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There are several features of the charging socket that you need to know. The cause of the MICRO-USB breakage of the connector becomes frequent use or incorrect connection to the cable. Often, habitable to one device, the man is trying to connect the cable in the same way as before. But the port itself can be installed in different ways.

In the first case, the narrowing occurs to the front of the smartphone, the second type involves directly inverted connection.

When inserting the plug in the wrong position, the pressure on the place of attachment and connections is created. This may lead to the fact that the backlash appears, and contacts may be violated.

The cable plug has special protruding clamps that can be in the form of a slightly protruding bands or hooks. It provides a reliable and dense connection.

When removing the charging cable does not need to apply additional effort. Clamps can cling to the grooves and a sharp jerk can be broken the connector.

Since the phone is constantly with the owner, the dust inevitably enter open parts. Fat and dirt sticking to contacts worsens energy transmission and may complicate the charging process. Cleaning the nest will avoid a similar problem. You can use:

  • Toothpick. Gently spend it around the perimeter of the connector.
  • Toothbrush. Bristles spend several times inside the nest.
  • Air. In Micro-USB, you can dove or use a special sphailed air can.
  • Alcohol. The port can be splashed with alcohol-containing liquid, such as toilet water. The procedure allows you to dissolve the accumulated dirt and dust.

It is necessary to act carefully and gently in any case. You do not need to apply great effort, do sharp movements or pour the port with solvent.

If the backlash appears in the installation site of the connector, it is possible to eliminate it only if it is possible to disassemble the device. In the case of a monoblock it is better to contact a special service.

Repair can be carried out independently. To do this, you will need:

  • Soldering iron with subtle sting and related materials (tin, acid, rosin).
  • New Micro USB Connector. When buying, pay attention to the type of possible installation (A or B).

The procedure is nothing complicated:

  • The mounting place must be released from the old connector or its residues.
  • Treat installation sites for cleaning contacting elements.
  • Install a new port. All legs should be located on the places. Skip items can not.

Solder. It is important to monitor the tin between different contacts in contact. This leads to a violation of the work and failure of the device.

DIY repair can be carried out only if it is possible to disassemble and collect the device.

To obtain a guarantee of the further work of the device, contact a specialist. Professional has the necessary means and skills.

How to charge the phone without original charging at home

Charge your gadget at home is much simpler than to be somewhere in the fields without devices and charge adapters in general. If you look a little around, you can detect funds with which we can easily charge your smartphone.

How to charge a phone battery without charging using a USB cable

As a rule, most modern charging are the simplest USB cable. Immediately can be used in extreme cases if you need to charge your phone.

You can find a USB port at home on any modern device

You can find a USB port at home on any modern device

Any computer, laptop or more or less new TV has on board a USB port, with which you can connect your smartphone to the device, thereby charging it. This is the most affordable and obvious way to charge the phone battery without charging, as the average house or apartment is rich in different electronics.

How to charge the phone if the nest has broken, a wireless charger

There may be two options here: when the phone was broken in the phone for charging and when it is intact. In the first case, you can use universal wireless charging, consisting of two parts. transmitter and receiver. The receiver connects to the smartphone connector, and the transmitter to the power supply network. Such chargers are inexpensive and meet them in the market and in electronics stores can be increasingly.

Wireless charging began to meet more and more often in the simplest models of smartphones

If the phone is broken by a connector, then it remains to be relied on the fact that he himself knows how to charge wireless way. Here is a small list of devices that support such a “out of the box” functionality:

The list is not so wide, but it is constantly complemented by all new devices. If your phone is among those listed, it means that without charge in the battery of your email you will not be left.

How to charge the phone battery without a phone using the power supply (“Frog”)

The simplest “frog” looks like a small power supply. In essence, she is. On one side of the device there is a plug for a socket, and on the other. a special clip for connecting the “Frog” contacts accurately to the battery contacts. In general, comfortable and universal thing.

