The user can get an account through the menu “Settings” in the tab “Mi Account” item “Registration”. An alternative way through the browser to go through a similar procedure on the official site of the manufacturer.

The procedure involves entering the following data:

  • Country/Region (chosen from the directory);
  • Personal data (phone number, e-mail address);
  • Password (made up by user from digits and letters, entered twice).

After creating an account in the system, it needs to be confirmed by the code received by SMS or e-mail. Enter confirmation code in the corresponding field. From now on, use your Mi account password in all apps that require authorization.

Ways to replace

Ways to change the standard font on Xiaomi phones x:

  • Download via the standard Themes app;
  • manual installation;
  • Using third-party applications: MIUI Custom Font Installer, iFont;
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Replacing from Themes app

This method requires a Mi-account linked to your smartphone. The procedure is as follows:

  • Launch the app.
  • Enter the word moby in the search bar.
  • Tap the View All line next to Fonts in the results.
  • On the new screen, click on the font you like and tap the Download button.
  • Reboot your smartphone.

After restarting, the changes will be applied.

Manual installation

  • Save the file with the extension mtz on the internal memory of the phone.
  • Launch Themes.
  • Click on the 4 left red circle in the center of the screen and select Font.
  • Open Themes = Local = Import. If these buttons are not available, you need to change the region of use: Settings = Advanced = Region and select the value India.
  • Specify the path to the saved file.
  • On the next screen, choose Components and Font.
  • Reboot your device to apply changes.

Change via MIUI Custom Font Installer

According to the Play Market description, the app works with MIUI 7-10 without root or design account. Algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Download the file from the link of the previous method and save it in the internal memory.
  • Press Install, choose installation method, click Ok.
  • Choose a font, click Apply, Reboot.
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Changing via iFonts

Since the fonts are added to the system memory partition, you will need ROOT rights to run the apps. The application allows you to download them from the web and install your own ttf files. mtz is not supported.

You need to download and install from the web:


  • Launch an app.
  • Choose a font from the list in the Recommended tab or switch to Find and select All Fonts.
  • Click Download, Install.

After that the phone will automatically reboot.

To add your file to the system you need to:

  • Go to My tab and select My Fonts.
  • Click on the red line click this and select the previously saved file.
  • Click Install.
  • ( only on custom MIUI versions);
  • ( in the format of.rtf, you will need to convert to.mtz. for example the application FONT2MTZ, download link:;
  • search forums like 4pda.

Fonts in mtz format are suitable for you, how to change the font on your Xiaomi phone? Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to Settings → Themes → → Import Theme. Or go to the Themes app → Profile → Themes → Import Theme.
  • Last step: apply via Settings → Screen → Fonts, or via the standard application Themes → Profile → Fonts.

Changing the font size

Few people know, but the size of the letters can be increased or decreased to make it easier for the user to read the information on the screen. There are a total of 6 sizes on Xiaomi from XS to XXL. In order to change the font size on Android Xiaomi, do the following:

  • enter the settings of the gadget and tap on the “Screen” icon;
  • There will be a text size inscription at the bottom of the page, click on it;
  • From the list offered, choose the size you feel most comfortable with.
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As you can see, changing the font size on Xiaomi Redmi or Mi is simple enough.

How to change the font type

Making changes is available in two ways. by downloading the desired option in the store Xiaomi or downloading an existing solution. Pay attention to the format of the text. In Chinese phones Xiaomi it should be mtz. Depending on the OS version, the implementation methods may vary.

Standard way

First, let’s look at the standard methods on how to install your font on your Xiaomi phone. Let’s highlight the main options:

  • Go to Settings→ Advanced→ Font. There, go to the Choices section. Where click on an existing option or upload your own. As a rule, the necessary pins are located in the memory of the phone Xiaomi in the folder MIUI and Theme. (the feature works only on older versions of the operating system)
  • Go to the Themes app. Then the system sends you to the store. Click on the fourth character from the left to get to Resources, and there find the feature of interest.

Keep in mind that not everywhere you can change the font on Xiaomi through Xiaomi system features. If there are no above mentioned items, use other ways (we will describe them in details below).

How to change on Xiaomi Redmi using apps

You can use third-party programs to change the font. The advantage of using the app is that it will definitely provide more font choices and a few additional options.

Download the Go Launcher app. This program will change the look of your Android phone. There are over a hundred personalized fonts in the app. GO Launcher unique feature menu will unite useful functions on the screen. With more than 25 screen animation effects, more than 15 free app widgets, more than 10,000 specially designed themes, easy and quick gestures.

Another iFont (Expert of Fonts) app is worth mentioning. It allows you to get fonts according to the languages and their popularity. You just need to install it.

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By default you can only change the size of text, not the type. This is done using MIUI 9 as an example: Settings Screen Text Size

In the menu that will open, you can see how the text will look when resized and how it will look on the desktop (to do this, swipe the screen from right to left as shown in the screenshot below):

This should be pretty straightforward, just drag the slider at the bottom of the screen, look at the result, and click OK.

The standard way to change the font

There are two ways to change the font: you can buy/download it from the Xiaomi store, or you can upload your own font. All fonts must be in mtz format. Depending on the version of the operating system, the ways vary greatly, here are the most popular options:

  • Settings. Advanced. Font. Select Font. You can choose a popular one from the offered ones or upload your own by clicking “offline”. Usually you have to place your own fonts in the following way: smartphone memory/Miui/theme
  • Open the program “Themes” on your phone, go to the Chinese market, there click on the red circle with a character (4th from the left side), go to “Resources” and there we find the option “Font“.
  • Open Themes. Locally. Import and choose the right one, then you need to select “Components” and then go to “Font“.

Not all firmware versions and themes support changing system parameters. So if you do not have the necessary menu items, then it is worth using the other ways described below.

Where to Download Fonts for Xiaomi

All ways work and you can easily download the fonts you like.