How to return the default font

When you want to return the text to the standard, follow 4 steps.

  • Select “Themes”.
  • Hold the icon for a few seconds.
  • In the context menu that appears, click “Text Style”.
  • Choose from the offered “Standard” and activate it.

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The display will show the usual letters of the manufacturer.

How to change font color

Replacing black letters with pink, yellow or others is possible with the presence of root rights to secure the Android phone or EMUI. To do this, you can reflash the device. In the future, using various codes and algorithms, it becomes possible to change the labels in each menu item.

Search and download

Smartphone manufacturer Huawei does not use Android, which everyone is used to, but the unique EMUI software. As a result, some utilities become unattractive. How to change the font on Honor and Huawei phones and use the device comfortably? To do this, just search through the search engines.

Once the choice is made, download the file to your device. The extension must be TTF, as to work with others, you will need to download additional programs.

Through settings

The simplest option, which is suitable in most cases. The user does not need to download additional software, but just follow a couple of simple steps:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Go to the “Display” section.


Click on the heading “Font and Screen Scale”.

Move the “Size” slider to the right side.

As you move the slider, the text will increase. When the size becomes suitable, you need to click the “Apply” button to save the changes.

How to reduce the font in SMS

You also go into the screen options, select the line “Text size”, drag the slider to the left.

How to resize letters on Honor

The functionality of the Honor phone and the EMUI shell makes it easy to increase or decrease the font size.

  • Open your smartphone settings;
  • Select the “Screen” section; Select the “Screen” section
  • In the list of opened options, click on “Text Size”; Select the “Text Size” option
  • Use the slider to select the desired text size. By default, 5 positions are available (small, normal, large, maximum, huge). After choosing a font size, the system font will be presented at the size you selected. Choose your preferred text size on Honor

Working with fonts in individual applications

Social media clients and messengers have their own settings for managing fonts. Sometimes they only relate to the application interface, but more often they provide the ability to format text in messages and posts.

Gboard. Google Keyboard

And finally, the official keyboard from with unique features, cool emoticons, dictionaries of 25 different languages, as well as fast recognition of frequently typed words, with which you can write twice as fast.

Alternative. Project Menu

Not many developers want to remove the engineering menu. But if in a particular gadget the developers did decide to do this, an alternative is offered. Project Menu.

change, font, honor, phone

This program differs in that it only informs what and how to do, as well as the following data:

  • battery charge, speed of its discharge;
  • SIM card, country and smartphone development company;
  • information about the OS and other installed applications.

The owner can record how quickly the phone has been discharged since the last charge and see what apps he used. And thus, determine the programs that are the most energy-consuming. This option is suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to get into the engineering menu. Analogue, but somewhat shortened. It will not work to start testing with it. Better to use codes.

You can enter Engineering Mode from Honor 4c / 7a / 7c / 7x / 8a / 9 Lite / 10/10 Lite / 20 Pro and Huawei Y5 / P10 Lite / P 20 Lite / P 30 Pro / P Smart 2019 / Nova 2 / Nova 3 / Y6 Prime / Y7. Almost all owners of the listed gadgets have heard about this function. But not many dared to test the benefits by their own example. It is noteworthy that Android is a system that is intuitively understandable even for those who have previously used a push-button device for communication. A person who previously used gadgets exclusively from Apple will not find anything difficult in it. But options can be further simplified thanks to Engineering Mode

But all settings must be done very carefully so as not to harm the gadget.

The review describes only the main features, but you can use it to change the font, optimize energy saving, learn in advance about probable breakdowns and methods for their further development. And also, if necessary, reanimate the device. Often used by professional repairmen.

With GoLauncher

Launchers allow you to change the display design down to the smallest detail. One of them is GoLauncher. It provides thousands of possible design options. You can download the utility in the Play Store. At the first launch, the application will ask for permission to access memory. approve for correct operation.

GoLauncher has two versions. free and paid. The first version has enough different styles. The user can, on his own initiative, purchase a paid version and expand the functionality.

  • open the GoLauncher settings;
  • go to the “Font” section;
  • choose a style from the proposed options.

To see other design options, click on the “Search” button. The display will show the design options that the user can apply to the smartphone interface. The add-on allows you to change the colors of the application names, text and background.

Even non-professional Android users can handle the utility. ROOT rights are not required to use, that is, the owner of the smartphone will not be able to break the smartphone in any way, and the settings set through the launcher can be reset at any time. Alternative program. Action Launcher.

