Media file synchronization parameters for iPhone

You can synchronize music, audiobooks, podcasts and videos from the iTunes media text, as well as photos with iPhone. You can simultaneously synchronize the iPhone with only one computer and media stream iTunes.

If you have more media files, which can be placed on the iPhone, iTunes will offer you to create a special playlist synchronized with iPhone. iTunes fills the playlist with objects selected from the media text. You can change the content of the playlist and perform repeated synchronization.

What is iCloud

Apple cloud storage allows you to synchronize the media files located on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Synchronization is also possible with iCloud devices for Windows OS.

By uploading photos, music or other files, they will immediately be available on other devices. The main requirement is the Internet access and the battery charge of more than 25%

Each user is initially available 5 GB of free space. If necessary, you can expand the memory in accordance with the tariff plan.

How to watch and listen to Plex offline with Plex Mobile Sync

How to fix iTunes that expects to make changes and does not synchronizing error on the iPhone iOS 12

You do not always need to wait long for your iPhone or iPad connected to iTunes. There are different ways to solve this problem. As long as you expect changes to your iTunes, you can also open iTunes to perform manual settings to help you solve the problem.Problems with Wi-Fi synchronization between iTunes and the phone seem to break when Apple users update their iOS. This problem seems to be common and is familiar with the inclusion of various iPad models.

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Recommended: how to fix ITUNES Wi-Fi synchronization with iOS 12.Regardless of which Apple device ITUNES is installed on, always expecting the changes made during Wi-Fi synchronization, some recommendations for eliminating problems will help you solve this problem. iOS 12 causes many problems with iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and iOS devices. After updating iOS devices with iOS to iOS 12 All music was removed from the library. IOS users cannot transmit music to iPhone or iPad using iTunes.

For users whose iPhone usually says that the synchronization session has failed, others say that their synchronization button found on the Music tab in iTunes cannot drag songs from Windows or IMAC on iPhone. When the message on the display reads “Waiting for copying elements” or “Waiting for changes”, they can be solved by performing the following steps below.

Synchronize iTunes music

  • Disconnect the “Synchronize music” option in iTunes
  • Select the “main” “use” “storage management” “Delete music”.
  • Turn on the “synchronize music” parameter again
  • On the Summary tab in iTunes, select both options: “Management and video management” and “synchronize only proven songs and videos”.
  • Try to synchronize iTunes with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Resetting the network settings on the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR

  • Launch the “Settings” application, click “General” and reset the network settings.
  • Click “Trust this computer”
  • Install the flag next to the “Management and Video Management” item on the ITUNES Summary tab.
  • Try to synchronize the application again

Change the parameter of music synchronization

  • Remove the “Synchronize music” flag in iTunes and confirm the changes
  • Re.check the possibility of synchronization and confirm the changes.

Note. If this method does not work, try to disable the option “Convert songs with a higher bitrate of 128 kbps”.

Solution for synchronization only for iPad

  • Disconnect the Bluetooth connection
  • Disconnect “Management Music” and double.check the option
  • Remove the flag to change the bitrate, and cancel this task in a couple of seconds.

Delete not music files

  • Open the ITUNES music folder
  • Delete all files not related to music
  • Make a backup copy of your Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR and add all your music files again

USB cable

  • Turn on the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR or iPad
  • Use a USB cable to connect iPad and iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR to a computer.
  • Open the device menu and select the “Music” tab
  • Press the Trio button to synchronize your music library.

Temporary correction

Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer, as it hung, disconnect and connect again. Your synchronization will continue from the place where it stopped.


You can fulfill the task of dragging the list of playback on your iPhone, and it will correctly synchronize the music you want.

Video management manually

Go to the “Summary” tab and click “manually manage the video”. After that, you can add music files to your iPhone manually.

Disconnect the synchronization of music

Disconnect the synchronization of music on the tab and delete music from the iOS device using the storage control function.

Wi-Fi synchronization

Find general settings in iTunes, go to Wi-Fi synchronization and go to synchronization.

How to synchronize iPhone and iPad among themselves?

To begin with, as you know, start iTunes and connect your devices. When the device icon appears, click on it. Go to the “Parameters” menu. Click on the Synchronization flag with this (iPhone or iPad) via Wi-Fi.

