How to change the display on iPhone 6

Despite the fact that the 12th iPhone has already been released, there are those who still use the 6th model. And this is nothing like that. After all, not everyone is vitally important to buy the latest model for the cost of a used domestic car.

They are satisfied with what they have. over, the iPhone 6 does an excellent job with the functions that are presented to a high-quality modern smartphone. Like all similar gadgets, it has its own weak point. This is a display that can be broken with one careless movement, dropping, hitting, etc. Qualitatively and quickly replacing the display on the iPhone in Chernivtsi can be done by the service specialists

How to Replace a Shattered iPhone 6 Screen

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If you wish, if you do not want to spend money on repairs, you can replace the display on the iPhone 6 yourself.

Where to get a new display

There are two display options:

  • original
  • unoriginal

How to change the display on iPhone 6 yourself

In order to replace the display on a smartphone, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • turn off smartphone
  • unscrew the two screws securing the display at the bottom
  • remove the display (you can pick it up with a pick or something else)
  • unscrew the connector cover by 5 screws
  • disconnect display connectors
  • remove the old screen
  • unscrew and rearrange to the new screen from the old speaker and camera
  • unscrew the 2 screws and remove the cover of the Home button
  • unscrew the screws of the iron screen cover and remove it
  • carefully peel off the ribbon and remove the cover with the ribbon
  • remove the home button
  • to test the new screen, install the cover with the button and tighten 1 screw
  • connect loops to the board
  • turn on the device and check the touchscreen
  • if everything is ok, turn off the device
  • disconnect the cables and remove the new screen
  • unscrew the metal cover
  • remove the protective film, put the cover back
  • start loops in order
  • install the Home button and its loop
  • tighten the screws of the cover of the new screen
  • replace the home button cover
  • remove the protective films from the speaker mesh
  • put a ring for the camera and the camera itself
  • straighten the trains
  • install the speaker and close the cover
  • connect loops to the board
  • close the connector cover, tighten the screws
  • install the display into the case
  • tighten the bottom screws
  • turn on and check the functionality of the smartphone
  • check camera
  • check speaker

If everything is OK and everything works, the iPhone 6 display replacement was successful.!

Transferring small parts

The part has passed the test, we will transfer the components from the old display for installation on a new one, namely: the rear metal base of the display, the “home” button and a cable with a front camera, speaker and microphone.

Let’s start at the top, where 3 screws and a cover hide the top cable underneath. We unscrew and remember the location of the screws for reassembly.

We remove the cover and remove the earpiece, nothing holds it, it hides under the train.

Next, we remove the sensors and sensors from the grooves, we act slowly and carefully, it is very easy to break the thin cable.

Finally, unstick the microphone. Use a flat spatula or tweezers to pry from below and lift.

The holders of the front camera and the pair sensor should also be moved, if necessary, you can heat the glass on the back with a hair dryer to facilitate dismantling. We will install them in a new place with a small amount of glue.

Often on spare parts of original quality, there is no base for the speaker grid with a microphone pad. We will also take it from the old display.

IPhone 6S display replacement procedure

  • In the end part of the smartphone, 2 screws 3.4 mm long with a profile are unscrewed.
  • In order for everything to come safely, the craftsmen use a specialized tool in the form of pliers with suction cups to squeeze the display off the case. However, in our case, a regular suction cup is suitable, which is installed above the home button and is strongly clamped.
  • At the bottom of the front panel, the iPhone 6s has a so-called notch, which we use to open the phone more conveniently. We take a plastic spatula and carefully pick up the screen frame. In parallel, raise the touchscreen with a suction cup.
  • Move the tip of the spatula around the perimeter of the smartphone display module. It is necessary to carry out such manipulations very carefully, since the screen and display cables can be damaged. Once all latches are released, the display module can be gently tilted 90 °.
  • Since you now know how to remove the display, move on to unscrewing the 3.0mm (red) and 2.3mm (orange) screws in the plate that holds the battery connector.
  • In order to avoid spontaneous switching on of the gadget during the repair, the power supply cable is moved to the side.
  • Unscrew the four existing screws on the protective plate.
  • Remember that the longest screw is at the top in the right corner.
  • Using the tip of a spatula, carefully disconnect the front camera connector, ribbon cable and touch sensor cable.

