TOP-10: Best VPN for Instagram-rating [paid and free]

In this article, we will consider the best VPN for Instagram that will help to go around the lock and go to the social network. There are 10 top services in the ranking: both paid and free.

These are VPN services for any devices: computers, smartphones, tablets. In Russian and English.

We do not urge anyone to install VPN and use other methods of bypassing locks. The article was written exclusively for introductory purposes for those who want to continue using Instagram in the best VPN for Instagram in 2022. the main list

Immediately consider the best VPN for Instagram. Here. cool paid services with a free trial period. This is the main list. it describes 4 top tools for any device: PC, smartphones, tablets.

Hidemy.NAME. ️ The best choice according to SMMTIPS

Hidemy.NAME. high.quality VPN in Russian. for free and safe Internet on all devices. Great for bypassing the blocking of the social network Instagram.

  • Hides actions on the network.
  • Protects passwords and correspondence.
  • Creates a closed channel between users.
  • Opens the Internet without censorship.


Hidemy.NAME is available for any device: Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux, router.

How to use Hidemy.NAME. bypassing Instagram blocking in

  • Install the VPN application: for PC (Windows), smartphone (iOS or Android), MacOS or Linux.
  • Enter the code from the letter. He comes to e.mail after requesting a trial period or paying for subscription.
  • Select the server you want to connect. Automatically or the one where Instagram works.
  • Click “Connect”. Now you can easily go to the social network.
  • Paul service. subscription costs from 690 per month. There is a free trial period.

    • Connection up to 5 devices at the same time.
    • servers. and they are faster.
    • Rent of selected IP addresses.
    • Opening of incoming ports.


    Surfshark. high.quality and safe VPN, which will help to enter the Instructure in 2022 in this tool, you can change the digital location, as well as protect the data.

    • Confidential viewing of web pages.
    • Location of location.
    • Blocking advertising and malicious programs.
    • Protection when connecting Wi-Fi public networks.
    • Protection of personal data.

    VPN paid. Cost. from 142 rubles per month (when paying for subscription for 24 months). Subscription includes the ability to use Surfshark with an unlimited number of devices. There is a 30-day guarantee of a refund.

    There is a mobile application for Android and iOS. Pay Surfshark in you can via qiwi.


    Secure VPN. high.quality VPN, which allows you to work on the Internet anonymously and unlock access to your favorite sites. Using this tool, you can go on Instagram.

    • Global VPN premium network.
    • Higher level encryption.
    • Apps for Android and iOS.
    • Round.the.clock customer support.

    You can start work with Secure VPN for free. The duration of one session in the free version is 20 minutes. Data transfer. 1,000 MB per month.

    To remove these restrictions, you need to buy a subscription for a month or year. But it will not work to pay from. Therefore, it will be possible to use only a free version.

    Proton VPN

    Proton VPN is a good VPN with which you can enter Instagram. This is a high.speed Swiss “instrument” that protects your confidentiality.

    This is a free VPN-without any tricks. There is no advertising here. A network of servers at a speed of 10 GBT/s in combination with our unique set of VPN Accelerator technologies allows you to increase speed by more than 400%.

    • Support for several platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and iPados.
    • Easy to use: Simple and convenient intensity.
    • Support P2P.
    • Unlimited traffic.
    • You can connect up to 10 devices.

    How to buy at the App Store VPN subscription in 2022

    If the App Store has stopped receiving payments from MasterCard and Visa of your bank, do not panic, there is a way to replenish it by setting up payment from the account of a mobile phone. Go to the settings, select Apple ID (your name) ‘payment and delivery’ ‘Add a payment method’ ‘mobile phone’

    If MasterCard and Visa payments do not work on the territory, VPN services offer alternative payment options. You can pay cryptocurrency (almost all VPN providers accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and a large number of other cryptocurrencies), electronic wallets such as Webmoney, Qiwi or Yoomoney (last Yandex Money) and other payment systems as Alipay, Unionpay, etc.Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: Surfshark, Cyberghost, Atlasvpn, Nordvpn, Piawebmoney: Surfshark, Cyberghost, Nordvpn, Hidemy.Nameqiwi: Surfshark, Expressvpn, Nordvpn, Hidemy.NAME, Atlasvpnyoomoney: Hidemy.NameApple Pay: Surfshark, Cyberghost, Atlasvpn, Nordvpn, Pia. How to replenish the score on the App Store even if MasterCard and Visa are blocked, find out hereGoogle Pay: Surfshark, Cyberghost, Atlasvpn, Nordvpnunionpay: Surfshark, Nordvpn, Expressvpn, Hidemy, Hidemy.NAME, AtlasvPn

    Best VPN on iPhone

    Below are the leaders of the user rating of the best VPN for the iPhone, which showed the optimal characteristics of performance, ease of use and safety.

