Why change your IP address

Changing the IP address helps to maintain anonymity on the network and protect personal data. The degree of protection depends on how you change information about your computer. You can only change the IP. in this case, other data such as the browser version or operating system will remain available to third parties. And you can add encryption using a VPN, then you will achieve maximum privacy.

Another useful feature is bypassing various locks. For example, on file hosting services in free mode, there is often a limit on the volume or number of downloads per hour. Changing the IP address eliminates long waiting times. For file sharing, you become another computer, although your location has not actually changed.

Locks can also be set geographically. Some services such as Spotify, Hulu and BBC iPlayer do not work in some countries. But if you’re willing to pay honestly for content, changing the IP address will make it available to you. Or another common situation is the geographic restriction of watching videos on YouTube and other hosting. Changing the IP will open access to this content, regardless of your location. the main thing is to choose the country where these videos are available.

Connection through another provider

If you are faced with the task of changing only the IP address without hiding information about yourself, then you can simply connect to the Internet through another provider. The easiest option is to use a smartphone connected to a 3G / 4G network as an access point instead of a router. We talked about this in more detail in the article about the Internet on a computer via a phone.

In short, this is done in the following ways:

  • Connection via USB cable. This option is suitable for computers that do not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In addition, USB communication is always stable and protected from the risk of hacking.
  • Bluetooth connection. The latter is a good alternative to a wired connection, but the computer must have a Bluetooth adapter.
  • Wi-Fi connection. This is the simplest and most common method; to set it up, you only need Wi-Fi adapters on a PC and on a smartphone.

When connecting to the Internet via a telephone, the mobile traffic provided by the mobile operator will be used. It has its own pool of IP addresses, so that the computer will be identified on the network differently than during normal access.

If we are talking about a laptop, then another option for changing the IP is available to you. access to the Internet via public Wi-Fi networks. To do this, you can go to the nearest cafe and connect to their access point. If you then move to another institution and connect to their point, then the address will be already the third.

  • Quick change of IP, if you have a phone at hand or a public access point is located nearby.
  • No anonymity and confidentiality.
  • There is a risk of identity theft when connecting to public networks.

What is an IP address

The IP address is the identifier of the device that connects to the network. It is needed for the addressing system to work, which ensures the transfer of information to where the user sends it. It’s like an address on an envelope. without it, the postman would not know where to deliver the message, and the recipient would not understand who it came from. If you change the IP-address, then the place of sending / delivering traffic will also change.

When the Internet was just starting to develop, each participant in the network had a unique identifier. a static IP address. Now they also exist, but they are issued mainly to servers. On the other hand, user devices use other technologies. dynamic IP and NAT.

A dynamic address is the same as a static one, with the only difference that it changes every time you connect to the Internet. For some time this technology was the main one for providing access to the World Wide Web, but due to the explosive growth in the number of devices that can connect to the network, it gave way to another solution. NAT.

NAT technology allows hundreds of users to e external IP address. Providers and system administrators combine devices into local networks, in which each participant has a unique identifier. for example,,… These are local IP addresses.

To access the Internet, devices connect to a server that acts as a gateway. An example of such a gateway is your home router. The gateway server no longer has one, but two whole IP addresses: the first, for example, “looks” into the local network, and the second, for example, facing the Internet. All traffic from local devices. computers, smartphones, smart TVs, etc. is first transmitted to the internal interface of the gateway with IP and then goes to the global network with IP The translation of the address of network packets from to ​​is provided by NAT.

That is, accepting a request from a device, the gateway server forwards it to the network on its own behalf. At the same time, he remembers who should receive the answer. Accordingly, there is no point in changing the IP devices in the local network from to, etc. the server will still send only its address to the external network. The only option to change the external IP is to change the server through which you route traffic.

How to change the IP address on a computer

There are several ways to replace the original IP address with a different one. The choice depends on what result you want to achieve.

How to safely change the IP address on a computer

You can change the IP address in different ways: from connecting to the Internet through another provider to installing special programs to encrypt traffic. The choice depends on what task you want to solve: bypass the blocking, remain anonymous or protect confidential data.

Anonymizers and proxy servers

Some time ago, to hide IP, anonymizers were most often used. online services that are able to change not only the IP address, but also the user’s location. Now they also exist, but in much smaller quantities due to the peculiarities of Russian legislation. However, the use of anonymizers is not prohibited, so if you want to quickly change your information about yourself, try the following resources:

Deeprism is an anonymizer with a server connection in Germany. You just enter the site domain, click the Go button, and the service opens it on its page.