Replacing the display on the iPhone 6S. step by step PHOTO instructions

Today we have an iPhone 6S being repaired, where the glass of the display module is broken.

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement done in 5 minutes

Since the original display has become quite affordable, it was decided to change the entire spare part. Go.

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What is needed

  • Phillips (1.2mm, 1.7mm, 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 2.9mm) and 3.4mm Pentagonal (Pentalobe) screwdrivers.
  • Dielectric blade (Spudger).
  • Sucker.
  • Tweezers.
  • Plastic tool.
  • iOpener (or an alternative such as an electric heating pad).
  • New display panel for iPhone 6s.

“Warm” screen at night

To turn on a warm picture only in the evening, you can use the Night Shift function.

All current Apple gadgets starting with the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPod touch (6th generation) support the Night Shift feature. This option allows you to make the color temperature of the display warmer at night.

It is enough to go to Settings. Screen and brightness. Night Shift, enable a useful feature and specify the time period for the option to be triggered. Below you can adjust the comfortable shade.

Night Shift can be quickly turned on and off from the Control Center, you just need to hold your finger on the brightness adjustment slider and press the button of the same name to turn the mode on and off.

How to improve the colors on the screen of any iPhone

Each iPhone or iPad user has long been able to adjust the picture on the screen of his device and make it more comfortable for perception. To do this, the system has a number of options that work in different ways and are useful in different cases.

Always warm display

This method is suitable for those for whom the picture on the screen seems too blue or “cold” and wants a warmer color regardless of the lighting and time of day.

You can do this on any iPhone or iPad, just go to Settings. General. Accessibility. Display adaptation. Light filters. Here you need to turn on the filters with the main switch, select the Tint mode and adjust the intensity and hue with the sliders below.

Additionally, you can go to the Settings. General. Accessibility. Keyboard shortcuts section and check the Light filters item here. So a triple press on the Home button will quickly turn on and off the use of the light filter.

“Warm” picture depending on lighting

The most advanced Apple trick for adapting the color temperature of the display is the True Tone option (Settings. Display and brightness. True Tone). Available only on iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPad Pro (except 12.9 ″ 1st generation).

Thanks to the presence of a special sensor, the device independently evaluates the illumination around and adjusts the color temperature of the screen to the ambient light. I entered a room with yellow lamps. the screen also turned yellow, went out into the sunlight. the screen turned white.

This allows the user to always see the most comfortable picture for perception.

True Tone can be turned on and off in the same way as Night Shift: open the Control Panel, hold the brightness slider and click on the corresponding button.

What are the breakdowns of iPhone 6?

the phone does not charge or discharges quickly;

the sensor and the Home button do not respond to commands;

the camera does not focus and takes pictures of poor quality;

You do not hear the interlocutor or he you. speaker problems. Most often this happens if dust has accumulated on the speaker and the iPhone has been used in this state for a long time.

Can’t charge your phone or charging is enough for a short time. You need to replace the battery on your iPhone 6. The battery problem may be due to the use of poor quality chargers. If the phone gets very hot or only works on the mains. the breakdown must be looked for on the motherboard in the power controller.

Stripes, pixels appeared on the screen, the image is deformed, the touchscreen does not work. the reason is in the display. The problem usually occurs after being hit / dropped or damp. The sensor does not respond to pressing, performs spontaneous commands. faulty touch controller.

Home button stops working if dropped, hit, or got wet.

You want to call someone, but the phone cannot see the network. the reason may be either in the SIM card itself or in the communication modem.

