How to change application icons on Android

Pretty many Android users love to customize the type of their system. To give individuality, the phone users usually change the wallpaper, install live wallpapers or use packs with icons.

Changing icons on your one of the simple ways to give individuality to the phone, but there is one minus. Paks icons often do not change the icons of the applications themselves. The stroke option will change, but the icon itself will remain old. It would be nice to be able to change the icons of applications to their. In this article, just talk about how to change application icons on Android.

How to change application icons on Android

Returning Google Application Icons The source species was solved using the free Awesome Icons app. It seemed to me the easiest and most convenient. But first you will need to download old icons for which you will replace new icons:

Now let’s turn directly to work with the application:

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Change the application icon on an absolutely any picture

The changed icon is just a label of the application

Programs for changing icons on Android

There are two types of programs for changing the design of icons on Android: launchers and badges of icons. The first changes in the inner shell of the smartphone completely, add new features and so on. The second only help change the appearance of the icon without affecting the rest, so if the user needs to simply change the color, the image, size or name of the icon, it is recommended to set the programs to change the icons.

Top 3 best applications for icons

Each person has different tastes, so some sets will seem beautiful to him, and some on the contrary no. Currently, the best packs of icons in the aesthetic sense are:

Thus, the smartphone menu looks like after using the Numix Square package

Thus, it becomes clear that changing the Android icons is completely simple. Enough to install a suitable bag of icons or launcher. Just one simple action can transform the smartphone and make it more pleasant to use.

How to change Android icons

You can change the Android icons in several ways: create shortcuts for applications with your icons, set a third-party launcher or download a package icon for a third-party launcher.

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To change the icons without using the launcher, you will need to install the Awesome ICONS application.

In it, you can use for specific applications icons from sets, install your images and photos from the camera as icons.

Open the Awesome ICONS application and select the application for which you want to change the icon. Near each application there are buttons:

  • The icon of the selected application
  • Relevant icon set icons (if any)
  • Camera
  • Image selection on the device

When you click on the camera icon, you can take a photo and install it as an icon. When you click on the third icon in the form of a picture, you will immediately go to the selection of the image for the application icon. And pressing the first button with the icon of the application itself will open the settings menu.

Section Launch is needed to select an application. Click on the icon in the ICON section, the menu will open with four items:

  • Application icon. icons of installed applications
  • Icon Pack icon. selection of icons from the set set
  • Picture. Select Image for Icons
  • Camera. Make a photo for icons

In the Label section, you can change the name of the application on the desktop.

After selecting the icons, click OK and go to the desktop. You will see a label application with your icon.

Replacing Icons with Special Software

It is possible that the stock (pre-installed) launcher is quite suitable for you, but application icons have already fed up and only they want to change. In this case, you can use the Beautiful Icon Styler program, with which you can change application icons without setting Lonchera.

After startup, the main menu of the program will open, where by clicking the “Start” button, select the launcher, then swipe left we will see the tab with icons that we will change. Another swipe, and we will see a set of paid and free download icons:

Here you need to say that at least the application itself applies for free, you can use the free offer only for three downloads, and then you have to say what is called “tootold”. True, the cost of the full version stacked in one dollar ten cents, which is quite accessible to any wallet.

In order to change all icons in the SAMSUNG system, there is a special application. themes. With it, you can change the icons on the phone, wallpaper or apply Ready themes.

To change the icons, go to the settings of the phone and open the topic section.

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After that, switch to the section Icons.

Here is our task to find a suitable topic icons. The choice is quite large, some of them are free, and some are not.

Finding the desired topic of icons, open it and choose download.

After that, many icons on your phone will change.

If you want to change the icons on the Samuna back to the old, then again discover the themes. Note Click on the menu in the form of three lanes at the top left and select My Materials.

In the icons section, set the default theme.

Thus, many icons change, but unfortunately not all. Application icons usually remain old. Fix it can also be. How to change application icons on samsung can be read here.

Minimal UI. Minimalism and Beauty

Minimal UI offers a wide selection of colorful and recognizable icons for your smartphone. In fact, the authors of the program simply “redraw” ordinary icons, turning them into a square version of themselves. But this is not limited to. In addition to more than 2100 icons, black and white alternatives to flat icons are also offered. It looks gloomy, but wildly stylish.

change, icons, phone

How to change application icons on your native smartphone shell

Android customization capabilities have already been made by a considerable amount of one. And well deserved. Sometimes the change of intees not only helps to please the eyes, but can also knock down the hunt to update the device. An important part of this process has always been icons of applications, but not all of them were installed on stock launchers. Now it is in the past.

Google Play appeared an application that decisive this problem. Beatiful Icon Styler. It works with native shells of smartphones of manufacturers such as SAMSUNG, HTC, Motorola and LG. And besides, the application supports Android stock shell, as well as installed on its own Google Now Launcher.

Inteeis applications are very simple and understandable, even despite the lack of Russian. After starting Beatiful Icon Styler, 4 tabs will appear before the user:

  • All downloaded icons sets are available in the first, which can be chosen as “system”
  • In the second, you can choose which specific icon to replace alternative
  • Third available free icons sets
  • Well, in the fourth, respectively, paid sets

At the top of the screen can also be selected for which of the installed launchers, if you have several of them, apply new icons.

It is worth noting that in the free version of the application features the second tabs are not available. In addition, the user is limited only to 3 installations of alternative sets of icons.

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However, in addition to the fact that the paid version will not strike a big budget, limited to 30 rubles to the developer welfare fund, the user has the opportunity to receive it and at all for free. To do this, you need to generate a special referral link in the application, which should go and install Beatiful Icon Styler two more people. Immediately after they start the application for the first time, the full version is activated.

Do you like to experiment with the design of the inteeis of your smartphone?

Appendix: Beautiful Icon Styler Trial Developer: Calcium Ion Labs Category: Personalization Version: 1.0.7 Price: Free download: Google Play

How to Return Standard Application Icons on Android

The user can return the icons in different ways, depending on how previously he used.

If the setting happened with the help of launchers or applications, it is necessary to simply remove these structures from the phone system.

If the user applied standard settings, then you need to use the following algorithm:

  • Go to the settings and looking for the same section called “Screen”;
  • In it we find the section “Scale” and tapass on it;
  • Install the scale that the user has been earlier.

It is enough to return all the old settings so that the person will continue to use the device comfortably. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the installation and configuration of the icons. The main thing is to choose the way and follow the instructions.

For several years he worked in a cellular salons of two major operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

Yes, for this it is worth using either a launcher, or the application “Theme”, if the version of the android allows the user to do it high quality.

Most likely it disappeared as a result of a system update or a system error. The first thing you need to take is to try to restart the device. If it did not help, then you should turn to a professional to solve the problem.

Oh sure. Increasing icons, a person does not increase the space on the device. Just put the necessary settings and do not worry about the size of the icons.