How to watch blacklist in the phone Honor and Huawei

How to find a blacklist in the phone Honor and Huawei, if in contacts it was not? This question does not cause difficulties, if you carefully examine the capabilities and functional of the gadget. Developers have created a separate application for blocking unwanted calls, which is closely related to the list of contacts, but is located separately.

The function laid in the program is extremely simple and do not contain anything superfluous. They concern only a black list without affecting other capabilities of the phone. At the same time, no restrictions on the management of blocked numbers are not provided by the developers. It all depends solely on the actions and desires of the user who can freely make numbers into the list and remove them from the list.

Where is the blacklist in the phone Huawei and Honor?

Need a blacklist in the phone Honor (Huawei)? It opens through the gadget menu. Unlock Android and click on the sideways of the device. Carefully learn the quick menu and click on the desired folder. To view, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • In the memory of android, find the system program called “Phone Manager”;
  • In the opened window, find the string with the name “Blocked”;
  • Sign in to “Settings”;
  • Click on the section “Black Sheet”.

How to enlarge the screen lock time on Honor and Huawei smartphones Here you can see the list of prohibited contacts. Sending Messing will be blocked automatically. The sender does not recognize that SMS was not delivered. Please note that the blocked user can call vocabulary in any social network. With the Mobile or Home Internet, will notify the connection.

For Huawei (Honor)

Some of the most popular devices in our market (along with Samsung). There are already built-in functions for solving such a task (which cannot but rejoice).

  • First you need to open the call log (just click on the icon with the “tube”);
  • Next, in the top menu, select a “three-point” icon and go to the “Blocked” menu;
  • After switching to the “Call Lock Rules” section.

In this section, you can enable blocking of all strangers and hidden numbers. After that, all calls from numbers that are not in your phone book will be discarded (they will be sent a “Lesk for Trimmer Busy” signal).

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Thus, these calls and you will not distract, and the line for the trimmer will not occupy.

How to block the number on samsung phones

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, and therefore the likelihood that most of our readers have a smartphone from this manufacturer, very high. Want to get rid of these annoying subscribers? We will tell you how.

  • Open the phone application.
  • Choose which number you want to block, and click “” in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Add to automatic deviation list”.
  • To delete or make additional changes, go to “Settings” “Call Settings” “All Calls” “Auto Clone”.

Calls Blacklist Appendix (Blacklist)

For devices whose manufacturers have not provided a number blocking function, third-party developers have created dozens of special applications, one of which. Calls Blacklist. Download it from Google Play and launch.

If the smartphone is installed android 6 and newer, when you first start, click the “Settings” button, after which the “Application” page opens. Go to “Permissions” and provide the application access to contacts to the call list and allow you to make calls and manage them. Then leave back and restart Calls Blacklist.

On the main page of the Application page, activate the call switch “Calls”. Now, to block the number, on the Blacklist tab, click on the “button” and select the appropriate option. You can add a subscriber from the call list, from the list of contacts or from the message list, enter the number manually or block numbers that start with certain numbers or contain them.

You can also reveal additional options and choose which calls to block: from hidden and unknown numbers, all calls or VoIP connections.

To block messages, the program is a blacklist should be an application for SMS by default. That is, to send and read messages will have to use a separate tab in the Calls Blacklist program instead of a standard message application. If it suits you, activate the “SMS” toggle switch, select “Continue” and click “Yes”.

After performing these actions, the messages will be displayed on the new “SMS” tab, and 2 new items will appear in the list of options.

If you want to block all SMS or messages from unknown or letter numbers, expand additional options and check the items.

On the Log tab, blocked calls and messages will be displayed, and on the Schedule tab, you can set a time lapse and days of the week (the last option is only available in Pro version) for which calls will be blocked.

Even in the appendix there is a white list: numbers added to it are never blocked.

In the paid version of the program, besides the ability to choose the days of the week for which the blocking will be turned on, password protection is available, and there is no advertisement.

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How to find out if a blocked room called

Huawei allows you to view calls from locked subscribers

Perhaps someone will not like it, but Huawei and Honor smartphones do not prevent the blocked subscriber to continue to call you. That is, he, as before, will be able to type your number, will hear the beeps, but the call will not come to you.

Therefore, the caller will have the impression that you just do not raise the phone. And the only mention that he called you will be a short beep, indicating that the caller never got through.

In this list you will see all the numbers that were blocked, indicating the date when the subscribers who belong to, tried to reach you. I have it with mostly spammers, fraudsters and banks offering to take a loan or make a credit card.

Answers to popular questions

Are there any restrictions on the numbers in the blacklist?

Since such data is stored not on the SIM card, but in the memory of the smartphone, then the limit on the number of entries in the BlackList depends on the amount of free memory. If the device has several gigabytes of free space in the internal memory, then several hundred and thousands sent to the ban may be

How to find out if blocked contact continues to write or call me?

You can view Blacklist blocked SMS and calls at any time without resorting to any additional applications and services. Phone application.Three points. “blocked”. There will be contained all SMS and calls from emergency with information when they are made, as well as text. As you can see, add unwanted contacts in BlackList on Huawei and Honor phones are very easy. At any time, you can check whether there are still calls and messages from these people or companies and unlock them if there is a desire.

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How to block an unwanted number

To block an unwanted subscriber, we need to open “contacts” or “phone“, and then click and hold the contact that we want to block. Next, in the context menu, select “Blacklist”. Now incoming calls from this contact will be blocked.

Through the Telephone Manager, we can easily manage call blocking and SMS, also here we can see all the contacts that we added to the blacklist.

In order to unlock the contact, we need to hold it and click “Delete contact from a black list”.

How to add a number to the black list

Block the phone number is very simple

  • Select a number in the list of incoming or outgoing you want to block, and click “History”;
  • Then click on the context menu and select “Block“.

By the way, there is also an opportunity to report spam. In this case, the subscriber will also not be able to contact you, but you will still see that you received a call on the phone from that number. And if enough such complaints are enough, the number will be blocked in automatic mode and from other users as an unrealized way. The list of spammer subscribers and the number of attempts to contact you will be indicated in the history of calls in the “Phone” application, from where you can either delete them, or block completely.

How to read messages after blocking

The subscriber blocking prevents not only the passage of calls, but also SMS messages. However, with their contents, in contrast to calls, it will be possible to familiarize yourself anyway:

  • Download the message “Messages” from Google Play;
  • Go to “Settings”. “Applications”. “Default applications” and make “messages” by a regular client to obtain SMS;

You can read SMS from locked numbers anyway

Surely you want to know if it is blocked that it was blocked? Well, if it will contact you only through SMS, it is unlikely, because messages will leave, the fee for them is written off, and your phone will receive them, although throwing off in the spam section. But when trying to get through to you, everything will be more difficult, regardless of whether you added it into a blacklist or allowed only voicemail. The inability to establish the connection will definitely pump the subscriber to the idea that something is wrong, and then he either thugs, or just try to call from another number.