  • Turn on your macbook;
  • Enter the Finder menu, select Airdrop there;
  • Turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (even if you miss this moment, the program itself will take care of this and remind you once again).

How to disable synchronization between Apple devices

You can change the iCloud functions you use on any of your devices by turning on functions or off. You can also completely turn off iCloud.

If you disconnect the function on the device in the iCloud, the information is stored only in iCloud, that the function is no longer available on the device. If you turn off the mail, contacts, calendars, notes, reminders or photos of icloud on one device, you can still view and change your data on icloud.COM and on another device you are configured for this function.

Sometimes when you turn off any iCloud function on the device, you can choose to save a copy of the object information on this device. The copied data will not be synchronized with iCloud. If you turn off the mail, contacts, calendars and tasks in iCloud for Windows on a computer with Windows OS, the data stored in ICLUD-is still available in Microsoft Outlook, but this will not be synchronized with other devices.

Before you turn off the peculiarity on all your devices, or before the iCloud is completely turned off, you can make a copy of the information that you store in the iCloud on a computer. If you want to delete data and backup copies stored in ICLOUD, learn to manage your ICLUD storage.

Turn on the iCloud on or Off functions

Depending on the setting of the device that requires to change, perform one or more of the following.

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod

If you use iOS 10.3 or later version:

If you use iOS 10.2 or earlier version:

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On your Mac

Some functions are inaccessible or listed in a different way, in earlier versions of the MacOS OS.

On your PC with Windows

Some functions are not available on your computer, or are listed in different ways, depending on your computer with Microsoft Outlook 2016 or previously installed.

If Outlook is installed, use iCloud email, contacts, calendars and tasks in Outlook. If you turn off mail, contacts, calendars, tasks, iCloud data will still be available in Microsoft Outlook, but it is not updated with iCloud. If you do not have Outlook installed, use iCloud email, contacts, calendars and reminders in your web browser on

ICLOUD reminders are called the tasks in Outlook 2016.

If you select bookmarks, and your computer has Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can click the parameters to select the windows of browsers whose bookmarks you want to keep aware of the Safari installations and computers Mac created for work with iCloud. Learn more about browsers is supported by iCloud for Windows.

ICLOUD shutdown

Depending on whether you want to refuse to use the iCloud service on all devices or only on some, complete one or more of the following.

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod

If you use iOS 10.3 or later version:

If you use iOS 10.2 or earlier version:

If you leave the iCloud account (or delete in iCloud), ICLOD is no longer backup of information on your iPhone, iPad or iPod sensory. You can still create a backup copy of your device in iTunes.

On your PC with Windows

If you turned on the automatic loading of music, applications and purchases in the iTunes settings or in the settings on your iOS device, your purchases on iTunes are still uploaded to your devices.

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How to make iPad and iPhone not synchronized?

We launch iTunes, select the “Edit” item (on PC) or iTunes (on MAC) in the upper menu of the program and select “Settings” from the drop.down menu. Click on the “device” tab and install the “prohibit automatic synchronization of iPod, iPhone and iPad devices”, thereby prohibiting such actions. Click “OK”.

How to remove the connection between iPhone and iPad?

  • Open iTunes on a computer and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • Click on the device icon in iTunes.
  • Click the photo.
  • Select the selected albums and cancel the choice of albums or collections that you want to stop synchronization.
  • Press the “Apply” button.

How to disable synchronization between Apple devices?

If the user needs to remove synchronization between the two smartphones of Apple, then you can do this in two main ways:

How to disable synchronization of a photo between Apple devices?

To turn off the function “photo icloud” on all devices, follow the following actions.

  • On the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go to the “Settings” [Your name] iCloud “Storage Management” “Photo”, then click “Disable and Delete”.
  • On the MAC computer, go to the Apple menu “System Settings” ICLOD.

How to remove the connection between iPhone?

Removing the connected iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

change, parameters, synchronization, media, files, iphone
  • Click the settings [your name] and select “iTunes Store and App Store”.
  • Select your identifier Apple ID.
  • Click “View Apple ID”. You may need to enter.
  • Scroll the screen to the “iTunes in the cloud” section and click “Delete this device”.

How to disable synchronization between iPhone and iPad?

