How to block calls from unknown numbers on Huawei and Honor

Block calls from unknown numbers on Huawei and Honor phones. how to do it, and what is the usefulness of this option? In recent years, the purveyors of promotional products have also reached the phones. Few people like it when late at night, early in the morning or at night calls come in from an undefined number. What to do if it makes you uncomfortable and you want to protect yourself from unwanted calls? The creators of Huawei and Honor phones have provided for such a possibility. You can block the calls of unknown subscribers by following the instructions.

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How to block calls from unknown numbers on Huawei and Honor

How to block calls from unknown numbers on Huawei and Honor phones is a common request of users of mobile devices with the Android operating system, as phone phishing has recently popularized. This is a so-called marketing promotion in the market. Therefore, many smartphone owners want to put a ban on incoming calls from unknown and hidden subscribers. In our material we will tell you how to block such numbers.

Honor 7X || How to Block Stranger Call Honor Phone

Huawei Honor 9X, like any other model based on the Android operating system, has a built-in “Phone” application. It allows not only to make calls, but also to block the numbers of spammers and other unwanted callers. To add a contact to the blacklist, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Go to your contacts list.
  • Open the caller’s card.
  • Press the three-dot button, and then select “Block”.

By agreeing to block a contact, the user will no longer see the caller’s name on the screen of the mobile device. And if the caller has not been previously recorded in the phone book, then you can add him to the emergency number through the call log, where you will surely find his number.

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Special application

The problem of unwanted calls is concerned not only the manufacturer Huawei Honor 9X, but also third-party developers. They have prepared a lot of programs with blacklist function, which works similarly to the standard dialer.

So, you can use the application with the telling name “Call Blocker”. It is available for download on Google Play and offers a full range of options for blocking annoying people. The number can be added to the USN either through the call log or manually by entering the contact information.

In addition, there are other similar programs. For example, “Pick up the phone”. Externally, the utility is different from the previously considered “Blocker”, but functionally it is an exact copy. So, there are no problems with blacklisting subscribers.

Operator service

You can find the “Blacklist” in the list of services of almost every operator. The option copies the functionality of the standard dialer and special applications, allowing you to block unwanted calls. At the same time, the disadvantage of using the service is the subscriber fee, which is usually deducted on a daily basis. But if other options do not work, there is no choice.

As an example, consider the “Blacklist” service from Russia’s most popular telecom operator MTS. To activate the option send USSD-request 4421 or connect with “My MTS” application, which you can download to your smartphone. Here you can also manage the service, but at the same time there is a way to block subscribers by sending a message in the format “22 number” to short number 4424. Daily fee for MTS subscribers is 1.5 rubles.


Even in the case where you have blocked the person by one of the previous methods, he still has the possibility to contact by other means. For example, through WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber, if the same phone number is attached to the messenger.

The way out of the situation is simple. forced blocking within messenger. To do this, just press the appropriate button in a chat with an undesirable subscriber. It is displayed when you receive the first message from a stranger.

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If the “Block” function is not displayed in the chat window, you should press the three-dot button and select the same item. You can do it both directly from the chat and from the subscriber’s card.

Exactly the same option works in other messengers, be it Telegram or Viber. Each app has its own black list, which is used to block annoying subscribers.

To find the blacklist in the phone “Honor” or “Huawei” you need:

  • Open the standard “Phone” application.
  • Click on the button in the upper right corner.
  • Go to “Blocked” tab and choose “Blocking rules.
  • Touch the inscription “Blacklist”.

After that you can see the list of blocked subscribers.

What the black list is and how it works?

Before figuring out how to add new numbers to the blacklist, you need to understand what it is. Under the mentioned term, there is a list of phones that are blocked by the user. SIMs (people) caught in it:

  • Will not be able to make calls on the user’s Huawei;
  • will stop sending messages;
  • will lose the ability to contact the person in other ways.

It is important to emphasize that calls to other smartphones, if any, are not blocked. Also, blocked people will retain the ability to write messages on social networks. True, social networks also have their own blacklist, so it will be possible to block an unpleasant person there as well. But it is important to consider that the person who is on the list will not be able to tell the owner of the smartphone important news, if such appears.

Where is the blacklist on your Huawei and Honor phone?

Need a blacklist in your Honor (Huawei) phone? It opens through the gadget menu. Unlock Android and press the side button on your device. Look carefully at the quick menu and click on the folder you want. You’ll need to follow these steps to view it:

  • In the Android memory, look for a system program called “Phone Manager”;
  • In the window that opens, find the line with the name “Blocked”;
  • Re-enter Settings;
  • Click on the “Blacklist” section.
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Here you can see the list of banned contacts. Sending a message will be blocked automatically. The sender will not know that the SMS was not delivered. Note that the blocked user can call by voice in any social network. When the mobile or home Internet is on, a connection notification will come.

How to view the blacklist on your Honor phone

People use smartphones a lot for communication. Users send messages and make calls to friends, relatives, callers, and contacts from which the. Your phone knows when to accept a call and when to reject it.

However, not all calls are desired. You don’t want to answer some calls, but it can’t be helped, because an intrusive person keeps calling. Blacklist function is implemented on Honor smartphones specifically for such cases.

Easily block unwanted numbers and SMS on your Huawei / Honor cell phone

We do not know how they got our number, but often our cell phone receives too many intrusive calls and SMS from suspicious services, fraudsters, etc. д. Today we will tell you how to block unwanted incoming calls and SMS on Huawei / Honor smartphones.

Our Huawei or Honor smartphone with EMUI allows you to add annoying numbers to a blacklist that allows you to filter your calls and SMS so they don’t bother you.

There are several ways to put a subscriber into a blacklist: let’s look at all of them.

Via the contacts menu

Open “Contacts” on your smartphone and tap on the subscriber you want to block.

Through the menu “Phone

If the contact you want to block isn’t in your phonebook, but is in your call log, do the following:

Find the number you want and tap on the “i” icon on the right.

Manual blocking

To block a number via manual entry, you need to get to “Blocking rules.