Wireless HD Video and Wi-Fi Sound Transmission, Digest. Spring’12

Dear reader, welcome you on the expanses of Habrahabr, this unique exchange platform for experiences and opinions. In this note, I want to return to the topic of wireless transmission of high-quality video and sound without the use of wires, using various technologies. At the same time, I will consider the aspect of the wireless transfer wider than just network “shaking” films and music. The necessary and sufficient condition for mentioning this or that technology will be able to transfer the screen of the desktop and the operation of any programs, with the support of the permission, not lower than 1280×720 (HD-READY / 720P). Since with the moment of my past publications has already passed quite a long time (regarding this, developing explosive pace, industry), and N-O, the number of innovations appeared, then their description and I would like to share.

How it did not seem strange, but the technology of hand-video and sound transmission technology (here and then under HD video and sound implies not just music and movie files, but the work of real-time programs and high resolution) and they are all The current note will not fit. And since any technical mind whose most on our resource requires accuracy and categoricality, if the topic is interesting, at the end I will summarize all the notes of the general name plate, in which all wireless standards and their numerous characteristics. As I have already noticed earlier, the brain of the reader, though technical, but not rubber as the first! ) Let’s start with the most available wireless video and sound transmission technology. Wi-Fi transmission.

Smart method

If your plans do not include a tedious quest for searching, connecting and downloading, then more convenient option: Smart TV or SMART prefix.

What can smart TV?

It connects directly to the Internet and allows you to download various applications. For example, online cinemas, television programs, YouTube and even games. And it is always high-quality content, without pirate copies and screen records of films.

Smart TV You can not always improve and update up to last version like computer or smartphone. And if you consider that the TV is a purchase of 10 years ahead, then soon smart techniques will lose new models and brazen.

Average Agree that such an investment is not always to the place. Especially if your current TV is fully worn.

Fortunately, from an ordinary TV can always be done smart with a Smart console. Differently they are also called Smart Box or Media Player.

Ergonomically. All necessary inside of one device: TV channels, favorite movies and TV series.

SMART prefix. functionally and inexpensive

for consoles 10-15 times lower than on Smart TVs. At the same time, the possibilities of Smart Box is wider, and control is easier.

We will analyze on the example of the prefix “Big TV 4K”. Compact box in which you will find:

✓ Built-in online cinemas: IVI, OKKO, NETFLIX, AMEDIATEKA, MEGOGO, TVZAVR. And the ability to install other services additionally.

✓ Support for image quality 4K Ultra HD. Detailing films on the console in 4K format is four times higher than those of movies in HD-format. Noticeably on any TV.

✓ YouTube on the big screen. Send clips from the phone to the TV in 1 click.

✓ Cable and essential television channels with the “Archive” function

✓ Access to popular services and games in Google Play. USB and Bluetooth connectors make it possible to connect headphones, keyboard, mouse and game joysticks.

✓ Ability to watch your content, family photos, video from third-party media.

Less ergonomically than Smart TV. Under the prefix it is necessary to highlight the place and connect to the TV. Therefore, when choosing a console, you need to consider its dimensions.

For example, “Large TV 4K” is completely crumb: 8.5 cm in width and length, 1.6 cm in height. Post it will not be difficult.

Configure the TV Prefix requires two remotes, which is not always convenient.

To “Large TV 4K” in the kit there is a remote with the button to program the buttons, which allows you to control it with the help of it and the console, and TV.

You can purchase a Smart Console “Big TV 4K” in just 3500-4500. The device is constantly upgraded, so do not worry that in a couple of years I will have to buy a new model again.

The prefix is ​​suitable for any TV: the usual will make SMART, and the smart TV will become an excellent addition.

Little Smart “Box” can always be taken on vacation or to the country. But there is no TV.

Free Russian technical support. You always have the opportunity to ask any question and get advice on intees and console management.

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Interesting of content / intees Your expectations is not a defect. The manufacturer is not responsible for the incorrect work of third-party applications.

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Transfer Images to TV with Android via Wi-Fi (Miracast)

Before you start, be sure to turn on Wi-Fi on your Android phone or tablet, otherwise the following steps will show that wireless screens are not available.

To transfer the image from the phone to the TV, you may need slightly different acts depending on the version of Android and the smartphone brand, but the following options are usually available:

  • In the notification area, find the Broadcast icon, and after searching for the available TVs, click on the desired and wait for the start of the broadcast.
  • If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, in the notification area, find the SMART View icon, click on it, wait for the TV, click on it and wait when the broadcast starts.
  • Go to Settings. Screen. Broadcast (or Wireless Miracast screen), Your TV will appear in the list (it must be enabled at this moment). Click on it and wait for the connection to be completed. On some TVs, you will need to “enable” connecting (a request will appear on the TV screen).
  • Open a list of quick actions in the Android notification area, select the “Live” button (may be missing), after finding your TV Click on it.

