How to change the keyboard on Xiaomi

First you need to pull the so-called “notification curtain” and tap on the gear in the upper right corner. the smartphone settings icon. In the list that appears, we find the button with the ellipsis picture and go to it. Then you need to go to the menu item with the globe icon and press the first button in it, after which a list of languages ​​available to you will appear. If what you need is not there, this means that it is not provided in this firmware, and you will have to change it.

If you just want to select other input languages, but do not know how, then this procedure is as follows: “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Language and input”. “Keyboard” and input methods. “Keyboard settings”. “Input languages “.

How to enable Russian keyboard on Xiaomi phone

When buying a Xiaomi smartphone, there may be a problem that the phone interface or typing language does not match the one you want. Also, a similar problem can happen when changing the firmware. for example, you had a Russified firmware, and after installing a new one, all settings and changes were reset and returned to the factory, that is, Chinese.

And with the Chinese interface it is quite difficult to figure it out, and without help you can not find the point for changing the language in order to return the Russian keyboard layout. In this article, we will tell you how to customize the layout, as well as demonstrate the possibilities of customizing the appearance of the keypad on Xiaomi smartphones such as Redmi 3s, Redmi Note 3, 3 Pro and 4, 4 Pro.

Customizing the appearance of the keyboard

It is also possible to customize the appearance of the keypad to make it the most suitable for you. Xiaomi phones have two types of keyboards as standard: Google and Swift Key. They are both good, but there are differences that should be mentioned.

Google keypad. as they say, “cheap and cheerful”. It has a strict standard look that does not stand out from the general style of the phone. Buttons for switching languages, as well as a choice between symbolic and letter layouts, are quite conveniently located in the lower left corner. For quick access to numbers, you can clamp the buttons from the top row of the letter keypad.

Swift Key, in turn, is more suitable for those who prefer their phone to look stylish. It provides a large selection of themes that can also be downloaded additionally. The choice is truly huge and even the most fastidious user will find a design option that suits him. Keys can be with a non-standard arrangement of letters and a huge number of additional characters. The buttons can be multi-colored, three-dimensional or flat. The space bar on this keyboard is responsible for many functions. For example, when you hold down, a list of additional characters appears, and when you swipe, you can change the language.

You can select the type of keyboard in the same menu as the input language, in the item “Current keyboard”. You can also install any other keypad by simply downloading it from Google Play for your Redmi.

How to change (change) language on Xiaomi. step by step instructions

Not all Xiaomi smartphones sold on the Internet are intended for the Russian market, and few support the Russian language. It may happen that a smartphone that is intended for the Russian market out of the box will not be in Russian. Let’s figure out how to change (change) the language on Xiaomi.

If you have a smartphone with Chinese, Arabic or some other localization, the instruction in pictures will help. Open the notification curtain and select the gear image, the “Settings” will open, look for the “Advanced” item, it will be in front of the Mi account, Google account.

change, language, xiaomi, phone

Go ahead and select the item “Language and input” (the second in the list) and on the next window “Language” (the first in the list).

We are looking for Russian in the list and change to it.

Problems with changing the language on Xiaomi

All these methods work on all devices that support MIUI: Xiaomi Mi, Mi Max, Redmi, Redmi Note and so on.

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How to change keyboard layout on Xiaomi

If in the process of typing a message (for example, in SMS or when chatting on social networks) the wrong language is activated by default, then use the instructions below to switch the keyboard layout on Xiaomi phones.

There are two ways to enable the Russian keyboard (or, conversely, the English) on Xiaomi:

  • Click on the globe icon on the keyboard (located to the left of the space bar).
  • Press the spacebar for a few seconds and then select the language you want.

Both methods are equivalent and allow you to almost instantly change the keyboard layout on Xiaomi and any other phones on MIUI and a pure version of Android.

How to change keyboard on Xiaomi through phone settings

The following instructions are relevant for all Xiaomi smartphones. Regardless of which phone you need to change the keyboard. on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, Mi 10 Pro or on other smartphones. the algorithm of actions does not change:

  • open the phone settings;
  • go to “Advanced settings”;
  • select the subsection “Language and input”;
  • go to the Input Methods menu
  • click on the line “Current keyboard”;
  • choose the appropriate option.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (Pro): How to change the language?

