How to change the dial

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The display theme can be changed in the application. A few simple steps are required:

  • open the application;
  • open the bracelet settings screen;
  • press “Dials”;
  • select a screen, click Install.

The new watch face will be installed automatically after download.

Removing a dial

In Honor Band 5, you can also remove unnecessary watch face theme:

  • on the “Dials” screen, open the “Me” tab;
  • choose a topic;
  • press “Delete” and confirm the selection.

It should be borne in mind that only added dials can be deleted, this cannot be done with built-in ones.

Important points

Before changing the watch face on the Honor Band 5, you need to do a few things:

Please note that the Huawei Health app requires an operating system update.

These manipulations allow devices to fully interact not only to change the dial, but also to perform other important functions.

Honor Band 5: how to install or change watch faces

The Honor Band 5 is a stylish fitness bracelet from Huawei. It not only helps to optimize the rhythm of life, exercise more effectively and control physical activity, but also impresses with its design. At first glance, it seems that it is standard: a dark rectangular display that smoothly flows into a silicone strap. But when you turn it on, it becomes clear that the bracelet is much brighter: the dial is illuminated with all the colors of the rainbow, the unusual font attracts the eye. The manufacturer has equipped the gadget with a set of 7 themes for the main screen. the catalog “Dials”.

Ways to change the theme

The manufacturer has provided two ways to change the dial:

  • through the application: enter the bracelet settings, select Dials, click on the desired topic and click “Update”;
  • directly through the bracelet: open Settings, select “”, go to Dials, click on the topic.

For an experienced user of smart devices, controlling the Honor Band 5 will not be difficult. Everything is available on an intuitive level, and even without instructions, you can figure it out in a couple of minutes.

If you have a smart gadget for the first time, it is enough to go through the menu once to understand the general principle of control. After that, you will change the dials according to your desire and mood quickly and effortlessly.!

How to turn on the bracelet

To turn on the bracelet, you need to charge it one hundred percent. After which Honor Band 5 will turn on without the help of others.

Charging takes place via a Micro USB cable. It must be connected to the charging socket on the bracelet, and the second end to any USB port on all computers, laptops, or in different power supplies. A full charge to 100 percent will take about 2 hours.

Where to download watch faces for Mi Band 5

Since ordinary users can create watch faces for Mi Band 5, many worthy screensavers can be downloaded outside of the Mi Fit application. You can find them on the website or in the device theme on the forum.

Outside dials are downloaded in.bin format and must be installed correctly. On Android, this is most conveniently done using the Mi Band 5 WatchFaces utility (here is the link to Google Play).

How to install a custom watch face on Xiaomi Mi Band 5:

  • Download the dial and save it anywhere in the phone’s memory.
  • Open the utility, tap on the icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and in the context menu select the “Set your own dial” tab.
  • We indicate the location of the.bin file and select at least some image (for preview), after that we click on “Add a watch face to Mi Fit”.
  • The application will immediately offer to go to Mi Fit, where you need to open the “Administrator” “Local” tab. There, according to the picture that we chose as the cover, we find the downloaded dial and synchronize it with the bracelet.

This procedure may seem a little confusing, but you do not need to resort to it every time, since it is even easier to install watch faces through special applications. Usually, they contain all those screensavers that are posted on websites on the web, and the installation process itself is implemented much more conveniently.

Here are the best watch face apps for Mi Band 5:

MiBand5. Dials for Xiaomi Mi Band 5. We gave the link to this program a bit higher, except for the ability to install.bin files, it contains many screensavers with comfortable cataloging, filters and search. In addition, there are dials in Russian, which are very few in Mi Fit.

Mi Band 5 Faces (link). In terms of functionality, this is actually a similar application, but it contains other screensavers.

Mi Band 5 WatchFaces (link). The application is in British, but at least some users will be able to understand it. There are also categories here, as in previous applications, and the dial set is noticeably different.

AmazFaces (link). At first, the program was created for Amazfit gadgets, but it has a tab with a large number of high-quality and brightest watch faces for Mi Band 5.

Installation of all dials from third-party programs is carried out according to the above scheme through Mi Fit, so your bracelet must be synchronized with the proprietary application on the phone.

