How to unlock the phone through the Google account

In the early versions of the Android operating system, it was possible to reset all protective passwords by resetting the parameters to the default values, which significantly reduced the protection of the mobile device. With the development of the Android platform developers managed to create a new program of protection, which has already appeared on all devices of later assemblies (starting with version 5.1 and higher). As a result, a similar problem was eliminated, and now you can access the OS functionality only after confirming the identity of the user. But this can be done only under the condition that the smartphone is tied to Google Account. And since it is not always possible to recover through your profile, the question arises, is it possible to circumvent protection and what methods for this exist?

All options for bypassing the protection of the new generation “Factory Reset Protection” can be conditionally divided into two categories: official and alternative. It is always advisable to start with the first, since such methods are universal and suitable for all versions of OS Android.These can be safely attributed to the following.

Entrance to the Seller Account

If the device was purchased from the hands, it was most likely in operation for some time, and, therefore, Google account was tied to it. In this case, you should contact the former owner and find out the identification data for the login (login and password).

Sometimes the new owner can not get into the account even after entering existing identifiers. This may be due to the fact that the seller changed the profile password specifically for the buyer, but the update of the information has not yet happened (usually the procedure is performed within 72 hours). In such a situation, it is advisable to wait some time, and then again try again.

Visiting a personal page

By contacting the “Factory Reset Protection” protection by entering your own profile, which was tied to the telephone used. If you do not manage to get to the personal page because of the loss of the password, you should try to restore access using another working Email or the phone number tied to it.

Do not forget about such an opportunity as a service center. If you contact employees and present a check on the purchase of a mobile device, they will easily restore access to the recorded when purchasing the profile.

Self disconnection FRP

Sometimes before starting the recovery of the factory configuration, it is advisable to disable such a feature as “Factory Reset Protection”. This is done in order to avoid problems with access to your own device after it is rebooted. “FRP” is predominantly present in the new versions of Android. But on those devices where it is present (starting from 5.1 and above), you will need to perform the following (the sequence of actions and names of items may differ depending on the manufacturer and the shell of the operating system).

How to unlock the phone through the Google account

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Choose category “Accounts”.
  • In the list, find Google Account and go to it.
  • Using the appropriate key, delete account.
  • Next enable the developer mode and go to the corresponding menu.
  • Activate the “Unlock provided by the manufacturer” parameter.

From this moment, as soon as the settings are reset, Identifiers to enter the Google account system will not request.

On this official ways to unlock the Google account end. And since they are not available to all users, it is also worth considering alternative options.

Search for Google Account via Remote Google Management

Using its account in Google, features have been available:

  • Through Google, you can block the entrance to the phone. Now in order to start work, you will need to enter the appropriate login and password.
  • With GPS and Wi-Fi enabled, it is possible to activate the signal about the location of the smartphone. This will be done even if the SIM card will be absent in the gadget.
  • It is possible to enable a loud beep for 5 minutes, which will make it easy to find the phone. If he was stolen, it will inform others that a person enjoys a stranger smartphone.
  • It is available to remove all information and reset the gadget to factory settings.
  • There is a function “Chronology”. This is a tracker that writes where the phone is located. When requesting, it will show the route of movement at a time when it was turned on. This property is available in Google maps.

You can provide permanent output of a predetermined message to the Android screen.

How to enable the feature

To enable the necessary functions, you need to bind the phone to Google Account. It needs to be done until the phone is. If earlier it was not fulfilled, remotely produce the necessary changes will not work.

The activation of the desired function is performed as follows:

  • Input Google account.
  • Open section “Safety”.
  • Next, enter the “Remote Management Android” subsection.
  • You need to activate the “Remote Device Search” functions and “Remote Settings Lock”.

After that, when the device is lost, you can use the specified functions.

How to find a phone via google account

For this purpose, you will need a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet. To search, you need to perform such actions:

  • Run browser.
  • Log in to your Google Account.
  • After entering the open page you need to wash down. You need to click on the link “Search for Phone”.
  • On the page that appears from the gadgets appeared, the one that is wanted. If only one device is tied, the choice is obvious.
  • After that, the choice of two search methods will be available. It will be prompted to call or find its location using Google Map.
  • The first way is suitable in that situation when it is known that the phone is located in the apartment. By calling him, the sound can be understood where it is.
  • If the phone can be anywhere, you can choose the second option.
  • As a result, not only the last location will be indicated, but also a move route will be recorded.

Determining where the lost smartphone is located you can pick it up.

If it is not possible to search on a computer, you can use another smartphone for this purpose. Previous download Find My Device program.

Application of the “Chronology” function.

How to block the phone via google account with PC

To do this, use the Google device search service by passing authorization, under the same account as on the lost device. The service is available at the following address. After entering the link, the user will open the Internet page, divided into two areas. On the right side. the map and coordinates of the smartphone, in the left. the factory name of the gadget, the battery charge reading and the list of possible manipulations.

