How to change the id on the iPhone

Each owner of the device from Apple is awarded a special individual identifier, which is different called ID. This is such a single number that only has this gadget. It is necessary for different purposes. We can say that it is the phone system that holds it.

Apple also provided that users will wish to change this element. How can I eventually change this code? What will happen to the data? How to save them? In fact, the company gives an answer to this question. But first you need to know what isiy iPhone is and why he is generally needed.

Many do not know how to change Apple ID on iPhone. Having lost aidi or password, users use someone else’s account because they are afraid of blocking devices due to loss of personal data.

To not lose saved iPhone files, download all the information in the cloud storage. You can download it by reference

Changing the identifier is performed in the case of a gift or purchase of a used phone. You can change the data directly from the device without authorization on the official website of Apple. To do this, you can use several ways to save personal information on the smartphone.

Changing ID from Computer

Many users do not know how to change the Apple ID without data loss. You can do it on a tablet or PC.

Basic actions when changing the identifier:

After performing the actions described, the identifier data will be changed

If idi and password are lost, you need to go to the official website of Apple, follow the link with the inscription “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”Fill out information for search: name, surname, email.

Changing ID through iTunes

Change your account directly with iPhone. Go to iTunes app. Next follow the instructions:

  • Enter the section “Shop”.
  • Log in through the “Login” function.
  • After clicking on the “Apple ID” item, the submenu will be displayed where you need to select “Account”.
  • In the Editing section, enter the email address.
  • Click “Finish”, after that the email will come a letter confirmation letter.
  • Click on the link in the letter, confirm the account changes.

App Store

Change IDs can be changed through mobile iPhone smartphones. Perform a few steps:

To change the phone number in the account, you must exit the FaceTime application, change the SIM card, and log in to your password account. In the settings replace the old phone number to the new.

Changing the old Apple ID to the new

Such a procedure may be needed in the case of acquiring a phone that has been to use. Through the smartphone settings menu or acting AppStore applications, iTunes must perform the following steps:

  • Exit current account.
  • Find the “Create New Apple ID” function.
  • Fill out information according to the instructions.

For successful registration, you should enter personal data: a country of residence, date of birth, new password, mail. To protect the password loss account, the system proposes to make answers to secret questions.

They will help restore access to the device in case of password loss. After that, an email will come to an email with the final instructions and reference, which you need to click to finish registration.

When filling out the questionnaire, it is necessary to carefully fill out a new email. If the user is mistaken even in one character, the letter with the activating reference will not be received and the entire registration procedure will have to be re-carried out.

How to change Apple profile

To adjust the registration data of the apple tablet, perform the following actions:

  • We launch the AppStore application, scroll the screen to the bottom and find a button with the inscription “Apple ID”;
  • To begin with, we need to watch the current settings, so I click on this button, and then on the menu item “View Apple ID”;
  • Enter the password and get to the profile page.

IPad owner profile menu makes it possible to change any necessary information. This is not only an email address and password to the entrance to the profile, but also almost all the other data entered during the registration process, including the secret question, additional mail and payment card. Also, using this menu, you can change the iPad registration region, subscribe to advertising letters from the company and so on.

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Among other things, the profile menu allows you to activate Genius. This service analyzes the history of downloads to the device, forming on the basis of the data received list of possible interesting applications for the tablet.

Thus, change Apple ID, knowing the data to enter the profile is absolutely not hard. To do this, it is enough to perform a few uncomplicated steps. If the password is lost or forgotten, and its recovery is impossible for certain reasons, then to change accounts will have to make a full reset iPad. In this case, all iOS settings will be deleted, so during the first loading user will be asked to register a tablet.

With all this, changing the profile data, it is worth remembering the safety of using an apple mobile device, that is, use a sophisticated password.

Advice! Try to make as much information on the Apple’s Profile page, turn on the secret question and additional mail, which will allow you to restore access to it in case of an unforeseen situation, for example, with loss of access to the main e-mail.

How to enter another Apple ID on iPad: change accounts for iTunes, IBOOKS and APP STORE

To change the account, go to the iTunes settings. Application store. At the top of the menu, you will see your email address, click on it, and you will be asked for several options, one of which is a way out of the account.

Click “Exit” and go back to “ITunes” settings. App store. At the top you will see the “Login” option, where you can enter your new Apple ID and password.

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How to enter another Apple ID on iPad: Changing Accounts for ICloud, Messages, Facetime and Game Center There are also various applications using your Apple IDs that also use Apple ID.

