Yes, AirPods headphones work with Android, but there are “pitfalls

Immediately after the appearance, since the end of 2016, AirPods became one of the most popular headphones in the world. They appeared on the wake of fashion for wireless headsets and became the most convenient solution for listening to music on iPhone and iPad.

But do Airpods work with Android? Yes, they work! After all, these are just wireless headphones that can connect to any devices supporting Bluetooth, including most tablet computers with Windows and some Smart TV. But there are some “pitfalls” in this solution.

How to connect AirPods to Android phone?

To do it is pretty simple. Follow these actions:

  • On Android Open the “Connections” menu “Connections” “Bluetooth”.
  • Place AirPods in a charging case and make sure that it is open.
  • Hold the small button on the back of the charger for a few seconds. As soon as the headphones are ready to connect, a blinking light will light up (inside the case or on the front panel, depending on the model).
  • Airpods will appear in the Bluetooth menu. Choose them and agree to conjugation.

That’s all you need to do. Now you can use them in the same way as any other Bluetooth lunkers.

Setting up pressing and deductions Airpods

In headphones like AirPods 3 you will not see control settings. It is necessary to use the cloth that the manufacturer conceived:

  • Click 1 time to start or stop playback or respond to a call.
  • Click 2 times to go to the next track.
  • Click 3 times to return to the previous track.
  • Long retention. call siri.
  • Say “Hello Siri” to turn on the song, call or lay a route.

But when connecting AirPods Pro, a new section “Pressing and holding AirPods” will appear in the settings.

By default, the left and right headphones are configured to control the noise, but they can be reconfigured.

In the AirPods 2 settings, you can select the parameters of the AirPods double touch on the left and right headphones.

In the AirPods Max settings, you can select the Digital Crown wheel parameters. Here you can change the direction of the wheel when adjusting the sound.

How to find AirPods via locator

When lost Airpods, start the locator app. Choose a device and you can further:

In the application locator in iOS 15, the function “notify when it is forgotten”.

As soon as you leave the headphones without supervision, with the exception of places like a house (where you don’t need to do it), the iPhone will send you a notification.


Podscontrol is perhaps the most beautiful application that can only be found in this review. The intense looks exclusively neat and is designed only for the most necessary. The main menu is divided into four parts. One of the front parts displays the name of the device and information about the connection. After it follows a section with displaying the charge level of the AirPods battery and their case.

There you can also find the monitoring system to turn on the switching button. It can also be turned off to save the battery charge. In it, we can establish the appointments of presses with customized options for double pressing. However, it does not allow you to configure touches for each headphone.

What we like best in Podscontrol is ease of use. At the first launch, you will get to the page in which you should choose AirPods in the list of Bluetooth devices available for connecting. After the connection occurs, it will immediately open on the main screen screen of the application.

Fortunately, Podscontrol does not have a paid version. All functions are already available in the basic version.

charge, case, android, charging

Assistant Trigger

Dotarrow Inc Assistant Trigger is a utility for Android, which supports second.generation Airpods. It shows the percentage of the charge of headphones and the case itself, including in the form of a notification on the start screen. Assistant Trigger also knows how to determine when the headphones are in the ears and begin to reproduce media.

How to Check Airpods Battery Percentage While Using #Shorts

With double pressing the notification, the Assistant Trigger application opens, with a single one, the music stops or turns on. Notification shows the battery charge with small icons that look very nice. The battery level is not always accurate and is shown with an error of 10%. There is no guilt of the application itself, because AirPods report the charge only in this way.

It is worth noting that the functions of displaying the charge and determining the location of the headphones are available only to the pro-versions that will cost you 2.

Charging through the Lightning cable

To charge Airpods via the cord, connect the Lightning cable included in the case. You can use Lightning-USB-C or Lightning-USB. Connect the other end of the cable to the charging device or port of the computer.

The level of the case of the case is displayed on the indicator with an open lid and the headphones taken out of it: the green. the battery is completely charged, yellow. less than one cycle remains.

charge, case, android, charging

If the case is not charged from Lightning cable, read our article “Why is the AirPods Case not charged.

Is it possible to charge Airpods 1 and 2 without a wire

Yes, you can charge the headphones of the first or second generation by wireless communication.

The first generation has been produced since 2016, equipped with a Lightning Cable Cability. In 2019, Apple updated them to the 2nd generation, providing the buyer with a choice of two cases: with support for wireless charging and the standard version of Lightning.

