Relief settings on Android. requires a confirmation of the Google account I do not remember what to do?

As you know, with Android OS version 5.1 (Lollipop) “Google” added additional security feature in Android OS. Last after smartphone reset to factory settings requires entering e-mail and password of the former user account in Google. If the owner of the phone for some reason does not know them (for example, the phone was bought from hand), then such a device turns for a new owner in a useless brick. In such a situation, the new owner of the phone begins to look for effective ways to gain access to the configurations of the device and eliminate annoying lock. In our material we will analyze what to do if you dropped the settings of your Android and the system requires confirmation of the Google’s past account, we describe in detail the methods that allow you to solve the problem.

As we have already mentioned, with version OS Android 5.1 (Lollipop), seen the light at the end of 2014, Google introduced the Android OS functionality so-called “FRP” (Factory Reset Protection. Factory Reset Protection). Now, after resetting the phone to the factory settings, the system will require an e-mail and password to the former Google account, which was on the device before resetting it.

Thus, Google tried to protect the phone from thieves that massively steal phones, perform their reset to factory settings in order to delete all previous user data. Then such “clean” device is sold to a new one, nothing suspect, owner.

In some cases, the phone owner himself drops the phone to the factory settings, but does not remember the data to enter your google account, as it registered it for a long time. In this case, the question arises in front of him how to bypass the FRP protection from Google after resetting the settings.

There are several different ways to bypass FRP from Google. All of them directly depends on the brand and model of your phone, version of Android OS and other factors. The way that is suitable for Samsung phones may be ineffective on Xiaomi, and vice versa. All these methods are somehow published on the network, where they are studied by Google experts, and the next updates close existing holes, allowing to bypass FRP. Nevertheless, currently there are several effective ways, and we describe them in detail below.

What is FRP in Android and for which FRP is used?

FRP is an additional data protection quality for Android users. This toolkit is specifically available for Android phone users.

FRP or Factory Reset Protection Program protects the access of any other person to the owner’s mobile device.

If a person loses his Android device or device will fall into the hands of the third, then using the FRP tool, the user can save its device.

At the same time, a person will not be able to reset the phone settings, as Google credentials are involved for this. This program will help in the following:

In some cases, a person who buys a used cell phone with sellers, or people who do not remember their google identifier and password, can get into trouble.

To do this, you need to know about the FRP bypass, which will help users without any problems again use their mobile devices.

Therefore, if you are interested in which program I can use to bypass your Google account, here are ten BYPASS FRP tools that will help users get access to their mobile devices:

How to get around Samsung Account

SAMSUNG FRP function is available on new phones. But it can be a problem. Think if you reset the phone settings to the factory settings, Google will ask you to enter your Gmail account to open the phone. If you forgot your password of your Gmail account, you may not use your phone and can not open it. But now you can bypass the Samsung account using the methods described below. Using the following steps, you can easily bypass samsung FRP in your phone.

SAMSUNG account FRP Requirements

If you have access to both things mentioned above, you can continue using this method by following the following steps.

This method works 100% normally and bypass FRP on all Samsung devices. After next steps, you can bypass the protection against resetting the settings on the Samsung device.

  • First of all, you need to download FRP apk bypass.
  • Copy the downloaded APK file to USB.
  • Connect USB to the phone with OTG cable.
  • Now the file manager will appear, and then the application will be installed when connected.
  • Now go to phone settings, find and click “Backup and Reset”.
  • Click Reset to factory settings and delete all your data on the phone. It will clear all your data, such as music, video, images, applications, data, Google account.
  • Done! Now your phone will reboot (reboots). Loading can take some time. Do not worry, after launch everything will be fine.

That’s all. This is the easiest way you can use to bypass Samsung. But in this process, all your mobile data, including settings, will be deleted.

SAMSUNG FRP bypass using the SideSync application.

This is the second method that you can use to crawl Google Samsung account. In it, you must use the computer instead of the OTG cable. It is also simple.

