Ways to charge the battery in the absence of a phone

Sometimes there are situations when it is required to charge the phone accumulator in the absence of the last. This is a rather problematic activity if you get into such a situation for the first time. Who may need it? For example, those who often go on long journey and are often outside the electric networks. Such people often have more than one battery for the phone. If the main one sits, then they insert a spare and remain in touch. The question arises of charging spare batteries. After all, do not take out the main battery only in order to charge the second? If you disassemble the phone so often, then the cover and fasteners of the battery will quickly become unusable. Therefore, in this article we will consider several ways how to charge its battery without a phone.

Charge cell phone battery without phone

Universal charging for mobile phones batteries

First, consider the most civilized method of charging a battery without a phone. This will require universal charging, which the people were nicknamed the “frog” for its characteristic appearance. If you are constantly using several batteries for your phone, it is recommended to buy such a device. At the same time, read how to correctly charge the smartphone battery in normal mode.

Universal charging for mobile phones batteries

Such universal devices consist of a clip for a battery, two contact sites made in the form of sliders, indicators (some models have a LED display) and a body with a fork (or a power connector for connecting a network adapter).

Using the Frog is very simple. We need to do the following:

  • Find on your battery from a mobile phone of plus and minus contacts. They are signed as “” and “-“. Usually there are three contacts. The average is the output of the temperature sensor and you will not need;
  • Put the sliders of the universal charger to the distance required to connect to the positive and negative conclusions of your battery;
  • Open the clip and insert the battery. Push it all the way so that the battery contacts touch the slider “Frog”. In this case, as a rule, indicators indicating the correct connection are included;
  • After that, connect the “frog” to the electric network and charge. A universal charger will report a full charge of the battery using light indicators. The fact that the indicators of a particular device show are shown in the guide to it.

So that charging using a “frog” is the easiest way to charge the battery without a phone. Read also on how to correctly charge a new battery for the phone. Return

Battery charging directly from an adapter without a phone

In this case, you will need some power adapter from a router, tablet or the same mobile phone.

Ideally, you need to find an adapter with characteristics of 5 volts, 2 amperes. It will be just right. If this is not on the farm, then you can use models with a face value up to 9─20 volts and up to 4─5 amperes. Most network power supply blocks from laptops are suitable for these parameters. It will only be necessary to put the resistance in the rupture of the circuit.

If you do not need an adapter, then you can cut off the plug and take from the wires plus and minus. If you use the adapter to work with a regular device, then you should do it differently. The photo below shows a plus and minus on the plug plug.

You need to take two wires, clean the ends and wind them to the plug with electrical tape. The plus wire is inserted inward, and the minus is attached to the shell of the plug.

After that, the reverse ends of the wires must be connected to the contact sites of the phone accumulator. To do this, you can use an island or plastic screeds. In the gap of a positive wire, a resistor should be put.

Connection diagram for charging a mobile phone battery

It is best to take an adaptive resistor so that you can change the charging current. But you can calculate the necessary resistance and use the usual resistor. It is recommended to limit the charging current of a mobile phone battery value of 1.5 amperes. For example, you took an adapter with a nominal voltage of 12 volts. Then the necessary resistance according to the law of OMA is calculated as 12 volts / 1.5 amperes = 8 Ohms.

After assembling the circuit, turn on the adapter to the network and charge the battery. There is a controller (control with a control chip) in the batteries of telephone batteries, which controls the charge and discharge process. So that he himself will turn off the charging process. For your part, you must control the battery temperature in the process of charging (you can by touch). If the battery is very warming up, then the process should be stopped. If there is a multimeter, then periodically check the voltage on the accounts of the battery. If the voltage value significantly exceeds the battery rating (on most phones 3.6 pick), the charging process should be stopped. We also advise you to read about how to correctly charge a new smartphone battery. Return

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Charging from finger batteries

This method is less common, but also has the right to exist. In this case, you will need a device for installing finger batteries (at least 4 pieces of 1.5 volts) with conclusions. With a sequential connection of 4 finger batteries 1.5 volts at the output, we get a voltage of 6 volts.

Conclusions from this design are connected to the contacts of the phone’s accumulator in compliance with polarity, and so we carry out charging. It is possible that the battery cannot be charged completely. This will depend on the capacity of the batteries.

