How to change the language on Instagram to Russian

One of the most popular networks is currently instagram. But not all users of the network are suitable for a language that is set by default (English). Then the study of functions begins to change the language to Russian. You can do this yourself, following a simple instruction.

Most of the people who are registered in the instagram use this social network from their smartphones. The most common operational systems are iOS and Android. Each OS has an appropriate application.


With a special version for androids, in order to change the language of the integration into Russian, it is necessary to observe some simple algorithm of actions.

  • It is required to click on the profile icon;
  • Click on three lines that are located at the top right;
  • Find a position with settings and click on it to gain access to the parameters;
  • In some versions, you will also need to choose an icon with the inscription account.
  • After that, lines will appear, among which it is necessary to choose the one where the language or “Languag” will be written.
  • Here the user can see and choose the necessary language for himself. To search for faster, you can use the search bar.

In the browser version, you can change the language as follows:

  • You need to click on the profile icon;
  • After that, find a gear at the top left, and click on it;
  • Next, you need to find the line of the tongue or “Language”, and click on it;
  • In the window that opens, it is already possible to configure taking into account your own preferences.


All iPhones have one common property. All of them function on the basis of the iOS operating system. In this case, in order to work in Russian, you will need:

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How to Change Language in Instagram | In Tamil

  • Open the installed application, and then click on the miniature of the profile, which is located on the right below;
  • Then you need to select a line with the settings;
  • By clicking on it, you can see that another block will open, where the points of all parameters are indicated;
  • Choose settings, or “settings”;
  • Among the parameters opened, you should find a line with the inscription of the language or “Language”, and click on it;
  • It should be understood that it is necessary to choose the line with the inscription “Russian”, and not “Russian System Default”;
  • A new window will appear, it is necessary to click on the icon “Change”, or “Change”.

After that, in the Instagram application, it will be possible to use the Russian language.

If a person uses the application using a mobile browser, then if you need to change the language on it, you should know the following algorithm of actions:

  • Press on the existing profile icon;
  • Next, select the section with the settings;
  • When they open, you should touch the line with the inscription “Language” or “Language”, a block will appear here in which available languages ​​will be displayed;
  • After that, you can choose the desired language, and finish the setting.

Changing the language on Instagram on the phone

In the application on Android and iOS, actions are performed the same on both devices.

On Android

To change the language to Russian or English in the application on Android, you need:

After these actions, the application integration will be changed.

On iOS

To change the language on Instagram on the iPhone, you need:

  • Open the application.
  • Go to the profile by pressing the icon below on the right.
  • Open the menu, then “settings” or “settings”.
  • Open the “account”, then “Language” sequentially. (“Account”. “Language”).
  • Choose the right one.

It is important to understand that when translating the Instagram Interase into Russian or any other language, all inscriptions under photographs or users’ messages will remain in the same form. This is the content that people post on their own, it is not related to the work of the social network.

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On the phone

Consider the instructions using 2 basic operating systems. Android and iOS.


  • Launch Instagram and move to Profile by slipping into the miniature of the main photo of the profile in the main menu.
  • Then we open an additional menu by pressing 3 stripes in the corner of the screen and select the last item from the list called settings.
  • The main settings menu will open, we find a line with the name Account and select it.
  • The third point should be a setting called Language, click on it once.
  • It remains to choose the right option. It is worth paying attention to the icon of the blue checkmark opposite one of the lines. She shows an activated language at the moment. It remains to find in the list of Russian or Russian and choose it as a basis.


On devices running iOS, the location of some elements varies. Consider the location of the function we need.

On the iPhone

The instruction for the iPhone is not much different from the one that I brought above for smartphones with Android OS. But still, let’s look at operations. To change the language on Instagram on the iPhone, enter the application:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click on the “menu” icon.
  • Select “settings” (or “settings”).
  • Click on the “language” (English “Language”).
  • Select the desired language from the list of the list.
  • An important point. if you want to choose Russian, then click on the Russian Russian, and not the Russian System Default.
  • To save the changes, in the pop.up window, click “Change” (or “Change”).

How to change language on a computer on Instagram

Most often, the problem with the loading of the English version of INSTs occurs in users entering Instagram outside but sometimes an error is associated with a system failure on the site or PC itself. In any case, solving the problem is not so difficult.