  • First download the SideSync application.
  • After downloading, install the application to your phone.
  • Run the SideSync application and connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • After connecting, you will see a pop-up window, as in the image below.
  • Download bypass FRP APK.
  • After downloading the application, click the “Back” button and go to SAMSUNG applications.
  • You will be asked to install SideSync. But ignore and look for a conductor and install any conductor.
  • After successful installation, open the Explorer and go to the download folder.
  • Click on bypass app.APK install it.
  • Now go to your phone settings and click Backup and Reset.
  • Click on Factory Data Reset and delete all the data of your device.

That’s all. Done. SAMSUNG account collaboration process. It was a simple method.

SAMSUNG FRP bypass using a SIM-Card PIN lock on Samsung. Galaxy

This trick runs on the device running the Android version 9.0 Pie and Android 8.0 Oreo. And make sure your tablet and phone work on the same version. If you can, or you can not, try moving to the same version of the framework. Before you start, you need to have these things.

To use this trick, follow these steps:

Insert the SIM card with the blocking of contacts.

Press the power button once and extend the tray for the SIM card, then press the power button. At the same time, you should not receive information on the phone that “SIM card is inserted”. Click on OK.

Drag the notification “Not completed Login” on the left and tap the bell notification.

Click on settings notifications and select YouTube the application in it.

After that, click Notifications in the company’s application about Google Privacy Policy, then open the Samsung Internet Browser.

Open Site: FRPFILE.COM / APK. Download and install two APK files: BYPASS FRP 1.0.APK and GAM8.APK.

After that, open the BYPASSFRP application, then you will see the screen Press in the upper right corner. Log in to the browser.

Now you can add your new Goggle account.

Restart the phone. He will show you recently added account.

FRP BYPASS APK. Google account bypass on Galaxy S8, Note 8, S7 EDGE

Hushsms APK helps you bypass Google account screen. It works great on Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Note 8 and Note 9 running Android 7.0 and 8.0 Oreo.

Follow these steps to use the HushSMS APK trick:

First of all, download and install APK Husksms to another Android phone.

Now open the application and click on the WAP Push SL icon.

Enter your mobile phone number “YouTube.COM »In the message label.

Click the “Send command” icon, you will receive an SMS on a locked phone. Click OK to automatically open YouTube.

Ignore application update message on YouTube, then click the profile image.

bypass, google, lock, samsung

Click on “Conditions and Privacy”, the Chrome app will open to us.

Enter “frpfile.COM / APK »In the URL CHROME line, then download and install Download FRP Bypass APK as well as Google Account Manager 6 APK.

After installation, select the “Login via browser” option.

Add a new Google account and restart the phone.

Two options How to Delete Google Account on Android 7.0

“Rough” option provides for the removal of the Google account along with unpleasant consequences. In this case, together with the account, all personal data, contacts, photos, notes in the calendar are removed, and so on. Therefore, you must first take care of backup.

“Soft” the same option is a standard way to remove Google Account. In this method, you remove the account itself or simply unscrew the smartphone from it, but it will not have any influence on the materials stored in the operating system. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for all devices, this is all and the problem.


The article describes the effective and self-sufficient methods, allowing to bypass the protective blocking of the Google FRP account (Factory Reset Protection), in the case when, after the “reset” of the gadget to the factory settings, the user ran into a problem due to a forgotten password or ignorance, when purchasing a device with Hands.

Taking advantage of any of the methods following the instructions described, the user will be able to return the performance of the smartphone or the tablet and the possibility of its operation according to purpose. On the other hand, the presence of “unofficial” blocking opportunities are promising and beneficial for fraudsters, so it is not worth paying for a 100% for the defense of FRP from the developers of smartphones against “s” 100%, it is not necessary to take care of your things carefully;. As for logins and passwords, their safety guarantees not “excellent” memory, but saving passwords in the recorded form in a secluded place.

Official Reset Factory Reset Protection

Below we list options as you can reset the defects from blocking:

  • The most faithful and elementary way:
  • Enter mail (login) and password from Google account which was to reset to the factory settings;
  • If the smartphone was bought with used, you need to know the access to the previous owner.
  • Open your account on your computer and untie Android device.
  • If the smartphone is only purchased, but the account is blocked, contact the store, taking a warranty, check, box, and t.D.

How to disable protection after the Factory Reset Protection reset

IMPORTANT: If you after reset to the factory settings, you still can not configure Google account, wait 1-3 days after which, try again to enter a new login and password.