If there is no charger, then how to charge a phone battery

All owners of mobile phones know very well how important the periodic charging of their gadget is. After all, if it is not charged in time, then the phone becomes useless brick. Now manufacturers are producing models with huge displays, powerful processors and various additional “chips”, quickly sucking in the battery charge. So that the smartphone has to be charged almost every evening. Imagine that you have failed a charger for a phone. Or you lost it? It is clear that you can buy a new. But while you order it on the Internet or go to the store yourself, time will pass. After all, you can’t stay without a phone all this time all this time. In this material, we will discuss what to do in such a situation, and how to charge a phone battery without a charger.

Charging battery from a computer or laptop

The first thing that comes to mind in the absence of a charger is to charge a phone accumulator from a USB port of a desktop computer or laptop. Yes, indeed, this is the most simple and affordable option. After all, the USB adapter ─ mini or micro USB you will probably find. Most often, such adapters are complete with the phone.

What should be noted with this charging mode? USB ports located on the front panel of the desktop computer, it is better not to use the phone battery. The necessary charging current is not supplied through them. It is better to charge the battery from the rear USB ports. But even in this case, the charging current is limited to the value of 500 mA. So that charging will go for a long time. This should be attributed to the disadvantages of this method.

The plus here is the security of the process. When charging a phone accumulator from a computer or laptop, you will not damage it. Up to 2 amperes are supplied from the standard network charger and, of course, in this case the process is much faster.

Charging the phone battery in the car

This option is quite common, since many have cars today. Modern man spends a lot of time on the road to work and back home. It is a sin not to use this time to charging the phone. In the car, a charger for a phone will replace the adapter from a co.tank on a USB, which is allowed to charge the battery.

Charging the phone battery in the car

There are a huge number of such devices in stores now. There are adapters with access to USB. Then you will need to connect the USB ─ mini usb cable to it, and then the phone. There are models that immediately go with the output of Mini and Micro USB.

Adapter for charging a phone in a car

If you do not have such an adapter yet, be sure to buy. When choosing, pay attention to the length of the plug. Take maximum length. Then he will come to all cigarette lights. I had a situation when a cigarette lighter with a domestic car did not have enough length. I had to redo it. And if you only have a battery without a phone? Then read how to charge a phone battery without a phone. Return

Charging the phone battery from the external Power Bank

If you are often on business trips or tourist trains, then Power Bank is simply necessary. It will help to charge the battery, including when there is no charger at hand from the phone.

Charging the phone battery from the external Power Bank

If you still have a tablet, then such an external battery is simply indispensable. Modern devices are very voracious in terms of electricity and may not be not possible until the end of the working day with active use. Therefore, even when you buy a standard network charging, the external Power Bank will not lie with you.

Charging the phone battery directly “Frog”

Frog. this name is popularly received by universal charging devices that allow you to charge the battery directly without a phone.

Charging the phone battery directly “Frog”

The charger received its name for a characteristic appearance. Such charging has a clamp, two contact widths and several indicators. “Frog” allows you to charge many different batteries, regardless of their belonging to one or another gadget.

DIY Charger device

If suddenly you can’t realize all other options, you can make exercises for the phone battery with your own hands from improvised means. So you can charge the battery in the absence of other options.

DIY Charger device

The network has a number of recommendations for the manufacture of such home.made devices. The authors take an adapter for this, cut a plug from it and clean the wires, which then connect to the battery contacts. I see no reason for such vandalism. After all, the adapter is needed for use with your native device. over, “” and “-” can be taken using two wires.

DIY Charger device

Methods for charging a phone battery without a phone

You can charge the battery by connecting directly to the adapter plug using universal charging devices or simple power elements.

With the help of “frog”

The universal device was called due to a special structure. You can purchase it at the electronics store. The device for charging batteries, tablets and cameras is used. “Frog” is convenient when the regular battery capacity is required.

  • Turn off the device and take out the battery. Now you need to find out what contact is plus. Most often, batteries are appropriately marked. If there are no inscriptions, they are looking for a terminal using a multimeter.
  • Remove the cover of the charger. Under it there are terminals on which polarity is applied.
  • Introduce the battery into the nest, pushing the sliders so that they connect to the contacts of the battery.
  • Close the lid that firmly fixes the battery. The device is connected to the network. If a red indicator lights up, the battery is inserted correctly. After changing the color of the indicator to the green process is considered completed. The battery can be removed from the nest.
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“Frog” is safe and effective. If the battery is incorrectly installed, it will simply not be charged.