Why change the font on Android

Often, users are driven by the desire to give a mobile gadget an individual style, moving as far as possible from the boilerplate design of Android or another shell. But sometimes the task of changing the font on Android becomes a necessity. for example, if the default letter size does not allow reading from the screen due to vision problems.

How to change font style in honor Mobile phones | HUAWEI Phones Font styles | Unbox reel

Usually, 4 parameters can be changed for the system font:

  • family. for example, by default, the device has Roboto, and you want Arial or Comic Sans;
  • typeface. straight or oblique (italic);
  • saturation. regular, bold, or bold;
  • point size (letter size).

The family, weight, weight, and other properties of a particular font are recorded in its file. The size is changed by means of the operating system.

Simple option

Open Settings. Additional settings. Region and set “India”.

Go to Themes, update and you should have a font settings menu that will no longer disappear. Then you can return your own region.

It is possible that after the next update is released, this option will no longer work. Then you will have to use the more formal method described below.

And how to zoom in on the interface on a Huawei (Honor) phone?

Modern mobile devices are ready to help us with this in at least three ways:

  • Method 1: by making changes in the Smartphone Settings in the view mode. scale “Large”, “Small” or “Default”.
  • Method 2: “magnifying glass” mode. is turned on by pressing the finger three times on the area of ​​interest on the screen.
  • Method 3: zoom mode when zooming in or out. carried out by spreading the fingers or bringing two fingers together on the screen.

Method 1: scaling the screen image by making changes in the Settings of the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone

With this method, the image scale is set on all phone screens by fixing the scale in the following positions: “Default” (medium), “Large” or “Small”.

To set the appropriate scale in the Phone Settings, you need to:

Smartphone screen. go to Smartphone Settings. Smartphone screen. select the “Screen” section.

We select in the “Screen” section the item “View mode”.

Next, moving the slider to the right or left, set the appropriate scale:

  • Default;
  • Large;
  • Small.

Smartphone screen. select the “View mode” item. Smartphone screen. the slider is in the “Default” position (medium scale). Smartphone screen. the slider is in the “Large” position. Smartphone screen. the slider is in the “Small” position.

Method 2: “magnifying glass” mode on the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone

To view the image on the part of the phone screen that interests you, you need to click three times in a row on the part of the screen you have chosen. After that, the area of ​​interest to you will be enlarged approximately 4 times and an orange frame will appear on the edge of the screen.

To exit this “magnifying glass” mode, you need to press three times on the phone screen again.

This feature works on all screens except the keyboard and Navigation bar.

To enable this mode, you need to make a small change in the Phone Settings, for this:

We select in the section “Management” the item “Special. possibilities”.

Smartphone screen. select the “Management” section. Smartphone screen. select the item “Special. possibilities”.

In the section “Special. opportunities “select the item” Gestures for magnification “.

In the new window “Gestures to zoom”, turn on the switch next to the words “Gestures to zoom”.

Smartphone screen. select “Zoom gestures”. Smartphone screen 0. turn the switch to ON. Smartphone screen 1. press THREE times in place to enlarge the image. Smartphone screen 2. view of the screen in “magnifying glass” mode.

Method 3: zoom mode to zoom in or out with two fingers on HUAWEI (honor) smartphone

To zoom in or zoom out to the size you need, just spread two fingers apart or bring them together on the smartphone screen.

Smartphone screen 3. spread two fingers apart on the screen to enlarge the image. Smartphone screen 4. enlarged screen view.

Smartphone screen 5. bring two fingers together on the screen to zoom out. Smartphone screen 6. thumbnail screen view.

How to FONT Style change any HONOR Mobile,How to FONT Style change any Huawei Mobile.

Font fix

Font Fix is ​​a prominent competitor to iFont. Font Fix gives the user access to many different styles, which are collected from three reliable sources. However, you cannot set up a search for the desired language here, so searching for items in Russian will take some time. For stable operation, you must provide ROOT rights, which can be dangerous for the system. This utility should be downloaded only from reliable and trusted sources, for example, from the Play Market.

The application allows the user to upload their own masterpieces, however, with iFont everything is clearer, and the functionality is wider. Owners of smartphones with built-in FlipFont (HTC, Samsung) do not need ROOT rights to use.

Search and download

To download presets for the EMUI shell, enter the query “change font to Android” in Google or another search engine. Among the proposed elements, a TTF file is suitable for us. We emphasize that only this format is suitable for changing the design. Download the selected component.