Problems with Wi-Fi may occur through a poor signal or incorrect operation of the Wi-Fi module.

You decided to take a great photo, but the camera does not focus or the image is blurry. the reason may be software failures, mechanical damage or moisture in the case.

And the worst problem. iPhone 6 won’t turn on. In this case, we advise you to simultaneously press the Home and Power buttons and hold them for 10 seconds. If it does not help, the reason may be:

a failed battery or power controller;

IPhone 6 Repair

The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture.

The price depends on the complexity of the work in each specific case.

IPhone 6 breakdowns and repair features

iPhone has taken first place in the market for its quality and performance. But even first-class equipment needs repair after certain situations or long-term service.

Often the reasons why the iPhone 6 does not work correctly are:

Diagnostics iPhone 6 will help determine the breakdown and solve the problem.

IPhone 6 repair

Our service center will conduct a free diagnosis of the iPhone 6 and establish the cause of the breakdown. As soon as possible, specialists will fix the problem, and you will be able to continue to fully use your iPhone.

In case of incorrect battery operation, we suggest:

replacing the battery (if you often charged the phone in the car or used a non-original charger);

unsoldering the power controller chip on the motherboard (if the reason is in the controller).

Replacing the iPhone 6 glass consists of several stages. With the help of special equipment, we remove the remnants of broken glass. After that, we glue a new one, according to factory technologies.

In case of display problems. we install the original screen taken from the donor phone or a high quality copy (at your request).

Network problems are corrected by replacing the non-working microcircuit on the motherboard using the exact desoldering method.

We start Bluetooth repair with correct flashing. If after that the phone does not work correctly. we replace the faulty antenna or microcircuit.

If you are having sound or speaker problems, there are two repair options: cleaning your iPhone or replacing the flex cable. It all depends on the degree of pollution. In the case when the phone has been working with dust on the speaker for a long time, we replace the cable.

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Replacing glass and display on iPhone 6s

This problem occurs most often because any of us in a hurry or inadvertently can miss the phone. Mechanical damage is one of the main causes of broken glass and display malfunction.

If you see external defects, but the sensor is working properly. iPhone 6s glass replacement is needed. Our professionals will clean the iPhone from the last remnants and glue the new glass.

In the case when there are image defects and the phone does not respond to commands. we are replacing the display of iPhone 6s.

Network, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi not working on iPhone 6s

The phone does not see the network, but the SIM card is working? This means that the reason is in the communication modem. Using the exact desoldering method, professionals will replace the damaged microcircuit with a new one.

Malfunctions in Wi-Fi operation occur through the Wi-Fi module. We advise you to start solving the problem with Bluetooth with a correct flashing. If the breakdown still remains. iРhone 6s diagnostics will help to establish the exact cause. Most often, these are problems on the motherboard.

Camera problems on iPhone 6s

We all love to take beautiful photos. If you want to take a photo, but the camera is not focusing, photo software will not work. this is a clear sign that something is wrong. Usually the reasons can be:

In our service center, specialists will conduct free diagnostics and troubleshoot.

Sound or speaker not working on iPhone 6s

Perhaps the most “annoying” problem, because it is very difficult for us to live without communication. Usually breakage occurs through dust in the case. But moisture, shock, damage to the sound chip, or software glitches may also be possible.

We start repairs with cleaning the phone. In case it didn’t help. it is necessary to change the loop itself. It all depends on the degree of pollution and the time during which the phone worked in this state.

IPhone 6S Repair

Service name Price, UAH Time
Diagnostics External examination of the device, determination of possible causes of malfunction. Is free 10 min.
Glass replacement (original LCD is preserved) Chipped and cracked glass, display and touchscreen work. 650 UAH. 1 hour
Display replacement (original) Color stripes appear, touchscreen does not work. 1050 UAH. 15 minutes.
Display replacement (high quality copy) Colored stripes appear, the touchscreen does not work. 800 UAH. 15 minutes.
Full diagnostics Internal inspection of the device, identification of possible causes of malfunction using special equipment.

