Can I call on the iPad with SIM. Is it possible to call with iPad

Users buying iPad, first of all, get at our disposal modern and functional gadget. If you want to make a device for all 100% useful, then you can also call it from it. Of course, it is impossible to initially carry out calls from the iPad, but there are several cunning techniques that will allow to implement such an opportunity. No, there will be no magic here, special programs will come to the rescue.

Very popular software with which you can not only communicate with users, but also call on ordinary phones. To make calls you need to pre-replenish the bill. It will be advisable to get acquainted with the tariffs and then decide on the amount of replenishment. You can call worldwide, which is very cool. The main plus is that buying a SIM card and register the number is not needed. Just just start account and replenish the balance.

How to call and send SMS with iPad and Mac

Difficulty level: for beginners. The Continuity function, the support of which appeared in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, allows users to make and receive calls, send and read SMS messages with Mac or iPad. At the same time, it is not necessary to activate your iPhone or take it into hand at all. Such a bunch looks very impressive on Apple presentations, but in real life not all users, especially beginners, were able to master it. Below we will tell you how to configure and use the CONTINUITY function on iPad and Mac.

First of all you will need an iPhone with iOS 8 on board. Please note that all the devices you want to tie must be registered on the same Apple ID. By default, the Continuity function is already enabled. That is, in order to start using CONTINUITY just enter on devices the same Apple ID on devices. Make sure the function works by clicking on the settings. FaceTime and turn on the iphone cell call switch. In the tab, your address for FACETIME calls should be the checkbox opposite your phone.

On the iPad, the procedure is the same, and the checkbox is in the same place. Continuity functions are necessary for all devices to be in one Wi-Fi network. That is, you can not, of course, leave the iPhone at home, go to work and respond to calls from the work computer.

To call with iPad using the iPhone, you need to go to the standard application “Contacts” and find the right number. Then click on the phone icon next to the subscriber number. Call animation will appear immediately, the call itself will occur in 2-3 seconds.

With the messages, everything is as simple:

  • You need to go to the iPhone settings and go to the message tab. Redirection of messages;
  • Here you will need to include the necessary devices, tapping on their names;
  • The iPhone will appear with a request to enter the code that appears on the connected devices;
  • Unlock the plug-in, we see the code on the main screen and enter it on the iPhone.

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After registering the device, you can receive and send SMS messages, both from iPad and Mac. SMS arrive literally across a second after they come to the iPhone, which is very convenient.

In order to use CONTINUITY on a computer, we will need Mac with OS X Yosemite with the same Apple ID as on iOS device to be connected. To activate the function, open the standard file “FaceTime” and switch to its settings. Here you will need to check the iPhone option (cellular calls). If you want, you can immediately choose a suitable ringtone that will be heard when calling Mac.

In order to dial the usual number from the computer, you need to go to the Contacts application, select the subscriber and click on the tube icon near its number. As you can see, the procedure itself does not differ from that on the iPad.

A challenge will begin, which you can interrupt by clicking on the window that appears in the upper right corner. In order to accept an incoming call, no additional actions are required to produce, as it automatically appears on the computer screen.

Now, due to the appearance of the Continuity function, you can put your smartphone on the table and, without being distracted by it, to work quietly at the computer. At the same time, no message or call you will definitely miss and even get the opportunity to answer them promptly.

Rebtel | official site

iOS: free app without advertising: a wide selection of tariff options, three minutes for a trial call

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Rebtel is present on the market under consideration for a long time. The seriousness of the application and the site is noticeable immediately, and not only in good, but in a bad sense: for at least some actions, it will have to first bind to its phone number. To do this, he will receive a call from the stationary Russian number from Moscow or St. Petersburg, where the metal English voice will offer to press a unit in a tonal mode to confirm the action.

When registering, the user does not give “free money”, as in the case of WEPHONE. Instead, three trial moments are activated that you can spend absolutely anywhere. After the trial moments are spent, you will have to fill the profile by your personal data and put money on your account. Almost all available tariff plans are limited regional and in time, and in general, do not look especially cheap by Russian standards. However, they will still allow saving huge money if the user needs to be able to call abroad. Especially in European and North American countries.

Trial bell performed on the same number as in the case of WEPHONE, gave normal voice quality. For the called subscriber, the call looked as if I was committed from that room to which our Rebtel account was initially tied.

Turn on Wi-Fi on your iPad

Then you need to go to the iPad on which you want to use call relay.

Step 1 On your iPad Enter iCloud and Facetime using the same Apple ID that you use on your iPhone.

Step 2 Go to FaceTime Settings, then turn on FaceTime and calls from iPhone.

After you configure it, when you receive a call, you can press the answer button to pick up and spend the call completely on your iPad.

Note: If you have enabled Wi-Fi calls, emergency calls can be performed via Wi-Fi, and the location information of your device can be used for emergency calls to help take response measures, regardless of whether you are included. Some communication operators can use the address you registered when you subscribe to the Wi-Fi calls function as your location.


This application is part of Apple’s branded services by providing communication opportunities through voice and video communication. The application is quite convenient to use, but its essential disadvantage is that it is available only for Apple devices, so contact with its help with owners of gadgets from other manufacturers is impossible.

Thus, the answer to the question is whether it is possible to call from the iPad, for the owners of apple tablets is no longer difficult. You can perform calls, and the above list of programs is not full, which allows you to choose the most suitable application to each IOS-device owner.