Direct connection to the power supply

  • Using an unnecessary adapter with the required parameters. A plug is cut off from it, the wires are freed from isolation. Using a multimeter, a plus and minus cable is determined. In accordance with the polarity of the wire, they are connected to the terminal terminals. The adapter for 2 A and 5 V is considered suitable. When using a charger from a laptop issuing 12-20 V, the battery may be reloaded. To avoid this helps the use of a resistor to lower the voltage.
  • The use of a whole adapter. In this case, a thin wire is introduced into the circuit. You need to know where the plus is and where the minus. The first is located in the hole of the plug, the second. outside. The wires with cleaned contacts are fixed with tape. The other ends of the cable are connected to the contacts of the battery. The battery is equipped with a controller that monitors the charging process. This part prevents the reload and reduces the incoming voltage. When the battery is heated, the adapter is turned off and connected again.

From batteries or PowerBank

You can charge the phone from an external battery called PowerBank, or charged AA power elements. You will need a device with conclusions to which 4 power elements are connected. Batteries must issue at least 1.5 V. The conclusions of such a device are connected to the battery contacts, observing the polarity.

The ability to restore the charge depends on the power of the batteries. A resistor is introduced into the circuit by 2 Ohm, which reduces the voltage to the desired value. If the phone accumulator is equipped with a controller, it is optional to use the resistor.

Transparent tape on the terminals of the battery

Sticking adhesive tape on battery terminals is a safe and quick way to increase

containers. For this, the part is taken out of the phone. The terminals are glued with tape. The battery is inserted into the nest. The resulting charge is enough to send a message or make a call.

Heating and pressure

These methods also allow partially restore the charge. But they can disable the battery, so they should be used in emergency cases. For heating the battery is taken out of the phone and connected to a hot metal object. Overheating should not be allowed. The second method is more dangerous. The case is deformed, which can lead to an explosion. The battery is hit with a hammer or thrown to the floor.

The use of other equipment

To carry out charging in this way, you need:

  • so that there is access to the computer, laptop, tablet and other device, powerful enough so that the phone can be charged from it;
  • the presence of this device and the phone of USB connectors;
  • corresponding adapter. Fortunately, there are no problems with adapters, because most phones have standard Micro USB.

The procedure is very simple-connect a phone with a charging technique using a wire and wait until a certain amount of energy is accumulated. It is not even necessary to even transfer the smartphone into a USB connection mode with a computer, the charge will go anyway. You can also carry with you or ask someone Power Bank-a special device for powering a mobile phone without charging.

How to charge your phone in 1 second without connecting charger

charge, phone, battery, charger

Emergency and dangerous methods

We examined safe schemes, now it goes to dangerous and even extreme. Use them only in the most extreme case.

Through the “frog”

“Frog” will help to recharge the phone quickly and without a charger ”. No, representatives of the forward amphibians have nothing to do with it. This is the name of universal chargers that allow you to charge any batteries. True, they are suitable only for tubes with removable batteries. The procedure looks like this:

The method is dangerous to the possibility of a battery explosion, but we are considering an emergency case. Our task is to ensure the contact of the extreme contacts of the battery with the contacts. Nobody will give a guarantee for the integrity of the battery after this procedure, even the manufacturer. The disadvantage of the scheme is that many phones are produced today with non.tax batteries.

Direct connection to the battery

The procedure is no less dangerous than the previous. The task is to combine two batteries between each other. This often leads to their mutual warming up, so it is better not to experiment with this scheme with this scheme. And some people extract batteries from phones and charge them directly from power supply units of various devices (game consoles, portable radio receivers, etc. e). The supply voltage may differ from the desired, no charge control circuits work here. this is fraught with overheating batteries with the subsequent explosion.

The shock method of charge

Original technique. You can even call it a radical. The task is to pull the battery out of the phone and properly move on the wall, and flat. The technique allows you to “get” a couple of percent of the charge, which is enough for a call. But it is fraught with damage to the battery. And damaged batteries can explode with subsequent charge.

How to charge a phone without charging: standard methods

You can charge a smartphone without a power supply. There are 3:

Charging from USB port

Any device with a USB 2 port can serve as an energy source.0 or 3.0 port and own power source.

  • Computer: stationary or laptop;
  • Pauerbank;
  • adapter for a cigarette lighter in a car;
  • radio;
  • A socket with USB ports.

This method has a drawback. the charging current will not be more than 0.5A. Therefore, the time of full charge can increase by 2-3 hours.

