How to change the melody of a call to the Samsung Galaxy S10. instructions

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Changing the melody of the Samsung Galaxy S10 call is a very simple process. First you need to go to the smartphone settings menu. As soon as you find yourself there, go to the “Sound” tab. and then. “Melody for the phone”. As soon as you find yourself there, you will find melodies that are already installed on Samsung Galaxy S10. If you ever want to know what the ringtone looks like, you just need to check it to listen to the sample.

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When you found the ring you like, you just need to check it and confirm it. If the original melody of the Samsung Galaxy S10 call is not suitable for you, go to the next step to install one of your melodies as a bell melody.

In this guide, you will learn how to change the melody of a call to the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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How to put a melody on a call in Samsung A50

To put the mp3 melody on your Samsung A50 smartphone, you just need to throw it into any folder, for example, I throw it in RingTones.

If you see that the name is in Latin (in English) and best that it consists of one word, more precisely, so that there is no dashes like this_.

With dashes and in Russian, your samsung and 50, may not make it out. I showed me how an unknown file and refused to put it.

Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)

You can throw it by connecting the phone to the computer (a simpler method) or through a file manager on the phone (a longer method).

Then we move to the settings and go into “sounds and vibration”. There we choose a melody of the call (if you have two SIM cards, then we indicate what kind of melody will we put on).

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After, click on plus at the top / right (if you are going to put your own). Then, below / on the right, select the “folders”, after which we go down and “ringtones”.

It will open and you just have to choose the ringtone, which you threw and press the right / right “Ready”. It’s all.

The second way to set the new melody of calling the call on the Samsung Galaxy phone. player

Very often, Rington Songs in MP3 format can be installed using a musical player when we listen to the song.

How to install it? I will not say what will work out from all the players, but on the player Samsung turns out and I will use it.

To do this, first go to the menu. Who does not know somehow on most phones an icon with nine black dots.

After that, select the Samsung player, it has a melody that we want to install as a phone call.

It will immediately display at the bottom of the screen. click on it and fall into another window. In it, select the menu (the top on the right. 3 points of vertical).

Now the window with the choice of different options will pop up. we select “Install as”, after which a request for permission usually appears. we allow.

Next, put a bird opposite the line “The melody of the call”. This is not all, because the “Ready” button is not yet active.

You still need to indicate how the whole thing will happen. the song will begin first or the fragment you have chosen will play.

Usually everyone chooses first. I do so and I. In conclusion, click on the right in the upper corner is ready “.

All. Congratulations! You did everything. By the way, you can do a little easier, just start the song, then it will open in the player and you will not need to look for it.

How to put your own melody on a call in Samsung A10

Let’s start with how to put your own favorite motive, and in the course of the description the question of how to change it to the one will decide by itself.

To do this, of course, you need to find it and download it (if not yet), while it should be a F.format mp3.

It makes no difference where and in what way you will throw it on your Samsung A10, the main thing is that you know where, it is located.

I always throw from a laptop to the Ringtones directory, you can also just download or throw it from another phone through Bluetooth.

Also pay attention to the name better so that it is in English and consists of only one word, at least I always do this.

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Now, in order to introduce this music (melody) to enter the parameters (I think you know how to get there).

In the parameters, find the category “sounds and vibration”. There, find the place “The Melody of the Call”, but if you put two SIM card, then you need to indicate which you will install.

I immediately note that right in this window, which you now see, you can change the melody to any of the

There are at least a dozen of them. Just change the “birds”, suddenly some will like it, but since I write how to put my own, then click on the right (plus).

Then we find the “folder” catalog from below and if the downloaded is placed in “Ringtones”, then scroll through the screen until you find it.

Next, just select it by pressing and confirm at the top by pressing the “Ready” button. All.

Now let someone call you to make sure everything is done right. Hear your melody means everything “ok”.

I think, after a while, when you enjoy a new call, you will want to make a separate, sweat for at least a few favorite contacts.

There will be no difficulties with this either, and I may describe how to do it or just let me know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and then such a record will appear very quickly.

change, call, melody, samsung, galaxy

There is no possibility to change the sound in SMS in tools, but you can change the sound to your own melody in Samsung A10 if desired. Thanks for the visit. Success.

How to tie a melody on contact in Android 6

If you have Samsung based on Android 6, then you can put music for a certain room as follows:

  • Turn on your device;
  • On the main screen, click on the desired contact;
  • Entering its screen, click on the icon in the form of a pencil “edit” (or create a new contact); Select the option “Edit” (Edit)
  • Next, slip to “more”; Click on “”
  • Select “The Melody of the Call”; Select the “Call Melody” option
  • Indicate the right ringtone that you want to tie to this contact. After that, click on “Save” (OK). Save the changed contact

For separate contact

Go to the phone book and open the necessary contact. Click on the “Change” button. If there are no buttons, then first click on the icon with three points in the upper right corner.

In the lower part of the menu, click on the “Call Melody” item and select the ringtone. or your.

change, call, melody, samsung, galaxy

So you can do with absolutely every contact that you have in the phone book. This is a very convenient function, using it, you can always determine who calls you just by calling the track.

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Interesting! Through the file manager, a conductor on Android, you can also install music on incoming calls. Go to the folder where music files are stored, click your finger on the right track and indicate the item. install on the ringtone.

How to install your own melody of a call to Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Setting up the customizable melody of a call on your smartphone gives it an individual, and Samsung allows you to configure a customizer tune without any trouble. You can choose a ringtone from the list or install your favorite song as a ringtone. This is how to do it.

  • Put your finger down from the upper part of the screen and press the gear icon in the upper right corner to gain access to the settings. You can also access the settings by clicking the settings icon in the application menu.
  • On the menu go into sounds and vibrations and click on it.
  • Find the section “Calling Melody” and click on it.
  • Here you will find a list of all melodies pre.loaded in your Note 10. You can choose a melody from here. Or click the “” upper right corner “to open music files on your Note 10.
  • Select the right ringtone and click apply to install it as a user ringtone.

How to set your own melody of a call for one contact

If you want to configure your own melody for one contact, you can do this. This is how to do it.

  • Go to the menu, find the contact application and click on it.
  • Now go to the contact to which you want to add your own melody of the call.
  • Click the “Edit” icon.
  • Now scroll down and find the section “Calling Melody” and click on it.
  • Here you will find a list of all pre.loaded melodies. If you want, you can also place a ringtone in the Galaxy S20 storage.
  • Apply everything.

Here’s how you can install a personalized ringtone for one contact. If you want, you can also do this for other contacts by performing the steps mentioned above.