Other options

It is worth remembering that there are several other methods to make calls by iPad. Among the simplest and most convenient, the following ways are worth noting:

  • Using FaceTime Program. This application is already built into the device, which adorns the image of a thternal apple.
  • It should be borne in mind that Facetime is focused on voice communication with other users of Apple devices. The thing is that the program does not use the phone number, but ID Apple.
  • It is worth noting the reliability and convenience of this option for those users who have most of friends and relatives are the happy owners of “apple” devices.
  • Application of the router 3G. This solution will be effective and useful in those situations when there is no available Wi-Fi network.

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ways to call with iPad

There are several ways to call with iPad using applications. Yes, all methods are associated with programs, because the standard version of the call is not supported on the iPadakh.

Through SIM card

Apple tablet computers are divided not only on the model, be it an iPad 11 of the first generation, iPad mini third generation and t.D., but also to support cellular communication.

Most tablets do not support mobile Internet, these are classic models whose name is written.

There are other models, in the title of which there is a word Cellular (translated from the English “Cellular Communication”). In such devices there is a SIM slot, but it is not intended for normal use by type of calls, the availability of a phone number, sending SMS and other.

Simka in iPad allows you to activate a mobile data network. In other words, the only feature that the SIM card performs in Cellular models is using mobile Internet.

Cellular Gadgets are great for users who often use a tablet computer on the street or indoors without Wi-Fi.

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If the tablet is operated standard (at home and at work), then there is no sense in Cellular model, because the device will enter the World Wide Web through the Wi-Fi home wireless network.

Returning to the topic of telephone calls, sum up. None of the existing ipads have the ability to make calls through the sim card and use it as on the phone.

This restriction is impossible to go through any software, nor with hardware modifications.

Nevertheless, you can call with iPad, but via the Internet. Method Everyone chooses for yourself, it can be a call via WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facetime or other applications.


The most popular messenger in Russia. You can correspond, send voice messages, perform audiosals and video calls, and send files of various formats.

How to make calls through whatsapp application:

  • Install the application, finding it in the App Store.
  • After installing the installation, launch the application.
  • Enter the phone number. You will not be able to enter the SIM card number from the iPad, because it does not exist, but you can specify any other number, for example, the one that is used on the smartphone. A message will come to him with the code, and will only remain enter the code on the tablet.
  • Select a contact from the list.
  • A dialog box appears in which you want to tap to the call symbol in the upper right corner. If the machine is connected to the Internet, and the selected contact has whatsapp, the call will be implemented.


Previously, Skype was the most popular tool for the implementation of audio and video calls. Now he is not so requested, but still supported by Microsoft.

In order to call through Skype, you need:

  • Install the program by finding it in the App Store.
  • Open application after installing installation.
  • Enter the existing account or create a new.
  • Learn contact login in Skype. Enter it in the search bar and call a call.

The essential advantage of Skype in front of other similar programs is that the service allows calls to phone numbers.

To do this, you need to replenish the balance in Skype, and then dial the number. An Internet will be used to connect so that the connection quality plays a big role.

Skype has cons. For example, a system of long and incomprehensible logins that cannot be remembered. Also, the application works worse compared to other competitors.


Vaiber ranks second most popular in Russia among messengers. The principle of its use is exactly the same as in WhatsApp.

  • Install Viber.
  • Register in it or enter the previously created account. Registration and input are made through the usual mobile SIM card, so you need to enter the code that came to the smartphone. It will not come to the tablet, because there is no such function in the iPad.
  • Find contact by phone number or name.
  • Select a call symbol.


The method that Apple recommends. It is based on call receptions with iPhone on iPad. Works on versions iOS 9 and above.

  • You need to enter the Apple ID account on the iPhone and on the iPad.
  • Connect both devices to one Wi-Fi network.
  • Start the FaceTime application on the tablet by registering in it using the iPhone.
  • Take the iPhone, go to settings and open the Cellular Communication section.
  • In order to redirect calls from the iPhone when the phone is nearby, you need to go to the section “On other devices”, activate the “Allow call” item and select the tablet. Now calls to the iPhone and with iPhone can be carried out through the tablet. In order to redirect calls from the iPhone, even when it is not there, you should go to “Calls to Wi-Fi” and activate the option “Add to other devices” by selecting the tablet.
  • On iPad Go to Settings, FaceTime section. Here you need to turn on the sliders in front of the “FaceTime” and “calls with iPhone” inscriptions.

In my opinion, this is the best way to call with iPad, but it requires iPhone.

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Multifone for tablet

This method is suitable only for those who use the SIM card from the megaphone operator. Download the Multifone application from the official store ITUENS. HTTPS: // iTunes.Apple.COM / RU / App / Mul-Tifon / ID460052649?Mt = 8. After you install the application, you will be offered to connect a special rate, without which the “multiphon” will not work. The advantages of this application include the ability to call any numbers that can call any other SIM card from MegaFon operator. Another important additional feature is the “recording of a telephone conversation”. The minus of the Multifone application is one parameter. it is necessary to pay for its use, all spent funds will be written off from your SIM card.

What to do if there is no GSM module

Even if there is no wireless communication module in the tablet, you can always buy a portable 3G router (usually has a type of flash drive), which will hand out Wi-Fi wherever the cellular communication is.

Another option. loading a special tweak from Cydia. At the same time you need a jailbreak.

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