Sorting channels on the TV Samsung 6 series

While there were less than twenty television channels, there were no problems with their sorting, but now that the number of television channels is calculated by hundreds, sorting them on the TV using the remote control is almost unrealistic. Modern Smart-TV Samsung, LG, HISENSE, PANASONIC, TOSHIBA allow you to record a list of channels on a USB flash drive and read it from there. There are many programs and services for sorting channels.

My TV Samsung 40MU6400 (https: // ammo1com/991642.HTML) saves a ZIP archive on a flash drive, in which there are four files without extension with lists of channels of different types in SQLite Format 3 format. This is done in the TV menu “Translation-additional settings-transfer the list of channels-(enter the PIN-code 0000)-export to USB”.

When I took up the search for a program for sorting channels, there were many different programs, but they all did not understand this format of the list of channels (for samsungs of different generations the format changed). There was only one program that supports the list of my TV channels, and at the same time LG, HISENSE, Panasonic and Toshiba TVs. It is called Chansort_2017-11-30 and laid out on github.

In addition to channels, the program shows a lot of technical information (frequency, multiplexes, quality and more). You can not only sort, but also rename channels, hide unnecessary channels, create lists of selected channels.

After sorting, the program creates a file that needs to be written on a USB flash drive and “feed” the TV.

For Samsung, there was also an online service of sorting SamyChan But there are much less opportunities.

If you watch TV and you have a modern Smart-TV, spend half an hour and sort the channels as it is convenient. Now it is not at all difficult and not tiring.

What to do if you can’t find and save digital channels on the Samsung TV

If after setting it is not possible to find the channels or save them, the problem may be in:

  • Antenna. Perhaps the signal is simply not caught, you should try to turn the antenna in the other direction and check the quality of the signal. You can also pay attention to how the antenna of neighbors is established, who do not experience difficulties with the search and viewing of the channels.
  • Cable. You need to check all the cables, their connection. Although the device of the connectors does not allow you to confuse cables in places, this is still possible when using tulips. It is also possible that he refused any of the connectors. All should be reinstated and restart of the TV. If the problem is in the connectors, you will have to contact a specialist.
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How to change the channels on the LG Smart TV TV?

Sorting analog/digital channels

  • Press the Menu button on the remote control, select the Broadcasting tab by pressing the central button on the crossbar or click the arrow to the right, open it.
  • In the translation deposit, select the channel change item, click the central button of the cross (ready).

How to move channels on a H-series TV

or click the KeyPad button and select the Menu item on the TV screen.

Channels are analog and digital. Channels that have the name next to the number. digital. Channels without name. analog.

If you move digital channels, they change places (the fifth channel is moved to the place of the third, the third moves in place of the fifth, the rest of the channels will remain in place).

change, channels, samsung

If you move the analog channels, the channels are changed the position below the one that has been moved (the fifth channel we move to the place of the third, the third will move in place of the fourth, the fourth. in place of the fifth, etc.D.).

change, channels, samsung

Select “Izm. numbers “and click the” Enter “button.

Move the channel to a new place using arrows on the remote control

or enter the number to which you want to move the channel.

Click the “Enter” button to save the channel in a new place.

The channel number is changed. Repeat points 5. 9 to move other channels.

How to manually set up analog channels on the Samsung TV?

To start the settings, click the “Menu” button on the remote control, select the “Broadcast” tab (maybe “channel”). In the menu that appears, select the item “Cable search parameters”. Return to the “Auto” menu “and select” Auto.Narrowing “item.

How to configure?

So, modern Smart TV TVs are very obvious in setting. But the sorting of the channels on the Samsung TV is not in an obvious place because of which users have difficulty. Together with this problem, you can simply clearly follow the instructions. By analogy, you can configure any Samsung TV.