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Charging in the mobile phone salon

This service is provided free of charge in all departments of a mobile operator. To use it, you need to confirm the fact of concluding the contract by presenting the SIM card.

Charging in the machine

There are machines for charging smartphones at bus stations, railway stations and airports. You need to use the machine:

  • Relate with the tariffs.
  • Bring the desired amount to the bill receiver.
  • Select a cell and open it.
  • Connect the phone to the charger cable.
  • Get a check with a cell for opening a cell.
  • Wait.
  • Pick up a smartphone by entering the code from the check.
  • Close the cell.

In what ways can you charge a phone accumulator?

Now, let’s look at the methods of charging the battery of the phone.

The standard charger

So most users charge the phone, do the right thing. This is the recommended and safest way to charge the telephone. Read about how to correctly charge the smartphone battery at the specified link. About charging, utility and calibration modes will be discussed below. Now we will tell you about other ways to charge a smartphone so that you have an idea of ​​how to do it without a charger.

Full.time charger for Samsung

Charging from PC or laptop

Frequent phenomenon is the charging phone of the phone from PC through the USB integration. On modern phones there is a port of a mini or micro USB, and the corresponding cable is supplied with most devices.

With this method, a low charge rate should be noted. Charging current, if the process does not go through the “native” charging is limited to 500 mA. Therefore, quickly charge the phone from the computer does not work.

For comparison, standard network charging can give current up to 2 amperes. But the process is completely safe for the phone and battery. We also recommend reading about how to charge a phone accumulator without a phone. Return

From a cigarette lighter in a car

Suitable for those who spend a lot of time in the car. This time can be used to recharge the telephone. Now in automobile stores there are many adapters from a cigarette lighter on USB, Micro USB, Mini USB.

Coicier of the Coar of Pipe with additional adapters

If you are a motorist, such an adapter needs to have. It is better to take with the maximum cable length so that there are no problems with its location in the car.

From an external battery

Such a portable battery will help out those who often travel. When there is no electric outlet at hand, then Power Bank will help out. Charging in this case also comes from the USB integration using the appropriate adapters.

An external battery will help out when you have a lot of mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, bookrider, etc. P.). There are models of portable batteries with ports that give various currents. This is suitable for charging different devices from one Power Bank.

Charging with “frog”

The frog is a universal charging, with which you can charge a battery without a phone.

A characteristic appearance gave the name “frog”. The device is simple. Two contacts that are adjusted in width, clamp, indicators and fork for connecting to the outlet. That is, you can charge the battery of any gadgets, and not just the phone.

Additionally, we advise you to read the article on how to correctly charge Li-Polymer battery. Return

Homemade exercise

You can make a homemade charger from an adapter of power from some router or modem.

To do this, fit a power supply 9─12 volt and current up to 5 amperes. You can connect the battery with wires to contact sites. Be sure to insert a resistor in a plus wire rupture. But this method is suitable only for those who think in electrical engineering.

Precautionary measures

When charging the battery, you must be careful and adhere to the rules:

  • turn off the phone until the battery is removed so as not to drop the settings;
  • Do not use the proposed methods for simple batteries;
  • monitor the level of charge so that it does not exceed the valid value for the device, otherwise an explosion may occur.

There are many methods of increasing the battery life, but they will help only if there is knowledge about the procedure for conducting the procedure and a possible danger.

Use the finished device

Of course, manufacturers of accessories for gadgets did not stand aside and took care of lovers to nourish the batteries separately from the equipment. For such cases, there is a charging for a telephone or a tablet battery that feeds it directly, which in the common people was nicknamed a frog due to a characteristic shape.

Using it is quite simple:

charge, phone, battery, charger
  • Disable the device and extract the battery.
  • Decide where the contacts are positive, and where the negative.
  • Put on the edge of the “frog” cover to open it.
  • Inside the device there are two terminals that have a polarity signed.
  • Put the battery with contacts to the terminals, so that the “pros” and “minuses” coincide.
  • Close the lid, which will automatically fix the battery position.
  • Connect the device to the network and check if the red light has caught fire. If this did not happen, the battery was placed incorrectly, and its position needs to be corrected.
  • When everything is connected correctly, it remains to wait until the red color of the indicator changes to green. this means that the battery is charged, and the “frog” turned off the power.

There are many ways to charge the battery from any gadget, but it is better to be prudent and have something with you that will allow you to safely make up for the charge, and not to resort to extreme ways at all or only in emergency situations.