How to disable automatic downloads on iPhone or iPad

  • Go to the settings application.
  • Select the Itunes Store and App Store item.
  • In the “Automatic download” section, click on the switch near the “Program” item.

How to remove synchronization from two iPhone?

To do this, just turn off the synchronization between the devices.

  • We go to “Settings”. “Phone”. “Calls on other devices” (Disable the item “Allow calls”).
  • Open the “Apple ID”. “iCloud” section and turn off the iCloud Drive.

How to remove synchronization between phones?

  • Open the settings application on the phone.
  • Click your accounts. If this point is not, click users and accounts.
  • If you have several accounts, select the right.
  • Press the synchronization of the account.
  • Disconnect automatic synchronization for individual applications.

How to make iPhones not synchronize?

We launch iTunes, select the “Edit” item (on PC) or iTunes (on MAC) in the upper menu of the program and select “Settings” from the drop.down menu. Click on the “device” tab and install the “prohibit automatic synchronization of iPod, iPhone and iPad devices”, thereby prohibiting such actions. Click “OK”.

How to disable iCloud synchronization on iPhone?

Select the Apple  “System Settings” menu, then click the Apple ID identifier. If MacOS Mojave is used or an earlier version, it is not necessary to press the Apple ID identifier. Select iCloud. Install or remove the flags next to the applications.

How to cancel synchronization photo?

How to enable or disable auto.loading and synchronization

  • Open the Google photo on the Android device.
  • Enter Google account.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on your photo profile or icon with the first letter of your name.
  • Click Google Settings photo
  • Turn on or disable auto.loading and synchronization.

What will happen if you turn off the photo icloud?

So what will happen if you press the shutdown button? It depends on whether the iCloud Photos works only on your iPhone. If so, then everything that you did not upload or transferred to another service can be lost. Apple will store them on iCloud servers for 30 days, but after that they will be removed.

Why not all photos are uploaded to icloud?

Make sure Wi-Fi is included and there is an Internet connection. Click “Settings” [Your name] icloud “Photo”. Make sure the parameter “Unloading to my photo flow” is included. If this parameter is not displayed, turn on the “icloud” function to store photos and videos in iCloud.

How to synchronize iPhone with iTunes on several computers:

On the first MAC, open Finder and click on the upper menu transition. transition to folder.

Copy in the field of the path ~ music/iTunes and click cross.

Finder will show the list of iTunes system files. There are four files in the folder that you need to pay attention to:

  • “Itunes Library.Itl “. contains ratings, Комментарии и мнения владельцев, additional information about playlists and another.
  • “Itunes Music Library.XML “. contains information about the location of the media files in the library.
  • “Itunes Library Genius.itdb “. recorded after starting the Genius function, your musical preferences.
  • Itunes Library Extras.itdb “. contains information from the database on musical compact disks.

You need to make backups of files.itdb.Itl and.XML, as well as Previous iTunes Libraries folders. Click Command C, and then Command V to create a copy.

Open in a text editor, for example, in Textedit, the ITUNES Music Library file.XML and copy a 16-digit key from Library Persistent ID.

On the second Mac, repeat the steps from 1 to 3.

On the second mac, close itunes. Delete all files.Itl in the Previous iTunes Libraries folder. If this folder is not, miss this step.

On the second MAC, open the ITUNES Music Library file.XML and replace the Library Persistent ID identifier to code from the first computer. Save the file.

On the second MAC, open the iTunes Library file.itl and delete all its contents. Click to save.

Open itunes. You will see the following message: “Probably the ITUNES Library file.Itl is not a valid iTunes media text. The ITUNES program has created a new iTunes media and renamed this file in iTunes Library (Damage) “.

It’s all. Now you can synchronize the iPhone with both media. At the same time, iTunes will not try to remove the contents from your iPhone or iPad.

How to pump Apple Music up to 20 cunning chips of service

To bookmarks

Apple Music systematically conquers the market. The company adds to the service more and more opportunities that make it more convenient and functional. Despite all attempts to switch to alternatives, everything remains of this smaller meaning.

The last chips that appeared in Apple Music have a significant increase in the quality of musical compositions, as well as tracks with support for spatial sound. There are tops in the cities of Russia, as well as endless reproduction.