At the same time, cases with wireless charging, which are perfect for the first generation, entered the sale at the same time. You will not have to spend money on buying new headphones. They sound not much better.

If you think about the transition to the Pro version, I recommend reading the comparison of Airpods Pro and the second generation. The article will help decide what is better to choose.

Connection Airpods to Android Smartphone

To connect AirPods to Android, follow this instructions:

  • Open the case with Airpods and click the round button on the back side;
  • Wait until the LED bulb begins to flash white;
  • Connect Airpods to your Android Smartphone via Bluetooth settings.

After performing these simple AirPods operations, they will earn on a smartphone. In the same way, you can connect headphones to the device on Windows.

How to check the level of charge Airpods

Another restriction that AirPods is imposed on the owners of Android is the inability to check the charge of the headset and the case with regular means. But the problem is easily solved in a couple of seconds.

Go to the Play Market and download one of these applications: Airbatty or Airdroid.

After loading in any of these APPs, you can check the charge of each headphone and the case itself, and even configure the pulled pause in Airbattle. Choose the application to your taste, but keep in mind that they can show slightly different information about the charge level. So try every UPP and choose the best for yourself. In addition, you can look for alternatives. in the market a bunch.

Is it possible to charge a case without headphones?

Yes, the headphones can be pulled out and this will not affect the charge. On the other hand, in this case, the headset will be charged with the case.

charge, case, android, charging

In fact, the question is interesting. The Yabloko website says that the official adapter of the USB entrance from Apple can be charged from the iPhone and iPad to Apple Watch and Airpods. Another question. is it possible to use other charges that were not released by Apple? Let’s look at the official answer.

It turns out that you can use not only standard 5 W blocks (1 A), but also more powerful by 10 or even 12 W. I will tell you so that if you have a block from 5 to 12 watts at hand, you can use it. Even if it was found in a box from Android phone, there is no particular difference. The most important thing is that it is high.quality and not faint.

See the level of charge

To find out the charge of the battery of both the headphones themselves and the case. you just need to bring the case (with ears inside) to the iPhone and open it. Further on the screen you will see accurate information. There is an opportunity to even add a special widget, but it seems to me not very convenient and clogs the extra space on the desktop.

How to check the charge level of AirPods on a smartphone with Android

I use the AirPods headset with Apple gadgets, but sometimes you need to connect the headphones to the Android Smartphone. How to find out the level of the charge of the AirPods battery on Android?

The original Apple headset fits perfectly into the apple gadgets ecosystem. You can view the level of charge of the head of the headphones on any device.

The iPhone and iPad mobile gadgets allow you to track the AirPods charge level with a pop.up menu when opening a case or a special widget on a home screen.

When working with the MAC, headphone charge levels can be viewed through the Bluetooth icon in the menu line or in the same section of system settings.

While working with Apple TV, AirPods charge level will be visible at the control point. Even when using Apple Watch, you can find out the level of charge of the headset through a special menu.

However, when connecting the Apple headset to the Android Smartphone or Tablet, you will not see built-in mechanisms for displaying the battery charge level. To do this, you will have to use a application from the Play Store.

How to view AirPods charge level on Android

The utility can display a pop.up connection window when opening the charger cover. In the parameters you can select the AirPods model to turn on the appropriate graphics.

The utility works with all AirPods generations and some Beats models.

▶ Airpods is alternative to tracking the charge of Materialpods.

The application has a large number of visual display parameters, a dark and bright theme of the intense and a convenient widget. The information card will allow you to monitor the AirPods charge level right on the desktop or lock screen.

▶ In addition, you can install the free Openpods utility with open source.

The application is the simplest and maximum lightweight. The utility displays the level of charge of the headset in the center of notifications or a curtain with system switches.

AirPods charging

At Android, look at the AirPods charging cover to make sure that the battery is charged. If the headphones are inside the charger and the cover is open, we will see the light that indicates the state of the charge. Without any problems, we will be able to see the condition of the battery of both headphones and charger, if the headphones are not in the charging case.

Presumably once the charging condition is completed, the green light will be displayed. We will not have to monitor the percentage of the battery charge too much, since the light that we see indicates that the charging is completed. Even if the indicator burns with orange, most likely in headphones or cases there is still a charge.

LA indicator of the state of the case allows us to always see if we have a complete charge or less than a full charge for AirPods. We are not going to receive the exact percentage of the battery, which we have in headphones, but this gives us an approximate view. This is a way to check the AirPods battery, since it does not depend on the iPhone or Macmachine. So this is a simple and affordable approach to all.

