How to change ID for iPhone

Each Apple device is assigned an individual identifier and it is not recommended to use a single number at the same time on several devices. However, the company has provided the possibility of changing the ID element if necessary.

Why is the identifier generally created? ID is a kind of identification number that acts as the user’s name after creating an account and registration. After passing the registration, creating a profile and receiving an ID-number, the user gains the following opportunities:

  • Ordering and buying goods in Apple company stores.
  • Instant appeal to the technical support service for all issues.
  • Acquisition of specialized applications for any Apple technique.
  • Using iCloud in order to create a cloud drive.
  • Buying software at the official stores of the App Store and iTunes Store.
  • Subscription to paid channels with films and series.
  • Using electronic books and other paid files of text format.
  • Corporation in corporate service chats.
  • Calling by Facetime.
  • Listening to radio stations through iTunes.
  • Participation in various tests of new Apple products.
  • Using unique icloud service capabilities.

The user will receive all these opportunities after the timely acquisition of the identifier. The procedure is absolutely free and is quite easy.

The main advantage of this operation is that after the acquisition of the ID-number, the user provides its own device with an increased level of protection. This plays an important role if the phone is regularly synchronized with other devices or is connected to the Internet, third-party Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules.

Despite some prohibitions, many users exchange their identifiers with comrades in order to apply the possibilities of accounting on phones.

How to change your phone number on your iPhone: Change the number indicated in the settings

The “Phone Settings” section can also be used to change the number on your iPhone. Here’s how you can change your phone number on your iPhone.

  • Go to the settings
  • Click the phone
  • Click on my number
  • Use the deletion button to delete the old number
  • Use the keyboard to enter a new number
  • Click to save
  • Reload the iPhone

Keep in mind, however, that the change in the phone number indicated in the settings may not achieve the desired effect.

When you change the number in the application, this does not change the number you use to call people (or what they use to call you). Your SIM card (card provided by your telephone company) determines this number. If someone dials your old number, he will still get through to you. And if you call someone, they will still see your old phone number.

Changing the number in the settings is useful if it corresponds to the number provided by your telephone company, for example, if you move to a new phone or new operator.

The number indicated in the settings should coincide with the number on your SIM card; Indeed, if you change the number to something else, he must return to the old number so that it corresponds to the SIM card. However, it is important to check, because it does not always switch. This is especially important if you took your phone out of second hands, because it still may have an old number.

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Using a mobile phone number as an Apple ID identifier

By creating an Apple ID identifier in some countries or regions, as a user’s name for him, you can use a mobile phone number.

This is how it works

Each time you set up the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device, you can enter the system with the existing Apple ID identifier or create an account. If you create the Apple ID identifier on the iPhone device with iOS 11 or later, you can use the mobile phone number as the user name in the territory of continental China and India in India. If you live in the territory of continental China, use your mobile phone number, which starts at 86. If you live in India, use your number, which begins at 91. Depending on the communication operator, you can also create an account with the phone number on some Android devices, Smart television and devices for streaming players. Just select the option “Create Apple ID” on the screen of the Apple ID account and follow the instructions for creating an account.

Having created an account, it can be used to enter the system on any device and in any Apple service. At each entrance to the system on a new device, as well as in a new application or service, you will need to enter your mobile phone number, including the country’s code, and password. Make sure that at any entrance to the system the same Apple ID identifier is used. This is necessary for the operation of your devices and Apple services.

If you already have an Apple ID identifier, which is an email address, it cannot be changed to a mobile phone number. However, the account can be associated with other phone numbers or email addresses on the Apple ID account page.

What do you need

To enter the system using a mobile phone number as an Apple ID identifier, the following will be needed:

  • device iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 11 or later version;
  • Mac computer with MacOS High Sierra or later version;
  • Apple Watch Watch with Watchos 4 or Late Version;
  • Apple TV device with TVS 11 or later;. icloud.COM and other Apple web resources;
  • Apple services on devices.

