Change the standard password on the Wi-Fi router Rostelecom

Rostelecom company provides its customers with a unique opportunity to use only original and functional routers, most of them in their requirements in working with Wi-Fi. The company is working closely only with the best modern manufacturers of such technology:

Any client has the opportunity to put a suitable model for successful operation. For the normal functionality of the router, it is better to put your convenient and memorable password.

Password requirements

To reliably protect the router from criminal attacks, you need to come up with a new password. To ensure a sufficient level of reliability, it is necessary to use not only numbers, but also letters. over, in a different register. The length of the key should not be less than 6-8 characters. In this case, the level of protection is much higher. If the characteristics of the selected router allow, then special characters should be additionally used: #. or ^. This will further increase the degree of protection of the device.

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Not only the quantity deserves attention, but also the password. Simple memorable options should be immediately abandoned. A standard sequence like “123456” can be easily hacked by attackers. You should also not use the dates significant for the family, nicknames of pets, as well as any other combinations that are easy to determine by receiving minimal information about the family.

We determine the security certificate and the type of encryption

The most protected to date is the WPA2-PSK security certificate. If the router does not support it, then you need to choose WPA-PSK. It is recommended to use the TKIP encryption type with WPA2-PSK certificate, and with WPA-PSK —Aes.

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Connect the device to the computer using a special cable or connect to Wi-Fi from the laptop. To change the access key from the wireless network, follow the following actions:

How to Change WiFi Name and Password Using Router Easily (Secure Wifi Network )

  • Go to the route of the router. To do this, open the browser and enter the IP device in an empty line. It is indicated on the rear panel or in the documentation.
  • An additional authorization window will appear. Enter here login and password. If they have not changed before, then use the default data (they are in the documentation and on the device itself).
change, wi-fi, password, router

Wait for the device to reboot and these connections are updated. After that, you can connect to Wi-Fi with new parameters.

Wireless router with ADSL modem (Broadcom)

The Broadcom modem provides for a different integer that differs from the previous ones:

  • The transition to the starting web page is carried out using hostname http: // tplinkwifi.Net/ or IP address.
  • The user data is entered in the authorization window.
  • In the menu that appears to go to the “Wireless Network” section.
  • Open the Safety subsection.
  • In the window that appears, there is a line “wireless network key”. To display it, you must click on the line “Show the password“. Before you re.shoot the system, it is necessary to delete the old data. The number of characters is introduced at least 8, Latin letters and/or numbers can be used. The settings are saved.
  • In conclusion, the router is rebooted. To do this, you need to find “management”.
  • Go to “Reloading”.

How to change a password for a Wi-Fi router of another brand

Password changing on wireless routers of other brands such as Belkin, Linksys, Trendnet, Apple Airport, Netgear and others. In order to find out the address that is required to enter, as well as the login and password for entering, it is enough to contact the instructions for the router or, even easier. look at the sticker on its back. as a rule, this information is indicated there. Thus, changing the password for Wi-Fi is very simple.

Nevertheless, if you didn’t succeed, or you need help according to your router model, write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to answer quickly.

Change Wi-Fi Password on the Router ZYXEL

We go to the address https: // This address is applicable in almost all cases. Only some models have another home network address, you can look at the back of the router itself. 2. Next you will see the entrance panel or already the menu itself. If the entrance panel is the password and login “Admin”. If such a value is not suitable, we dump the settings to the factory through a special key on the router building. 3. In the router control panel, go to the “Wi-Fi”, “Safety” menu, select the WPA2-PSK protection and enter a new value and click apply.

After that, a reboot of the router should be reloaded so that the changes take effect. At the same time, it is also important not to forget to click on the saving button before the reloading process. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the process again. In some cases, it is recommended to reboot the router itself, not through the virtual panel, but the button on the device case.

Altel 4G

Changing the key on this router is as easy as on other devices.

Enter or http: // m.Home in the address bar of the browser. 2. The system will require the password. There will be a standard word: password. 3. Click on “enter the system”.

We go to “Settings”. 5. Here you choose “Wi-Fi settings”. 6. In the line “Wi-Fi Network (SSID)” Write any word to Latin letters. 7. Save the action button “Apply”.

In this window, select “Safety Settings”. Put the mode indicated in the image below. In the empty line “Password” we indicate the new security key.

Click “apply”, restart the device and then you can continue to work.

change, wi-fi, password, router

Wi-Fi password changing on Beelyine mobile modems

Portable network devices under the Beeline brand exist in two variations. ZTE MF90 and Huawei E355. Mobile routers, like stationary devices of this type, are also tuned through a web-intese. To access it, the modem should be connected to a computer using a USB cable and installed drivers if this did not happen automatically. We move directly to changing the Wi-Fi password on these gadgets.

Huawei E355

This option has existed for a long time, but still popular among users. The change of the code word on Wi-Fi in this device occurs according to this algorithm:

    Connect the modem to the computer and wait until the device is recognized by the system. Then launch the Internet recrecer and go to the page with the settings utility, which is located at or In the upper right corner is the “Entrance” button. press it and enter authentication data in the form of the word Admin.

Do not forget to update the passwords for this wi-fi on all your devices.


ZTE mobile 4G-modem is a newer and richest alternative to the above Huawei E355. The device also supports the change of password access to Wi-Fui, which occurs in this way:

    Connect the device to the computer. After its determination, call the web browser and go to the modem configurator-address or Admin password.

After this manipulation, the password will be updated.

Our Wi-Fi password shift on routers and modems Beeline is coming to an end. Finally, we want to note that it is advisable to change code words more often, with an interval of 2-3 months.