This material contains the most curious capabilities of Apple Music, about which not everyone knows.

Thanks Re: Store For useful information.

“Audio files without loss” and Dolby Atmos not only on iPhone

Of course, audio recordings without compression are much larger than the disk space

What to do: ◉ on iPhone and iPad: open “settings”, go to the “music” section, pay attention to the Dolby Atmos and “sound quality” menu; ◉ on Mac: Open “Music”, Expand “Settings”, go to the “Reproduction” section, pay attention to the points “Audio files without loss” and Dolby atmos.

As it turned out, many people think that new formats of musical compositions are available only on Apple mobile devices.

change, parameters, synchronization, media, files, iphone

Creation of smart playlists for listening to iPhone/iPad

It’s a pity, but smart playlists interact only with the tracks from the media text and do not concern other playback lists

What to do: create a “new Smart-player” on Mac, and it is automatically synchronized on the iPhone or iPad if “synchronization of the media text” is enabled.

Mus.Mac has a lot of interesting chips that can be transferred to the same application on the iPhone or iPad. Smart playlists are one of them. They act as dynamic filters for the tracks from the media text.

There is a way to download your entire media to the device at once

With this filter, you can often add all the tracks that are in the media text to a smart playlist

What to do: create a smart playlist with the condition that will add all the compositions to it (for example, the “performer” “does not contain” “ZZZ”), and then load it with one press.

After creating a smart playlist with all tracks, it can be very quickly loaded on any gadget.

Categories in the Apple Music media text can be very flexible

Few people know that in such a way the categories from the media text can be removed in such a way

What to do: click on the “edit” button on the iPhone and iPad or “change” on the Mac, and then select the categories that need to be left or remove.

For example, I myself have recently been holding my entire collection in playlists, so I do not need division by artists here.

Skipping playlists on thematic catalogs as part of iOS

All these folders with playlists that cannot be created on iOS are easily transferred to iPhone and iPad

What to do: break the playlists into Mac folders, and all this will automatically be transferred to the iPhone and iPad, if the “synchronization of the media” is enabled “.

Folders will help to sort all playlists from a personal media, which can be very convenient if there are a lot of them.

Moving moderator playlists into folders and their freezing

After duplication of the moderate playlist, it can easily be edited or transferred to the folder

What to do: duplicate moderator playlists, and after that they will be able to transfer them to any folders at your request to Mac.

change, parameters, synchronization, media, files, iphone

In the standard, moderator playlists cannot be moved to folders and edit. over, duplication will help to fix them from an unexpected change that can occur at the most inopportune moment.

Automatic loading of audio compositions for all iOS gadgets

You can add tracks to the MAC media, they will be added to the iPhone and iPad, as well as download offline for access

What to do: open the “settings”, go to the “Music” section and translate the “Automatic download” switch to the active position.

With the help of this chip, all the music will always be at hand, which is very cool for those who travel a lot at work and on vacation.

The volume of loaded music on the iPhone and iPad can be limited

The maximum restriction volume depends on the or iPad of the drive built in the iPhone

What to do: open the “settings”, go to the “Music” section, Expand the “Optimization of the Storage” menu and select the desired volume.

In order not to score the repository only by tracks, the automatic loading process is easy to limit.

The most popular tracks, St. Petersburg and Kyiv

There is also a large selection of popular tracks in the most distant cities at different points in the world

What to do: Find them in the section “Top charts by cities” in the “Review” menu in the “Music” application on any Apple device.

In Russian-speaking cities, a selection of popular compositions is approximately the same, but there are still differences.

Synchronization on Windows

Many users did not know that the iPhone synchronization with a computer on Windows was possible, and this is really officially available. To configure the application, you need:

If the devices are not synchronized for some reason, then it is worth checking the correct entry and whether there is access to the Internet. Most often, problems arise precisely for this reason.

Important! For all devices you need to use the same Apple ID. This is the only way to knit devices among themselves.

There are no other ways to do it. If one of the devices gives an error, then contact Support. In this case, the user must be ready to provide employees with his real data.

After reading this instruction, iPhone users should not have questions about how to enable or disable ICLOD synchronization. Now they will be able to do this using any devices. phone and laptops with Windows and MacOS operating systems.