NoBlockMe is a resource with a connection through the Netherlands. It has shortcuts to quickly navigate to the sites “”, “Odnoklassniki”, “My World” and “Live Journal”.

Chameleon. it also connects through a server in Germany. And here, too, there are links to quickly go to the sites “”, “Odnoklassniki”, Mamba and LovePlanet.

All 3 services change their IP address, country (Germany or Netherlands) and internet provider. Information about the version of the operating system and the user’s browser remains original.

Advantages of anonymizers:

  • Quick and easy change of IP and location.
  • There are fewer and fewer working services.
  • Anonymizers provide anonymity, but not security. Traffic is not encrypted, so it can be intercepted and read.

Proxy servers work in a similar way. These are also intermediaries who change the IP address, but do not encrypt the traffic. The difference between proxies and anonymizers is that you can raise them yourself and not be limited to using only in the browser.

Knowing the proxy server’s IP address and port number, you can route traffic through it from any application that supports this function. For example, this is how it works in the Telegram messenger:

Proxies can be free or paid. The former do not guarantee high speed and stability. If you plan to use them all the time, then it is better to pay. over, it is inexpensive:.

When connecting via VPN, you not only change the IP address, but at the same time encrypt all traffic. Even the ISP will only know that you have used an encrypted connection, but will not be able to determine which sites you visited. VPN is the best way to keep your personal data private and protect yourself from hacking.

In the article on what a VPN is, we talked in detail about this technology and the features of its application. We will not repeat ourselves and just remember which of the existing services are the most convenient and accessible:

  • Hola Free VPN is a free VPN for any OS. It works on the principle of a peer-to-peer network, the participants of which transmit traffic through their devices.
  • NordVPN is a paid service with clients for Windows, Linux and macOS. Offers over 5000 servers in 60 countries. per month.
  • HideMyName is a shareware service with clients for Windows, Linux and macOS. Offers over 80 servers on 5 continents. per month.

VPN software works in a general way. After launching and authorizing, you simply indicate the server through which you want to access the Internet, and establish a connection. After that, all your traffic will be encrypted and transmitted to the network via a secure channel.

VPN programs encrypt the traffic of all applications: browsers, instant messengers, games. This is not always convenient. If you want to change the IP address only in the browser, then it is better to use a VPN built into it or installed as an extension.

Here are the most popular solutions of this kind:

  • Built-in VPN in Opera. It can be turned on and off in the browser settings in the “Security” section.
  • Zenmate is another popular extension available on most browsers. With free access, the number of servers is limited, the speed is also cut. Subscription costs from 175 rubles per month.
  • Browsec extension. Works in Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex Browser, Microsoft Edge, Safari. In free access, you can choose one of four servers: Netherlands, UK, Singapore, USA. A paid subscription costs about 300 rubles and opens access to several dozen more points.

The extensions do not require configuration. you just enable them and select the country through which you want to establish an encrypted connection. The IP address changes to the one assigned to the selected server.

  • High level of security due to traffic encryption.
  • Protection of the user’s personal data. Most VPN providers do not collect any information other than email address and billing information.
  • You have to pay for a good VPN. On free tariffs, connection breaks are frequent, as well as low speed and there is no way to choose a country for connection.
  • Free VPNs collect and sell user data.

If, when connecting via a VPN or proxy, only one intermediary is used to change the IP address, but working in the Tor network implies passing through at least 3 points. You can read more about how this project works in the article on using the Tor browser on Android. The principle does not change on the computer.

In short: surfing the network takes place through its own Tor browser, where traffic is forwarded through several nodes, chosen at random. This ensures maximum anonymity, but only with the correct settings of the Tor browser and the corresponding behavior on the network. Careless users are easily identified, as they often make very naive mistakes. for example, they log into their social media accounts. Yes, intermediate nodes make it difficult to track traffic, but unfortunately there are no completely invulnerable systems.

  • Complete anonymity: browsing history and cookies are not saved, tracking trackers are blocked, information about the device and browser is not collected.
  • Decentralization. exit nodes are scattered all over the world, their network is extremely difficult to block.
  • Low connection speed due to the peculiarities of traffic transmission technology.
  • Problems downloading files.
  • Inability to use JavaScript elements. When enabled, the user’s anonymity is violated.
  • You do not know what happens to your traffic during forwarding and you have no control over it.

Stage one: find out the ip-address of the video camera.

Option 1 available to all PC owners.