    Apple App Store has hundreds of VPN, and many of them claim the title of best. We tested dozens of services and chose the best VPN applications that offer complete protection for iOS:

      -offers a 30-day trial period and affordable subscription prices, has fewer servers, which periodically affects the speed of the connectiona 30-day guarantee of the return of money, expanding the browser for Firefox and Chrome, supports the exchange of P2P files Great VPN for iOS with inexpensive subscription, high speed and optimal security level VPN application for iPhone with blocker advertising The cheapest monthly subscription, but not always successful unlocking streaming services.

    All 4 services from the list above have their own applications: the user can download the VPN on the iPhone from the App Store. They allow you to connect to several devices at the same time, easy to install and configure. Cyberghost makes the best impression in practical use thanks to a successful combination of high.quality functions and accessibility. The application demonstrates high results in the speed and efficiency of bypassing regional locks, offering the best price ratio and quality.

    Will Instagram work with VPN?

    VPN routes your Internet connection through servers located outside the country where you are. This provides direct access to Instagram, regardless of service status in your country. You can enter Instagram after connecting to VPN using the existing account, but you may need to change the language in the settings.

    After blocking the social network, you can go on Instagram in several ways. details with each you can find below in the article.

    What to do if Instagram is blocked?

    Consider the above methods in detail. In general, access to any social network (. VK, Tik-Tok) and to most blocked resources on the Internet, you can open by changing the server and IP address of your Internet provider. You can do this both on a computer or smartphone, and on a router. This will allow you to virtually end up in another country where the service continues to function as usual. There are a lot of Ostsbov, but here are proven and working:

    Entrance to Instagram via VPN

    Connect via VPN. I’ll make a reservation right away, you should stay away from free VPN programs (here more and why). The main shortcomings of are frequent malfunctions, a traffic limit, a limited selection of servers and their geographical coverage. And also, importantly, free providers do not provide a reliable level of encryption and anonymity.

    Paid subscriptions of high.quality providers can be purchased for a period of a month and longer. I draw your attention to the fact that the main functionality of the VPN is an encryption of an Internet connection, which provides a wide range of useful properties, such as online anonymity. The function is very useful, especially when using Instagram, which, as you know, often neglects the protection of the private data of its users.

    How to go to Instagram via VPN

    Entrance to Instagram via VPN is a fairly fast process. For clarity, consider how to open access to Instagram with VPN provider ExpressVPN, in our opinion, this is the best VPN for Instagram.

    Download the application to the mobile device, or the VPN program on the computer. Applications are free and available in popular devices and browsers. Or just go to the official website of the provider by clicking on the button below

    Create an account and pay for the QIWI, UnionPay, cryptocurrency, service can also be paid on Google Play and Apple Play). Most paid VPN providers offer a guarantee of a refund of money, t.e. If the service has not come in, you can cancel the subscription and return the money back. EXPressVPN, for example, a guarantee of a refund of money 30 days

    Open the VPN application and select the server located outside for example US. For a note, the closer the server, the less ping and higher the connection speed.

    The last step is to enter Instagram either in a browser or through an official mobile application. Go to the browser and type Instagram.COM, or go to the application on the phone. It is not necessary to reboot the computer or the phone, access to the Instagram website will open automatically

    VPN extensions for browser

    By changing the IP address on your device, you can open access to many blocked sites on the Internet, including Instagram in installing the VPN extension in the browser, you need to choose any server abroad, connect to it and then go on Instagram. VPN extensions are available for most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla and Yandex Browser.

    Entrance to Instagram by changing DNS settings

    The method is definitely not the easiest and requires a certain experience. Nevertheless, the DNS gateway allows you to enter the Internet over the DNS servers of your Internet provider. To do this, clean the DNS-kesh on the device and repeat the attempt to access the site. Here is a detailed video about how to do it.

    Browsers with VPN

    Some browsers have a function of VPN. The principle of operation is the same as the usual VPN provider. a change in the server and geographical location by disguising IP addresses. The browser must be installed on a computer/smartphone and activate VPN connection in the settings. Among other browsers with VPN, it is worth highlighting Hola VPN Browser or Brave.