On this, everything. if everything went successfully, after a short time you will see the screen of your smartphone or tablet on the TV (in the photo below the device opened the camera and the image is duplicated on TV).

Perhaps you will also use additional information:

  • It is not always the connection occurs from the first time (sometimes it tries to connect long and does not go out), but if everything is required is included and supported, it is usually possible to achieve a positive result.
  • Image and sound transmission rate may not be the best, play so much games will not work.
  • If you launched some kind of video on the phone, and on the TV it is transmitted as a black screen (which can be in some players and with protected content), it is better to use the transmission methods described below in the section with additional image transmission methods.
  • If you usually use a portrait (vertical) screen orientation, then turning on the automatic rotation and turning the device, you will make it so that the image will occupy the entire TV screen.

How to connect your smartphone to the old TV

If your TV does not differ in great functionality and was purchased long ago, I propose a simple Dedovsky way. to connect the smartphone to TV via HDMI. Here everything is up to pain just: watch movies, play games, spend time in social networks. everything as if on the palm.

Connecting your phone to TV via HDMI.

One minus has a given way. wires. Before connecting, you need to buy a special adapter. From one end he will have an HDMI connector, and from the other one that is used on the smartphone. On Aliexpress such can be found quite for cheap.

ATTENTION: To connect the smartphone and TV must support MHL standard. You can check it on a special site or through the application.

Since the connection is provided through the wire, you do not have to dig in the settings:

  • Couple with a cable smartphone and TV.
  • Select the source of the HDMI signal on TV.
  • Then the image will automatically appear on the big screen.

IMPORTANT: If for some reason, you failed to display the picture, go to the settings, display on the smartphone. Next, go to the Screen Resolution section and change it.

If you have any difficulties, you must contact our telegram chat. We will help you with the team of our readers.

Locking foreign services in Russia continues: in Instagram and no longer possible to go without VPN, in line. YouTube. The deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Information Politics Anton Gorelkin has already stated that video hosting will be blocked if the leadership does not begin to comply with the laws unfortunately, everything is due to the fact that Youtube will be banned in Russia: the company has already closed access to the channels of the Russian media, and also imposed restrictions on Channel “Goseradiodefond”. I think you ourselves noticed how much the Russian Youtube segment was empty. need to prepare for the worst. Let’s try to figure out why they want to block the service and what to watch if YouTube is blocked in Russia.

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Despite the fact that the 2010th has long been behind and in fashion, it seems like, again naturalness, many still enjoy beauty applications in order to improve themselves in the photo. Decide whether to use such applications. exclusively to users, and we have only a tradition to choose cool applications: today we will talk about cool programs for smartphones, with which you can adjust selfie and other pictures on which you do not like yourself. With their help, you can remove not only the flaws on the face, but also to correct the figure.

Phones have long replaced us a bunch of things. From calculators and calendars to cameras and music players. Thanks to them, many almost completely abandoned the wallet. Why almost ask? Yes, because, despite the fact that it is now quite possible to pay for the purchase of a smartphone, there were still spheres, uncovered by the services of contactless payments. For example, a Moscow metro that does not simply take and add a “Troika” map or Samsung Pay to pay to pay for travel on turnstiles. At least did not allow. Because now it is a restriction in the past.

The article is cool, that’s just that such writing need to learn the issue to end in not to drive. To connect through the standard Micro USB or Tupe-C connector, you need MHL support in the smartphone. If it is not, nothing will happen. This is how people are then buying adapters from them nothing comes out. Because of such as you are money for wind. ))) It happens.

Playing movies from a computer on a TV on Wi-Fi (DLNA)

For this, the most common method of wireless TV connection, in addition to the presence of Wi-Fi module, it is also required that the TV itself is connected to the same router (t.E. to the same network) that both the computer or laptop on which video and other materials are stored (for TVs with Wi-Fi Direct, you can do without a router, simply connect to the network created by TV). I hope it is already so there, but no individual instructions need. the connection comes from the corresponding menu of your TV in the same way as the connection to Wi-Fi any other device. Cm. Separate instructions: How to configure DLNA in Windows 10.

The next item is to configure the DLNA server on your computer or, clearer, provide sharing folders on it. Usually it is enough for this so that the “home” (private) is installed in the parameters of the current network. By default, the “Video”, “Music”, “Images” and “Documents” folders are publicly available.

One of the fastest ways to enable sharing. Open Windows Explorer, select the “Network” and, if you see the message “Network detection and sharing files are disabled”, click on it and follow the instructions.

If this message does not follow, and instead computers on the network and multimedia servers will be displayed, then most likely you have everything is configured (it is quite likely). If it did not work, then here’s detailed instructions on how to configure the DLNA server in Windows 7 and 8.