What is the problem of the FRP function

One of the innovations of the developers of the Android operating system has become the last protection system that appeared on devices from version This feature (Factory Reset Protection or FRP LOCK) is as follows: in case of a loss of a smartphone or stealing, the owner will be able to block his gadget, after which, without a pair of login / password from Google Account, the phone will not be subject to further use. The same defense will work and when trying to fully reset the settings (Hard Reset).

But how to get around the Google account if we ourselves reset the settings, for example, when the device is firmware or remove a graphical key? In addition, there are no cases when both the right password / login system does not accept.

In any case, when you first start the device and attempt to access the Wi-Fi network, a request will appear on the smartphone screen to confirm the Google account on Android:

This is where there is a need to search for a way that can cope with the problem.

Unlock Google Account on Android

Immediately want to note. if you do not reset the settings due to the fact that the profile is blocked or removed, it can be restored. To do this, familiarize yourself with the relevant instructions for performing this procedure in another material.

When the recovery account fails, proceed to the following methods.

Official methods

In this material we will touch on not only the official ways to unlock the account, but I would like to start with them. Such methods are universal and suitable for all versions of the Android OS.

Sometimes devices are purchased from hand. Most likely, they were already in operation and the Google account was tied to them. In this case, you will have to contact the seller and find out the entry data. After that, the entrance to the Google account is carried out.

It is worth noting that sometimes the seller changes the profile password specifically for the buyer. Then you need to wait until 72 hours before entering, as there is a delay in updating data.

Bending protection is also made by logging in to your account, which was tied to the device used. If you have any problems with access or you can’t remember the password, we advise you to seek help to another article on the following link.

bypass, google, lock, samsung

In addition, it should be borne in mind that you can always contact the service center (if you have a shipping check), where you will restore access to the account created when purchasing.

Self disconnection Factory Reset Protection

Before starting the recovery of the factory configuration, you can turn off the FRP yourself, producing some actions. This process is far from all the firmware and will be slightly different from the one to do to you, because depending on the manufacturer and the Android envelope names and location of the menu items sometimes do not coincide.

    Go to “Settings” and select the Account menu.

Here, find the Google Account and go to it.

Delete this account using the corresponding button.

Go to category “For Developers”. On different models of devices, this is done in different ways.

Now, when you go to the reset mode, you do not need to confirm the account.

On this all official methods end. Unfortunately, not all users have the opportunity to use them, because we want to pay attention to the unofficial options. Each of them works correctly on different versions of Android, so if one does not help, try to use the following.

Alternative methods

Unofficial methods were not provided for by the creators of the operating system, for this reason it is largely holes and flaws. Let’s start with the most effective unlocking methods.

Connecting a flash drive or SD card

The following instruction will suit the users who have the ability to connect a flash drive through a special adapter, or install a memory card. If immediately after the connection, you will display a pop-up window with a confirmation of the drive, follow these steps:

    Confirm the opening of the drive by clicking on “OK” after the window appears.

Now the password for recovery is not needed to enter, because you just walked them successfully. If this option is not suitable, go to the next.

Unlock via SIM card

To use this method, a working SIM card must be installed on your phone to which you could carry out an incoming call. Bending protection using SIM cards as follows:

Expand the curtain and dismiss the current call without closing the row.

After that, you can safely translate the device to the state of factory settings, deleting all the information, to confirm the account at the same time.

Bypass through a connection with a wireless network

If you do not have access to Google account, try to bypass the blocking by connecting to Wi-Fi wireless network. This vulnerability allows you to proceed to the general settings and from there to reset the configuration. The whole procedure looks like this:

    Navigate to the list of available wireless networks.

Select the one that requires password entry.

Google account bypass via “DRM Reset

This is a more powerful way to solve a problem with a blocked smartphone. For DRM reset:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi network.
  • During the check, go back to the list of available networks.
  • Select any other network and enter any data in the password field. Copy the entered password, open the optional menu and turn on the prompts.
  • Go to the phone settings, in the recovery category and reset.
  • Relieve DRM licenses.
  • Return to network connections, enter a new account.
  • On this relief of licenses and binding another account completed.