How to change the color of the keyboard on the phone Android. solutions

To enter any information on the Android phone, a virtual keyboard is used. Its standard design does not attract users, so over time they want to change it. It should be understood that the number of topics available to the design depends on the selected keyboard. Some application allows you to change the color of the keys, their form, add new icons and change the size of the characters. And some program has only two decorations: Dark and light. In this article we will try to tell in detail how to change the keyboard color on the phone Android. Note that you can cope with this task forces to any user, and even a newcomer.

So many users in connection with this are set by a regular question of how to change the keyboard on Android and what is needed for this. This process is not so complicated, but newcomers still have some difficulties. And some can not even change the language on the keyboard android and, it would seem, the simplest procedure turns into a problem. Especially in the good half of the instructions for the operation to mobile gadgets, nothing about it is said.

Comfortable keyboard

So, let’s try to figure out how to change the keyboard on Android and make it as painlessly as possible for both the platform and the user itself. The following methods are relevant for all versions of OS.

Virtual keyboard

Virtual keyboard allows you to enter texts in different languages. Its advantages are:

  • Ability to write text on the “native” language with the help of a foreign keyboard while driving abroad.
  • Text can be dialed using a mouse.
  • Quickly and conveniently switch between set and alphabet.

To use it, you must enable the “methods input methods” function, and follow the instructions. On the keyboard itself there is a special icon, with which you can enable and disable the function.

When you turn on the virtual editor, the text can be scored both using the mouse and on the usual keyboard.

Virtual keyboard

Virtual keyboard. the one that helps to enter text data in different languages. Its advantages are understandable immediately:

  • The user can conveniently and quickly switch between different languages;
  • You can also type text using a mouse;
  • The user can write in his native language, but at the same time use a foreign keyboard and vice versa.

To use this type of keyboard, in the settings, click on the “Text Input Methods” feature. Next, you need to follow the instructions of the system, because on each device it is its own.

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note! While turning on the foreign keyboard, the text editor can be typing, both using a mouse and using a standard keyboard.

Setting up standard keyboard

Step-by-step instructions, how to configure the Android keyboard, presented using Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. Menu of other smartphones can be somewhat different, but the main functions and operations of the operations will be the same for all smartphones.

To open the keyboard settings menu, you need to perform such actions:

The keyboard settings menu will be displayed on the screen, the first option of which is to configure the language. Please note that this feature implies a change in the menu language throughout the phone.

The following option displays the current keypad and allows you to perform its individual settings.

When you click on “Keyboard Management”, the user will be able to:

“Input settings” allow the user:

  • Select keyboard layout languages. It can be any number of languages ​​that will switch directly during text input using the quick switch key.
  • Perform subtle “settings”. When you select this feature, you can configure the display of a number of numbers, the language switch, the emoji on the keyboard, select the optimal keyboard height, turn on the power saving mode in the dark. Also in this list, setting the audio signals when you press the keys.
  • Install the desired settings “Fixes of Text”. In this window, prompts, filters of obscene-free words, auto-performance, gaps after punctuation signs, automatic letters change in the first word offer on capital.
  • Perform search settings. It is recommended to enable the Google search button display. This option will allow you to quickly search for the necessary information in the browser.

When the voice search options is selected, such a window will open:

In this window, the user will be able to configure languages ​​for voice recognition, enable the censorship function, speech recognition offline, allow Bluetooth commands on a blocked device.

How to change the default keyboard on Android

But it is not enough to download a sidewalk keyboard. Need to install it as a systemic. You can do this in the settings:

First you need to install a new keyboard as the default keyboard

Now that you will call the keyboard, GBOard will appear on the screen. At the same time, the keyboard that was installed by default will turn off. If you wish, you can delete it at all or “stop” in the settings so that it does not get out of the proposals to return it back.

How to change the keys on the keyboard using the keyboard

There are two options to do it.