Through the browser

Instructions for changing the language in the web version of Instagram even easier than when changing settings in the mobile application:

  • After authorization on the site, clicking on an icon with an avatar, go into profile.
  • Choose section “Settings”.
  • Flip the page to the end. On the lower panel among the inscriptions in small print, the installed tongue is found.

Having clicking on the icon in the form of an arrow, they unfold the window with the list and choose Russian in it. The site will automatically reboot and change the integration to the usual.

On a note!

Sometimes the problem of Russification may not be associated with the site settings, but PC installations. This is often faced with users who go abroad and forced to work not on their own device, but on the provided by the receiving side. In this case, you will have to change the language in the computer settings.

Appendix for Windows

Those who use the desktop version of the application on Instagram can also easily change the language to Russian:

After that, it remains only to choose the desired language and save changes. If the intense has not changed, it is recommended to restart the application.

تغيير لغة الانستقرام للعربية في الايفون والاندرويد.Change the language of Instagram on the iPhone

What is the problem?

At the next launch, the program stops working as expected. That is, all the functions remain in place, but they are signed in English. The problem may arise even for those who in no way concerned the application settings.

Let’s start with the official instructions on how to set up instagram in such a desired Russian language (by the way, it is almost identical on both common platforms. on iPhone and Android). Ideally, these recommendations should work without difficulties, but in fact another option may be required on how to switch to the right type of program. Here’s what the developers recommend doing to return the Inte Week as it showed before:

  • Launch the application if you haven’t done it yet. You can find it on the branded icon.
  • Before switching Instagram to Russian to the iPhone, you need to go to your personal profile. Use the button to the right below, where the account logo is displayed.
  • The next step to change the language on Instagram to Russian on the iPhone. to open the menu from which you can get into the settings (they are Settings). To do this, click on the gear icon, which is also located on the right, but not at the bottom, but at the top of the INST screen. Next, select the necessary item.
  • If it is not clear how to translate Instagram into Russian into the iPhone, find a subsection with language parameters in the menu (it will be Language in English). Open it.
  • To put the Russian language on Instagram on the iPhone remains a simple, almost one touch, action. scroll through the list and find in it the necessary item.
  • Instagram will ask for confirmation in the form of a standard mold for the iPhone before changing the language on Instagram to Russian. If you do not understand which button to press (for example, do not understand the inscriptions of the current Insta Inte Wee), just select the right version.

If the language on Instagram as was and remained English (or some other), then to change it to Russian just restart the application.

Why on the phones Instagram became in English on phones?

If the problem is reflected on the phone, you should look in the list with the language settings of another native. The last failure, why Instagram became in English, which appeared in February 2022, was eliminated by this method.

If such a technique does not give the desired result, and the written remains in English or German, it should be judged that glitches appeared in the appendix. You can now eliminate such a problem by restarting the application.

In this situation, you will need to make a change of written and leave the account on the phone. After restarting in the application, it will be possible to enter again. Errors and failures with the text are eliminated.

On the iPhone

Insta often launches upgrade of her mobile application. After that, errors arise especially often. Today they are manifested by a malfunction in the settings of the profile language, which is reflected in the intensity of the owner of the social network account.

If the error was seen in the application working on the iOS phone, you should not despair. Such malfunctions are exclusively temporary here. To change the situation, it is enough to wait for a while.

On Android

No less often the described problem arises among users who have at the disposal a similar problem. The updates of the photo network also relate to this operating system. In the event of a difficult situation and solving how to change the language on Instagram to Russian, it is enough to conduct actions:

change, language, instagram, iphone

If the submitted operations are correctly, the problem will be quickly eliminated. Using the photo network application, you must always be prepared for the fact that there was a failure.

The developers of the social network constantly finish something and implement corrections. If there is a desire to study the foreign, do not carry out actions aimed at eliminating the error.

Summing up

Inste users quite often complain of its work and failure in the presented functionality of the social network. Write in support. I can not use the application, nothing happens. If the next failure is manifested in the form of a change in the tongue, you need to use one of the presented schemes of action. With a clear follow of the instructions, the situation is quickly corrected, everything will be displayed in Russian.

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