Change your Apple ID on iCloud

Go to the ICloud settings and scroll down to exit your current account.

When you leave your ICLOUD account, this means that your data will no longer be available, that is, you will have to choose between data saving on your device or remove them.

After you leave, go to “Settings” “icloud” again and click “Log in” to enter the new Apple ID data.

Change your Apple ID in messages

Go to Message Settings Send Get and Click on your Apple ID account to exit.

After that, you need to click on the “Use your Apple ID for iMessage” option, and then log in to your new account.

Change your Apple ID in FaceTime

Go to “FaceTime Settings” and click on your Apple ID to exit.

After complete output, click “Use Apple ID for FaceTime” and enter new data.

Change your Apple ID in Game Center

Go to “Settings” “Game Center”, find your Apple ID and click “Exit”. Then simply log in with your new data.

How to change Apple ID data in the iPhone or iPad settings

Through the system settings, Apple ID data is possible in the “iCloud” and “iTunes Store, App Store” sections. In the first case, when switching to the “ICloud” section will be available for editing Contact information, date of birth, password and even check questions. In order to proceed with editing, it is enough to go to “Settings” “icloud”, tap your name and enter password.

In the second case, using the “iTunes Store, App Store” section, it will be possible to change the Apple ID itself. To do this, we go to the “settings” “iTunes Store, App Store”, taping on the Apple ID and enter the password. Next we offer one to one window, as in the App Store. We change the data and click “Finish”.

If you have any questions, you may find the information you are interested in this list: you can also contact the forum questions, in the “Question” section. answer. Help on iPhone, iPad ».

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Steps to change the Apple ICloud ID account without data loss

3-step instrument manual

  • Select the model of your mobile device
  • Enter your IMEI number (you can find it by typing # on your phone)
  • Click on “Open Now” and Ready!

If you want to change the Apple ID ICLOUD account without losing any information that you store there. The sequence of actions depends on the device where you do this. Therefore, we share the step-by-step guide for iPhone users, iPad and iPod Touch and on the other hand, we specify the process that must be performed on the MAC computer. If you want to unlock Complètement Your ICLOUD account, click here.

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On the phone iPhone, iPad or iPod

To change your Apple ID ICLOUD account on any of these three iOS devices, the process is the same.

Here are the steps to be executed:

  • To start go to the “Parameters on your device. Who is identified gear icon. Ensuite, select your Apple ID in the top of the screen (there must be your name and image). In the event that this is an old version of iOS. Click the option »ICLOUD».
  • Then go to the bottom of the new window and click “Exit”, last option in this menu.
  • After executing the above, enter the word de your Apple ID password in the dialog that appears dialog box.
  • Now click »Deactivate”; This is a choice at the bottom of the dialog box. When you make this deactivation, you also deactivate the option “Find My iPhone” for the ICloud account, which is currently synchronized your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • After that, select the information you want to save on the device. To do this, you just need to drag the buttons each of the applications. To position. That is the one that displays the green color. Since then, you can save copies of the old ICLOUD information in this way. But if you prefer to lose the data, you need to leave the buttons in the stop position.
  • When everything is ready, click »Exit.” Button located in the upper corner of the device. And to confirm again click “Exit” To fully close the ICLOUD associated account.
  • Now open the “Parameters” application and click “Enter [Device Name] which is on top of all menu.
  • If you want to create a new apple ID. You must log in “You don’t have or you forgot your Apple ID?”. which is at the bottom of the field to copy your password. To do this, create an Apple ID with an ICLOUD account.
  • If your other Apple ICLOUD account is already activated and the one you want to switch to. Just enter your Apple ID and specified password.
  • When finished, click on the option “Log in in the upper right corner. The following message will appear: “Input in iCloud periodically when the device refers to all this account information to open a session.
  • Currently copy your device password. In other words, the one you have programmed to be able to block it.
  • Later press “merge to be able to combine your information if you want to enable all records stored on your device to your ICLOUD account. But if you decide not to do this, just click “Do not unite”.
  • Then click on the “icloud” option This is in the second section of the menu that they show you.
  • Finally, select the type of information you prefer to store in your profile icloud. To do this, go to “Applications using iCloud” and make a slide button to enable (green) those you need. Otherwise, leave the button off or white.

When you complete this procedure, you can access ICLOUD, all the information you have once selected, and even, through another device where you enter the system with the same account.

