How to charge the phone if broken the nest

The most common breakage of modern smartphones with which device owners appeal to the services. a damaged battery charging socket. It is not surprising, because the main reason for such a problem is negligent use by mobile phone. It is worth adding to this fragility of the modern charging mechanism and it turns out that this item is much more likely to fail than other components of portable gadgets.

However, before accuse the smartphone charging nest, you need to make sure that this detail of the portable gadget has failed. After all, the chargers, PowerBank and external batteries come into disrepair at no less often details of mobile phones.

Check it extremely simple: just change the charger only. If the problem was solved, then, most likely, it’s not a smartphone nest. But in cases where the problem remains, you will have to use other ways.

Some methods of eliminating breakage do not require special skills by the user, others can only be implemented in the presence of special tools. Therefore, it will be more expedient to consider each method separately from another method.

Considered in this article Tips can be applied not only on smartphones, but also tablets and music players with similar design of the device.

Find a position in which charging will start

Intuitive method used by all users when problems with the nest. Its essence is to find such an angle when charging the wires and USB ports coincide. Then the user remains only to somehow fix this position of the mobile phone.

How to charge a phone frog

There are special devices that charge directly by a mobile phone battery. frogs. The essence of this device is simple:

However, this method is suitable for smartphones with a removable battery. As in the monoblock devices to get the battery simply can not.


Fast recharging using hit or heating

These methods got the batteries of phones from ordinary finger batteries. The meaning of the trick is to accurately strike the battery device. The method will give the user for a few more minutes of the workability of the smartphone, then the device to discharge 100%.

This effect can be heated device body next to the battery. Do it best with some metal intermediary. Great iron cutlery.

Of course, in this method, the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, instead of charging, the user get a spoiled phone.

Direct charging battery

If the user does not have a number of charger for his smartphone model, but there is an old adapter, it can also be adapted to charge the device. For this you need:

  • Clean the Wire of the Old Adapter.
  • Find him plus and minus.
  • Attach to the battery: plus to the plus, and minus to minus.
  • Secure the design with adhesive tape or scotch.

If everything is done correctly, the charging will start instantly. However, it should be extremely careful because the charger wires are no longer protected and can hit the current.

We make a battery charger in hiking conditions

The hardest thing to deal with the problem of the discharge of a smartphone battery on hiking conditions, when there are no sources of electricity within a radius of several kilometers. Despite all the severity of the conditions, experienced travelers have long decided this problem.

Hiking should always take with you several chargers. In order to break the user with the user to replace one of them.

First of all, you need to most seriously approach the preparation of the campaign. Thinking all the options for charging portable gadgets. At the same time, you should not take too many devices with you, it is better to stay on exclusively necessary devices.

There are two types of charging devices on hiking conditions:

These devices will be the types of power source, that is, replacing the primary block of the charger. The user remains only to carry out the charging wire from one selected device to the smartphone and the charger in the hike will be ready.

What can be done to keep the phone charge if necessary

If the charge remains very little, try minimizing the energy consumption by the phone so that this stock will be enough for the next opportunity to recharge:

  • Turn off your mobile Internet, “Bluetooth”, “Wi-Fi”. These functions consume most of all the energy.
  • Reduce brightness to minimal.
  • Close all unnecessary programs so that the device does not spend energy on their background work.
  • How much you can output the phone from the lock mode (in other words, do not turn on the screen. let the phone “sleeps”).
  • Turn off the phone at all if you do not expect an urgent call. Enable it when you need to make an important call.
  • Remove the phone to the telka so that it does not heat. The heated battery is discharged much faster.
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Classic ways to recharge the phone if there is no access to electricity: charged laptop, external battery (wired or wireless), adapter for cigarette lighter in auto. There are more original and practical campaign devices: electric cars, special burzhuyki, solar panels and T. D. It is extremely recommended to heat hard or beat the battery to get a couple of percent. you just spoil it. And what methods are known to you?

Finger batteries

In some business stores and on the expanses of Aliexpress, you can purchase a special portable device for charging the phone with finger batteries. Places it takes a bit, does not overheat and is cheap. True, in terms of efficiency, the device can be called except satisfactory, as new batteries are constantly required for its work, and they charge them quite slowly. But if the batteries and time in excess, then this is a completely acceptable option as an alternative to the charger. And if under hand there are necessary materials, namely resistors and wires, then such a device can be made independently with the help of a soldering iron.

If you have no batteries in abundance, but there is time and, importantly, patience, you can try to charge the phone dynamo machine. In fact, it is an inexpensive portable device, most often small, which converts mechanical energy into electric current. The output voltage is 5V, which allows you to safely charge the phone. Mechanical energy will have to produce, turn the handle or pressing on the lever, so the lesson is quite boring and long, although a few minutes of work is enough for a call or a message, besides, you can simultaneously charge the phone and use it.

