Connecting a phone to a Wi-Fi TV for watching movies-broadcast from Android on Smart TV Samsung and LG

Today I will clearly show how to connect the phone on Android to the Wi-Fi TV to broadcast the image and transmit the video to the large monitor Smart TV. This is convenient for watching films, as well as for games, as a tablet or smartphone turns into a semblance of a game console, and TV is used as a screen. This instruction is suitable for connecting any Android phone, including Samsung, Huawei, Honor and Redmi, to the Smart TV TV from Samsung and LG to Philips, Sony, Xiaomi, Dexp, Haier and the rest.

As always, you first need to decide on what exactly you need to connect a smartphone to the TV.

  • You want to play files recorded in the phone’s memory (music, films, photos) on the TV screen, or broadcast the smartphone screen onto the TV, thereby turning it into an additional monitor?
  • The second thing you need to understand is how to connect the Android phone with TV (or Smart TV)-by cable or without wires via Wi-Fi?

Depending on the goal, one of the following methods will choose:

  • By USB cable. suitable for the case if you need to connect the phone to TV as an outer disk and see on the monitor all files available for reading.
  • Through the HDMI wire. used for the second option to duplicate the smartphone screen onto the TV
  • Using the DLNA server, the essence is that the application is installed on the smartphone that turns it into a media server for distributing files by Wi-Fi. Then you can connect to it from any device from a local network, including TV.
  • According to Miracast technology, a universal wireless way that is suitable for broadcasting films and cloning the screen on TV

How to broadcast from phone to Samsung TV through Screen Mirroring

Samsung has created its own broadcasting technology Screen Mirroring. It is built in the phone, allows you to quickly connect to the device. The instruction looks as follows:

  • One wireless network is created, to which a TV and a smartphone is connected.
  • The menu opens and the “Source” section is selected, as well as the Screen Mirroring function.
  • After choosing the desired function, the mobile device determines TV. It takes about one minute.
  • The desired stream of video is selected.

After that, the smartphone is connected to the TV and the integration is displayed. The advantages relate to the lack of need for software and rapid synchronization, the deficiency is the low distribution of the function.

Technology has a large number of opportunities and advantages. They are as follows:

  • It is possible to transmit information without a router;
  • data is transmitted without wires;
  • The device is able to optimize the signal transmission by reducing the likelihood of failures;
  • The format or codec does not affect the quality of the connection;
  • compatibility with different gadgets;
  • It is possible to set up several clicks.
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Almost any Samsung TV supports this technology. It has all the models of Galaxy smartphones. In the Windows 8 operating system.1 and above there is support for this technology. Settings are carried out in several clicks.

Cast Netflix On TV From Android Phone – Screen Sharing Or Screen Mirroring

When working with Screen Mirroring, problems are possible. Their decision:

broadcast, phone, samsung

how to screen mirror on your samsung smart tv

  • You need to verify the correct choice of a signal source;
  • The phone and TV should be reloaded;
  • updating the drivers in case of an error and the appearance of an appropriate message;
  • the distance between the devices is reduced, which reduces the likelihood of interference;
  • One of the video cards is turned off on the computer.

Interference can occur due to a large number of objects between the source and the receiver.

The smartphone screen will not be displayed on the TV if the devices are connected to different wireless networks. If one of the two devices does not support the technology, information transmission is impossible.

Image transmission to Android TV on Wi-Fi (Miracast)

Before you start, be sure to turn on Wi-Fi on your Android phone or tablet, otherwise the following steps will show that wireless screens are not available.

broadcast, phone, samsung

To convey the image from the phone to the TV, slightly different actions may be required depending on the version of Android and the brand of the smartphone, but the following options are usually available:

  • In the field of notifications, find the “Broadcast” icon, and after searching for available TVs, click on the necessary and wait for the start of the broadcast.
  • If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, find the Smart View icon in the notifications, click on it, wait for the TV to be found, click on it and wait for the broadcast to the broadcast.
  • Go to the settings. screen. broadcast (or wireless Miracast), your TV will be displayed in the list (it should be turned on at this moment). Click on it and wait for the connection to be completed. Some TVs will need to be “allowed” to connect (a request will appear on the TV screen).
  • Open the list of quick actions in the Android notifications, select the Broadcast button (may not be), after finding your TV, click on it.

That’s all. if everything went successfully, then after a short time you will see the screen of your smartphone or tablet on the TV (in the photo below the device is openly “camera” and the image is duplicated on TV).

Perhaps additional information will also be useful to you:

  • The connection does not always take place the first time (sometimes trying to connect for a long time and nothing comes out), but if everything that is required and is supported is usually able to achieve a positive result.
  • The speed of image and sound can not be the best, play so in most games will not work.
  • If you launched some kind of video on the phone, and it is transmitted to the TV as a black screen (what can be in some players and in protected content), it is better to use the transmission methods described further in the section with additional images transmission methods.
  • If you usually use a portrait (vertical) orientation of the screen, then turning on an automatic turn and turning the device, you will make the image the entire screen of the TV.
broadcast, phone, samsung

Why is the transfer of pictures from a tablet or smartphone on TV does not work?

