How to change the password on Instagram

Hello, friends! Today we will talk about the password, or rather how it can be changed on the social network Instagram using a computer or phone.

This question was interested in me after I used online services for the wrapping likes, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and subscribers. After all, on some sites you need to enter a login and password, and promise that all your data is protected, but I decided not to take risks and change it.

I immediately note that the method described in the article implies that you remember the old password and can go into your profile. For those who are more interested in the question: how to change it, if you forgot the old one, you can read the article: how to restore the password from Instagram.

How to change the password on Instagram if you entered the account?

On the one hand, the method is the easiest, as it allows you to set a new security code through the phone for several presses. In the other hand, it requires an active entrance to the account and knowledge of the old password, which is not always applicable. If the current password is known, we recommend using the current way.

  • We move to the right profile tab to the right.
  • Press the button in the form of three stripes and select “Settings”.
  • We touch the line “safety” and click on the “password” element.
  • Enter the current password and 2 times a new one, to which we want to change it.

Advice! Here you can help you the auto.filling function, which can choose the right security code in the “current password” line. Perhaps, having learned the old code, you do not have to change it to a new.

How to Find Instagram Password While Logged in || How to Reset Instagram Password

How to change your login

It is very simple. The same will be on PC and on a smartphone. You need to edit the profile section. Find the line “name” and rename the blog. Nickname should be unique, otherwise you will not be able to hold it.

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How often you can change the password?

Technical support Instagram recommends periodically changing the password. How often this can be done, is not specified. But if you connect to services, then it is desirable to perform this procedure once a month. This will not only protect your personal data, but will not allow attackers in case of information leakage to access your profile.

Also, changing the password is simply necessary if suspicious activity is found on the page. This applies to the appearance of obscure photographs that you did not post, stories and Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Change the password on the phone

We will start with mobile devices, since it is they who are used in almost 80% of cases of access to the social network. First, we will figure out how to change the password through the application, as it is more popular, and then we will consider and work with the mobile version of the site.

Through the Instagram application

So, in order to change the password on Instagram on Android or iOS, using a branded application, we take a few simple steps:

  • Here several options await us at once:
  • If we remember the old password, enter it, then confirm the input, indicating the new code. In this case, the new password will have to be repeated.
  • If the old password, we do not remember changing access codes, can be dropped through this for this at the very bottom of the list there is an appropriate item.

There is another option to help change the password on Instagram when we do not remember the current. To do this, we do this:

change, password, instagram, phone
  • We return to the main page of our profile and click on the man’s icon, located in the lower right corner.
  • We move on to the settings, clicking on an already familiar gear, and leave our account.
  • On the authorization page, we click on the link to get help with the entrance to the system.
  • Next, in order to find an account, we will need to enter a phone number or email address. It depends on how you recorded your profile.

If you do not remember how you recorded an Instagram account, try at random to enter a phone number, email and so on. Do this until the system finds the right profile.

  • When the account, the password to which needs to be changed, will be found, the application will offer you to send an email, SMS message or message in WhatsApp. Choose the option you need and move on to the next step.
change, password, instagram, phone
  • Link to restore the profile go to your email. Or she will come to SMS, it all depends on what method of recovery you have chosen. In an electronic letter, click the password reset link.
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Ready. Your password is changed and, as you can see, in order to do this, it is not necessary to remember the old code.

Through the mobile version of the site

Now let’s look at how to do the same, but already through the mobile version of the site. The fact is that many people use it, since they do not have a smartphone with the Android or iPhone operating system, and they use a simple browser version.

  • We launch any browser on the phone and go to the Instagram website. If you are authorized, you need to leave the account. Click the icon with the image of a man in the lower right corner and on the next page, more precisely, in its upper left corner, click on the button with the image of the six.
  • At the next stage, click “Forgot the password”. Further, like the versions with the application, enter our email address, phone number and so on. This is necessary so that the system finds the desired account.
  • As a result, a letter will come to our email with reference to a password discharge. We cross it and enter a new code on the page that opened, and then confirm it. At the end, click on the button to reset the password.

As a result, your password will immediately be changed.

As you can see, on Instagram it is very easy to do, even if you do not remember the old code.

change, password, instagram, phone

How to change a password from a computer

To change the parameters of entering the Instagram profile through a computer:

  • Go to the profile page using a link in the form of a man in the top panel;
  • Cross the gear icon next to the account parameters;
  • Select “Change the password” in the window that appears;
  • Fill the fields with the relevant data;
  • Complete the procedure by clicking on “change password“.
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Create reliable protective combinations that will consist of six digits, characters and Latin letters. It is advisable not to use a semantic binding and inventing difficult to memorable ciphers.

Appeal to Support

Support should seek help only if not one of the ways to change the password on Instagram, if you do not remember the old one, did not work. The thing is that this is a relatively long process. Of course you may be lucky and your problem can be solved very quickly. But if you are not lucky, then you will get into your profile only in a few days.

Sending a request for recovery is very simple:

  • Run the application
  • Near the button “Enter”.
  • Click on the “Help with the entrance to the system” on the hyperlink, which is located under the line for entering a password.
  • Enter your name under which you are registered on Instagram.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Then click on the hyperlink “Need additional help?”.
  • You will have a form that needs to be filled out.
  • Enter the email address to which you have access.
  • Describe your problem and send a request.

After that, they will contact you through the mail you specified. You have to prove that you are really the owner of the page to which you are trying to get access by answering some questions and sending a photo to confirm the personality.

How to Reset my Instagram Password (I forgot My Password)

These were all ways to change the password on Instagram. If you manage to restore access to your profile, try to prepare in advance for repeating such a situation. Enter the current email address and phone number, and also do not forget to tie your profile to other social networks. This will greatly facilitate the recovery procedure in the future.

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