In rare cases, it can take up to several days, for example, after a short circuit on the board or after moisture has entered

The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture.

The price depends on the complexity of the work in each specific case.

Frequent breakdowns of iPhone 6s and features of their repair

IPhone 6s repair. it is a complex of diagnostics and corrective actions. At Royal-Service, we guarantee high quality of work and the shortest possible time to restore the functions of your phone.

IPhone update

We figured out how to reflash a new iPhone through iTunes. a convenient way, but its implementation requires a computer at hand. If you don’t have a computer and you need a new version of iOS, you can get it via Wi-Fi. Why only Wi-Fi and not mobile traffic? The answer lies in the size of the downloaded file. 3G bandwidth does not allow downloading such volumes of information normally, so you have to use a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Connect your phone to Wi-Fi.
  • Open the “General” section in the settings. Go to the submenu “Software update”.
  • A check for updates will begin. If there are updates, the “Download and Install” button will appear.

Important: Updating via Wi-Fi cannot be used on jailbroken phones, it will lead to an “eternal apple”. How do I know if my device is jailbroken? The Cydia application will be available on it.

You can also update iOS through iTunes, while the order of performing the operation will practically not differ from restoring the device, with the only exception. user content will remain intact.

  • Launch iTunes, connect the device and select it in the program window.
  • Click “Update” and confirm the operation.

You can download the latest iOS on your computer yourself, and then select the firmware file in iTunes. This approach will save time for downloading the updated version of the system. To be able to specify the path to the firmware file, hold down the Shift key and click “Update”. An explorer window will appear, in which you can select the downloaded upgrade.

Remember, when you update, your custom content and settings are preserved. If you restore the device, then the phone will become “clean”, as after the purchase.

Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:

Hello, I forgot the password from iCloud to any applications. Re-flashing is possible and will it help?

Good evening. Tell me the camera does not work and the flash maybe a flashing will help? I read they say yes.

Tell me, I can’t activate my iPhone for 2 weeks already. I bought from another owner, I untied everything in front of me, I turned off the iPhone to find it. When trying to log in, activation error. unable to activate iPhone because it could not contact the apl servers. Here is such a game. I tried everything. Firmware, update via aytuns. Nothing will activate it. What do you think? I already bought the device The person gets in touch, well, he says, it still worked. Now that he, too, should walk with a non-working apparatus? The service told me that the repair will cost 3000. And everything will work with a 100% guarantee. Maybe someone knows what to do?

Good afternoon, do you activate a new one from a backup copy? Look here in more detail about activation:

Good day! We bought a new iPhone 6 s, in Russia it works fine with cards, but in Ukraine it does not see. Tell me what to do. Is it worth reflashing! Thanks in advance.

hello tell me please bought my daughter an iPhone7 and there Apple ID: the account is empty what to do?

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(iPhone 6) The screen goes blank, I went to the service, they replaced the screen backlight circuit, but after a few days, the screen started to go out again. When you start the camera, stripes appear on it, if you restart the phone, then everything becomes fine for a while, can a flashing help?

I bought an iPhone 7, I flashed it, and there the activation lock comes out, you can remove it?

accidentally entered the phone into recovery mode, now it is in the recovery loop, I heard that through reiboot, you can get it out of this state, but the computer does not see the phone. I don’t know what to do with this, can someone tell me?

iPhone 7 crashed and the motherboard broke, that is, the home button does not work and what options are possible I wanted to update the version but the button does not work, it is not possible to turn it on

Hello, I updated iOS outgoing calls disappeared help what to do?

Hello, I forgot the password from the iPhone 6, it is not tied to any applications, I know the password from the icoud, what to do?

Hello, the Touch di button does not work on iPhone 6. They say if you go back to version 9, then everything will be restored, what do you say?

