Application for calls from tablet. How to call from Lenovo Tablet: What is needed for this

Tablets from Lenovo, like similar devices from other manufacturers. These are mini computers designed primarily to enter the Internet. But often the users seem to be little. They wish more opportunities from their own device. Therefore, the question often arises: how to call from Lenovo tablet?

Use the Lenovo tablet for communication, like ordinary mobile phones, you can not always. Such possibilities have only models that are equipped with a GSM module and a slot for SIM-cards.

Based on this, Lenovo tablets are divided into the following categories:

  • without GSM module. It is impossible to make calls to cellular operators (the SIM card is not provided);
  • with GSM module. Calls are made through the Telephony application (SIM card slot is available);
  • without a GSM module, but with a 3G connection. It is possible to insert a SIM card, but it is used only to enter the Internet.

Call with Lenovo tablet on phone

To make a call you just need to dial the right number. However, in this matter is not so easy. Sometimes it happens that there is a GSM module in the device, but it doesn’t turn out how to call anyway, since the manufacturer disabled the call function.

If there is a specific call limit on the tablet, you will need to reflash the device. Put a new firmware on the device without special knowledge is not worth it, so it is better to contact the service center. The fact is that the wrong flashing can lead to the unstable work of the Lenovo tablet.

In order to call phone numbers need a special application for a set of numbers. In some models it is default. If the program is missing on the device, you can download it from the Internet. Better download software with Play Market, and not use third-party sites.

If all the conditions are followed. there is a program for a set of numbers and GSM module, then you need to just dial the phone number. Don’t forget that funds are written off for calls and sending messages, so it is worth checking in advance whether there is money on the account.

Calls via the Internet

Now more about whether it is possible to call from a tablet that is not equipped with special modules. Calls via the Internet are possible for each device, which has a Wi-Fi connection. Special messengers allow you to contact the right person. But for free it can be done if it has the same software. Otherwise you have to replenish your account and pay for each minute of conversation as through a SIM card.

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Call options

If there is a need to turn the tablet into a mobile phone, you must first find out which communication functions in it are provided. The presence of GSM and 3G modules will allow the possibilities of voice telephony not only from home, office, cafe, other places where you can connect to the Internet, but also freely moving around the city.

With GSM support

If a GSM module is provided in the tablet, additional manipulations are required as an application installation, device flashing, special settings. The process of activating voice communication is simple and similar to the first launch of “ASUS”, “Samsung”, “Lenovo“, another smartphone. The only thing to make the owner is:

  • Insert a Six Cart in the Slot provided for this;
  • restart the device, which will allow the tablet to detect the chip, activate the SIM card;
  • Check if the phone is installed? If it is not in the regular firmware, you need to go: for Windows. Microsoft Store, for Android. Google Play;
  • replenish the bill for the amount sufficient to pay for the services of the cellular operator.

Application for calls from tablet. Now everything is ready for calls through the SIM card. The user can enter the phone number manually or use contacts from the phone book that are synchronized automatically if the tablet is connected to Google account. The quality of communication directly depends on the coating zone, such as a built-in module, the presence of an external antenna.

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Using this type of communication is relevant to commit local calls. For conversations with subscribers from other regions, states, it is better to take advantage of an alternative option where the cost of calls is from one cent.

How to call with a tablet without a SIM card

Given the modern development of software technologies, the availability of high-speed Internet in large, small cities in the country, the lack of a GSM module does not affect the ability to dial the subscriber’s phone number and chat with it using a tablet computer to “Android”. Quality and reliability in this case depends on the speed of the Internet connection. On the device itself you need to have an installed application. They are divided into two categories:

  • allow you to call mobile numbers using an Internet connection (IP telephony). To call Lenovo tablet to the stationary, mobile number you need to register an account, record Top up the account. Often the cost of the call is differentiated depending on the tariff plan, the subscriber category, the country where the outgoing call is performed;
  • allow you to communicate exclusively with users who also installed the application. When you establish a voice connection between users, the VoIP technology is used, where the call is made directly from one device to another. Gadgets are identified by personal account and IP addresses.

On all tablets, microphones and speakers are installed under 5 years old, allowing to communicate with subscribers regardless of the distance between them.

All tablets have microphones and speakers for communication.