    Browser cache

    Having cleaned the browser cache, you can get the current version of the Instagram Then update the site page in the browser using the Ctrl Shift R key combination. The method will not allow you to get around the locks of the RKN, but most of the problems can be eliminated.

    How to enable VPN on iPhone?

    The virtual networks service is in demand by users of mobile devices that seek to access closed resources and solve other problems. The iOS operating system provides for the possibility of creating and setting up VPN connections for mobile phones and tablets of the Apple trademark. The use of such compounds allows you to protect against hackers in public (open) Wi-Fi networks, as well as gain access to your favorite services in any of the countries of the world.

    In order to find out how to configure the VPN on the iPhone, you need to figure out what types of safe connections exist:

    • PPTP. The service provides a fairly quick connection that it does not provide a sufficient level of protection.
    • L2TP. Great safety indicators at a very low data exchange rate.
    • OpenVPN. The optimal ratio of reliability and speed.

    Connections of all three types allow you to change the actual geolocation of the mobile device.

    The instructions below are how to configure the VPN on the iPhone directly using the functionality of the operating system. To create the desired connection, the following actions must be performed:

    • Launch the “Settings” application and select the “Basic” tab.
    • Find the “VPN” section and slip it on it.
    • Select the record “Add VPN configuration”.
    • In the L2TP tab, the following parameters must be set:
    • “Description”. indicate the name of the created connection, for example, “My VPN”.
    • “Server”-enter a white IP address or URL you need VPN server.
    • “Account” and “password”. enter data for authentication on a remote router.
    • “Proxy”. in the absence of other data from the provider, select “Auto”.

    At the end of the settings in the main menu of the “settings” of the smartphone or Apple tablet, the active slider “VPN” will appear. To turn on the VPN connection, it is enough to translate its working position, while the server will switch to the indicated server.

    Having understood the question of how to configure VPN, you should remember some restrictions on access to certain Web resources in individual countries. In addition, in some companies, employees are prohibited from using social networks or instant messengers. Penalty sanctions are applied to violators, and even criminal prosecution.

    How to configure VPN on Android?

    The Android operating system is widely used on mobile devices and its popularity is largely determined by convenience and excellent functionality. Built-in tools of this OS allow you to bypass blocking and gain access to almost all the Internet site.

    From the proposed instructions you will learn how to configure VPN on Android from the 8th to the 11th version. The procedure for creating a connection to the virtual network is as follows:

    Click on the VPN record in the upper right corner is the inscription “Add VPN”.

    After pressing it, a window opens on it in which it is necessary to enter the following data:

    • “Name”. the name of the VPN connection (example “My VPN”).
    • Connection type: PPTP, L2TP or IPSEC.
    • Enter the IP address or URL of the VPN server used (the data is provided by the provider).
    • Put a checkplace in the PPP (MPPE) encryption section.
    • Come up with the “user name” and “password” for authorization.

    If necessary, setting up in the “Show additional parameters” section, which indicates: DNS search domain, DNS server address and route redirect. At the end of the process, click on the “Save” button.

    After that, a new entry will appear in the VPN section with the name of the virtual network indicated by you. Click on it, and the window will open in which you need to enter the name and password. Check the correctness of the data and slip on the “Connect” key.

    Having received the answer to the question of how to configure VPN on Android and completing the proposed instructions, you will make your connection safe. The IP address of your device will be hidden from third-party observers. For the user, access to resources is opened, which is blocked in the country of stay or in corporate local networks.

    If you do not know how to set up a VPN on your mobile device, you should contact the technical support service of your provider. Employees will help you create a working VPN connection according to the instructions transmitted to you in the message, or acting in accordance with their instructions.

    We enter on Instagram through a computer: options for bypassing restrictions on PC

    Now let’s talk about how to enter Instagram through a computer. To do this, let’s see what is the option of bypassing the blocking in the web version of the social network.

    Work option. installing VPN for browser. For example, if you use the Google Chrome or Yandex browser.Browser, you can install a VPN for it, and after that, enter the social network.