Directly bare wires from the old charger

In the critical situation, in the absence of special cables and adapters, you can replenish the battery through the bare wires of the old “charging”. Usually in the devices wire “” painted in red, and “-“. in blue. Sometimes polarity is indicated directly on the housing at the location of the wires. In some Chinese devices, they are incorrectly painted, which makes it difficult to connect, but the result can be achieved by the test.

“Plus” and “minus” wire must be connected to the battery. Secure them can be adhesive tape or ordinary clothespin. It is not necessary to get involved in such charging. there is a chance that the phone battery will fail. The method is suitable to accumulate some energy for a couple of calls.

Important! Batteries of many modern smartphones charge this way! Firewood!

Charging the battery universal memory

Charge the phone battery without charging will help such a device as a “frog”. This is not at all inserted teeth and not a live frog, but a special charging that works directly with batteries. It received its name due to the spring-loaded holder used, reminiscent of the sprinkled mouth of an ordinary frog. Under the spring-loaded holder there are two moving contacts to which the rechargeable battery extracted from the phone is applied. If there is a normal contact and the polarity is observed, the corresponding indicator will turn on the charger on the charger.

The minus methodology is that the charge current may not fit the battery. it will charge too slowly or too fast. As for rapid charging, it can reduce battery life.

Universal charger type “Frog” can charge almost any batteries. When connected, the polarity must be observed.

Working Methods for Emergency Charging Phone

First of all, while your phone has not yet turned off, resort to tricks, which will allow you to keep the intimate balance residues. For this:

  • Turn on your phone the airrest;
  • Disable GPS;
  • Disable Bluetooth;
  • Disconnect the Internet connection;
  • Reduce the brightness of the screen.

Similar functions of modern gadgets are extremely energy-intensive. Therefore, such simple actions will lead to a decrease in battery consumption.

To date, there are various ways to charge the phone that differs in difficulty and the final effect. If you do not want to damage the device, it is better to adhere to safe methods recommended by manufacturers.

USB cable

Charging the phone from the PC is the easiest and most common way to which many people are resorted. To do this, it is enough to have a stationary computer or a laptop and a USB wire with a suitable connector for your phone.

Connect your phone to a computer via USB

The computer in this case will serve as a power source. Most modern smartphones are equipped with Micro-USC or USB Type-C outputs. Connect your smartphone to a computer via USB cable and select the “only charging” action on the phone screen. After the end of the process, do not forget to safely remove the device.

External battery Power Bank

You can purchase Power Bank. Special External Battery for Charging Device. The device is used as an alternative to the outlet to charge the phone.

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Use Power Bank to charge your device

  • Turn on the external battery by clicking on it a special button, and connect your phone to it.
  • Make sure the indicators on the Power Bank device inform about the start of charging.
  • Turn off the external battery after successful completion of the charge process.

The degree and time of charge depends on various factors, including phone and external battery models. Do not forget to charge Power Bank on time. Usually the need to “feed” gadget, notify flashing indicators.


The method will be a find for the holders of push-button phones, but it does not suit the owners of those devices whose manufacturers have limited the user access to the battery. For example, if you are an iPhone owner, you have to resort to another solution to the problem. Pick up charging to the models of the old sample is quite problematic. In such cases, the “frog” will become an excellent assistant, as it does not require the use of wires. This is a universal charger that is connected to the phone battery using a special clamp. Such a device can be purchased in almost any specialized store.

You can connect the phone battery to the charger

In order to charge the phone’s battery, you will need to perform simple steps:

  • Turn off the phone and remove the battery from it.
  • Open the special cover on the “frog”, pressing the gadget with the edge.
  • Attach two contacts of the phone in the “frog” to the “frog”, checking the indicators “” and “-“.
  • Hold the battery with a lid and insert a “frog” into the outlet.
  • Make sure that the red indicator flashed, signaling the successful start of the charge process.
  • After completing the charge process, set the battery back to the phone.


We found this method on the Internet and consider it necessary to share with readers with it. It will be suitable if you have a car charging unit, an ordinary key and a 9-volt battery type “Crohn”. We connect the unit to the smartphone, its end connect with the “plus” batteries, and the key is pressed to “minus” and the side contact of the charger. Yes, charging will be slow and, naturally, it will not restore you 100% capacity. But unlike a number of other extreme ways that we mention below, it is safe for your smartphone.

Online you can find quite a few tips on how to charge a smartphone without wires without wires and even electricity as such. We categorically not recommended to do the following manipulations with a smartphone if you do not want to get burns and output the device:

  • Remove the battery to connect it through nails and wire to the kilogram of lemons (funny, but it is useless, for the most part);
  • heating the smartphone or its battery (flammable, fraught with an explosion);
  • throw a smartphone / battery or beat on it (chances of split the phone is much higher, charge it);
  • Connect directly to the car battery (the voltage of the battery machines is much higher than the smartphone you can simply burn your mobile phone).