How to change the watch face on Mi Band 5

Xiaomi has prepared many standard watch faces for the bracelet: about 100 of them are already available in the Mi Fit app, and the number of screensavers is often increasing. To install one of the official themes you need:

  • Open Mi Fit.
  • Go to: Profile Fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 5.
  • Open shop”.
  • Choose your favorite screensaver from the list
  • Press the orange Sync Dial button

After that, 5-10 seconds of synchronization will pass and the splash screen will be displayed on the display of the device.

The Mi Band 5 has an integrated memory that stores the last 6 dials that can be changed specifically on the bracelet. To do this, press and hold your finger on the home screen until the dial selection menu opens. There are 3 standard options, including a dial in the form of an analog clock, as well as 3 latest screensavers that are installed via Mi Fit.

By the way, the standard themes on Mi Band 5 are customizable. The option item is called by clicking on the gear icon in the dial selection tab, which opens with a long tap on the main screen.

Depending on the specific screensaver, it is possible to configure 2 active zones, for each of which you can assign the display of the characteristics you are interested in. These can be: steps, calories, heart rate PAI index, graphs from the configuration for the week, weather, notes, battery charge, etc.

Description Honor Band 5

The bracelet has 6 main nice features:

  • color AMOLED screen;
  • various elegant dials;
  • mental sleep monitoring;
  • real-time heart rate tracking;
  • water resistance up to 50 meters deep and defining swimming styles.

Honor Band 5 smart bracelet screen can show up to 45 color characters, call icons for communication.

Dial design is presented from 8 options, you can choose your display for home, walking, office or gym.

The brand new TruSeen 3.0 heart rate tracking technology is even clearer. The infrared sensor does not stop monitoring the heart rate at night. To understand the state of the body in intense workouts, there is a function of saturating blood with oxygen.

The function of monitoring, analyzing the pulse and breathing during sleep recognizes 6 common types of sleep problems, evaluates the quality of sleep and has approximately 200 tips for improving it.

The integrated 6-axis sensor automatically recognizes the 4 main swimming styles: free, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke. It will also record the swimming speed, distance covered, calories burned, and also calculates the value of the SWOLF1 indicator. the lower the SWOLF value, the more effective swimming is. The HONOR Band 5 is ready for immersion in water up to 50 m.It can be kept on while swimming, washing hands or in the rain.

Honor Band 5. How to Change Watch Faces

Solution: the watch faces have not been updated

If you do not have a list of designs, update the application version manually in the Play Store or in the “My Applications” section of options.


Do you want to remove the decoration from the device screen? Start the “Preferences” section and find the “Me” tab. Choose the current option and run the uninstall command. There is currently no screensaver on the device. It will not be difficult to return it.

Change built-in watch faces and widgets

Replacement of built-in, available by default, dials (of which there are only three in a “clean” bracelet) is carried out directly through the device screen and allows each of them to be customized at your discretion.

To do this, “wake up” the bracelet, by holding your finger on the main screen for a long time, activate the dial selection mode and swipe up or down to select the one you like.

If you are satisfied with the displayed dial, click again on the screen with the dial and thereby confirm your choice.

If you need to change the widget, click on the settings button at the bottom of the screen, skip the help information and select one of the possible widgets with single clicks.

After that, we save the settings by long holding the touch button under the screen.

How to change the watch face on honor band 5

Mi Smart Band 5 is the first fitness bracelet from Xiaomi, on the screen of which, in addition to classic dials, you can install special widgets, adjusting the information content of the main screen according to your preferences. How to change the watch face on Mi Band 5 and make the device as convenient to use as possible?

Installing new watch faces on Mi Band 5

For those who do not have enough built-in dials, you can try to download some new ones to your bracelet through the Mi Fit app.

To do this, on the “Profile” tab, go to the bracelet settings and click on the “Store” button.

A list of available watch faces will be displayed from which we select the one you like, and to install it in Mi Band 5, click on the “Synchronize watch face” button.

The download and installation process may take several minutes, as it depends on the Internet speed and the version of the Bluetooth module in the phone.

It is worth noting that all those dials that can be installed in the bracelet via a smartphone do not support changing widgets and are fixed.

