How to unlock android phone if you forgot the password

Modern mobile devices are stored a huge number of information required for the user. In addition, this is a standard way of remote communication, so the smartphone is most important to humans. But there are situations in which the user loses access to the device. An oncoming question arises: how to unlock the Android phone if you forgot your password, and is it possible to do it without harm for internal data.

Unlocking the smartphone after several attempts to enter the wrong password. the procedure is long enough, albeit possible. Depending on the version of the operating system, the model of your phone and year of release, changes and a way to gain access to the device.

  • In order not to deal with such troubles, first of all, always remember or write down the entry data.
  • Try not to change the phone number or email address to which the device is tied.
  • Do not make a graphic key too difficult to play.

Also blocking may occur due to system operations with a telephone. For example, flashing, installation of an unofficial shell, improper receipt of root rights.


When you forgot the password from the screen of your Samsung and urgently need the phone, I recommend using Tenorshare 4ukey for Android. This is quite the exact same tool you were looking for. It is compatible with any phone on Android, and allows you to “unlock any castle”. He is also able to reset Google Acts successfully. So, the use of Tenorshare 4UKey is a quick, easy and best solution for the locked screen.

Screen password withdrawing steps:

Install Tenorshare 4UKey for Anfriod and click on “Remove the screen lock” 2. Wait a few minutes, then the screens password will be successfully removed.

Install Tenorshare 4UKey for Anfriod and click on “Delete Google Account Lock (FRP)” 2. Send a notification to your Samsung device. 3. After receiving the notification, click on the “View” option on the Samsung device, and follow the step-by-step instructions displayed on the device to control the device. 4. At the end you will need to restart the device and use the unlocking mechanism that you just installed to access Samsung.

What to do if you forgot the password?

Password installed on the phone can be useful in a variety of situations. He will save from the accidental unlocking of the phone in a bag or. protects from unnecessary curiosity of friends or colleagues, and at the same time, and your personal data will save while stealing the device. And all this, of course, wonderful. That’s just done if you forgot the password?

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In fact, nothing terrible in this case will not happen. After you enter the wrong password in a row five times, the smartphone will ask you to wait 30 seconds before the next attempt. After which it will be offered two options to choose. either try to enter the password again, or reset it.


Click on the button “Forgot the combination?”Or” Forgotten Password “. The system will prompt you to enter the Google account data to which this device is connected. That is the data that you entered during the primary setup of the phone.

In the first line, enter the login (usually this is a mailbox on, but there may be a different mail), in the second line, dial the password. Please note that you need to enter the password from the Google account, and not a PIN code to unlock the smartphone.

If you forget the password from your Google account or can not remember which mail is login, then try to use the password recovery page on the official website of the company.

Apply the service from the creator of the phone

Part of the phone’s creators make it possible to host their devices to unlock screens by applying various options to carry out such unlocking. For example, if you have a Samsung phone, you can go to the Find My Mobile resource. This service assists Samsung owners in removing a graphics key, pin-code and fingerprint. At the same time, the phone again must have a connection to the Internet.

The owners of the same phones from Xiaomi need to go to the help of Xiaomi help. To assist MI service, you must have your account in it. Therefore, my advice to you:. Get yourself an account in the MI service. Registration can be passed through the phone settings.

In general, if you forgot your password, it is advisable to go to the manufacturer’s website of your phone, to the support section and learn whether they provide help in such an case? Most likely, you will have to report a number of confidential information, such as the date of purchase of your device, its IMEI and other information. But the phone will be unlocked, and you save the information on the inner disk (and this is important).

Remove the pin code or graphic key if you remember the password

In order to remove the smartphone from blocking, you need to do the following:

  • After the device has passed into the waiting mode, it is blocked. To do this, just click on the shutdown button. Next you need to enter a key or password installed earlier.
  • To change or completely delete the existing settings, you must go to “Settings” where you find the Security field (maybe this item is hidden under the more settings tab). After that you will find the “Screen Lock” field.
  • Next, you need to enter an old password.
  • Next, remove the lock screen, click “No”.

SAMSUNG unlock with Find My Mobile

Korean manufacturer provided the brand admirers with its own remote service, with which you can find and unlock the Samsung device. To get rid of the PIN code, you need to perform several steps:

  • From another device or PC Open site
  • Click on the “Login” icon.
  • Log in using the current SAMSUNG account settings.
  • Select the “Screen Unlock” section and specify the device.
  • Confirm the command to unlock password entry into the Samsung Account.
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Why use password

That we just do not store on our gadgets! Here and personal photos, and documents and a lot more. Finally, the smartphone is already a full wallet, and protecting your own data. the most important task of the user.

Installation of the password significantly reduces the possibilities of ill-wishers and fraudsters. The first is unlikely to be able to bypass the password on Android and get access to personal information, and from the last only four-digit digital code is unlikely to save, but will force convince. Small children will also not be able to break peace, accidentally deleting important files. Yes, the reasons for the location of the mobile device can be mass, only here are the passwords we often forget.

Password Reset via Recovery

Reset on the device with Android password you can via Recovery mode.

IMPORTANT: In this case, all information from the device will be irrevocably lost. Take care in advance about reservation so that in such cases it is possible to restore all data after reset.

Note: Charge the phone at least 70%, otherwise there is a risk that it will no longer turn on if it is discharged during the reset process.

For each brand of smartphone their buttons. It can be the volume swing up and the power button or the home button, the power button and the volume rocker up. On some models, you need to press for a few seconds and release in turn, first the volume keys later. Find out the exact combination and sequence of clicks for specifically your device can be on the forums on the network of the manufacturer of your smartphone.

Select the required menu item is performed using the lock / power button.

  • Confirm the power / lock again.
  • For a few seconds by logs, you can observe on the phone screen as the process of cleaning user data.
  • Clean the cache on the device.

In newer models, the binding of Google account has become much harder that even reset to factory settings or flashing will not help bypass binding. In device devices above 5.0 After resetting to factory settings you will need authorization with your Google Account. This is FRP protection (Factory Reset Protection). Protecting with general reset. Therefore, if you do not remember the password from the Google account, it will have to remember or restore. hack it much more difficult, but this is another story.

Reset over Google

If you for some reason you cannot get into the Recovery menu, reset the phone to the factory settings, it can be done through your account on Google Account HTTPS: //

  • It will take a computer or tablet with Internet access.
  • You must log in in your account.
  • Next, open the Security Input page / Device Search page.
  • Select your locked device and pass authorization.
  • Select. “Delete all data from this device”.
  • Read the Warning that all user information will be deleted from the device and confirm.
  • Files on the memory card will remain intact, but still the card is better to extract.
  • Smartphone will be reset when connecting to the network.
  • After you need to configure it as a new device.
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USB debugging

The following way will work if a USB debugging was turned on on the device. Download the PC program AdB Run Install it.

  • Connect your device to PC. Inteeis Program is simple and understandable.
  • You will need only one command, click on the keyboard number 6. Unlock Gesture Key.
  • The device will restart and will need to enter a new password on the lock screen.

The method is also triggered not with all smartphones.

Service center

If you have tried all the ways to unlock the phone screen, if you forgot your password, but I did not help anything after buying a gadget, you have a warranty card and a check, then you can attribute your phone to the service center and will help you there. This pleasure will cost some amount, but you save the data on the smartphone. Another disadvantage. it may take some time.

This, of course, not all ways, here we described, probably the most simple. But for most devices there will be quite enough. And remember. remember passwords, and better write them to a notebook or somewhere in a reliable place so that in such situations do not break your head and not risk precious photos, hundreds of SMS contacts and other data stored on the phone.

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