Checking the tablet when buying: first actions

Let’s start with the fact that checking the tablet when buying starts from the packaging, in the cases if you are offered the packaged device or you will need it yourself. So, the packaging must be holistic, not wild and polyethylene covered. If the last is not, then the tablet has already been revealed in any cases. No manufacturers who do not do this because it is an international norm, without which the device cannot export from a certain country.

Many people want new, packed tablets, although it would be better to take a tablet from the showcase, since there is defective defective, it is pre-tested, it is preparing the required minimum of programs. If you want to take a tablet with shop windows, then definitely specify the login and password of the account, then not to spend the lot of your efforts to change it.

  • Check the housing for horses, scratches. The same applies to the displays of the device.
  • Check the quality of the mount. It turns out this as follows. Holding a tablet in two hands, easily move one of the hands from myself, and the second on myself, as if on the break of the device. There are no creaks in high-quality assemblies.
  • When the device is still turned off, dust visible dust displays. If they are, then you know everything in six months, everything will be seen, and specifically the user of the tablet will be some discomfort.

Programs for calls from tablet

In all tablets, where it is possible to make calls, an application must also be preset (see screenshots). If you can’t find it, try to update the firmware, for sure the manufacturer added a “dialer” in the latest firmware version. You can search for an application store any “dialer” by entering a request “DIALER”. For example Exdialer.

call, lenovo, tablet

There are alternative calls operating on the Internet:

1 Throw money to the account and call any number to any country on the Internet. By the way tariffs there are not biting, for example, 60 minutes of conversation a month for calls in Russia (home or cellular numbers) will cost 2.79 dollars. Subscribe to take not necessarily, you can only pay for the perfect calls. Tariffs for communication services Skype can be viewed on the official site of Skype.
call, lenovo, tablet

Buying a tablet with the ability to insert a SIM card, one way or another you start thinking about whether it is possible to use it for calls to a mobile phone. Depending on the model, various restrictions are superimposed on this opportunity, and some versions in principle do not support the possibility of calls through the built-in map. In this text, ways will be considered as you can call from the tablet and what will be needed for this.

What tablet lenovo is better?

Comparison of Lenovo Tab 4 10 and Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)

Show only differences Allocate Lenovo Tab 4 10 SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A 10.1 (2016)
CPU Quad-core 1.4 GHz Eight-core processor 1.6 GHz
Processor manufacturer Qualcomm Snapdragon 425
ram 2 GB 2 GB
Internal storage 16 gigabytes 16 gigabytes

How to make a tablet that is equipped with a GSM module?

Thanks to the GSM module, you can make calls just like from a mobile phone. The only thing you need. This is, of course, a SIM card with an acceptable tariff plan for you. Call Call Sets the Operator. You can make them in the coverage zone of the selected network.

How to call from the tablet in this case? With IP telephony. In order to make calls, you need the Internet. It can be both mobile Internet and Wi-Fi or 3G. Of course, the last two options are better, but the first can also be used. Then you need to download the program. It can be Skype, Viber, Oovo and others. Note that all these software products are free. Call in stationary numbers through such applications is much cheaper than according to the tariffs of operators. People who enjoy the same applications in general can be made free calls.

To call, you need to dial the subscriber number or choose from those that are in the address book or contact sheet.

If you have something in your tablet, you can even make video conversations. In addition, it is easy to create conferences, communicating simultaneously with several people.

How to call using Skype Program? Exactly as described above: download the program, install, enter your data, after which you can make calls, and both subscribers of mobile communication (cheaper than according to the tariffs of operators) and friends that are in the contact list of the Skype program itself.

GSM method calls

Most people confuse calls from GSM and 3G. People most often think that calls, thanks to 3G, can be performed on operators working through GSM, this erroneous delusion.

People most often think so because of the presence in the tablets of the slot under the SIM card, which is equipped with all available 3G tablets today.

From this it follows that the tablet can call, it must have both 3G and GSM modules. Also, many manufacturers take care of such people and equip their plates with these attributes.

To keep aware about buying a tablet. It is better to ask the seller or consultant about the presence of this module.

To find out if you have the opportunity to call on your device, it is easy enough to find “a dialer, thanks to which you can call calls to other phones.

Some of the manufacturers block this feature, delete this feature from the machine, but people who disassemble the tablets can easily include such a function back, just need to understand a little in the firmware, routing the tablet.

If you call, using this method, you will spend less means for calls to other operators.