In some cases, the section titles may differ slightly. If necessary, the desired menu can be easily found through the built-in search.

Note that the user has the right to activate one of the preinstalled keyboards or download any analogue he likes from Google Play. We’ll talk about popular keyboard variations in the next section.

How to choose and where to download the Xiaomi keyboard

Each type of keyboard is characterized by certain conveniences, so the choice of the ideal option depends solely on the preferences of specific users. Next, we will consider the most popular types of keyboards presented in the Play Market.

  • Swiftkey Keyboard. A good option for quickly entering large amounts of text. The application automatically remembers frequently used words and phrases, subsequently suggesting their quick input. There is a spell checker. Support for all popular languages ​​has been implemented. In the presence of about a hundred variations of the keyboard design
  • Gboard keyboard. Official development of Google, pre-installed on almost all smartphones running on Android. The keyboard has the advantage of supporting multiple input methods. standard, continuous, voice, and handwriting. The keyboard supports all popular languages ​​of the world.
  • Smart Keyboard. The so-called smart keyboard with a lot of templates, full T9 mode, voice dialing and other useful options. The developer offers to download the keyboard for Xiaomi and other phones in two versions (paid and free), slightly differing in functionality.
  • Fleksy. Very fast and multifunctional keyboard. The main advantage of the development is considered to be support for 50 languages, thousands of emoticons and many mini-applications that complement the functionality of the keyboard. Also, the developer makes Accent so that the keyboard does not spy on users. However, it is rather difficult to confirm or deny such a fact.
  • Cheetah Keyboard. The main advantages of this application are the colorful design and speed of input. The software supports the advanced forecasting option, as well as several smart functions (including “Search” and “Answer”). A feature of the program is the option of typing in 3D format.

If you want to change the keyboard on your Xiaomi phone to one of the above options, then just download the necessary software from the Play Market, then activate it in accordance with the instructions from the first part of the article.

How to change the keyboard on Xiaomi. step by step instructions

When a person just starts using a Xiaomi smartphone, he often has questions about the functional features of the selected device. The list of emerging questions is extensive, and especially often beginners ask how to change the keyboard to Xiaomi, as well as where to download and how to set up the Xiaomi keyboard. The questions are really relevant. If you don’t know how to change the keyboard layout, you won’t even be able to normally fill in contact information or write an SMS in the desired language. Therefore, today we will tell you how to change the keyboard on a Xiaomi phone through the basic settings of a smartphone. In addition, we will consider the features of customizing the keyboard, answering the most popular thematic questions.

How to customize the keyboard on Xiaomi: popular questions

Next, let’s move on to the “question-answer” format, within which we will consider several nuances of setting up the keyboard of Xiaomi Redmi, Mi and other phones of the mentioned brand.

How to turn off vibration on a Xiaomi phone?

It is enough to go to the settings of the desired keyboard and make the “Vibration feedback of keys” option inactive (in some versions, “Vibration”).

How to disable T9 (automatic fix)?

You need to go to the keyboard settings, find the autocorrection function and move the slider opposite it to the left.

How to remove keyboard on Xiaomi?

You need to go to the list of applications, find the required software and remove it by pressing the appropriate button.

You can learn more about how to set up a keyboard on Xiaomi (using the Gboard keyboard as an example) in the presented video review.

How to change the language on Xiaomi?

If you purchased a Xiaomi smartphone abroad, there is a chance, albeit small, that the firmware will be set to Chinese by default. Accordingly, you need to change it to Russian or at least to English. How to do it? Now we will quickly show you everything here.

Lower the curtain and click on the gear icon in it.

This will open the settings. Find the section with icons, as shown in the screenshot below, then click on the three dots.

Next, click on the second line from the top. For some reason, in the MIUI 8 version, this subsection has lost its icons. opposite the “Language” item there should be an icon in the form of a globe.

Now click on the very top line.

In the same way, you can change any other language to the one you are interested in.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the entry “How to change the language on Xiaomi?

Hello! What if I don’t have Russian? There is English and Chinese and some other. Thanks.

you need to install the firmware with Russian language support.