How to Increase Font on Huawei and Honor Phone

Step-by-step instructions on how to enlarge the font on Honor and Huawei phones:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • go to the screen settings;
  • select the line “Text size”;
  • drag the slider (left. minimum, right. maximum).

This tool is called the Captain’s Point. In the previous menu, with its help, it is possible to adjust the size of icons and other attributes of the interface.

Conversion for installation

We continue to work with the Themes application. In the licensed and not damaged version of Android, it is already there, and is in the main menu. Open it and then follow the instructions:

  • go to the edit section;
  • click on the “Create Font” button;
  • then select the TTF file that you previously downloaded to the device;
  • before installation, a preview of the letter design that you will have will be available;
  • agree;
  • click on the word “Generate”;
  • confirm the operation;
  • then go to the “Open Huawei Themes App”.

These authoring designs are saved in the device’s internal memory by default, and you don’t have to download anything. The only negative is the small choice. The system will offer from two to four such options. They all have a different color, font, size. Their undoubted plus is the relatively low cost of RAM. That is, they do not negatively affect the processor and do not slow down the performance of applications.

How to make a beautiful font on an Honor phone

Launchers will help you to change the font to bright, calligraphic or neon. Launcher for Android is a special software that changes the design of system elements. This includes not only letters, but also shell design, application icons, and other system icons. Download Launcher is possible from the official source of Google Play. Among the most popular:

  • Hola;
  • Action Launcher;
  • ADW Launcher 2
  • Nova;
  • TSF Launcher.


The next step in working with the downloaded lettering theme is installing and applying fonts for Huawei and Honor. We do all this in the Themes utility. Go there to the “I” section, then enter the “Text Style” line, then find the one you need. To apply, just click on it.

How to return the default font

If the loaded presets turned out to be inconvenient or you didn’t like the design, it is always possible to return the default settings. To do this, open the main menu, press for a couple of seconds on the icon with themes, in the context menu, click on “Style”. Next, select the line “Standard”. To make the application fast and complete, after the command, restart the device.

How to return the default font

When you want to return the text to the standard, follow 4 steps.

  • Select “Themes”.
  • Hold the icon for a few seconds.
  • In the context menu that appears, click “Text Style”.
  • Choose from the offered “Standard” and activate it.

The display will show the usual letters of the manufacturer.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

STEP. search and download a font

First of all, you need to decide what kind of font you want to install on EMUI (proprietary shell from Huawei).

To do this, go to the browser and look for it, for example, on request: Cyrillic fonts for free.

After choosing the required font, download it and see what name the file was saved with, as it will be useful in the future (it is worth noting that the file must have ttf permission, since the font installer works with this format).

How to change font style on Huawei

Sometimes it happens that after installing a theme, the fonts on the phone, running EMUI, do not look very nice. You, of course, put a different topic in an attempt to fix everything. It changes, but the fonts remain the same. How to be in such a situation? How to get the default font back to Huawei? Or, on the contrary, you are tired of the standard one and want to install something unusual. Today is a quick guide to changing the font.

  • Find the default Themes application on your desktop. Click on it and hold it for a while to open an additional menu
  • In it, select “Text Style”. And already here, you can install a standard font or some other, previously downloaded by you.

If, for some reason, the previous method does not suit you, then there is a wonderful and convenient application that is designed specifically to manage fonts in Huawei. It is called Font Resetter for Huawei. Just download it from the market and install.

After installing some skins, it becomes necessary to deal with the question of how to change the font on Honor and Huawei phones. In addition to convenience and comfort, this way you can personalize your tablet or gadget. Size, style and color. all this can be customized using the functionality of the gadget.

How to reduce the font in SMS

You can decrease characters in SMS, calls and other factory menu items in the same way as increase. After all the manipulations, bold large letters will be smaller and more information will fit well on the display.

Installing prepared fonts

In search engines, the file is presented in TTF format. The standard utility “Themes” is designed to convert an object incomprehensible to a smartphone into a regular format.

For those who want to optimize their time, there is another way. You can download ready-made HWT files from trusted sources. Then it is moved to the “Internal memory of HuaweiThemes” container. Now in a wrapper application, additional settings will be displayed in the “My Text Styles” section.

Installing any TTF font

Search and download

Smartphone manufacturer Huawei uses non-Android devices to operate. to which everyone is accustomed, and the unique EMUI software. As a result, some utilities become unattractive. How to change the font on Honor and Huawei phones and use the device comfortably? To do this, just search through the search engines.

Once the choice is made, download the file to your device. The extension must be TTF, as to work with others, you will need to download additional programs.