How to disable automatic correction on the SwiftKey keyboard on Android

This article will talk about how to change the keyboard on the Xiaomi. You will say that this is quite simple? Many users can actually switch the keyboard layout on their smartphone with their eyes closed. But there are those who encounter certain problems. For example, the factory firmware Xiaomi initially there is no Russification. Or when changing the firmware, all the settings were reset, and the Russian layout is missing at all. What to do? Be sure to tell you how to return the language.

In addition, many people who buy a Xiaomi can’t get used to the SwiftKey keyboard, which is very different from the Gboard used on most other brands’ Android devices. But you can change it too. How? Learn more below.

How to change the font on your phone. step by step

How to change the font on your phone using the settings:

How to change keyboard of android devices ? Google Gboard & Xiaomi Keyboard Kaise Change Kare ?

  • Go to the screen settings, choose the “Fonts” menu, and turn on your favorite.
  • On phones of some manufacturers in options of fonts you may need to pay for the variant you like.

If your device does not involve the ability to change the font through the settings, you can download one of the many apps like HiFont. Most of the time these kinds of programs already have great font sets, and they also let you find and download new ones on the web. After installing the desired font, the software can be “demolished”, the new look of the text will remain. If you need to replace it, download HiFont or its equivalent again.

Which keyboard to choose: types

There are many different types of keyboards that offer different benefits and give the user access to additional features. Let’s look at the most popular programs.

Swiftkey keyboard

The keyboard is designed specifically for quick text input, it remembers typed words, easily corrects mistakes that are often made when typing words on the touch screen.

Thanks to the built-in dictionary program is able to offer users the words and phrases they use most often in communication, as a result, often enter the words completely unnecessary, it greatly speeds up typing.

Using the settings the user can change the appearance of the keyboard, to choose the most functional and comfortable option.

Facemoji Keyboard

The application stands out for its brightness and a large number of built-in keyboard designs. A cool feature. the ability to create your own design with downloadable pictures and photos.

After installing the application, the user can explore the themes, select and download the most suitable ones to the phone.

Another feature of the application is an extended package of emoticons and special stickers that you can send to your friends as you communicate.

Smart Keyboard

App will help improve typing skills on your smartphone keyboard. To the distinctive features of the application can be attributed:

  • Ability to choose compact templates;
  • T9 mode setting for most world languages;
  • Ability to change the appearance of the keyboard through built-in themes;
  • Suggestion of popular words and phrases while typing;
  • Support for voice typing;
  • Simplified process of switching between languages;
  • Self-learning dictionary for correcting mistakes in words;
  • Keyboard with emoticons;
  • Predictive word input.

How to change the keyboard on Xiaomi: go to settings, in the input parameters replace the standard keyboard with the downloaded Smart Keyboard.


The keyboard allows not only to enter text but at the same time to search the Internet, download pictures and files and send them to the other party. Application has its own vocabulary, which is supplemented with new words and phrases to quickly correct errors.

The distinctive features of the keyboard can include:

  • Automatic prediction of typed words;
  • Word deletion with a simple gesture (swipe to the left with your finger);
  • The typed text is available in all applications on your smartphone;
  • A huge selection of different settings and colorful themes;
  • Secure typing.


Smart keyboard with a wide range of features, which is distributed through the official app store for free. The program introduces modern dictionaries, capable of identifying even slang, suggesting the best options for replacing the word if it is misspelled.

User is able to change the look of the keyboard, set the location of the main elements according to his needs.


The official keyboard from Google, the distinctive features include:

  • The ability to continuously enter text by simply moving from letter to letter;
  • Voice Input;
  • Handwriting input with a stylus (recognizes over 100 world languages);
  • Search for results on Google and send links to your conversation partner;
  • Access to emoticons;
  • Ability to send animations;
  • Automatic translation of words as you type.

Which keyboard to install on your smartphone. depends only on your preferences and requirements for the tool.

Hello all. In today’s article, I will show you how to change the keyboard on your Xiaomi phone.

On most Android phones, the default Google keyboard is Gboard. Many people, including myself, are used to it, since they used to use it on previous phones.

However, Xiaomi phones use a different keyboard, namely the SwiftKey. I can’t say anything bad about it, it is also possible to use, but I am more accustomed to the Google Gboard keyboard.

So in the following instructions, I will show how to replace the keyboard with SwiftKey on Gboard in Xiaomi phone.

How to change the keyboard on your Xiaomi phone

In the settings find the section “System and device”, then go to “Advanced”.

In the advanced settings, select the item “Language and input”.

On the page that opens, find the section “Keyboard and input methods”, then go to “Current Keyboard.

If this keyboard is not available, you can download it from Play Market.

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How to change the keyboard on Xiaomi and enable the Russian layout

First you have to pull the so-called “notification curtain” and tap on the gear in the upper right corner. the smartphone settings icon. In the list that appears, find the button with the picture of the ellipsis and go to it. Then it is necessary to go to the menu item with the globe icon and press the first button, after that the list of available languages will appear. If it is not there, it means that it is not included in this firmware and you will have to change it.

If you just want to select other input languages, but do not know how, the procedure is as follows: “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Language and input”. “Keyboard” and input methods. “Keyboard settings”. “Input languages”.

How to change the keyboard on Xiaomi?

Depending on your Xiaomi smartphone, and on the version of the installed firmware, the device can use two kinds of preinstalled keyboard SwiftKey or Gboard as the Google keyboard is now called. What to do if you’re not happy with your current keyboard, can you change it? Of course you can, as we’re going to tell you right now.