In some cases, the connection may not go according to the plan, instead of the expected display of the picture, nothing happens. The probable causes and methods of correction are described below:

  • There is no desired connector. Will have to buy an additional adapter.
  • Damaged connection cable. It is worth checking that it works on another device, and in which case. replace the cord.
  • Check the correctness of the connection. There may be several inputs on TV, some of them are output, and part to the input. It is worth switching to another port and see if the broadcast works.
  • Does not find a device using wireless methods. It is worth checking that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are included on TV, as well as install the connection to the same network with which the smartphone is associated.
  • The prefix is ​​not synchronized with the phone. We turn on wireless networks on it and try again. If you still do not find the device, TV Box may simply not support the default technology. It is worth installing the application from the Google Play (Miracast) store to the console or reflash it.
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All of the listed methods are aimed at installing the connection between the phone and the TV, as well as at the creation of a broadcast in real time image. We recommend that you initially try the option with Miracast (AirPlay) and only then move on to more complex and specific methods.

What are the possibilities of connecting the phone to the TV

The functions of the phone remain the same, only to perform some actions will now be more pleasant and comfortable:

  • play your favorite games on the screen with a wide diagonal (you can additionally connect the Bluetooth keyboard or joystick to the TV to play it);
  • Watch movies, photos and other content;
  • organize impressive presentations;
  • “Sit” on the Internet;
  • control the TV with the help of a phone (it will be like a remote control).

Possible problems

Usually, when connecting a mobile phone to the Samsung TV, there are no serious problems, but there are times when TV technology does not see a smartphone. The device may not recognize or see the available Wi-Fi networks at all. In such cases, you do not need to be scared and think that you bought a low.quality or faulty TV.

Often, if it is impossible to connect the phone to the TV using the Wi-Fi wireless network, the case lies in the router. Perhaps the router is already overloaded and does not cope with the loads. Perhaps the device is completely faulty and requires repair or replacement.

Often users are in a hurry to connect the phone to the TV using Wi-Fi, not bothering to make sure whether this module is provided for in their device. Today you can find enough TV technology on sale, in the configurations of which Wi-Fi is not available. But this does not mean that such a problem cannot be solved. The situation will be corrected by the installation of a suitable Wi-fi adapter.

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If the smartphone fails to connect to the Samsung TV for one reason or another, it is recommended to carry out a number of simple operations. Perhaps they will solve the problem that has arisen.

  • Completely turn off the TV equipment for 10-15 minutes. Turn off the device little by pressing the remote control button. Pull out the outlet cord. There are widespread cases when the reloading of Samsung devices solved problems with the Wi-Fi network.
  • Disconnect the router for about 30 seconds. After that, connect the device again.
  • Make sure that other devices in your house, for example, a computer, a laptop or tablet, are unrelated to the existing Wi-Fi network.

Consider several useful recommendations regarding the connection of the smartphone to the Samsung TV by Wi-Fi.

  • Be prepared for the fact that when connecting devices using Miracast, the video will be transmitted in good quality, but games can be broadcast with a small delay-0.5-1 sec.
  • If there are many “smart” devices in the house, for their synchronization using a Wi-Fi network, there should be a good router at home. Buy expensive and reliable equipment, since weak devices will not withstand large loads.
  • Choosing a Samsung Wi-Fi Adapter, make sure that it is suitable for your model. It is better to buy devices of the same brand.

Connection via Miracast

There is a Direct Wi-Fi function that synchronizes home and mobile devices. An analogue of the technology is the Miracast tool that provides a simpler control and fast connection. The main thing is that both devices can work on a wireless network, without the intervention of the router. The advantage is that the phone and TV is not necessary to connect to one local network, you only need to support technology on both sides. What should be done:

  • Run the tool on the TV.
  • Activate Miracast on a mobile phone and go to the connection to gadgets.
  • Duplicate the display using the corresponding button.
  • After the search for the smartphone, select your TV.
  • Expect the connection of devices.

During the video playback, the image quality will remain normal, but the game applications will fall in performance.

broadcast, phone, samsung

The choice of the method of connecting the phone to the LCD Samsung TV depends on the ultimate goal. If you just want to share with close photos, it will be enough to use the complete Lightning-to-USB cable and use the smartphone as a removable drive. If it is necessary to duplicate the content of the content, use the HDMI part. To watch high-resolution films from iTunes Store, Samsung Allshare utility with Wi-Fi technology is suitable.

The whole procedure will not take much time. By the way, if you save the settings of the installed connection in the Smart-TV memory, then in the future, in order to enjoy your favorite content or game, only a few clicks on the iPhone display will be enough. But this applies only to wireless methods of conjugation of devices.