Typical Charging Frog. Universal Device

Its only inconvenience. from the phone you need to remove the battery, and this opportunity is far from all modern gadgets. But it is possible to charge the battery without a phone and without factory charging with its help, since it absolutely does not depend on the manufacturer of the gadget, nor from the model.

The process of recharging is quite simple. Clamp “Frog” can change the distance between the contacts, which are the conclusion “” and “-“. The battery needs to be removed from the phone and set the contacts of the “Frog” contacts at the same distance, on which they are located on the battery, and in accordance with the polarity notation. Then you need to hold the battery and connect the finished design of the frog and the battery to the power grid.

You can install almost any battery

At least one indicator is usually present on the charger, as a rule, green. If he caught fire after connecting to the network, then charging went. If not, it is worth checking the polarity and density of contacts. This is a fairly simple and affordable way, how to charge a phone without wire.

How to charge a phone directly with bare wires from the old charger

A little extreme way, but if there is nothing at all, then as the last alternative is suitable. It is worth telling a little about determining the polarity of the colors of the wires. or less significant manufacturers adhere to the rules accepted and label the wires as it should be: “”. red, “-“. blue. But since the market there are cheaper analogues in the market, which are collected in the semi-breeding rooms of China by people, who have not heard anything about the color marking of the wires, then you can meet all the colors of the rainbow in a cheap charging.

Do not throw out old chargers, they can still serve you

In general, with a sufficient proportion of luck, such a device may have designations on the board itself, in the places of wire output. Oriented in this case will have to.

After determining the plus and minus you need to connect the wires directly with the battery. Fasten them in place can be by any prickly means. a tape, scotch and even simple clothespins. It is worth noting that the battery must be charged in this way literally to the level of charge for two-time calls, as the control over the level of charging is minimal.

Is it possible to charge the phone through the headphone jack

Probably not to find authors of this urban legend. But in order to independently understand that such an option, how to charge the phone through the headphones. it is impossible, you just need to look at the scheme of any smartphone.

Contacts on the headphone plug serve only to transfer audio signals

Not even especially dismantled in electronics a person will be enough for 20 minutes to figure out that the headphone connector at all is not connected with any battery controllers, nor with it.

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How to charge the phone in the campaign

The phones have become an integral part of our lives: even going on a journey or campaign, we will definitely capture your gadget with you. True, it does not always care about what will happen if the battery sees. Well, there are ways to charge the phone without charging in the forest, fields or just away from civilization. Some imply that the traveler captured with him additional devices, others are aimed at using everything that is at hand.

If you captured a couple of solar panels with you, then you don’t face without a connection

Civilized Phone Charging Methods

To begin with, we will look at more traditional and simple ways to charge with modern technologies.

How to charge the phone via an external battery

Troublebanks are portable batteries that have, as a rule, a much larger charge volume than on mobile phones. With their help, you can easily charge the full gadget several times.

Modern beliefs allow you to “wear” about 10,000 mAh

Naturally, provided that the external battery itself was pre-charged. Charging process is simple. It is enough to simply connect two devices using a USB cable

How to charge the phone with solar battery

Naturally, the chances of finding in the campaign or assemble from nothing charger based on solar energy tend to zero. Therefore, such a gadget is better to grab with you.

If you are often traveling, it makes sense to acquire solar charging

It is absolutely an autonomist, easy to use and will not take much space. The principle of receiving the charge is very simple: Install the solar panel to the optimal angle to obtain the maximum amount of solar radiation, we connect the smartphone to our installation and wait.

How to charge a phone without electricity by folk methods

Next, we consider less technological and even extreme ways of charging the battery of the smartphone. Use them only in the most extreme case, if there are no other options.

We charge the phone battery with a scotch

On any battery of any smartphone there are always more than two contacts. Most often their three.