From Computer MAC

For those who use the Mac computer in a familiar manner and prefers to have their Apple Icloud ID accounts separately or for those who use several such accounts and prefers to manage them through Mac, the steps that must be executed to change their Apple ID following:. Lower underwear:

  • First, click on Apple menu. It is usually located in the upper left corner of the main screen and is indicated by a black apple icon.
  • Ensuite, select the “System Settings” option. Which is in the second section of the drop-down menu, which they show you and there, press “ICLOUD” (the button is located on the left side of the window).
  • Now select the option “Exit”, located in the bottom corner of the screen on the left side. With this you remove all the information stored on your Mac, in ICloud. Even photos stored there.
  • If when performing the above steps, you will receive an error message during the process. This may be associated with a contradiction between your Mac and another iOS device. To solve this problem, go to the page »Parameters» iPhone, iPad or iPad; Touch your Apple ID, and then tap ICloud Key Big Key Key ICloud, and finally slide the button to the green position.
  • If you have not received an error message or already corrected it, click on the Apple menu. To do this, log in to the new “system preferences”.
  • As soon as it is done, go to the “icloud” option and click the “Start Session” button; Located at the top of the dialog box, which they show you. If you want to create a new Apple ID, click »Create Apple ID. And with this also create an iCloud account for free by following the instructions that they indicate.
  • Later, enter your Apple ID and password (or the one that has been activated earlier, or the one you just created). So you need to copy the email address associated with your Apple ID. as well as his password.
  • Now click »Login is located in the lower corner of the dialogue on the right side.
  • It’s time to allow IClOUD settings to make the necessary changes, simply providing the administrator name and password of your Mac computer. If you have enabled a two-step check, you will also need to enter a password to unlock other Apple devices.
  • Now configure synchronization settings to all information on your device to be combined with your ICLOUD account. To do this, click the button at the top of the dialog box. If you want to find your Mac in case of theft or loss, you should also click below.
  • Now click »Next” and if you decide to activate the localization of your computer, click »Resolution” to the application “Find My Mac can be executed.
  • Then click the field next to the “ICLOUD DRIVE” option. This allows you to store your documents and files in the iCloud service. In addition, select Applications whose you want to allow access to ICloud Drive; You just need to click on »Available options and do it.
  • Finally, check the checkboxes at the bottom of the page “ICloud Drive. In Select the data type that you want to synchronize with iCloud in this way, you can access it from any device where you enter your ICloud Apple ID account. That’s all.
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Using icloud.COM to remove Apple ID of the previous owner (password you need)

You can easily remove Apple ID of the previous owner, just visiting the official website of ICloud. But you need to have an Apple ID as well as a password to enter account and then remove Apple ID related to the device. You can ask the previous owner, how was the password if he agrees to give it to you, or ask him to follow these steps so that he can remove the icloud account with the device.

Steps necessary to remove the previous Apple ID with iPhone:

  • one. First visit www website.icloud.COM from your computer.
  • 2. Then enter the Apple ID and password to enter iCloud.
  • 3. Then click on the “Find iPhone” icon and click on the “All Devices” option (which will be at the top of the screen).

Using the ICLOUD website to delete your Apple id without password

If you forgot your Apple ID password and can not leave iCloud. You can also get it using the following manual:

First log in to your computer: https: // www.icloud.COM / or HTTPS: // iForGot.Apple.COM / PASSWORD / VERIFY / AppleID. This is the official ICLOUD website to receive the entry password.

Enter Apple ID and click “Continue”. The next step will be viewed two options: E-mail confirmation or response to the control question. If you remember the answer to the question, you can change the password, answering the question. If you do not remember to confirm the email address, the system will send an email to the email address specified in the registration issue.

How to learn an Apple ID or Password Apple ID through 4uKey-Password Manager

In a situation where you forget the Apple ID or Password from Him, but to drop an account is finally not included in your plans, an excellent 4ukey-password Manager utility will come to the rescue. Instead of deleting an account, this program will allow you to find forgotten data.

Download the 4UKEY-Password Manager program from the developer’s official website and install it on your computer.

Run the program on the PC and connect your device to a computer using a USB cable.

Select the “Start Scan” option to search for an Apple ID and password (utility scans other passwords available on the device and not associated with Apple ID).

change, ipad, apple, password

After the scan process is completed, the program will display a list of applicable Apple ID and other passwords for preview.

With just one click you can export all passwords and Apple ID. just select the Export option.

Then select the required data saving format.

So, in our article we presented several good and effective solutions in a situation where Apple ID on iPad turned out to be forgotten. You can choose the suitable way for you depending on whether you just remember your Apple ID or delete the old account finally. Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to what the way it turned out to be the best for you!