Black list on ZTE

Black list on the phone. damn useful function when you do not want to communicate with any unpleasant or unnecessarily persistent subscriber. But manufacturers in search of an ideal user integrate are sometimes carried away and such a useful function can migrate to the place that are completely unexpected for the owner of the smartphone. Now let’s deal with this feature on the phones of the ZTE model.

The most traditional for most devices on Android. We find the contact either in the list of contacts, or (if it is not there) in the call list, and slip it with a delay until the contact editing menu is released. In most cases, it will already have the necessary function “add to the black list”.

Is there a black list of contacts in phones ZTE?

Note by the author of the article: on the smartphones ZTE, as well as on other phone models on the basis of OC android, there is a function of adding contact (subscriber) to the black list, you can do this directly through the subscriber’s directory or through the book of incoming/outgoing challenges.

Find a black list of contacts on a smartphone ZTE Simple enough for this you need:

Here you can add and edit a list of numbers on your black list

How to block the number on ZTE BLADE V8 Pro?

From the settings menu of your ZTE BLADE V8 Pro

  • Go to the settings and click Call.
  • Click “Reject the call”.
  • Click “Reject the calls from”.
  • Press private numbers if you want, or enter the number directly from your contact list.
  • Select the contact you want to block.

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Common problems with a black list on ZTE Blade

The main thing is when you download and install the program, do this only with the help of official or proven sources (Play Market or AppStore). Otherwise, you run the risk of “catching” malicious software on the phone. With its help, attackers can easily calculate the contacts of the people you communicate with, your personal phone number and steal a huge number of confidential data (especially if you often correspond with SMS messages). If you still use unverified sources, for example, forums where “stitched” versions of programs are laid out, then install antivirus in advance.

When using the Black List on the ZTE smartphone, one serious problem may occur-after adding a person to the black list, you can skip some important event. If you took advantage of an additional utility, then a person will not be able to let you know about him, because incoming messages are also blocked. Also be careful when typing the room when you add contact to the black list so that another person does not get there by chance. Some other serious troubles when working with black lists (especially built-in) usually does not have anyone.

Each smartphone owner on the Android operating system can quickly block unwanted contact. This will help the traditional means of the operating system itself and additional applications. If it doesn’t matter whether SMS will come from a blocked subscriber and you do not need to set a certain time and date, then use standard capabilities. In all other cases, various applications will come to the rescue. After blocking, no calls from the blocked subscriber, nor SMS messages will be disturbed by you.

Standard functionality Android

The developers of the operating system have provided the possibility of blacklisting other people’s list with standard functionality. This possibility is available with the Android 6 version and newer. Blocking calls is carried out very simply (some names of the menu and the Inte Wee can vary depending on the shell of the OS on your device):

  • Open the settings window.
  • Go to the point.
  • Next, go to the section.
  • Select item.
  • On the opening screen, click on the button.
  • Choose from the menu or. or “choose contact”.
  • Next, enter the necessary number that needs to be prohibited (1), mark the type of lock (2) and click OK (3).

You can add contacts or new numbers to the black list. In order not to call, but the messages came, it is enough to install the corresponding checkmark before blocking. To remove contact from the emergencies, click it with your finger and click on the button.

Now blocking calls and SMS from this subscriber will be removed.

Блокировка абонента в смартфоне ZTE

Consider an example of blocking numbers on Samsung with Touchwiz. Touchwiz is a unique shell for Samsung OS, which operates company smartphones. In it, the procedure for adding in the emergencies is slightly different. Go to the call log and find the required number. Then click on it. Open the menu system key and select “Add the Black List”

Removing the subscriber from the black list is carried out through the call settings menu.

Of course, it is impossible to cover all devices and shells. we only showed the most common examples of blocking on Samsung, Miui shell, etc. D. If you do not work these methods, then use the locker of annoying calls through the functionality of your mobile operator.

Is there a black list in this, and where it is

Before adding contact to the emergency, it is necessary to understand whether such an option is provided in the smartphone or not. In ZTE, as in other smartphones, this function is available, and you can add a subscriber in the emergency in the settings or using the application.

