to begin with, how to prevent such a situation and what should you pay attention to:

  • Do not discharge the device until the full discharge, especially if the battery is no longer new.
  • Do not try to make the iPhone start starting in the cold, in the frost of energy to start a lot more.
  • Use original accessories. the battery will say only thanks to you.

Actually, almost all of these reasons coincided with me. the room was relatively cool, there are definitely a couple of years for a couple of years (although it holds almost as it should), only the wire and charging are originals.

When connecting to the charging, it turns out that:

  • All incoming energy is spent exclusively on loading the system and backlighting the display.
  • This energy is not enough.
  • She cannot accumulate.
  • iPhone, as it were, turns on, but immediately discharges and turns off.
  • And then everything is repeated again.

From which we definitely need to find a way out.

  • Use a more powerful power adapter. The one that comes with the iPhone gives 1 ampere and is clearly not enough in such a situation. So something is needed more difficult, for example, from iPad. It has 2.1 amperes at the output and is able to give more energy, which is enough to turn on. Is it safe? Apple says that this can be done, and it makes no sense not to believe her.
  • In the case when there is no other adapter at hand, it is necessary to do the following operation-enter the device in the DFU mode and leave it on charging for a while in this state. In this mode, the screen does not burn and does not load the system, which means that there will be no energy consumption and all of it will go to charge the battery. After 20-30 minutes we turn on the iPhone and rejoice that the shutdowns have stopped.
  • This method is clearly “for an amateur” and will demand some dexterity from you. It consists in connecting the wire to the device for 2-3 seconds and without waiting for its inclusion, immediately pull it out. And in such small portions to recharge the battery to the state that is enough for the full launch of the iPhone.
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Finally, I would like to note that the situation considered in this article is certainly not normal and in a good way, the battery must be changed so that there are no other surprises in the future.

But my business is to give advice, and you already decide for yourself. it is worth running after a new battery or “will go away”!

P.S. If one of the options helped. put the “like”, share success! If not, then write in the comment-we’ll figure it out, but before that we still press the buttons of social networks 🙂

Putting violation

Also, the problem with the inclusion of iPhone occurs due to the complete discharge of the phone. The solution will be trivial. you need to exercise a smartphone. At the same time, note that in case of full discharge, the phone after connecting to the network will not respond to your commands during the first 15-20 minutes. Therefore, with the inclusion of the phone, you need to wait. The best option would be the following “Resuscitation” strategy:

  • Connect the device to the network. do not immediately start the device.
  • After 15-20 minutes, press the start button and see what will happen.
  • If the phone turned on, this means that the problem was in full discharge.
  • If the device has not turned on, then the cause of the breakdown is in something else.

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If the malfunction did not appear because of the blow or fall of the phone, then it is likely that it will be easy to get rid of it. First, try the easiest solutions to the problem.

The output of the smartphone from the “deep” discharge

If the phone is discharged, and after that I still lie down for a while without recharging, then the smartphone will not have enough energy to turn on the screen. If there are reasons to assume a deep discharge of the battery, then just attach the phone to the charger and wait 15 to 20 minutes. Then, without disconnecting from the network, turn on the smartphone. If a picture of charging appears, then everything is in order, it remains to wait for the moment when the iPhone will gain enough energy to load iOS and continue to work.

charge, iphone, down, completely

Reboot the device

Another standard step in solving problems with computer and mobile equipment. reloading the device. It will help in two common cases. with freezing and when the smartphone enters the “conservation mode”. The latter case often scares uninterrupted iPhone owners. Когда смартфон заряжен, но продолжительное время не использовался, либо редко перезагружался, то он самостоятельно отключается, не реагируя на кнопку включения.

charge, iphone, down, completely

IPhone reboot with the physical button Home (models from 4 to 6s inclusive) is performed using power buttons and “home”. Press the keys at the same time, holding for 15. 20 seconds. This action will send a smartphone to a forced reboot, restoring the normal operation of the device.

A simple reboot may not help if the phone flash failure. The ITUNES application recovery option will help to fix this problem. To do this, connect the smartphone to the computer with the installed program, and after synchronization, select the load option for the last backup. The application will restore software and restart the iPhone.

Solving the problem with the charger

The last hope to get by with “low blood” is a breakdown of the charger itself. Find one hundred percent work and try to charge the gadget with its help. Keep in mind that the power supply itself and a USB cable can break. With intense (and not neat) use, the conductive cable veins of.

If non.original Chinese charging or a cheap automobile adapter was used, then the elements of the power controller may become unusable. It happens that the smartphone ceases to identify the original charger, although it continues to charge with the Chinese analogue. This is the first sign that the power controller will soon be out of order and require a replacement.

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Change of components and modules

If nothing helped, then the problem is most likely in the failure of the elements inside the iPhone. It is likely that the power controller itself, connectors and train controls responsible for charging, or the battery, suffered. You can replace them yourself. on the Internet dozens of sites with detailed instructions, but still advise you to contact engineers from service centers. It is likely to damage something when disassembling the device or not to find the reason, since it is guaranteed to diagnose the malfunction only in the SC on special equipment.

Charger problems

Often the reason that the iPhone has sat down and does not turn on the charging is a faulty cable. In places of connection of the wire and adapter, users detect creases. The electric current is not supplied to the device, so the discharged phone will not turn on. It is worth carefully inspecting the charging. this will allow you to detect a breakdown in time.