If it is for the Chinese domestic market, that’s ok.

changed from English to Russian to Xiaomi Redmi 4x. thanks.

changed for 20 minutes, but changed. honestly. it’s hard to change from Chinese to Russian, it’s easier from English)

20 minutes is a record! I spent more than an hour

I use English from the moment of purchase. already used to it =)

Who what) My husband generally has a menu in German

global version of miuai 10.02. the settings menu remains in English, even when you select Russian. how to fix?

How to change the language on Android?

If you have purchased a new smartphone, then by default it may be set to a language that you are not used to working with. for example, Chinese or English. However, almost every firmware allows you to customize the necessary parameters for yourself, making the use of the phone as comfortable as possible. In most situations, the standard settings will be sufficient, but in some cases you will have to use third-party services and programs on the PC. In general, in the format of step-by-step instructions, we will tell you how to change the language on Android.

How to change the language on an Android phone?

Honestly, after turning on the new smartphone, the system automatically prompts you to choose the optimal interface language. for this you just need to click on the appropriate item in the menu. But, as practice shows, extremely inexperienced users can accidentally skip this stage by mistakenly installing Chinese, English, and even worse. Arabic. However, it is still possible to find the necessary setting, and for this we suggest referring to the step-by-step instructions:

  • Opening the smartphone settings.
  • Go to the “Advanced settings” section. At least that’s how the tab you need is called on the Xiaomi phone. If possible, try to enter the exact name of the desired item in the top line to speed up the search. For example, use a translator and then copy and paste the phrase in your currently selected language.
  • We go to the tab “Language and input” or “Languages”.
  • Click on the “Languages” line and try to find a suitable option in the list that appears.
  • Save changes and close settings.

In fact, the most difficult thing is finding the setting that is responsible for changing the interface language. As we have already noted, we recommend using an online translator, and then inserting the resulting word into the search bar of your smartphone. this will significantly speed up the process.

How to change the keyboard language on Android?

Oddly enough, new users of Android phones are often wondering how to change the keyboard language. For example, this question arises when you need to enter a specific phrase or password in a language other than the standard one. But the developers of the operating system provided an important option, so to change the current layout, you just need to click on the planet icon (it is marked in the screenshot). Also, on older devices, you had to swipe over the space. then the language would automatically change.

However, in this case, we only have two options: English and Chinese. How do I use a different layout? And for this, let’s turn to the standard settings of the smartphone by following the steps from the step-by-step guide:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Go to the “Advanced settings” section.
  • We go to the tab “Language and input”.
  • Select “Keyboards Management”, then. “Settings”.
  • Using the “Add keyboard” button, select the desired language. Subsequently, it will turn out to be changed through the previous planet icon.
  • Save changes.

So, we looked at how to change the language on Android. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this can be done through the standard settings of the device. But if the phone does not support Russian by default, then you will have to use additional utilities (from the ADB package). Still have additional questions? Then in your Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

We turn on the Russian language on Xiaomi, provided that the global (Global) firmware is used

The easiest case for switching Russian to Xiaomi is when the global version of the firmware is installed on the phone. But instead, English was chosen, or, much worse, Chinese. If at the very least you can cope with English and activate Russian, then you can’t figure it out with Chinese characters on your own.

We lower the notification curtain, find the gear icon and click on it. This will take you to the Xiaomi settings menu. Now you see a large number of menus, each of which is signed with incomprehensible hieroglyphs. Only icons and symbols remained for orientation. Start scrolling down the list from the top to the bottom and find the first menu that has an ellipsis icon. This is the entry to the “Extras” menu. Having entered the “Additional” menu, find the item with the “Globe” icon and click on it. This is a menu for setting various data, including for enabling the Russian language on a Xiaomi phone. Now select the very first item, a list of languages ​​will appear. You just need to find “Russian” and select it. After that, the language should change, if an incomprehensible menu appears, click on “Ok”, probably Xiaomi needs to reboot in order for it to become active.

The operation described above is available for any model, be it Xiaomi Redmi, Xiaomi Redmi note or Xiaomi Redmi pro, but a prerequisite is a global firmware. If not, go to the next item.