At the same time, many are interested in where to find a black list on the ZTE phone. It all depends on the version of the OS. So, on devices with the tenth Android, you need to take the following steps:

After that, you can block the contact on this or, conversely, unlock it. How to do this correctly, consider below.

Where is the black list on the ZTE phone

If you are bought with calls from certain numbers, then you can add them to the ZTE Blade. In this instructions we will tell where the black list is located and how to add a number there.

Where is?

To open the black list of numbers in ZTE:

How to bypass google/gmail account on ZTE Z981 6.0.1 step by step

The entire list of numbers blocked on the phone will be displayed (but in your case it is apparently so far empty).

How to add?

To make contacts on the ZTE Blade, a certain number:

  • Open the standard call program;
  • Find the number you want to block;
  • Squeeze your finger until a set of functions appears;
  • Save user number in the contact list;
  • Find it and open personal settings;
  • Choose the item “Add blacklist”.

If none of the described methods has helped, Android ZTE can put a application with similar functions: Black List or call locksmiths. Both programs are available in the free access in Play Market.

How to add to ZTE add a black list number? What actions are needed to add a subscriber to a black list? How to do it step by step?


Everyone is likely to know that the ZTE gadget operating system is android.

And there in her system there is an option of a black list. And if there is a desire to send some kind of contact on the black list, you need to find this subscriber in the list of calls.

Then press the blocking option and enter this subscriber in the emergency. This can be seen in the photo, how to do it right. The list of subscribers, and on the right there will be options. Everything is shown by a red arrow.

Any ZTE brand has such a function. Black List. You can also open on the phone a list of all your contacts and carry out the blocking of blocking from there, as written above.

It will be impossible for you to get through the blocked subscriber, he will have constant beeps, as if you are busy with you.

A large number of owners of ZTE smartphones are wondering how to add an annoying subscriber to the black list of contacts so that he no longer bothers his calls and SMS messages? In today’s article, we will analyze this topic in more detail and find out where to be and how to add the subscriber’s phone number on this smartphone model. Go.

Smartphone ZTE where to be black list

Find a black list of contacts on a smartphone ZTE Simple enough for this you need:

Here you can add and edit a list of numbers on your black list

How on ZTE Add the subscriber black list. instructions

Make a black list of contacts on a smartphone ZTE The unwanted subscriber can be as follows:

  • The most traditional for most devices on Android. We find the contact either in the list of contacts, or (if it is not there) in the call list, and slip it with a delay until the contact editing menu is released. In most cases, it will already have the necessary function “add to the black list”.
  • We find the contact of the unwanted element, select it and look for the editing icon: it usually is somewhere in the corner and looks, or like a pencil, three points or three horizontal stripes. And through the contact editing menu, block the desired number.
  • If any antivirus or protective programs are installed on the ZTE smartphone, they are often equipped with the functions of blocking numbers, you can simply use them.
  • None of the ways helped? So you have either a virgin pure firmware (which is now very rare and rather a plus than a minus), or the manufacturer came up with something completely new and not subject to classical logic. In this case, you should not in a panic carry your smartphone to the ZTE service, try to use the universal solution. the application from the Play Market.

There are several utilities that can provide you with everything you need regarding this topic:

  • Black list (Black List) is the most popular application with a large number of functions, especially pleased the possibility of preserving and transferring a black list (it was because of this that I used it when changing the telephone). Optimal for personal use
  • The call lock is more serious, and more relevant for business solutions that need a powerful package handle of rooms. Unobtrusive advertising is justified due to the fully free use of the application
  • If all the options are exhausted, and the black list has not begun to work properly, then it remains only to contact the operator of your mobile communications. Just pay attention to the cost of adding and using this service, in most cases, this is not free at all.

Well, we went through all possible options for finding and using the black list, I am sure that the first two options for solving the issue will be enough for most users.