Depending on the method of creating the Apple ID identifier, you may be asked to change the user name from the phone number to the email address. You may also need to provide additional information.

Account safety

Requirements for the security of the account are determined by the place of its creation and the volume of related personal information. For Apple devices, it is best to use two.factor authentication. In some cases, you may be invited to revise or update safety parameters when entering the system on the Apple device or the Apple website.

Posts by Apple

Since the Apple ID identifier, which is used by the phone number, is not tied to the email address, Apple will contact you via the message on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as well as using the Apple ID account page.

To make sure that important messages related to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device go to the iCloud, IMessage and Facetime using the Apple ID identifier, which uses the phone number used. If you enter the iCloud on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device without a SIM card, the Facetime and Imessage applications will be unavailable. Posts by Apple can always be viewed on the Apple ID account page.

Change of Apple ID identifier to another mobile phone number

Depending on the country or region of residence or a way to create the Apple ID identifier, you can change it to another mobile phone number on the Apple ID account page or on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.

On the territory of Continental China, another mobile phone number, starting at 86, should be used as a new Apple ID identifier. In India, the new Apple ID identifier should use another mobile phone number starting at 91.

On the Apple ID account page

  • Follow all Apple services, as well as devices using the Apple ID identifier.
  • Go to Appleid and enter the system.
  • Click the “Change” button in the “Account” section.
  • Under the Apple ID identifier, click “Change Apple ID”.
  • Enter the mobile phone number that you want to use as the Apple ID identifier, after which the check code will be sent to it. Enter the check code from the text of the message to the emerging fields

On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  • Exit the system in each service and on each Apple device, where the Apple ID identifier is used, in addition, the device on which changes are made.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu [your name] “Name, phone numbers, e-mail”.
  • Near the “Contact DVR” field, click “Change” “Delete”.
  • Click “Continue” and follow the instructions.
  • Enter the mobile phone number that you want to use as the Apple ID identifier, after which the check code will be sent to it. Enter the check code from the text of the message to the emerging fields

If the new mobile phone number is already tied to the Apple ID identifier as a phone number for Imessage, a phone number with a total access or a trusted phone number, you will not need to confirm it.

What to do to those who have Yota, Megafon or Tele2

The easiest way to replenish the Apple ID balance according to our editorial office is to find the Beeline or MTS subscriber among relatives and acquaintances, to agree with it and tie his phone for a short time to your Apple ID according to the scheme described above. Next, replenish the balance of this temporarily attached phone for the amount of “reserve” so that you have enough for a long time for payment of Apple subscriptions. Then untie the phone number from Apple ID (below the instruction how to do this) and forget for the time about the problem with payment of Apple subscriptions. Forget exactly for the time you allow you to be abandoned at the Apple ID amount.

We go to the iPhone in “Settings”, at the top of the display will be your avatar and a name with the signature of “Apple ID, ICLOUD, CONTRODS AND BUY”. We go there further select “Payment and delivery”. In the window that opens, all your payment methods will be visible. Click on the link “Change” in the upper right corner and delete the phone from Apple id.

How to attach a phone number to Apple ID account

Click on the account icon

Select “Account Information”

Click on the “Edit” link opposite the “Payment Method”

From the list “Payment Method”, select the “Mobile phone” item, enter your phone number (so far only for Beeline subscribers) and click “Send the code”

Enter the resulting code in the column located below and click “Check”

After performing these simple actions, you can pay for any purchases on the App Store and iTunes Store right from your mobile phone account.

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How to change Apple id? How to change Apple ID without loss of data on iPhone and iPad?

There are different reasons for changing Apple ID to iPhone. We will tell. how to do it.

Apple ID is an account that enables iPhone owners to use various services. It is for a variety of situations of purchases in iTunes Store, App Store and so on. How and why change Apple id?

The need to replace the identifier appears, for example, when buying a phone from another person. Change is possible only in the case of use by the email identifier Yandex, Mail and so on. The exception is the boxes ending on, or They cannot be used for registration in the system.