    • Go to the Browser extensions store. For example, if you use Chrome, then follow this link. In Yandex.Browser Open the settings → Go to the “Additions” section → Open “Expand catalog for Yandex.Browser “.
    • The extension store will open. Search enter a VPN request.
    • A list of available extensions will open. install any option: for example, Hola VPN.
    • After that, the extension is displayed on the browser toolbar. Open this extension and connect to one of the available servers.
    • Now that the VPN is connected in the browser, you can go to the official website of the social network Instagram and enter your account.

    An example of how VPN looks for a browser

    Mini-Faq: answers to frequent questions

    In this section. answers to frequent questions:

    Yes, you can. Responsibility for using VPN, as well as for access through it to portals blocked in VPN users does not lie.

    VPN is the most effective way to circumvent the blocking. And he is a worker.

    There is only one alternative. analysis of other people’s accounts using special services. But in this case, you do not even need to go to the social network.

    Access to Instagram via VPN

    There are several types of providing VPN services for users.

    Using VPN on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone is not illegal activity. However, it is worth noting that the courts sometimes prohibit the activities of certain VPN services, and they also begin to be blocked. Therefore, in this article we will consider only legal and non.prohibited VPN services.

    To determine how to get an instagram lock by using VPN, you first need to decide which device we will go to this social network. VPN for Instagram can be selected for both mobile devices and for stationary devices. If you need to get on Instagram from a computer or laptop, you can install an addition for a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Yandex and others), or download a program that will skip all user traffic through a virtual private network. The second method is the most relevant for mobile devices when the question arises about installing VPN for Instagram on a phone or tablet.


    Answering the question of how to get around Instagram lock, one of the most popular services for this today is Psiphon. This is a free software solution (requires a separate installation on a computer or smartphone), which allows you to install several levels of traffic encryption at once. Psiphon allows even “deep” blocking thanks to the technologies used in this solution. It is noted that this application works from almost any country and allows you to get around almost all censorship prohibitions on obtaining information on the Internet.

    Which VPN for iPhone to choose

    For the iPhone there are many services offering VPN services. Installing VPN on iPhone for free in Russian is now very simple. But in this case, there is a choice of which service to choose for your smartphone.

    Among the best VPN services for the iPhone, the most high.quality can be called the following:

    When choosing a VPN service for iPhone, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

    • Safety. When working with VPN, it is important that the company that has an appropriate application does not transmit your personal data to third hands. Here a good example of a secure application is Psiphon Pro.
    • The presence of a free version. Almost all applications that we listed above have free versions. However, they always have any restrictions. For example, a quick VPN service with a free version is VEEPN.
    • Simplicity of settings. Some VPN services are not available to a wide range of users who do not know how to subtly configure the connection with the server. In this case, the question of how to configure VPN on the iPhone becomes very relevant. As an example of the VPN service with simple settings, you can note Turbo VPN.
    • Additional functions and technical support. In this regard, you can recommend Surfshark VPN service. Yes, it is paid, but it supports many additional functions up to an independent determination of traffic encryption routing.

    When the user is determined with the most attractive service for him, you need to find out how to put a VPN on the iPhone.

    VPN service selection criteria for iPhone

    Where to download VPN for iPhone?

    Specialists in the field of network security for one vote recommend installing VPN services for iPhone from the official appStore app store. In this case, the user provides his own security as much as possible, because official applications are certified by Apple.

    But in this case one problem may arise. So, if the application is blocked in a particular country, in the AppStore it will not be displayed. For example, in April 2022, this happened with the ProtonVPN application. How to install a VPN on iPhone for free in this case? You can install it from the file, but here you need to be extremely careful. Download the installation file will be necessary exclusively from the official website of the company serving the VPN service. Otherwise, the user risks getting a spy or malicious software on his smartphone.

    Download VPN for iPhone

    How to access Instagram using VPN

    Starting with VPN is really very simple, just follow the instructions below.

    Here’s how to set up and use Instagram VPN:

    • Select the most suitable VPN for you.
    • Download and install the appropriate application for your device.
    • Enter the system and connect to the server in your chosen place.
    • As soon as the connection is installed, open Instagram and use it as usual.

    If you have any problems, contact your VPN provider for help.


    One of the few services that can be paid not only with crypto, but also by bank cards MasterCard, Visa. Therefore, we recommend it.

    This VPN only works for a fee. First you can connect a trial period, and later extend the period of use. For 5 devices, the subscription will cost 100 per year. This is inexpensive in comparison with other VPN services.

    Как установить VPN на wi-fi роутер?


    This service has a good rating. Among users have good reviews.