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to charge a smartphone without resorting to radical, dangerous to the health of the equipment and its owner. But you should not also forget that it is even easier to prevent the problem, so if you understand that in the foreseeable future you may have difficulties with recharging, try to limit part of the functions of your smartphone in advance. Recall, not so long ago we told how to increase the time of operation of the device on Android. This and other useful materials from the world of technology can be found on our channel in Telegram, do not forget to subscribe.

Is it possible to charge the phone without charging (original charger)

If you do not have an original charger (USB cable or adapter, which is inserted into the outlet), this does not mean that you cannot replenish the stock of the energy of your smartphone. There are other charging methods. Alternative way to choose depending on the type of mobile device: a regular push-button phone, a modern smartphone on Android or “iPhone”.

Tell about the methods of charging when there is no memory (charger) at hand.

Using a USB cable

If you do not have an adapter that connects to an electrical outlet, but there is a USB cable, connect it to free output on the computer. Charging will be unfounded, but still the process will go.

From PC phone charges longer than from the network

You can insert the same cable into an adapter that is connected to the car cigarette lighter. While the car will go, the phone will be charged.

If you have “iPhone” you need not a regular USB-microUSB cable, and the cord with the Lightning connector. The cable from the phone on Android does not suit “iPhone”.

Using the power supply (“Frog”)

This method is universal. it will fit for ordinary push-button phones, and for smartphones, if, for example, you have a breakdown, designed to be a memory, or if you do not have an adapter, no USB cable. “Frog” is a power supply that charging the battery separately from the phone. That is, you take the battery from the phone and insert it into the clamp.

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Frogs may have light indicators or display

Moving sliders must come into contact with extreme battery contacts. At the same time, the polarity of contacts should be observed. negative contact connects with a negative slider, and positive contact with a positive slider. Polarity is usually indicated next to the contacts. Connect the frog with the battery inside to the outlet. Indicators should light up if you correctly connected contacts to the sliders.

Minus fashion. a longer charge, which will take about 2. 3 hours. When the process is completed, a green light should catch fire. Another disadvantage. battery contacts scratch from metal sliders “Frog”. It may lead them to dissent in the future.

You will not be able to use a “frog” if you have a phone with a closed battery. Through the headphone socket, charging is also impossible, so if you have a broken slot, you have to fix it. To do this, contact the service center.

Using an external battery

External Battery (Power Bank) is a device with a battery inside, which stores energy to charge different mobile devices, including telephones, fitness bracelets, Bluetooth headphones and T. D.

Connected to them using a USB-microUSB cable that comes with “Battery”. After connecting with the help of the cable, you just need to click on the power button on Power Bank. the charge will immediately go.

External battery charge your phone as quickly as the original charging

There are also wireless options POWER BANK. Here it is necessary to connect it to connect the phone to the outer battery. But at the same time the phone must also support wireless charging, and this feature is available only in the most modern smartphones, so it is most often used that wired banks.

Capacity from “Power Banks” is different. It is better to take “battery” from 10,000 mAh. This volume will allow charging the phone 3. 4 times. Battery with this volume can be bought for 1 thousand. rubles and even less.

Power Bank You will not suit you if you have an old push-button phone where the charging socket is not in the form of a microUSB port.

With the help of girlfriend

Your jeans will help a bit of the battery. Get the battery from the phone, spend it about a denim fabric or about the Capron Tights. Static voltage will appear in the battery. This can be obtained 1. 2 percent of charge. Hurry up to use them to make an important call or send “SMSK”.

You can simply rub the battery about jeans to get a couple of percent charge

Another tricky way. use scotch. They need to take the average battery contact, which meets only for the transfer of data on its condition (temperature, charm percentage). Even if your phone turned off due to the fact that the energy was over in it, it does not mean that it remains at all in the battery. Just average contact could transfer incorrect information to the phone. If you laugh with a tape middle connector, you “truth” the phone. as a result, you can spend the last percent of the energy that are still in fact in the “batter”.

If it turned out that you have 4 contacts on the battery, you need to close 3 or / and 4 contact.

Precautionary measures

In order not to sacrifice yourself and your life as a result of experiments with a power supply, you need to observe some precautions. They not only can save the battery, but also a person’s life from an explosion accident:

  • If a person needs to remove the battery, then before you turn off the phone. Without this, the phone can lose all the data stored on it before shutting down;
  • In no case can not allow the heating of the battery. Fairly extreme ways, such as charging using a battery or heating, can provoke the heating of the battery. This can not be allowed, because an explosion may occur;
  • Tell the battery every 2-3 months. This is some training that will extend his life. For it, it is necessary to completely discharge the battery, and after the on-on state is charged to the end;
  • Do not allow the battery rearness, as it reduces its container. If the battery is sat down, it is necessary to charge it up to 100%, and then disconnect from the network;
  • Do not charge the above methods Overall batteries. These methods are not suitable for these purposes.

If you follow these precautions, you can avoid various accidents. Technique is not just entertainment. With her you need to act gently and carefully.