We change our voice when talking on the phone. 4 ways

Sometimes there is a need to change his voice when calling a certain person. The reasons for this behavior can be very different:

  • the desire to joke with a friend;
  • an attempt to find out any important information from a competitor, introducing himself with a different name;
  • verification of their subordinates for the correctness of communication with customers;
  • cheerful draw of your own child.

The information article below will explain in detail how to change your voice when talking on the phone.

Voice change using the device

If you want to speak on the phone by a changed voice in real time, then you need a special device to change your voice. It costs quite inexpensively (an average of 800 Russian on Aliexpress), and looks as follows:

Depending on the model, the effects for changing the voice can be different. The device on the image above can change your voice:

  • From male to female
  • From female to male
  • On children’s
  • On a magical voice
  • On the voice of the baby
  • On the voice of an adult

Connection to the phone is carried out through AUX cable. You can change your voice directly during the conversation, as well as on the already recorded audio recordings.

There are creative proposals. For example, this mouse not only looks cool, but also allows you to speak like the main villain from the dark knight:

You can purchase these funny things on Aliexpress here and here

Ways to change the voice

With special. Applications (Android)

I note that if you have an old phone (insufficiently productive), then some applications may not work stably (the sound may partially lag behind, tremble). Still, your tube needs to have time for milliseconds to hear you, process your voice with all the filters imposed, and send it to the interlocutor.


Quite a powerful application for a quick change in voice. In addition, a recorder (for recording) is built in the software, and the possibility of broadcasting a changed voice into various web browsers and media players.

change, voice, phone, female
  • The following sound effects are available: the voice of a child, an adult man, a woman, a drunk man, the effect of a cave, space, etc.;
  • reproduction of the voice from the microphone, its replacement in real time;
  • the ability to open mp3 files and change them using effects;
  • the ability to record in mp3 files;
  • Minus: There are a lot of advertising in the free version of the application.

Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer. this allows you to change the voice during the conversation, applying various effects. You can also record your vote in a regular MP3 audio file.

There are quite a lot of effects for changing sound from the microphone: the voice of a girl, man, robot, noise is available (cave, castle, etc.) and t.D. By the way, the application has the possibility of emulating colloquial speech.

In general, I cannot but note that this is a very controversial application (many positive reviews and negative reviews. According to statistics, unfortunately, Call Voice Changer does not work on every 4th smartphone).

Voice modulator

Screenshots from the developer of the voice module.

The application is very simple, made for entertainment purposes (although I can’t help but note that in terms of voice changes. it works fine!).

Allows you to create amazing and very funny effects in a matter of minutes. I also add that the application supports the Russian language.

  • Sound effects: the voice of a robot, child, old man, Martian, Burunduk, etc.;
  • the ability to record audio and impose effects on them;
  • the ability to share audio files in social. networks or via Bluetooth;
  • editing audio files.

Funny Voice Changer

This application allows you to change your voice right during a telephone conversation. Different options for changing voice changes are available: from male to female (and vice versa), just make the voice unrecognizable, turn it into the voice of a monster or some robot (cyborg).

Before applying certain effects during conversation, it is recommended to listen to the desired effect on your phone (to know what awaits your opponent. ).

Note: the application is very specific, approximately 30-40% of users do not work stable.

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Funcalls. Best Voice Changer Call Recording

This application was created specifically for creating pranks (friends by phone). You can change your voice in real time during a telephone conversation. over, all the conversations can be written to the file, and then let it be listened to other loved ones.

  • First you enter the number you are going to call;
  • Choose a country (approx.: the application works in many countries of the world, in t.h. and Russia);
  • Choose the sound effect with which you want to change your voice;
  • After call the other side and speak with a changed speech;
  • Additionally, you can add a funny sound background;
  • in the process you can write everything down and then listen together again and laugh again.

I note that there are a lot of effects in the application. Perhaps the only negative: the application in English.

Alternative and unusual options

Many of them may seem ridiculous, but they can be used no less (for example, if the applications do not work higher for you (buggy, hang, etc.), or you call from the most ordinary phone where you just can’t install them).

  • You can clamp your nose with your fingers (for a while). The method is very working, you may not even recognize a rather close person;
  • to present a scarf in the microphone (though, at the same time, you will be worse audible and you will need to speak louder);
  • You can present a glass jar/cup for the tube (or other. vessel). as a result, your voice will be given with an echo (which will also partially change it);
  • Talking through his gritted teeth, you can put the lower lip forward (this is the most simple and elementary method);
  • If you have a good connection (and your interlocutor hears you well). then you can try to talk quietly, almost in a whisper (it will be very difficult to recognize you);
  • Use their acting skills (not everyone will succeed, but it was worth noting all the same. ).

