How to change the language on the iPhone: Put Russian

In iOS 13, there is enough little-known chips, and one of them is the ability to change the language in any application to different from the system. For example, it may be necessary if the translation of the program into Russian leaves much to be desired, or if the Russian translation does not fit into the designated area and cuts, as in Youtube application: First you need to add an additional language on the iPhone or iPad. To do this, go to the settings. Language and region Other languages, then select the desired and leave the Russian language on the device: After that, return to the main screen of the settings and dive it down, tap on the desired application preferred language and select the right one to you: iGuides in Telegram. T.ME / Igmedia Iguides in Yandex.Zen. / IGUIDES.RU We have a podcast and its video version

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Not always the iPhone comes to the Russian market with Russian language management. Often, if we are talking about goods directly from the United States or China, the menu and layout of the keyboard in English or Chinese. Independently understand the functionality, and even moreover, how to change the language, problematic.

IPhone software supports several dozen options, so finding the desired item in the settings is not easy. The question of how to change the language on the iPhone, sometimes introduces the user to a stupor. But in fact, if you follow the instructions given, the problem is solved easily.

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How to change the iPad keyboard?

Put two fingers on a floating keyboard. Run your fingers to enlarge the keyboard up to the maximum size, then release.

How to change the keyboard language on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

After you have turned on at least another keyboard of another language in the IOS settings, you can quickly and easily switch between keypad languages ​​by performing the following actions:

The selected keyboard language immediately becomes active.

Please note that you must click and hold the globe icon to open alternative language keyboards. Just pressing the emoticon icon, as a rule, simply switches to the emoji keys.

change, language, ipad

You can quickly switch or change the iOS screen keyboard, having completed the same trick with a crane and a trick on the globe icon on the keyboard, and you can do it at any time when the keyboard will be visible on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Mac users have a similar way to switch the keyboard language in OS X with a rapid label, so if you are polyglot with many different Apple hardware, you must be covered by any operating system you use.

How to change the application language on the iPhone or iPad

First you need to learn about the nuances couple.

  • Not all applications support function.
  • In some applications, like Instagram, and T.P., there is your list of supported languages.
  • Most standard applications support language change.

1) Run the setting application on your iPhone.

2) Choose main and then language and region.

3) Select other languages, and then the language you need. Click Leave (System Language) so as not to change the system language.

4) Return to the settings and select the application whose language you want to change.

5) You must see the language.

change, language, ipad

6) Choose a language that was added earlier.

Now run this application. If the language in it has not changed, forcibly close the application and open it again.

As you can see, change the language of the application is very easy, and many applications support this feature.

How to change language on iPad

How to change iOS language on iPad? The solution of this seemingly quite a simple question in some owners of apple tablets causes quite serious problems. The fact is that the Apple-gadget operating system supports a sufficiently large number of languages, so switching for one or another reasons to some of them can lead to the fact that the user will no longer stop which settings menu items are displayed on the screen of its device. What to do, if you need to install another language on the iPad, however, the knowledge of the current does not make it possible to figure out the gadget settings?

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In order to return the iOS Russian, you must perform the following steps:

  • First, we find the “Settings” icon on the desktop iPad. It is very simple to make it, because in all versions of this operating system, it has almost the same appearance. gray icon with gear.
  • Next, we need to get to the “Basic” settings. It is also not possible to find the icon of this category of settings, as its icon is very similar to the previous one.
  • After that, spit the screen to the bottom of the bottom and click on the third bottom of the menu item.

It remains to wait a few seconds and on the tablet monitor to display the “Home” screen with selected linguistic settings. Thus, it is not so difficult to solve the question in this article. To do this, it suffices to follow the instructions above the applied instructions.

Note that some of those who wish to buy an apple tablet fear to buy a purchase abroad, for example, in American online stores, since it is assumed that the Russian language will not be preinstalled in iOS. In fact, regardless of which country is sold iPad, the iOS installed on it supports the work on all languages ​​laid in iOS. That is, the tablet purchased abroad can be easily translated to the language necessary for its comfortable use.

How to Switch Language on Bluetooth IOS Keyboard?

Command Space: Change input language (layout) on the keyboard. A popup window appears on the screen with layouts installed in the system, active highlights blue. It may be necessary to click a space several times until the desired.

  • Open the setup application and go along the path: Main → Keyboard → Keyboard;
  • Expand the new keyboard menu;
  • Select the desired keyboard.
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How to download languages ​​for offline translation to iPhone and iPad without internet

To download the language can go to a few minutes, so do not close the application ahead of time.

Offline translations work only if both languages ​​are downloaded. Just in case it is better to download all the available languages ​​that you may need.

So far, languages ​​in Apple appendix are not so much, as in the others, but this deficiency compensates for the function of automatic definition of the language and audio translation.

change, language, ipad

How to change the language on the iPhone?

When you first buy an iPhone, then when you first set the phone, you can choose a language. But if for some reason you want to change the language on the iPhone, today I will give you such information.

Most often it happens when learning new languages, when you start changing all your gadgets for the language studied. This is one of the most important elements, with an in-depth study.

The settings in the Apple smartphone never seemed simple, because sometimes you are looking for one or another function for a long time and then wonder how easy it is.

How to install another language in the application

It is important to understand that the function described by us offers only the ability to change the language to one that already exists in the application without working as a translator. Therefore, if you want to translate some “Yandex.Taxi “on Hindi or Korean, do this will not work, so these languages ​​are not supported by them by default. But here is English or chinese. please. If necessary, you can even open the “Other Languages” tab and view all available languages ​​and adverbs.