    To use this application, follow the instructions:

    Download this application. Log in or register.

    After entering or registration, select the server.

    The United States of America was chosen in the example. In the drop.down list, select the server.

    Hotspot Shield VPN

    After entering the entrance, click on the button. In the screenshot, the icon is marked with a red arrow.

    This VPN can only work for free 7 days, later you have to buy a subscription.

    Windscribe VPN

    Install the service. You need to either enter or register.

    Click on the button indicated by the red arrow. The server will be selected automatically.

    Speedify VPN

    To continue the use of the service, accept the agreement.

    For a free period, click on a cross in the window.

    You need to click on the icon in the upper right corner.

    Now you can use this application.

    Hideme VPN

    After setting the service, click on the button.

    After that, click on OK in the window that opens.

    Psiphon Pro

    To use the service, agree with the conditions.

    Snap VPN

    To use a trial version, click on a cross in the upper right corner.

    Betternet VPN

    If you want to connect a paid version, then click on “Continue”.

    After issuing a subscription or free tariff, you need to click on “Connect”.

    To use the application, provide access to data. Faster Safer Internet

    It will be necessary to accept the conditions of confidentiality.

    After you need to click on “install the VPN profile”.

    How to get around the lock on PC

    Instagram is perceived more as an application on the phone, not on a computer. But many users use Instagram and on PC. Previously, a bypass of blocking on the phone using VPN applications was considered. The computer also has the opportunity to install the application. But there are other bypassing of the application blocking that will be considered below.

    Extensions Chrome

    This browser is one of the popular. For Chrome, there is a selection of Chrome Expanders. These include:


    This is a free application. But you can connect a paid tariff. The price will depend on the subscription period. This expansion has more than 200 thousand installations. The average rating is. 4.5 points.

    This application has a very simple connection, literally in one click. It is important that the service operates in the background.

    Hotspot Shield

    This application can be used for free or connect a paid version. The price is 5.99. The paid version is wider.

    This extension exists not only for Chrome, but also for Windows, iOS.


    The advantage of this extension is free use. When using it will be necessary to watch advertising when connecting or disabled. Due to advertising, the expansion is monetized.

    Also do not need to register. You just need to set an extension and choose a server.

    Yandex Access

    This service can boast of the lack of annoying advertising and free use. The application guarantees anonymity, that is, there will be no data leakage. Yandex Access operates automatically.

    In this service, the location cannot be changed, it will be selected automatically.

    Hola is one of the most popular services that are free of charge. Using the application, you can go to one site with one location, and to another web resource from another IP address. The advantage of this VPN service is a complete absence of advertising.

    Zenmate VPN

    This service differs from previously said services by paid. At the beginning, a 7-day trial period is proposed. When using it, you can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this expansion and make a choice. This service is largely similar to other VPN services.

    Zenmate VPN offers paid users a large number of servers to choose from. The application gives a guarantee that the possibility of reducing speed is reduced to the minimum level.

    Anti.detector browsers

    The anti.detector browser is a specially created anonymous browser, with technologies for hiding important parameters, for example IP (Proxy), Browser FingerPrint (browser imprint).


    Created by Russian.language programmers based on Firefox browser. This program is a tool for working with many profiles. When registering, one free use day is provided. After using the trial period, you need to connect the subscription. per month.


    Created by Chinese programmers, but there is Russian and English. There is a free tariff, 2 profiles are available. But there are also paid tariffs, the cost starts at 10. The amount will depend on the desired number of profiles.

    VPN services

    You can use the VPN service in the browser in two ways:

    An example of a browser with a VPN. Tor. The service is widely known. Tor is convenient for an ordinary user, he has a simple and convenient integration. The most important advantage is that it is free for use. And the IP change occurs in one click.

    But Tor also has its drawbacks. The browser may have a low content load speed. To choose a geographical location, it is necessary to install additional software on a computer. And this process is long and dreary.

    The main advantage of this service is 10 GB of free traffic per month (after confirming email) and the ability to enter the Internet through dozens of virtual locations around the world. You can increase the use limit using the publication of the recording in you will add 5 GB. And free traffic will increase by 1 GB if the registration of new users will occur at your link.

    For registration, the service will only be requested by login and password. If desired, you can indicate your IWIL to access the account if you forget the password. It will come to it notifications about the accrual of new traffic limits.

    Free version allows you to use the service on only one device. And in the case of a paid version, the number of devices for using the service will increase.

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