The need to change the voice when calling by phone can be caused by various reasons, starting from the draw and ending with checking the quality of customer service subordinates to their company.

There are times when you need to change your voice, including for a business conversation. In this article we will talk about ways to do this using special devices and improvised means, as well as applications for Android and iOS.

Since speech is processed within a few milliseconds, the interlocutor does not notice this. The device or application can change the tonality and pace of speech, which allows you to remain incognito. You can change a male voice to female and vice versa, without compromising the quality of communication.

The vocabulary (or speech camouflage) gives wide opportunities for the drawing of your friends, since the call can be done anonymously and for this you do not need any special training or skills.

AV Voice Changer

Review: from lifhakeratip license: paid, the cost of the package is 99.95, there is a free trial version: Window will work in: real time, Skype, recorder

One of the most functional voice converters that the creators of the audioracles adore. The program will allow you to work with the timbre and apply various effects in real time, as well as use the modifier when communicating in third.party programs and applications.

The AV Voice Changer is a wide range of the voice editor settings, thanks to which you can get unique combinations of parameters and, accordingly, create a unique sound: make a voice rougher, more mysterious, more mysterious, etc. P. After recording, you can add additional sound effects, apply music. There is a built.in sound editor, as well as the function of trimming and installation of tracks.

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change, voice, phone, female
  • A rather complicated integration
  • The need to set the developer driver to interact with other programs
  • Not Russified

Applications for smartphones

Today, mobile telephony is the most popular voice communication method. In view of this, the presence of special programs for smartphones that would ensure proper privacy suggests itself.

In Applications stores for both Android and iOS, several dozen such applications will be recruited. Some of them have a pronounced humorous orientation, but there is also paid professional software.

Among the most popular voice-shifting applications:

  • Voice Changer. The voice can be changed directly during the telephone conversation. About a thousand speech filters are available. There is the possibility of converting male speech into female and vice versa. The main purpose of the program, according to developers, is entertainment and drawing. Perhaps the most popular application of this kind in the world: the number of its installations on Android is approaching 50 million.
  • Funnyvoice is a simple free application that also has a humorous orientation.
  • Call SCRAMBLER. Before “picking up”, the program asks the question whether it is worth encrypting speech. You can disable encryption at any time. Among the shortcomings, the application of the application should be noted.

Programs for changing the vote by phone

At the request of “Changing the voice when calling”, Play Market offers many programs, we selected working applications among them and analyze the most popular of them. Let’s start with one of the most popular FunCalls programs.

On the Google Play Market you can find many applications that allow you to change the user’s voice. Some of them can only process dictaphone notes and do not work in real time (during the call). Those that offer such an opportunity require the design of paid subscription.


The first solution is called Funcalls. It differs from such applications built.in “ringing”, which allows you to achieve the best results.

After that, the FunCalls integust will be opened. For a call with a changed voice, slip through the call button “Callings”. The number input means and the channel for choosing change options will open. The latter in the free version of the program is available for two: “Man” and “Funny”, rude male and funny, respectively. The type “Regular” does not change the voice. To cause contact from the phone book, slip through the appropriate icon. the list will open in which indicate the person you need. FunnyCalls solves the task well, but has several disadvantages: the integse is only in English, the restrictions of the call time and the presence of paid content. Advantages

  • You can call anywhere in the world.
  • The effects are superimposed on the voice during the voice call, and if you turn on the call record, the effect will not disappear.
  • All calls are saved automatically.
  • 5 voice effects are given to choose from. You can make a voice, as after a helium ball or vice versa lower it.
  • You can change voices right during the conversation on the phone.
  • You can apply additional sounds like cat meow, dog barking, female voices on the background, etc.D.
  • You can call both mobile and stationary device.
  • No advertising.

Despite a number of advantages, this application has significant disadvantages. Among them:

  • Lack of Russification.
  • You can’t call on a free basis. There is a demo call during which you can check how the application works. You need to pay for real calls.
  • Sound quality leaves much to be desired.

Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer is an excellent alternative to the previous application, which has similar functionality. The program can also be installed completely free of free from the Play Market, which we will certainly do:

  • In the search for Google Play, we introduce the name of the Call Voice Changer utility.
  • We go to a page with a program marked in the screenshot below.
  • Click on the “Install” button and expect the end of the installation procedure.