Two are responsible directly for the transmission of current, and one, medium, for transmitting battery status data. Usually the phone is not turned off on the fully sex battery, and when it remains from 5 to 20% of the charge. And if you take the average contact with a scotch or any other similar material, you can win the gadget for a few seconds or even minutes to make one or two calls. Naturally, to charge the phone through the deception of a scotch for such tasks as Wi-Fi or geopositionation is unlikely to succeed.

How to charge the phone quickly by heating or hitting

Probably, many remember how in childhood briefly restored the performance of the battery by serving them or hitting something hard. Just like simple batteries, you can charge the phone without charging on the street or hike.

For hiking conditions have long come up with charging from the fire

Naturally, the blow needs to be poisoned, since thorough damage to the battery case will dismiss it. This method will be able to “charge” the battery literally for a couple of calls a maximum, so it is necessary to use it only as a last resort.

The same effect can be achieved using light heating of the battery. It is necessary to do it with a mediator, for example. metal knife. First you need to heat the knife, and then put the battery.

Dubious Tablet Charging Methods

When there are no additional equipment, charge the Tablet PC will help unusual methods. It is important to take into account that they do not guarantee a positive result. Filling the battery in such ways can lead to its final breakdown. Then the new device will only be purchased.

Directly wiring to the board

The easiest way to charge the tablet battery directly. This method of recharging is considered extreme, so it should be used with caution.

Incorrect connection is fraught with a voltage drop, which can lead to a device failure or shock.

A USB plug is cut from an unnecessary cable, then insulation is considered. In the opening of the cable there are 2 multi-colored wires that are also neatly cleaned. It is important not to damage them at the same time.

It is not recommended to charge the devices in this method!

The bare wires are attached to the battery extracted from the body (one on the plus, the other for minus) is attached to the tape.

The design is included in the power source, when recharging it is impossible to touch it.

Through headphone jack

Charge a tablet on Android using headphone jack is impossible. This common myth arose due to the similarity of the connectors, but even when connected to it, the charger with a plug of 3.5 mm will not happen. Contacts Slots for headphones and batteries are not related to each other.

Apple develops a similar function for its future devices, planning to apply electromagnetic induction to fill charge. Pulse will be accepted through headphones. This technology resembles the described wireless charging function, but until it is implemented.

Where to connect terminals to charge the phone directly

Another charging option will directly require some accuracy and knowledge of the foundations of electrical engineering. To do this, the charger will need to cut the connector with a knife and carefully clean the wires. Red wire. as a rule, “”, blue (or other, for example, black) is “-“.

All manipulations are carried out only on the device disconnected from the network! Before you start charging, make sure that there is another person who can give you help in case of shock.

Observing isolation, wires are applied directly to battery contacts. The main thing is not to confuse polarity and do not touch the metal with your hands. Wires fix with pieces of insulating tape. After that, the charger is inserted into the outlet.

The method is also only a temporary solution. It provides unstable contact that spoils the battery, and also unsafe in terms of the risk of electrical injury.

Whatever way of charging the battery to bypass the damaged nest you have chosen, please contact the service almost certainly. It is better not to delay such an appeal, because all the “amateur” manipulations only increase the likelihood of damage to the battery. But if a shortage of time or money does not allow repairing the phone immediately, the knowledge of these useful ways will be very useful.

Mobile electronics increasingly fills the technician counters for sale. Not so long ago, the average people could observe the appearance of such a gadget as a portable column. With it, you can create a simplified analog of the music center, absolutely not tied to a socket or a specific place. The device control is performed simply enough, but not everyone knows how and how much to charge the portable column.

In the current article, step bypass will consider the methods of replenishing the battery of the portable column, as well as the causes of the absence of charge.

Expendable materials

In addition to tools, you will need consumables. For soldering we will use a softless (neutral) flux, soldering paste. They are easy to buy in the appropriate store or order via the Internet on the same Ali.