How to set the watch face on Honor Band 5

The Honor Band 5 is one of the most popular and sought after fitness bracelets on the market. The model is in demand due to its attractive design, excellent autonomy and functionality.

Immediately after Xiaomi, the Chinese company Huawei decided to add the ability to change dials in new fitness bracelets. Thanks to this, owners can personalize their devices by choosing the most suitable design.

Adding new watch faces

The algorithm for adding new watch faces to a fitness bracelet from Huawei is quite simple and includes the following steps: Go to the HuaweiHealth app; Open the settings; Select the section “Dials”; We select the most optimal option; Click “Install”. In order to change the design, you need to do the same work, just choose a different theme. After installation, it will immediately change in the application.

Installation via a bracelet

Unlike most other fitness bracelets, Huawei provides the ability to change the watch face right through the gadget itself. To do this, you need to do the following: Clamp any place on the screen; In the opened settings, select the “Menu” tab; Find dials and choose the most suitable option; Select “Update”.

Download features

You don’t have to puzzle over where to download watch faces for Honorband 5, because you can do it right in the company’s proprietary application. Developers regularly add to this list, so each person will be able to choose the most suitable option for him. Among the most popular and demanded dials today are the following: Shadow. characterized by dark tones and the image of a swan; Simple. just a clock and a status bar, an ideal solution for connoisseurs of minimalism; Evening — pink hare wearing a yellow suit; Woven is a theme for geometry fans; Pop. an ordinary dial, made in the style of the 80s of the last century; Jewels. designs for gem and jewelry lovers.

Important points

First of all, you need to take into account some points that will allow you to change the dial at the proper level: You cannot manage a fitness bracelet without special software. The developer suggests using the proprietary HuaweiHealth application, thanks to which you can install all the presets. It is recommended to download it only on the official website or in the PlayMarket in order to exclude the infection of the device with viruses; After downloading and installing, you will need to configure it. The connection of the bracelet to the smartphone is carried out via the Bluetooth protocol, so it must be always on; After the bracelet and smartphone are synchronized, you can download watch faces for Honorband 5; Configuring and installing them will also be done through HuaweiHealth; Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the application, as the old ones do not support changing the watch face.

Installation via app

The easiest way to manipulate the fitness bracelet is through the app, since the smartphone screen is larger, so it is easier to operate it. The company’s proprietary software allows you not only to change the design by replacing the dial, but also to do the following: Set up notifications. If you want to receive messages from certain applications or display any other information on the bracelet display. It should be noted that when you replace the dial, the design of the notifications will also change; Display of the status bar, where information about the smartphone, battery charge, etc. is displayed; Derivation of information about life processes.


If necessary, you can also perform a complete removal of all pre-selected and installed watch faces. This can be done only through the application by going to the “Me” tab, finding the desired topic and sending it to the trash can. This can be done with all designs except the standard one.

Thus, the installation of dials on the Honorband 5 can be done both using the proprietary application and through the fitness bracelet itself.

How to remove Honor Band 5 watch face theme:

  • on the “Dials” screen, open the “I” tab (above);
  • select an unnecessary topic in the list;
  • tap “Delete” (the icon in the upper right corner) and then confirm the command with the “OK” button.

We also take into account that the Honor Band 5 branded theme cannot be removed in this way. And it looks like only added topics can be deleted.

How to put a new theme on the watch face of Honor Band 5:

  • connect the bracelet to the smartphone and open the Huawei Health app;
  • go to the bracelet settings screen (the icon in the Honor Band 5 in the upper right corner) and tap “Dials”;
  • choose the appropriate one and click “Install”.

INSTALL Watch Faces in HONOR BAND 5 in INDIA | Tutorial | 100% SAFE !!!

The bracelet will activate the new theme automatically after the download and installation is complete.

Honor Band 5 watch face theme: how to change, add new or remove

To this end, Huawei’s new Honor Band 5 now has a whole new feature called Dial Market. Actually, this is the catalog of new dials, that is, themes for the bracelet, and there are really a lot of them.

Changing the theme on the dial of the Huawei Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet, as usual, is very easy. And now we will briefly tell you how it is done.