We connect the camera directly to your PC, install the program, launch it, enable the program to work in all firewalls, then we see such a request (select the interface to which the camera is connected):

It is advisable to connect the camera directly to the PC so as not to filter all traffic from the PC. We see the lines in which the IP address of your camera will flash:

Option 2.available to owners of Mikrotik routers:

Connect the camcorder to the router, then launch WinBox, log in to it and do everything in stages as in the screenshot:

Select the interface to which the camera is connected

Click “Start” (in some cases, scanning will start automatically)

Carefully study the IP addresses in the DST column, one of them will be the address of your IP camera

After that, you change the PC settings so that you are on the same subnet with the camera, enter in the browser address bar (usually InternetExplorer, since it has ActiveX support) the IP address that you found using Wireshark or Mikrotik. You should see a window with a login and password request, after authorization you can go to the camera‘s WEB interface and change the camera address to the one you need.

How to change IP on an IP camera

If you do not remember your password, then enter your email and you will receive a login link. After authorization, enter your new password in the profile settings.

The situation when it is necessary to change the IP addresses of video surveillance cameras always arises during the initial setup of the system. It is not uncommon for one specialist to set up cameras and serve another (the service organization has changed, the system administrator quit, purchased an object, and surveillance has already been established there). And nowhere were there any logs and records, which cameras were assigned which IPs. The question naturally arises. how to find out the IP address of the camera or determine it during the operation of the video surveillance system.

Each manufacturer uses a different way to identify devices. For new equipment, it must set certain settings, while at one plant the address will be set, and at the other, the DHCP client will be activated. The most correct way to determine the IP address of the camera. this refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can use programs and utilities from the manufacturer (CD), the selection method, and also use the functions of the router.

But unfortunately, manufacturers do not always make instructions available and put programs in the public domain, so we will tell you, using our equipment as an example, how to find out the IP address of a CCTV camera and change it to a unique one.

Below we provide a table with the addresses assigned by default at the factory for various brands (perhaps not accurate, since we are responsible only for our brand!).

How to find out the IP address of a CCTV camera on a local network

  • To begin with, we get acquainted with the manuals, study the instructions in printed form or on the official website of the manufacturer. The factory settings will be indicated there (default settings, default adress).
    There is a single address for Polyvision ™ DVRs
    For camcorders, there may be differences depending on the series of camcorders: version of cameras Px-xx-xx v.2.x.x and Px-xx-xx v.9.x.x version Px-xx-xx v.3.x.x, version Px-xx-xx v.5.x.x
  • The second method will be relevant when the camera‘s address is changed, as well as when you have several cameras in the network with the same IP address. To do this, download a program that can change the address. For cameras, these are DeviceManage, IPWizard, IPCManager.
  • Use a network interface traffic analysis program, for example, Wireshark (distributed under the free GNU GPL license) or the “Torch” function of a Mikrotik router, which will be discussed below.
  • There is one more way. network scanning programs, but we will not recommend using them, because this method will take a long time and may not bring 100% of the result. So if you read such advice somewhere on the forums, then do not waste time on this method.
  • If it is necessary to determine the IP address of the camera among several connected devices, then the exclusion (selection) method can be applied. That is, we go to the “Network” menu item, write down all the addresses of all devices, then turn off the camera, go back to the menu and check which ID is missing.
  • Program for determining and changing the IP address of the camera

    We go to the website www.polyvision.ru in the Windows software section and select the program that is suitable for your equipment:

    Press the “SEARCH” button (“scan”, “scan”, “search”, “update”, “ip search”, etc.).

    We are waiting for about 1.2 minutes and we get a table of found devices in your local network.

    In the IP-address (DeviceIP) field, enter the IP address you need (for example, in the Geteway field, enter the gateway address (usually this is an NVR or if the device needs to connect to the Internet, then the router address, for example Leave the mask

    How To Change IP Address Or Default IP Address of IP Camera

    Enter your username / password from your device in the appropriate field;

    Press the button “Modify” (“Modify Network”);

    Repeat step 7-9 for each device on the network.

    After all the addresses have been changed, scan the network again and make sure that the settings are saved on all devices.

    It is important that IP addresses are not duplicated, otherwise there will be a conflict, and you will not be able to access the desired IP camera and you will have to change the address again. For the same reason, it is not recommended to occupy the IP addresses used by default by the router or

    With the same programs, you can find out the MAC address of an IP camera, it is not possible to change it for an IP camera (without a programmer), but for an ordinary user this knowledge has no practical application, just know that each network card has its own unique MAC address.

    In order not to be mistaken with the addresses of cameras on the network, we recommend that you define a range for them in advance, while for the DVR, select the first address from your range (pool).