Install the Call Voice Changer application

But now you can proceed to the settings and use of software. The detailed leadership below will help you to do everything correctly:

  • Open the installed application.
  • We click on the “Allow” button in the window that appears, providing the program necessary for the work of resolution.
  • Then, if desired, we look through the privacy policy and select “SKIP”.

We set up Call Voice Changer

After performing the described actions, the program is completely ready for work. To change the voice during a conversation on the phone, we call the right subscriber, and then click on the “Changing” button. There are several edit options for a choice, among which there is the voice of a child, men, robot, woman or girl. There is also the opportunity to save a conversation to a file for subsequent sending to its friends.

Please note that the application does not work correctly on all devices, so if something goes wrong, choose another program.

Morphvox Pro

A program for changing the voice with a convenient intensity in which any user can easily understand. You can add background sounds even when modulating online. Opportunities:

  • change in height;
  • imposition of additional sounds;
  • Suitable for modeling speech in messengers (Skype, there, Discord);
  • saves an entry in the mp3 file;
  • creates a virtual microphone for data capture;
  • 5 templates are available (man, woman, dog, robot, demon);
  • 10-strip equalizer for changing the amplitude of the voice and setting up its frequencies;
  • supports loading other templates, skins;
  • Hotkeys.

Online Tone Generator

Using the Online Tone Generator site, processes ready.made audio files in MP3 and WAV format. The web service allows you to increase or decrease the height of the vote tone in the song without changing the pace. This is a great solution for beginner musicians who want to apply car vehicles to a recorded voice, for example, if you need to achieve higher notes or change the sound of instruments without their physical reconfiguration.

The principle of working with the service is reduced to several simple actions: you load the track and then adjust the settings using the Pitch Shift slider. It is possible to save the original pace of the track or synchronize it according to new attitudes. Tone conversion is performed in automatic mode, so that all changes can be listened immediately without downloading the file to the computer.

In the article, we examined the most popular programs that will help change the voice when talking on Android phone. Do not focus on one option: install several versions, make trial calls for 10-15 seconds and save them in memory of the device. Next, you can listen to all the options and choose the most successful and original. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, ask questions about the work and configuration of applications. Write which of these you liked the most. so we will help you decide the future readers of the topic, as well as offer our options and we will add them to the list.

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Voice change using programs

There are a lot of applications that change their voice in Android and iOS stores, but they have the same way:

  • Take an audio recording (finished or write a voice on a microphone);
  • You begin to apply various effects to it;
  • Choose you like;
  • Keep;
  • Apply depending on your imagination.

We have chosen 3 programs with the best reviews. We offer you to try it!

Voice converter

Judging by the reviews of Google Play users, the best application for changing voice is a program with the almost same name “Voice converter”.

It has more than 100 million. downloads and rating 4.5 points.

The application has more than 40 effects and sounds, including the opportunity to change the voice on zombies, giant, alien, or drunk.

Watch a small video to understand the features of the application:

change, voice, phone, female

Voice modulator

And one of the most popular applications for changing voice has an outstanding name. The functions are approximately the same as in the previous two programs, so choose the one whose intenses will like it more.

Movavi Video Suite. to change the recorded votes beyond recognition

On smartphones today you can do with sound, if not everything, then a lot, but the pros still prefer powerful stationary to compact mobile devices. Try a universal complex for working with multimedia. Movavi Video Suite. For example, when you need to edit a sound track when installing a video or replacing it, the multifunctional multimedia editor Movavi Video editor plus built.in in Movavi Video Suite.

To work with the sound, a very good set of opportunities hidden in the tab other tools → Changing audio is laid here. In addition to the equalizer familiar to the video editors, this also provides for the effects of the audio for the modification of the audio signal: echo, robot, radio, phone, muffled sound, increase or lower tone of varying degrees. Simply put, if you need to make the votes of those present in the video unrecognizable, there are enough built-in capabilities-you do not need to download something additionally or use online tools.

There are many ways to record a voice message with a changed voice or call someone so that you are not recognized. The most convenient option to change the voice in real time is to use mobile applications with relevant functions. To dispose of the text for sending anonymous voice, online generators and bots with support for this possibility can also be useful. And to those who are important high.quality sound processing, including changing the voice without loss of clarity of the sound of words, it is better to work with audio in a desktop multifunctional tool for working with multimedia Movavi Video Suite.