How to install or change the Russian language on Xiaomi phones

If you bought a Xiaomi phone in Russia, you will not have any problems with changing to Russian, the phone should already work in Russian. But if you bought Xiaomi on AliExpress or another site at a low price, then you need to be prepared for the fact that you will receive a device that does not support Russian. That is why it is cheaper. its firmware is not meant for Russians. But do not despair, you still have the opportunity to turn on the Russian language on Xiaomi, while using several options.

Installing the Russian language on Xiaomi Redmi (and other models) through the installation of the global (global) firmware

Warning: installing new firmware is always a risk. The instructions described below are carried out by you at your own peril and you assume all responsibility. In the worst case, the phone will turn off forever, it will be impossible to turn it on.

However, news is circulating on the Internet that Xiaomi will fight against such operations by blocking phones that work in those countries for sale in which they are not intended. This is another danger of buying Xiaomi without global firmware.

How to change Chinese language in Xiaomi smartphones to english or any other(MIUI8/9/10)Tutorial

So, in order to install the Global firmware with Russian language support, you need to go to the official Xiaomi forum in Russia.

Find the branch in which the firmware is laid out specifically for your phone model.

The firmware must absolutely exactly match the model of your phone, if it is different, there is a huge risk of permanently ruining the phone. be careful.

On the page with a list of models that support global firmware with Russian language, find your model. All letters and numbers must match, this is important.

Next, I will show the process using the Xiaomi Redmi 5a. Choose only the stable version, below there is a separate beta version of the firmware, it is intended for developers, not end users. After that, you need to find the firmware in the phone’s memory and run it. The system will offer to update your phone, agree and just wait for the end of the process. In some cases, it may take about 10-15 minutes.

After installing the firmware, the phone will reboot. Use the first paragraph of the article in order to make Russian the main language on Xiaomi.

The Chinese version of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 received Russian. How to turn on?

Xiaomi recently announced the launch of the Mi Band 5 on the international market. This was good news for everyone who bought a bracelet on Ali, because with the release of the global, the Chinese version of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 received Russian.

This time Xiaomi has cheated and made the update more confusing than in the previous generation. To install the Russian language on the Mi Band 5, you need to do a few manipulations, which we will now talk about.

Is there a Russian language in Xiaomi Mi Band 5 CN?

Yes, the Chinese version of the fitness bracelet has the localization we need, but it only appears with the Mi Band 5 update to firmware Check this point in the Mi Fit app, since the first batch of wristbands come with software version and below.

If the Russian firmware has not yet arrived on your Mi Band 5, you will have to wait for it, sooner or later the bracelet will automatically update during Mi Fit. Important: the application itself must be version 4.3.0, the update does not come on the old 4.2.0. The current version of the program can be downloaded from Google Play. here is the link.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 CN Verison: how to put the Russian language

Even with the Mi Band 5 update to version, the Russian language is not displayed in the Mi Fit settings, although the bracelet itself already supports it. Apparently, the Chinese decided to cheat so that users do not save on the Chinese version, but buy a more expensive globalka. But this limitation is bypassed in the simplest way.

The first thing you need to do is download the Notify Fitness for Mi Band application from Google Play. an alternative client for synchronizing the bracelet with a smartphone, in which the Russian language is not hidden in the settings. When opened, it will ask for various accesses and offer to restrict the work of Mi Fit in order to avoid conflicts. nothing of this can be done. We are interested in the item Settings Miscellaneous Bracelet settings.

There you will find the Mi Band Language tab. We go there, select Russian and the bracelet interface will immediately receive localization. After that, you can delete Notify Fitness for Mi Band and use Mi Fit as before.

Mi Fit will show that Mi Band 5 is working in Russian, but the corresponding item will not appear in the language selection tab. When synchronizing with a phone, even if Notify is not installed on it, localization does not fly off, so you can safely use and enjoy the money saved.

If you haven’t bought the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 yet, here are the links to verified sellers on Ali. Take the Chinese version and don’t overpay:

  • regular Mi Band 5. 1968 rubles (with the promo code LIVE296)
  • Mi Band 5 with NFC. 3,157 rubles

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