This means that the procedure for adding a new theme is done, of course, from the menu of the proprietary Huawei Health mobile application, more precisely, from the bracelet settings menu in this application. But:

  • first you need to connect the bracelet to your smartphone;
  • before opening the catalog and choosing a new theme, it is highly advisable to update both the firmware version of the bracelet and the version of the Huawei Health application itself;
  • the version of Huawei Health for iOS devices does not yet support the Dial market function.

How to change Honor Band 5 watch face theme:

  • You can change the theme from the Huawei Health app menu: bracelet settings screen. Dials. choose any of the installed themes. we tap “Update”;
  • you can change the theme from the bracelet menu: open “Settings” (long tap on the main screen). “”. Dials. choose a theme. tap and install.

What changed?

The fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 5 appeared before users in an updated design. The enlarged display up to 1.1 inches just pleases. Frameless technology is delightful, which is already an achievement for devices of this type. Reinforced AMOLED matrix displays rich colors and crisp images.

The number of factory watchfaces has increased. If there were about 80 of them in the fourth tracker, now the value has exceeded 100. Popular animation characters, beautiful inscriptions and a competent arrangement of parameters significant for the owner adorn the fitness bracelet.

Advantage of Mi Band 5: the user independently forms the image of the design and sets the necessary indicators of activity, health status, screens with weather, heart rate, number of steps.

Further in the material, we will analyze how to change the standard style to a custom one and which applications will help with this.

How to Change Watch Face in HONOR Band 5 – Update Desktop

Restore default watch face

It is easy to undo the changes made by the user to the display design. Use the tracker menu. Scroll to “Other” (“Advanced”), tap on “Display”, choose the original style from the proposed. The tracker will vibrate to confirm the completion of the process.

Download custom watchface

Xiaomi claims that you cannot use custom styles. But workarounds have been invented for the established rules. For the fourth Band, hundreds of additional images of the main screen have been developed. European and CIS users do not want to admire an unknown actor or anime hero from the device screen.

You should download ready-made pictures from trusted portals. These include the forum or mywatchface. The required file extension is bin. Bmp, png or jpg will not work.

Watch face on Mi band 5

The desire to stand out from the crowd dictates people to change not only the appearance of clothes, but also screensavers, themes, covers on used gadgets. Xiaomi developers supported the fans, allowing already in the fourth generation of Mi Band fitness bracelets to install a variety of watch faces on the screen. In Mi Band 5, the trend continued, and the manufacturer decided to increase the comfort from using the gadget.

How to change the watch face

The owner can view the numerous options for the types of display designs in the Mi Fit service software. The instructions are the same for smartphones operating on the Android and iOS operating systems.

  • Run the utility, open the profile of the paired Mi Smart Band 5.
  • Tap on the top item “Store”. A list of pictures installed by Xiaomi will be displayed.
  • Scroll, mark by pressing the picture you like. Confirm your consent by clicking “Synchronize watch face”.
  • By vibration and a message, the bracelet will notify the owner of a successful change. A push notification will also appear on the phone screen.

Selected watchfaces are saved in the “Administrator” tab. Custom versions will also be located there. You can clear the list or remove unnecessary ones using the “Edit” button. Activate the mode, tick the images, click on the minus icon. Confirm the decision “Done”.

How to add?

Custom watchfaces are not loaded right into the clock. An easy way to perform a replacement is to install a dedicated utility.

Operations on how to set up a custom image for the watch for owners of iPhone and Android smartphones differ in the program used.

Owners of Android phones need to download MyWatchFace from Google Play, install the program on the device.

  • Run the software. In the menu, tap “Your dial”.
  • Check the fifth Band. Specify the path to the.bin file on the phone.
  • Click “Install in Mi Fit”.
  • Open Mi Fit. Find the downloaded theme in the list, install on the fitness bracelet.

For iPhone owners, the AmazTools utility is available in the AppStore.

  • Activate the app. Go to the “” tab, click “Install from file”, mark the desired file in the manager.
  • Click “Install”.
  • Change the design of the screen through Mi Fit.

How to create your own watch face

Programs for creating a personal watchface for the fifth Band have not yet been developed. Utilities such as Dial Generator, Virtual Editor or Online Builder target the previous generation of fitness trackers. We are waiting for the expansion of the functionality and the possibility of choosing a bracelet model.

The bright display of the fifth Band allows you to stand out among others, as well as display important information for a person.