Change Apple ID from a computer

There are several ways to replace the identifier. You can change it through a computer or tablet. To do this:

  • Enter the system control page and log in using the existing data
  • Next, you will transfer you to another page and find the item “Control of the name, ID and the E-mail address”, where near the main email you need to click on the change button
  • A link will be sent to your mail to confirm new data, go on it and your identifier will be changed

How to change Apple ID through iTunes?

  • Launch the program and enter the store section
  • Find the entrance item on the left side of the menu
  • Next, you need to log in
  • After pressing the Apple ID button, you will be displayed by the submenu where you need to select the account
  • After that, go to edit and write in the field your email address
  • Click ready and a letter will come to your mail with confirmation of the entered information
  • Follow the link and confirm the changes

How to Reset Apple ID Password without two factor authentication | without trusted phone number 2022

Using the App Store

  • You can use the application store. To do this, log in and find your identifier in the field menu
  • Next, the page of existing accounts will be displayed. Here click on the used and write new mail
  • Press the operation to complete the operation
  • A notification will also come to the mail to confirm data

How to create a new Apple ID to replace the old?

Immediately through the settings of your smartphone, you can create a new account in return for the old. For this:

For registration to be successful, indicate a new mail, country, password, date of birth and so on.

Regardless of the method used, carefully enter your email address. If you are mistaken even with one letter, then the link in the letter for activation will not receive, respectively, and you will not be able to access the account.

How to change Apple id

Run the App Store app and click on the account button.

At the very bottom of the page opened, click “Exit”. The exit from the Apple ID account on the iPhone is performed immediately, without the need to confirm.

After a successful exit, return to the top of the page and enter the login and password of another Apple ID account, under which you need to input.

Click “enter” to execute the entrance to the new account.

It’s so easy to change Apple ID to iPhone. Note that if you do not have a new Apple ID, then you can create it directly in the App Store settings. True, for this it is initially necessary to leave the ICLOUD account.

How to replace Apple ID without loss of data with iPhone

If one ID is used at once with several gadgets. a tablet, smartphones, a computer, it may require replacement on one of the devices, but without loss of data for others. Then all important information (contacts, messages, calendar, map, etc. P.) should be preserved, and synchronization in online stores and iCloud will be performed under another accounting page.

To do this, you need to create a new identifier, as described earlier in the instructions. through the phone, PC or iTunes. After that, indicate the iCloud option in the settings. The instruction provides a few steps:

  • ICLOD is chosen in the settings;
  • The page scrolls to the very bottom, where the field “exit” is selected;
  • The output is confirmed, after which they click on the option “Delete the account”;
  • Several actions with the remaining information will be proposed, select “Leave on the iPhone”;
  • A password for an old account is entered;
  • The settings and ICLOD options enter new data for entering the new identifier.

After that, use stores to install App Store and iTunes Store applications without entering new data.

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How to delete or change the phone number in Imessage and Facetime on iPhone

If you do not know how to delete or change the phone number in Imessage or Facetime on the iPhone, then you came to the address.

After installing the new SIM card on the iPhone and the authorization of Apple ID, the full-time services for communication between Apple-Imessage and Facetime devices will occur. But forcibly changing the number will not work out (the number will not change and the activation will not pass). And what to do if you want to insert a new SIM card and fully use all the services on the new issue? There is a solution:

Open the settings → Messages → Sending/Reception.

Slide on your Apple ID and go out of your account.

Return to the “Messages” section and disable IMessage.

Slide on your Apple ID and leave the account, and then turn off Facetime.

Go to the settings → phone and check the correct number in the “My number” item (if necessary, change it to the correct one).


Open the settings → Main → Reset and select “Reset the network settings”.

ATTENTION! Resetting the network settings leads to the removal of all passwords from Wi-Fi networks and configured VPN connections.

After rebooting the iPhone Imessage and Facetime, they automatically activate the specified number (if this does not happen manually, activate the switches opposite Imessage and Facetime in the corresponding sections).