In our example, the default SwiftKey keyboard is used, so here it is:

Let’s say you want to install Gboard. after all, this is probably the most popular keyboard on mobile devices. First of all, go to the settings of your Xiaomi smartphone.

In the System and Device section, find the Advanced subsection, tap on it once.

Find the Language and Input line, click on it.

Now click on the line Current keyboard.

A choice of keyboard will appear, select the option to your liking, for example, Gboard Russian in which case the Google keyboard will be installed in Russian (its layout you can always change through the settings).

Run any application where you want to enter text, and then look at the new keyboard. In our case, Gboard.

Of course, in this way you can change the keyboard to any other, having previously downloaded and installed it from Play Market.

How to change the keyboard on Xiaomi

Due to their compact size, Android smartphones are in many ways inferior to personal computers in terms of functionality and usability. Users are often faced with the fact that the standard keyboard of the phone does not allow typing fast and well. Third-party developers have created and published in the Google Play store a lot of programs that replace the standard layout more convenient. Before you change the keyboard on Xiaomi, you need to find out which layout is already installed.

How to change the keyboard on Xiaomi

Due to their compact size, Android smartphones are in many ways inferior to personal computers in terms of functionality and usability. Users are often faced with the fact that the standard keyboard of the phone does not allow for quick and high-quality typing. Third-party developers have already created and published in the Google Play store a lot of programs that replace the standard layout more convenient. Before you change the keyboard on Xiaomi, you need to find out what layout is already installed.

How to change the keyboard on Xiaomi?

On devices of this manufacturer, most often there are only 2 versions of the layout of the standard Android and proprietary SwiftKey. The layout can be easily changed if 2 or more versions are installed, and it does not take much time.

To select the installed keyboard, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” section;
  • Find advanced or advanced settings;
  • select “Language and input”;
  • Go to “Current layout” and select the desired option.

If the pre-installed layouts don’t suit the user, you can download third-party apps via Google Play. The Swype app developed by Nuance Communications lets you enter text without taking your finger off the screen. To type characters, just slide your finger over the letters, and then the program itself detects what word the user meant. The app doesn’t always guess words correctly, but in most cases it succeeds.

Smart Keyboard by Dexilog claims to be the best layout for Android. It does not have a stylish look and a large variety of graphical shells, but it offers enhanced functionality, allows you to customize the appearance and size of the buttons. The program is free, but contains ads that can be turned off by spending 140.

Keyboard settings

Xiaomi smartphone users often find that they can’t find the menu for virtual character input settings.

How to enter the keyboard settings menu?

To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Open any text editor or messaging program that supports character input;
  • Press and hold down the comma button in the lower left corner to open a pop-up window;
  • Without taking your finger off the display, press the button with a gear wheel;
  • Select “Languages” if you want to add or delete a language;
  • Select “Keyboard Settings” to go to advanced options.

To configure the keyboard appearance

If you select the “Keyboard Settings” section, you will be able to change the appearance of the. To do this, select the “Settings” item. Here you can add or remove some virtual keys, change the panel size via the “Height” menu, adjust the input of additional characters by long presses, etc.д.

Missing Keyboard on Xiaomi Android What to do?

Missing entry buttons usually disappear from your smartphone screen for two reasons:

For troubleshooting, follow the instructions below (there are several ways to fix the problem).

You can return the keys through the “Settings” of your smartphone, adjusting the input methods. Search for “Input methods” in the menu and activate the keyboard by ticking the checkbox.

If this does not help, perform the following steps:

  • Open the virtual keyboard.
  • Purge the data and clear the cache.
  • Stop the program.
  • Restart the phone.

After that the panel of dialing characters should be activated. IMPORTANT! Return the keys can be carried out by installing an application that can replace the missing panel.

Types of keyboards

If in the case of laptops and computers keyboard is always universal, the layout on the Xiaomi can be in different applications that can be downloaded from the Internet or from the Play store.

In addition to the standard, default option, there are additional ones:

  • TouchPal. Bigger keys on the keyboard. The background color is adjustable, and typing is very comfortable and error-free.
  • Swype. This keyboard is distinguished by a rich vocabulary, which substitutes words (T9) and by the absence of additional buttons to switch languages. While on the standard keyboard in addition to pressing the space bar you can press the button representing the globe in the menu, in the case of Swype it will not work.
  • Wired (or wireless) keyboard, which you can buy and use like a computer keyboard. If the keyboard works via USB, you just need to connect it to the device. If there is no wire, it is necessary to turn on Bluetooth, so the phone reads the device.This system is convenient because the typing is much faster, and if you need to replace your computer keyboard, this option will be a good alternative. You may need to configure more settings in certain cases.
  • Swiftkey. The convenience of this virtual keyboard is that in the case of errors or a question “how to configure the keyboard on Xiaomi”, you can simply download it. No settings or installation of anything additional are required. Setting up the keyboard to switch languages should be done in the standard way. The keyboard is originally in Russian, so you don’t have to translate anything.
  • Gboard. The same, often default, keyboard look. Unfortunately, there are problems with the firmware of older models lately, and many people have to switch from Gboard to Swiftkey, in case they can’t solve the problem on their own.

The important point: if you are asked to register somewhere and to indicate your phone number when you install some virtual keyboard it is better not to do this. The necessary applications need to be downloaded in Play-market and for android this is max.