  • We enter the TV menu. The same name on the remote control.
  • Choosing in this menu item “Translation”.
  • Using navigation buttons, scroll down the list down. It is important to remember that you can change the channel number only after automatic setting of the channels. In this paragraph, click on “Change the channel number” and activate this function.
  • Now we select the item “Changing channels“. Before us opens the menu that allows you to move the channels. In it, select the channel of interest and click the button “Izm. Numbers “.
  • Now we can move this channel to another place. It is important to know that the channels that have the name are digital and when moving one to the place of the other, they simply change places. And if the channel does not have a name. it is analog and its movement will shift the rest of the channels down.
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Thus, it is not difficult to understand that the change in the order of the channels on Samsung TVs is not a difficult task. It is enough to show this procedure a couple of times, and he can easily repeat it.

You think this does not work with grandfathers and grandmothers? Ha, for my experience on the provider, it was this category, recording the procedure on the paper sheet of paper, the least of all made repeated appeals. But younger people paid twice, and sometimes three times. And with the instructions on their hands, many dealt on their own. There is no need for special knowledge here, it is enough to know that all this can be found and done.

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How to remove the channel on the Samsung TV

The sequence of actions required to remove unnecessary programs on the Samsung TV depends on the series and model of the device. These characteristics are indicated in the form of a combination of numbers and letters on the back of the TB apparatus case or in a complete instructions for the operation of the device. The series is indicated by the Latin letter. the symbol is located in the name of the device after the prefix “UE” and the diagonal of the screen: for example, the UE49MU6100U device belongs to the “M” series. Having decided on the TV series, the user can start editing the program playlist.

Series M, Q, LS

To remove channels on the Samsung TV, Q or LS TV will need:

  • Open the settings menu of the apparatus using the “Home” key located on the remote control.
  • Go to the system section “Live” and open the tab with the playlist of television programs.
  • Choose the “channel change” tool using the “right” keychain.
  • Mark the television channels that need to be erased from the memory of the device. a checkbox should appear to the left of the name of the channel.
  • Press the screen “Delete” key and confirm your choice.

To complete the setting and exit from the menu, click the “Return” button.


To remove unnecessary on channels on the Samsung TV, you need:

  • Go to the “Living TB” section.
  • Open the “playlist”.
  • Mark unnecessary television channels with a tick (“edit” tool).
  • Click on a blue.colored button “Delete”.

Next, you will need to click on the PDU key “back”.

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The algorithm for removing channels in the TV series looks as follows:

  • Transition to the “settings” of the television apparatus. Depending on the model number, you will need to click on the Menu or 123 remote control key.
  • Opening the section “Broadcast” and the transition to “Changes of the playlist”.
  • Removing “extra” television channels using the Remove button.

After you need to press the Return key.


Instructions for removing television channels on the devices of Samsung N-series are presented below:

  • Launching the settings menu using the “Menu” or “Keypad” key on the PDU.
  • Transition to the system subsection “Translation”.
  • Adding special checkmarks next to the names of the channels that must be erased from the playlist.
  • The choice of the tool “Delete” and confirmation of the operation.

The completion of the setting is carried out using the “Return” key.

How to Arrange TV Channel on Samsung Smart TV


Removing television channels on F-series devices is carried out in the same way as on N-series devices. To enter the system, you must click on the remote control control key “”.


To erase the TV channel from the memory of the series E, the user needs:

  • Press the “Smart Hub” button and select “Channels” in the displayed menu in the displayed menu.
  • Mark unnecessary programs with a tick and open the “Tools” context menu using the keyboard control panel with the corresponding name.
  • Click on “delete” and confirm the operation.

Next, you will need to complete the editing of the playlist by holding the “back” key.

Samsung Smart Remote. Voice Control Functions REVIEW

Management on TVs with CAM module

Find out how to streamline the TV tricolor channels on a module connected directly to the TV from the instructions for TV. In this case, a separate remote control is not used. All settings and control are carried out directly through the TV. The satellite antenna is connected to it directly.

Comment. The ability to install a CAM module is not available in all TVs. Mostly she can take advantage of technology owners from Samsung and LG. The rest will have to manage viewing through the receiver and follow the standard instructions for organizing TV channels.

Once having figured out how to streamline the channels, the Tricolor subscriber will be able to save a lot of time in the future when searching for suitable programs. Content can be organized in a format convenient for yourself and enjoy viewing it, and not to search for suitable programs, switching TV channels.