See the AirPods battery on Android

AirPods are often used by Android users. There is no native function in Android OS. This allows us to see the condition of the AirPods battery. Therefore, we will not be able to see the condition of the battery in the same way as, for example, on the iPhone, but for this we will have to use applications. You can see the charge of the AirPods battery on Android using these applications.

Through applications from the Play Market, the display of the Airpods battery on our phone Android will be very simple. We will only need to download some of these applications and see this information. There are many applications in this regard, but we are going to show you one thing that turned out to be especially useful. It is called Airbatty, and we are going to show how it works on our Android device.

This is how Airbatty works

Airbatty is available in Play Store. years. This is the only application in its kind, since it always shows the charge of Airpods battery on Android. Those who use this application on their Android phone to view AirPods battery can do this at any time. This application works with headphones of different types besides the mentioned, including these:

  • 1 AirPods
  • 2 AirPods
  • AirPods Pro
  • Beatsx
  • PowerBeats3
  • PowerBeats Pro
  • Bis solo 3
  • Beats Sutio3

This application is quite easy to use. All you need to do is open it on your mobile device and simultaneously connect your AirPods to it to open it. An integration of the iPhone integrates will be displayed on the phone screen, with a percentage indicator showing the battery charge level in Airpods. On the screen, the charge interest and battery capacity are displayed, as well as the condition of the battery of the charger. The application developer says that the percentage that appears on the screen is not always accurate by 100%. If there is any deviation from the actual percentage of the battery, it is recommended to use an error of 10%. The percentage of the battery displayed on the screen cannot always be 100% precise. The use of this application on Android systematically does not lead to such a situation.

How to check Apple Airpods battery status on Android in 2022 || TESTED AND IT WORKS!!

The application allows Android users to perform many additional functions in addition to simple listening to music using AirPods. Since the application can determine when Spotify is used, and play music directly through AirPods, it helps to determine the level of battery charge on Android. In addition, we can get Airbatty for free in the Play store. Despite advertising and purchases in the application, viewing the percentage of the battery in this application is free. It can be obtained at this link:

The result (sad)

Similar headphones in no case should be taken. If you want a “past”, it is better to dig and buy original. Such experiments or savings in any hypostasis did not give up to you.

There are no advantages in these headphones. Some disadvantages.

And this is a top, in general opinion, a copy It is scary to imagine what is with others, which are supposedly worse.

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I continue to experiment with Chinese fake headphones under an apple brand. This time I took a copy of AirPods Pro. Before ordering, I watched the overview of these models, and bought it from the same seller as in a review by one author on YouTube. One of the best copies was promised. with almost all the functions, like the original. I will run.

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Well, this is just the cheapest and lousy copy of you. in the seats for silicone liners it is clear that these pits were worth a thousand. On expensive copies, the grid, not stickers, very good assembly quality is the transparency mode. Recently, a version with some active noise reduction has been released for a limited sale, but according to reviews it is still somewhere from Eplovsky work. Reddit has an AirReps section, there is the channel of the same name in the discord, they live lively there. As a scientific experiment, based on recommendations and reviews in AirReps, I ordered Airpods Pro 3.8, at that time the most advanced. There is transparency (so-so, but there is), there is no noise, no auditoring, there is no iCloud-connect to mocks. But to understand the landing in the ears. enough. In principle, not a drop of WF-1000xm3, although they sit in ears two orders of magnitude better. But still, even in comparison with fakes of half a year ago, the Chinese took a huge step forward. And now, different se villages are pre-upset about the integration of the Bluetooth chips with active noise reduction, so after two or three months, the working full-functional eir-pose of the missile defense systems that have not only been tied to the Apple Web services.

@Dave. what does half? With how it works for me, it will be easier to say that it will not be at all. I don’t understand at all in the reviews they say that the Summies are jamming everything very well (almost nothing is heard around). But I have a noise.deater only slightly muffles the external noise, which is enough to listen to podcasts or audiobooks in the subway. Of course, I can’t compare how the Schudodav works in other headphones (since I never wore such before the past), but when they talk about a good Schumododav in them, I do not understand this.

@Silmaril. It is very strange, the noise in them is really good, of course you can hear high anyway, but the bottom and the middle are perfectly jerking off. I turn on the shopping center or along the street and only music remains, without impurities of what other sounds. I am especially audible, after the transparency regime, it cuts off almost everything.

@Dave. but let’s all who write that I bought good ears will throw links on them where I bought