Connect the iPhone to another charging. if the phone is turned on, then the cable will have to be replaced, sometimes the breakdown cannot be found with the naked eye. Also, the reason can lie in a faulty outlet, so you should not panic ahead of time. A banal solution to the problem is often the right way.

iPhone reports that it is charging but does not want to turn on

Appel company creates one of the most effective smartphones in the world that half.worldly won. But, there is a hole in the old woman. Когда iPhone продолжает зарядку, но в то же время не желает запускаться, данное явление иногда показывает, что его электронная схема не в порядке. So, let’s try to dig deeper and identify the symptoms and causes of such a phenomenon. We will also think about what can be done.

How to understand that the iPhone is charged

Actually, your phone is connected correctly, but you cannot understand whether the iPhone is charged or not, that’s right? In this case, you need to follow our instructions below.

If the phone is on the state

This option provides that your phone is included, so here you can see that the iPhone is charged in its own way.

  • In the upper part of the screen, see if the battery indicator burns in green. It should be green, and also in the middle of the icon will be lightning;
  • You also have a percentage of the battery icon over certain intervals of time, provided that you turned on the battery’s charge display in percentage.

You can also use another life hack. Just turn off the charging from the phone and connect it again. Immediately in the middle of the screen there will be a large icon with the battery, and next to it it is indicated how many percent your phone is charged.

Additional signs that the iPhone is charged:

  • As soon as you connect charging to the phone, a certain sound will be heard, characteristic only when connecting USB;
  • Also, when connecting the charger, your phone will make a signal in the form of vibration. We advise you to pay attention to this if the sound is turned off on the iPhone;
  • Unlock the phone. If it is already unlocked, then block and unlock again. For a few seconds, the percentage of the battery is displayed on the phone screen under the clock.

Actually, with such methods you can find that your iPhone is charging, and there are no problems.

If iPhone is turned off

You need to understand that the iPhone is charged in the off state? The situation here is more complicated, but it will not be any difficulties for you.

Apple’s phone can be discharged “to zero” that it will turn off and will not turn on until you connect the Lighting charger (on most the latest models it is he.

Actually, if you connected your device to the charger, then you will have such a picture on the screen;

If the charge does not go, then next to the battery in the middle below the cable icon with lightning will be displayed, which indicates that the cable is not connected or not connected by the original.

How to understand that the iPhone was fully charged

Another option is to find out when the iPhone was fully charged to remove it from charging. There are actually several options here:

  • Look at the indicator. If the phone is in an unlocked state. just look at the charging icon. Your battery icon should be green, completely filling it. If the charge is displayed as a percentage, it will be written nearby, which is 100%;
  • Blocking screen. It is enough to click on the power button so that the phone is, where the lock screen will be displayed, what is the battery charge at the moment. It is clear that it should be 100%.
  • Through the AIDA application, let’s say that for some reason you do not display on the lock screen and in the battery charge icon corresponding information. In this case, you can launch the AIDA64 application, and in the Battle section, see the current level of charge.
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Additionally: if you use AIDA64, then the STATUS column is written by Charging, and if the phone is not connected to the network device, then Dischanging.

In principle, that’s all. One of the methods should definitely help you, although even a beginner, as a rule, quickly understands this issue, because to find out when the iPhone has charged is no more difficult than on Android.

What for?

Only 2 cases come to my mind (and both emergency), when the iPhone needs to be discharged:

  • For rebooting the device with a broken shutdown button (Power). If you do not work for the “home” button (Home), the iPhone does not need to be discharged, there are other ways.
  • To enter a device in the recovery mode again with a non.operating shutdown button (Power).

The average iPhone user has plus minus daylight day. And, whatever one may say, to discharge the device you need to wait. I admit, I don’t know how to wait, and if I need to quickly discharge the iPhone, I load the device as much as possible and the larger the load, the faster it discharges.

Ways to solve the problem

What to do if the iPhone 7 does not turn on? There are four solutions to the problem.

Forced reboot

Operational solution to the problem. restart the smartphone. To do this, pinch the “Home” and “Power” button with your fingers, then wait 10 seconds. When the specified time passes, a smartphone logo will appear on the screen. The gadget will turn on, then connect the charging to the nest and wait for the battery to charge.

Connection to a charger

Some iPhone owners save on the purchase of charging devices. And not surprising. the originals are not so cheap, and a similar model is easily purchased on AliExpress. Problems of this kind with accessories are often. so connect the phone to the original charger and see what will come of it.

Recovery using the DFU mode

DFU-mode-IOS special mode, which is used to update and restore gadgets. If an emergency occurs when the smartphone cannot update, use this way. If the iPhone 7 plus does not turn on, you need to do the following:

  • Launch on the iTunes computer;
  • Connect the smartphone to the PC using a corporate cable;
  • Turn off the gadget by pressing the power button;
  • Holding this key, press the volume button by 10 seconds;
  • Then release the power button, wait 5 seconds.

iTunes will notify a smartphone connecting. Now press the “Restore” button in iTunes, wait until the operating system starts up.

charge, iphone, down, completely

In case of difficulties, try to choose and install a predetermined firmware manually. To do this, go to iTunes according to the above method and select recovery, holding the Shift key. Now select the firmware file and confirm the choice.

Sometimes Apple gadget refuses to move to DFU-mode. You can understand this by a number of signs:

  • The company’s logo burns on the screen;
  • The ITUNES icon was displayed on the display (the phone is in the Recovery Mode mode, there are no desired points).
  • iTunes does not see a connected smartphone.

Observe such symptoms-try to repeat the transition procedure to DFU mode. Upon completion of the recovery, the phone itself will go into a normal state.

What to do if none of the above methods helped

If the above methods do not help, it remains to take the injured gadget to the service center. Professional masters easily eliminate such problems, and the expenses of the owner of the device will not be as high as when buying a new smartphone.

If the problem has a slightly different character: the iPhone does not turn on the black screen, then read the solution in the article.