Neutral flux (left) and soldering paste

To dismantle the nesting part with the help of a soldering iron, you will need a thin lead-tin solder with a smaller melting point. To remove solder residues from the tracks, copper shielding. If we work with a hairdryer, you will have to additionally buy thermal insulating (capitone or foil) tape to protect nearby parts from overheating and spontaneous dropping.

Important! Very often instead of ordinary solder, many use low-melting rose or wood alloys. I would not really recommend this to do even when dismantling the nest, because these alloys are too fragile, and completely clean them from the tracks after the removal will not work. Soldering even with a minimum admixture of these alloys cracks in the first week of operation of the gadget.

Welcoating will produce benzine “Kalosha”, isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, pre-taking responsible, fearing fluids nodes (microphone, camera, etc.) Ordinary scotch. Just in case, we get a copper single-core wire with a diameter of 0.2-0.3 mm. It will help us in case the malfunction lies in the cliff of the tracks. You can get such a wire from the usual stranded mounting, simply removing insulation from it. Of course, in this case you will need a scalpel or a sharp knife.

The vein from such a wire is useful to solve the problem of torn paths and contact sites

Healthy! The enameled winding wire is not worth using, because to lose it, you need to pre-mechanically read the enamel. And make it more or less qualitatively very difficult, especially if you are not special.

Matching phone charging

Previous methods described how to charge the phone at home, if the nest is broken and there is no “frog”, and that if the situation turned out to be directly opposite: urgently need to call in the country or hike? And in this case there is a way to make a call, if, of course, the necessary materials turned out to be at hand. In order to make a charger yourself, you will need several metal plates, a small piece of copper wire, as well as salt water. If you are going to hike, for example, you can take everything you need in advance, in case of an extreme situation. The described method will be able to recharge the phone by 5%.

Plates are buried in the ground and wrapped with copper wire. Constucion is poured by salted water. Charger is ready. In case there is no iron, it can be obtained as follows: in the existing products, for example, in lemons or apples, metal pins are stuck and wrapped with wire.

Can I prevent problems

Most often Aikos breaks due to improper use or damage. Therefore, several rules should be followed to prevent breakdowns:

  • Avoid strikes, as well as other mechanical damage, the device easily departs contacts;
  • It is not worth keeping the device for a long time, it can stop turning on;
  • Before use, you need to warm up at least 20-30 seconds;
  • Moisture should be avoided, otherwise malfunctions may occur, the more need to protect against falling into water;
  • Be sure to use the original charger and poems if they are fake. the device can come to a malfunction, so it is not worth saving in this case. it will cost more.

If Aikos is on warranty service, then during breakdowns, experts do not advise independently disassemble the electronic heater. Need to be attributed Aykos to the service center. If you disassemble yourself, the right to warranty service is canceled. To avoid faults you need to properly use Aikos and follow the rules of operation. The device also requires care. If the red light has shimmed. it is possible enough to charge or restart the tobacco heater IQOS.

Good day! Tell me pzhl as you can charge a non-removable battery on the Alcatel One Touch Pop 5 smartphone?

Nest refused cracked the display, but I need to pull the info from it.

Duplicates are not found

There the board with the socket is removed very easily, the display is not affected. may be contacting another service?

Support comrade. The display on this model is not sitting on the frame of the case, but on the main frame, on which the battle is glued and fastened. If the service is not taken. find another service where the hands are not from ass. Well, or where it turned out. they just do not want to get involved in small repair.

Thank you, it’s easier for the campaign to disassemble the current and current to give

MNU has a couple of times such a situvin, the first time twisted with the help of a pin (drove under the Cambrick), the second time is generally commonplace. two clamps like “crocodile”.

Py. S. With this method, charging is strictly forbidden to include the phone gadget while the zoom is joined.

I live in the village so to speak masters 2 pieces, both refused said that a big chance to share a display. Info I want to throw off on Yandex drive

Thank you very much, the video is very useful. With coming.

Give normal specialists? Or so extreme way is not considered?

Well, it is not necessary, the main thing is that Wi-Fi or 3G worked

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