How to block numbers / calls to ZTE BLADE A512

Let’s look at the truth, many of us were actually subjected to persecution with the help of mysterious numbers or set by a telephone survey. This is a really unpleasant moment, but keep in mind that your ZTE Blade A512 can become your number one ally number one. These are three methods of blocking the phone calls (bring blacklisting the usual phone numbers) using ZTE BLADE A512 (released in April 2016). No methods require a Root-right on ZTE BLADE A512.You can easily block a specific phone number or all calls in incognito mode on ZTE BLADE A512


Let’s start with the first method, working with pre.installed Android tools

Blok the number on your ZTE BLADE A512 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow through the call of the call magazine:

  • Enter the phone application on your ZTE BLADE A512
  • Pay attention to three points in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Click the challenge
  • Click the rejection of calls with
  • TAP private numbers
  • Here you can add numbers

Through the settings menu of your ZTE BLADE A512

  • Go to the settings and click call
  • Click the challenge
  • click reject calls with
  • Click on private numbers if you want, or just delete the number from your contact list
  • Find the contact you have chosen for blocking

Blok the number using ZTE Blade A512 thanks to your communication operator

You can easily use your communication operator to block unwanted numbers. This type of function depends on your operator. To learn more about blocking numbers, enter your personal space, and then check the settings. Usually, the blocking of the room is free, although not every time, so be careful!

If you cannot find a number blocking on your ZTE Blade A512 through mobile operators, you can easily contact it on social networks, such as or usually there even faster!

Blok the number on your ZTE Blade A512 using applications designed to block phone calls

If you understand that blocking the phone number through Android or through your communication operator on the ZTE Blade A512 is difficult, do not worry about it! You can easily use applications that perform this task in your case.All applications below are actually free and do not contain viruses!

Install one of the following applications for blocking mobile phone numbers on your ZTE BLADE A512 at the link below and evaluate the silence again!

As you can see, stop an unfamiliar number or blacklisted the contact number using ZTE BLADE A512 is not difficult at all. You have a choice between three simple and easy ways. Did you manage to block such telephone numbers on your ZTE Blade A512 thanks to our leadership? Let us know! Leave the comment down the page

Blacklist on ze how to add a number or contact, delete numbers from a black list

On this page, we will show how to add a blacklist contact on ZTE and block incoming calls from unwanted numbers. You will also find out where the black list is on the phone, how to delete numbers from a black list on this phone or how to block calls from indefinable and unknown numbers.

A great opportunity to make numbers and contacts on the phone on the black list and block all incoming calls from numbers that you do not want to answer and spend your time. instructions How to add a blacklist number on ZTE Android is below, several ways. Do not forget to leave a review and indicate which method is more convenient.

1) The first way to add a blacklist number on you:. Open on our phone “Contacts” In the contacts, we open the “menu”. Three strips button In the menu we move to “Settings” In the settings, we are looking for the item “Blocked numbers”, possibly at the very bottom. Here you can also see the numbers on the black list on the phone if there are and delete the number from the black list on the wing. then you need to go to the “Add number” item Now indicate the number from which you need to block incoming calls on the phone and click “Blok” as shown below in the attached pictures.

For Russia, the numbers can be indicated with 8-cu and 7, if, after entering the number, the calls still go from this number, then try to change 8-ku to 7 or vice versa. You can also block all the incoming calls to this from uncertain numbers, for this, turn on the item “Unknown numbers”.

2) the second way to make contact on the black list on this:. Open “Contacts” In the list, click on the contact, which must be added to the black list Next, we reveal the “menu” of the contact, button in the form of three points In the menu we move to the point “Blocked numbers” Now, in order to make contact on the blacklist on this, click “Blok” as shown in the screenshot below.

3) The third method also allows you to block calls from unwanted numbers on this:. Open “Phone” Further “menu”. Three points button In the menu we move to the “Settings” item In the list of settings, we open the item “Blocked numbers” Next, “Add the number” where we indicate the number from which you need to block incoming calls.

If not one of the ways has not approached your phone, then you can follow this link to another article where there is a detailed instruction for different versions of Android.

I hope that the instructions are how to add contact on the blacklist on this, find out where there is a black list on the phone, how to delete the number from the black list and how to block calls from indefinable and unknown numbers turned out to be useful. Do not forget to leave the review and indicate the model of the device and the method in which you could put the number in the black list so that the other remains useful information from you. Thanks for the responsiveness!