As can be seen from the screenshot, the service offers three interaction capabilities with the device. Consider in detail each of them:

  • “Clear”. The option allows you to call the lost smartphone. Unlike a regular call, this will ignore the phone settings in the ratio of the volume. This means that even if there is a silent mode on the lost device, the signal will still hesitate, with the highest possible volume. The bell will last 5 minutes and you can repeat it as much as you like.
  • “Block”. If the user’s smartphone is not protected by a password, or the owner is afraid of his hacking, the service offers adding a new one, remote mode. After selecting the “Block” item, the button will open the settings window where you can set a new password, as well as enter a message that will be displayed on the lock screen. You can enter a contact phone to the message, in case the smartphone will want to return.
  • “Clear”. The application of this option will launch the formatting of the hard disk of the lost gadget. Cleaning will return the smartphone to the factory settings. SIM card memory and the contents of the SD drive will remain not touched. Application option is especially relevant, in the event of a snap-to-bank cards or online wallet.

How to block access to Google account

Using the service described above, you can also untie the Google account from the smartphone so that the people who captured the phone cannot access electronic boxes and other important user information. To do this, it is enough to select the desired device in the service and click the “Get out”.

Google account is often used for authorization on different sites and applications. The service under consideration allows you to unscrew the Google account from them. For this you need:

How to block Android device from another smartphone

You will need to install the Find My Device application from Play Market. If you are trying to block your smartphone from someone else’s device, go like a guest and log in. You will then seek the window in which you will see the location of the device on the map, you can enable nickname on it, block or delete all information from it, as well as when searching for a device with PC.

How to find an Android device via google

If the above you have done, you can try to search the gadget. This is done from the computer via the Internet in the account management menu. If you have a disabled device or is out of the network zone, it will not be possible to find it from the computer. So, to view the location:

  • Go to your google profile, specifying an e-mail and password to it;
  • Choose the desired device in the list from above, after which information about it is displayed;
  • The possibility of viewing the arrangement of the device on the location map;
  • If you can see that the object is near, but you did not find it, you run the function of the signal, the mobile will emit sound. It works, even when the SIM card was replaced (in the case of theft, for example).

Previously displayed the following notification when choosing a call. But now the inteeis has been updated, but the essence remains the same.

The function is useful in even such a household when the phone is in silent mode, and you are trying to find it in the apartment. After activating Google Signal, the smartphone will start to issue sounds at maximum volume.

In what cases is required blocking?

In the smartphone at the average person is stored a huge amount of information. Therefore, more often on the phone is a password, a fingerprint scanner or other means of protection. It helps protect personal photos, accounts on social networks and even bank accounts from intruders or unwanted personalities.

It is enough to protect against possible trouble. But many neglected even such protection. Therefore, when losing you need to block your smartphone as soon as possible. Not all people may conscientiously deal with the device found. Because of this, a person can lose money from bank accounts and not only.

How to block a smartphone if it was lost or stolen?

Depending on the device model, the blocking method and the action algorithm can be completely different. On Android, such a function is available only when pre-enlisted. Apple implements deep lock. When binding to iCloud, even the iPhone is discharged to factory settings will still be “locked”. Next, let’s look at how to block a mobile phone through Google account, limit access to iPhone and protect Windows Phone.

Instructions for iPhone (ICloud Lock Features)

To access the protective function of the device, you need to activate the “Find iPhone” service. About how it is included in detail written a little earlier in the location point “. The iPhone has 2 blocking modes:

The principle of operation is largely similar, but with some features. “Disappear mode” allows you to display a specified message on the screen. It can report to the disappearance and specify contact information. Any alerts and notifications from applications will be disabled, except for calls to mobile and through FaceTime. ApplePay payment system will also be disabled.

Recommended: Enable and configure Google OK on the phone

  • Go through the iCloud in the application “Find iPhone” from a computer or tablet. Log in your Apple ID;
  • Select “all devices”;
  • Opposite the desired device, click on the “Disposable Mode”. To activate you will need to enter a “code password”.
  • It will need to enter when unlocking.

Blocking at startup turns on automatically when connecting the iPhone search service. Even if the thief relies the smartphone to the factory settings, when you turn on, you will need to log in under the previously registered ID. That is why, when buying Apple’s apple from hand, you need to check the possibility of unlocking. Since the device may be stolen. The only location of the locked iPhone is a sale for details.

Blocking smartphones based on Android

Consider how easy it is to block Android phone if it was stolen. The procedure for action is similar to Apple smartphones, but first on the gadget you need to install a separate application via Google Market:

After that, a window will appear in the application with all connected devices and the card. Choose the necessary device, after which, its location will automatically appear on the map along with the data on the last activity.