After the DLNA is enabled, open the menu item for your TV to view the contents of the connected devices. On Sony Bravia you can go over the Home button, and then select the section. movies, music or images and see the appropriate content from the computer (also at Sony has a Homestream program that simplifies everything that I wrote). On LG TVs. SmartShare item, there you will also need to see the contents of shared folders, even if you do not have the SmartShare program on the computer. For TV other brands, approximately similar actions are required (and also have its own programs).

Additionally, with an active DLNA connection by right-clicking on the video file in the explorer (this is done on the computer), you can select the menu item “Play on the name_Televizor”. When this item is selected, the wireless broadcast of the video stream from the computer on TV will begin.

Note: Even if the TV supports MKV movies, it does not work for these files to “Play” in Windows 7 and 8, and in the TV menu they are not displayed. Working in most cases the solution is simple to rename these files in AVI on the computer.

Laptop connection options for TV via Wi-Fi

Methods for solving problems with SAMSUNG TVs to Wi-Fi

To receive data from a computer and select them on the screen, the following methods can be used:

  • If there is a router in the house, and in the TV and computer wireless adapters, you can send files between them through the local wireless network. In this situation, access to media files located on the computer and reproduces them on their screen.
  • Many modern TVs (for example, LG, SAMSUNG) are equipped with Wi-Fi Direct technology devices. Its feature is that you can create a wireless local network without using a router. In the case under consideration, the connection to PC is directly. This technology is similar to “Bluetooth”, but has a greater range of action. it is up to 200 meters.
  • Miracast technology is a wireless communication protocol that is supported by the latest versions of Windows and most models, such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung.
  • Intel WD is another Wi-Fi protocol for communication between devices. It is used by computers with Intel processor.
  • MacBook can be connected using the AirPlay console.
  • Perhaps the use of mini PC. They are computers size with a flash drive. They have installed one of the modern operating systems. Connecting to TV is carried out through the HDMI input.
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note! Using any of the above options makes it possible to display video and images from a computer.

other methods

If you wish, you can use other methods for connecting the computer to TV.


This inteeis is not used very often. However, it can be displayed on TV. In this case, the image will have saturated and bright colors. The advantages of this method include what it allows you to connect to the old TV.

To connect the devices by S-Video, you need:

  • Connect the cable to TV.
  • Connect the cord with a computer. For this you may need an additional adapter.
  • Customize the image on TV.

EZ Cast

This application allows you to transmit a picture to different devices. The main advantage of the program can be considered its versatility, as it is suitable for PC, smartphones and TV.

Use EZ CAST is quite easy. You just need to run it on your computer and TV, then click on the “Mirror” button to start the broadcast.

Computer holders can transmit image from it to TV in various ways. To do this, you can use not only Wi-Fi, but also wired connection. After reading the features of common image transmission methods on TV, it will be possible to choose the most appropriate way.

Certified Computer Network Safety Specialist. Routing skills, creating complex network coverage schemes, including seamless Wi-Fi.

Prerequisites for connecting the TV on Wi-Fi network

If you want to connect your TV to a computer via Wi-Fi, you first need to determine if you have such an opportunity. Connecting a TV via Wi-Fi is possible if:

  • The TV has a smart TV feature with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. then to connect will be the easiest way, and you will not need to buy additional equipment;
  • The TV has a USB connector to which the Wi-Fi module can be connected. in this case it will be necessary to buy a suitable module, while the module type depends on the TV manufacturer;
  • You can implement a local connection of the device and without Smart TV. in this case the TV is connected directly to the computer over the local network;
  • Another connection option without SMART TV is possible through a SMART console. it will provide your TV functionality similar to SMART TV.

broadcast, movie, dlna, connection

Of course, the Wi-Fi module will also need your computer to ensure connection from its side. If there is no Wi-Fi in the built-in module, then an external adapter will be required. If you decide to buy an adapter, then you should evaluate its bandwidth in advance: for the correct operation of the device, it must be large enough (100-150 MB / s). Otherwise, the image on the TV screen will be twitching and braking, which will strongly spoil the impression from watching video.

How to find out if you are smart TV in your TV? There are several ways:

  • Examine the main characteristics of the device: they are written on the box, and there will be a SMART TV option;
  • Carefully consider the remote control: Usually there is a Smart key to access the main menu; In Philips TVs, it matches the key with the house icon;

If the SMART button has on the remote, then your TV supports SMART TV feature

Connect through wires

Do not use wireless technologies and a router to broadcast the media system and using multiple internets: DVI, VGA, HDMI. It is recommended to use the latter so that the picture and sound are transmitted without delay and with good quality.

Connecting a computer to the TV is as follows:

  • Connect the devices by cable. If the required inteeis is not on the TV, you can use an adapter.
  • Take the TV console and click on the “Input” button (may be called as “Source”). Select the desired port on the screen (“HDMI”, “VGA” or other.).
  • Switch to the computer desktop. Right-click on the free place and select the “Screen Settings” string.
  • Scroll below and click “Detect”.
  • In the “Advanced Display Parameters” section, select your TV screen.