Option 1

  • Click Alt E (Russian), we enter “H”. So the “Setup” window opens.
  • The toolbar you are going to change must be visible.
  • In the “Setup” window, click Alt and. So the Toolbar tab opens.
  • Use the arrow buttons to select the toolbar. Now press the gap to select the toolbar.
  • In the “Setup” window, click Alt to (Russian) to open the “Commands” tab.
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Option 2

  • Click the Alt R keys to open the command “Remost of the Commands”
  • Using the arrow keys to select, find the “Toolbar”.
  • Press the Tab key and move to the “Toolbar” list, then use the arrow buttons to select the key that we want to change. Press input.
  • Click TAB to move to the “Controls” list and using the arrow keys, select the button you want to change.
  • Click Alt s in order to select “Change Selected Object”.
  • Click Tab and move to the “Context menu name” field. Enter the name of the desired toolbar button by pressing the ampersand in front of the letter you are going to assign a shortcue key value.
  • Click Enter.
  • Using Tab, we move to the “Close” button, and press the input.

Finally, another small application (this time is Russian-speaking), allowing you to reassign any button and even change the standard combinations or install your own combinations.

As usual, the source key is first added, then the press emulation line is used, the letter or action of another key is selected from the list, and the changes are saved by pressing the button with the image of the floppy disk. By the way, this program is favorably different from the other previous ones, which allows not only the reassigning of the keys, but can also be used when setting up different kinds of manipulators, gamepads or action with software players.

Several ways to change the language on the keyboard on Android

The absolute majority of keyboards, with the exception of exotic and “designers”, without any additional settings offer the user two main layouts: native and English. If necessary, go from Cyrillic to Latin and back the question arises how to do it; Below will list the simplest ways.

So, in one of the most popular programs, SwiftKey, the change of language is made as follows:

  • Find a blank button in the lowest row, after which you spend your finger on it without delaying pressing, right or left. Can start from the center or from the opposite end.

Other Android keyboards offer alternative ways to change layouts. These include, for example, Gboard, offering the user a separate button. In this case, switching the language on the Android keypad looks like this:

Sometimes it is required to make an even more complex thing: add to the list of available layouts supported by the keyboard, one or more new. Follow the algorithm:

  • Enter the subsection with the name “Language and Enter”. The name may, depending on the version of Android, the phone model and other factors, insignificantly different from the presented.
  • In addition, for speedy finding a subsection can enter its name in the search bar.
  • In the list that opens, click on the Android keyboard header you currently.
  • Now pay attention to the bottom of the page. Here you will see the “Add Keyboard” button. use it to load a new layout.
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Application examples for replacement of standard keyboard

To establish a really worthwhile application, you can explore user feedback and their assessment, but you can do otherwise. to study the reviews of experts in advance and choose a utility with a wide functional. We give several applications awarded the highest ratings.

SwiftKey Keyboard

This option is good for those who use automatic input. To configure the program you will need to synchronize it with SMS accounts. Gmail. The keyboard scanning your correspondence and will independently replenish the dictionary. The feature of the application is to place the ENTER key on the right and below, if you hold your finger on it, the Smileyl menu will appear.

The program includes a unique set of topics, the ability to adjust vibration and audio settings. Among the shortcomings of this keyboard. an insufficient number of settings and the unusual location of the elements. For example, if you hold your finger on the “S” key, then the voice dial function will turn on.


Another keyboard, strikingly different from the standard. Here in the input menu you can add not only unique emoticons, but also GIF.Pictures. Basic topics do not include a large number of additional elements. Unlike SwiftKey, this keyboard is fully paid and for unique settings in Fleksy will have to spend an additional amount. It scares many users.

The advantage of the keyboard is the ability to control gestures. Introduction of text by the swipe method is not supported. If you are interested in this keyboard, you can use its trial period. 30 days. After which you can buy the application.


This keyboard is the most stylish of the presented. a lot of them were released to it, but many of them paid. It has a wide functional and correct operation of all functions. Keyboard settings work for Russian and English languages.

Another advantage of the program is the possibility of synchronization of the dictionary. Connect TouchPal on all devices and the dictionary will be regularly replenished. Also this utility supports the introduction of emoticons and emoji.

Now you know how to switch the keyboard on Android, as well as set it up and change it. If you have any questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Share the received information with friends, discuss it with us.