    For example, you have 24 cameras and 1 NVR (video recorder) planned. Then define the addresses for video surveillance from to assign the address to the registrar, and the remaining 24 addresses for cameras.

    There can be problems even when you assign addresses manually. For example, if you have a router, then it can distribute addresses in ascending order starting from, so it is better not to use 20-30 addresses (or how many devices can be connected to your local network) after. There are also devices whose default address can fall into your pool, for example, is used by the PNL-IP2-V12 v.5.5.6 camera. On the other hand, all possible problems cannot be foreseen and it is impossible to give recommendations for each case.

    For those who have been working with our equipment for a long time, they know at least two more ways to change the address:

    How to Change the IP Camera‘s Default IP Address

    • From the CMS program
    • From NVR interface

    Please note that these methods are not suitable for v.5.x.x and v.3.x.x cameras

    It must be remembered that all devices, including the computer, must be on the same subnet. Therefore, the penultimate digit must be changed on all devices in the network (PC, router, cameras, recorder), in our case to 1 (

    For other brands, the procedure is about the same.

    How to change the IP address of a camera whose name and manufacturer you do not know

    IP addresses of cctv cameras online list

    Here are the factory settings, logins and passwords set for various cameras by default.

    Manufacturer Username Password Default IP
    Polyvision admin no password
    ubnt ubnt
    Axis root not
    Beward admin admin
    Cisco no default no set password
    Dahua admin;
    IPEYE admin 12345
    Hikvision admin 12345
    Microdigital root root
    Mobotix admin meinsm no default / DHCP
    Panasonic admin 12345
    Panasonic admin1 password
    Pelco admin admin no default / DHCP
    RVi admin 12345 or
    Trendnet admin admin
    Ubiquiti ubnt ubnt
    Vivotek root absent no default / DHCP

    Stage two, pass authorization

    If the camcorder‘s settings were changed earlier and you do not know the current password, then you will have to reset the settings or try to guess the password (you can use the examples of factory login and password combinations given in the table below). Most modern IP cameras do not have a hardware reset option, so you need to contact the technical support of the video camera manufacturer, and if this is not possible, then a lot of luck in guessing the password will come in handy. Instructions for resetting settings (including password) for Polyvision equipment can be found at the link.

    How to change the IP address of the camera during the initial system setup

    When connecting multiple cameras and DVRs on the same network, it is important to avoid IP conflict. There should be no repetitions for this. And here you are faced with the first problem, because from the factory all video cameras have the same address. There are solutions when the address is not assigned, but DHCP is enabled, and this requires the user to manually configure the address and complicates the task if there is no DHCP server in the network (there is no router). The simplest option that comes to mind. this is turning on cameras one at a time and changing addresses in stages: they turned on the camera, assigned an address to it, entered it into the log, turned it on, registered the address, entered it into the log, etc. The main thing is to have physical access to turn on the video camera.

    Often, there is no access to the cameras and the switchboard, or it is far away, but the deadlines are running out and the object must be handed over “yesterday”. Therefore, we will immediately describe the option of how to proceed when the devices are “not at hand”, and you have access to the local network.

    How to Renew IP on iPhone

    • Find the option “Renew lease”, click on it and confirm the action;
    • If you need to enter a new IP address, for example, when using a static one, go to “IP Settings”;

    How to change IP on iPhone

    iPhone, like any computer, uses an IP address when connecting to the Internet. It allows sites and providers to identify the user who is using the connection. For the first, this is necessary in order to know where to transfer the requested information, and the second. to provide access to the Network and track all our manipulations. Despite the fact that, as a rule, the IP is dynamic, which means it changes with each reconnection, it happens that there is a sharp need to change it forcibly. We will tell you how.

    Instead of disconnecting and reconnecting, there is a way to get things done much faster.

    Why you need a VPN and which one is better

    It happens that you need to not just change the current IP address, but simply hide it. In such cases, the best assistant is a VPN. You can choose absolutely any service that suits you in terms of functionality and price, but I would not recommend choosing free services. Almost all of them, as practice shows, analyze your traffic, and then sell it to the side.

    I personally use Windscribe. This is a paid VPN service, which, however, provides many opportunities to get 10 to 50 GB of traffic for free by simply inviting friends to register using your link.

    With a VPN, you can not only change your IP address, but also hide your actual location. Every time someone decides to check, the VPN will give out the IP of the region or country to which servers you are connected at the moment. So you can bypass the blocking of various sites and services that have restrictions on the geography of use.

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