Good evening. in the main Settings Software update the latest iOS 12 is installed (please tell me what to do.

Hello. Purchased an iPhone 6s from a different owner. It is not possible to log out from his iCloud, asks for the password of the previous owner, we enter everything correctly, does not answer. settings do not work, authentication failed. Resetting the settings also fails. A yellow spot appeared on the screen and applications stopped opening, freezes. Tell me how to be?

I bought an iPhone 6 asks for the background of an old owner and someone doesn’t know how to be

Whoever has an iPhone that requires iCloud that you don’t know is a brick. Google iCloud Lock, saddened. For devices above seven, there is minimal sense to pay for unlock, but there is scammer. 80%, decide for yourself whether it is worth the risk

Whoever has a failure to enter / exit aikloud, reset. the bodies are most likely melted or crookedly soldered, the modem dies, if it is the sixth or lower. bury it, if higher. keep in mind that the modem soldering costs 100 dollars and after that it is better not to drop the bodies

iPhone 7 started rebooting every 30 seconds. When you enter DFU mode, everything is fine, but as soon as it starts to update, it turns on

DFU operation

If iPhone won’t recover in normal mode and iTunes gives an error, use DFU mode. The order will be as follows:

  • Open iCloud Settings and turn off Find My iPhone.
  • Download the latest iOS version to your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer. Hold the Home and Power keys for 10-15 seconds until the screen turns off. A second after the screen turns off, release the Power button, but continue to hold “Home”. Wait for iTunes to see a notification that the device has been detected in recovery mode.
  • Hold down the Shift key on your computer keyboard and click “Restore iPhone”.
  • Select the downloaded firmware file and wait for the restore process to complete.

To wake up the device from DFU mode, hold down the Power and Home buttons for 15 seconds.

The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a home button, so the order of entering and exiting DFU mode will be slightly different:

  • Connect iPhone 7 to Computer.
  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Without releasing the power button, hold down the volume down key. Hold both buttons for 10 seconds. If the Apple logo appears, repeat the procedure. it means you have been holding the buttons for too long.
  • Release the power button after 10 seconds. Continue to hold the Volume Down key for another 5 seconds. If the iTunes Connect screen appears, start over. you held down the buttons for too long.
  • If the display stays black and iTunes displays a message stating that a device has been found in recovery mode, then you’ve put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Otherwise, the instructions are the same: you need to select an IPSW file or entrust iTunes to download and install the firmware yourself. To wake up iPhone 7 from DFU mode, hold down the Volume Down and Power button until the Apple logo appears.

iPhone slows down after updating: what to do?

Methods for flashing the latest iPhone models

When trying to figure out how to reflash an iPhone, the user must first understand what firmware is and what methods of flashing exist. The process itself takes 10 minutes, any iPhone owner can complete it, but for greater confidence, you need to know some technical points.

We have already written instructions on the site on how to reflash an iPhone, but it was about iPhones 4 and 5. You can see this article here. In general, the process has remained the same. Below we tell you how to reflash modern iPhones (iPhones 6 and 7) and how to install an iOS update on iPhone 6 or 7.

Firmware options and methods

IPhone firmware is its software, the operating system known as iOS. A flashing is a system restore or update. In the first case, it means a return to factory settings with the removal of personal data, in the second. installing a new version of iOS without affecting user content.

deleting custom iPhone settings

A flashing may be required in the following cases:

  • IOS crashes.
  • Release of a new version of iOS.
  • The need to completely delete information from the phone. for example, when transferring the device to another owner.

There are two methods for flashing iPhone: via iTunes connection and Wi-Fi. In iTunes, you can do both flashing, restore and update. Over Wi-Fi, only device upgrade is possible, that is, downloading and installing updates.

Apple does not allow you to install outdated iOS versions. This does not prevent craftsmen from releasing software that allows you to downgrade the system, but most often it only works on older iPhone models. It is not possible to downgrade iOS on iPhone 6 or 7.