Among other things, IMEI code, model and date of the last appearance on the network are displayed here. Functions are available: “transk”, blocking and deleting all data from the phone. When resetting to factory settings, the thief has access to the smartphone functionality, but all the information will be removed.

Blocking Windows Phone

Microsoft programmers also implemented the function of blocking their smartphones. To do this, you will need to open Microsoft Accounts and log in to the account on which the lost device is registered. The page contains detailed information about the lost smartphone, as well as the Last Activity Place Map.

Like others, a person gets the opportunity to do some manipulations:

  • Enable voice signal to simplify local search. It will be reproduced regardless of the selected volume mode.
  • Block the device;
  • Erase all Windows Phone Personal Information.

Do not immediately panic with the possible loss of the device. It is better to collect with thoughts and take advantage of the action plan and the advice given in the material. If nothing from the above helped, you need to contact the police as quickly as possible with the IMEI code of the smartphone.

Good day Recently, smartphones completely filled out our life. Already rarely where you can meet a person with a regular phone. But, like simple phones, smartphones are also often lost, forgotten by public transport and T.D and T This article will describe in detail how to find or block the lost smartphone based on Android.

Yes, and banal theft still have not been banned. So what to do if you lost your Android wrain smartphone?

Immediately I will say that your phone should be associated with your Google Account. It is this service that will help you quickly detect the location of your device with an accuracy of several meters. Also, the smartphone must be turned on.

Statement in the police

The above service works via the Internet. If it is disabled, blocked or clean the phone will not work. The attacker will fulfill the overall reset and can use the tube, no matter how it happens. Exit from the situation. the appeal to the police. This will require the owner’s passport, a box from the phone and a check from the store. The IMEI codes are indicated on the box and check. they need police to send a request to operators.

After a time, the operators will return the answer. it is indicated, whose SIM card is installed in the smartphone at the moment. It is this person (even if he is innocent) will answer before the law. The stolen device will return his legal owner. Please note that the police can find not only a smartphone, but also a simple phone.

Police does not like appeals on stolen mobile phones, although they have all the tools for finding threaded tubes.

Block, we are looking for, erased

Any protection can be circumvented, so the first thing we must do after the loss or theft of the smartphone is to block it and try tracking the last location. And in the case of which just erase all data from memory. All this can be done both using built-in in OS, as well as using a special software type Prey and other antivetors. The first option is always available, even if you have not installed anything to the smartphone, so we consider it.


  • Open in the browser Device Manager.
  • Select the desired device in the list. Press a small location icon. If the smartphone “Online”. its position will appear on the map.
  • Using the “Block” command, put a digital password on your smartphone and enter a message that the thief will see. We also specify the number for which the thief will be able to call to return the smartphone (oxymoron!).

Xakep # 200. Secret Life Windows 10

With the “Clear” command from the smartphone, you can delete all data (and if the smartphone is currently not connected to the Internet, the operation will be executed as soon as the Internet appears). However, keep in mind that the memory card will remain untouched, the benefit except for the pictures yes the cache games there is nothing to look for. Two Lifehak:

  • Open the iPhone search page or run the application “Find iPhone” on another iOS device.
  • Select the device and see its geoction on the map.
  • Turn on the “Disposure Mode”. Thanks to him, you can remotely block the device using a four-digit password, as well as display a custom message with a phone number on the lock screen to leave the attacker the opportunity to surrender.

In the same way, you can delete all the data from the device. But after this procedure, it will be impossible to determine the geoposition using the program “Find iPhone”. But the “Activation Lock” function will remain on, which means that no one can use your iPhone until it activates it using Apple ID. Activation Lock automatically turns off after an apple id dislocation.

Windows Phone

  • Go to Microsoft’s address.
  • Choose the phone and click the item “Search for Phone”. We see map.
  • We click “Block” and follow the instructions. If the phone is not yet set as a password, it will be necessary to enter it. It will be used to unlock.

By the way, I advise you to enable the phone search service in advance. It will save locations every few hours to make it easier to detect the phone. To activate it in the settings, put a tick near the “Phone Search” item.


Call the cellular operator and ask it to block the SIM card. Operators usually do not immediately block the sim card, and some time send messages to it with a request to return the stolen phone.

Will the system work?

Despite the confidence of the authorities in this method, on the forums, users doubt that this will give the result: “Phones are not to sell, and on parts, stole Mobile. sold to Avito for 3 thousand parts,” writes one of the users.

In this case, really, the blocking will not save. It is unlikely that the cellular operator will have technical capabilities to bring the device in order to disassemble. Some craftsmen note that the device can be reflashing in such a way that it will change IMEI.

“Indeed, this opportunity is now available, and it is not provided for criminal punishment. If a new bill was offered to introduce responsibility for changing the individual number of the device, then there would be more benefits in the complex than today, “Murtazin summarizes.