Methods of blocking the phone number and a new possibility of suspension of the SIM card through public services

The question of turning off the number of your mobile phone can arise both urgently. with the loss of the device, and if necessary, turn off the SIM card for some time.

In any of the options, you need to get acquainted with the procedure, which will be discussed below.

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In the case of the loss of the SIM card or the loss of your phone (or other device), it is recommended to block the SIM card as soon as possible-install the lock “Loss SIM card”.


The installation of locking is free. Removing the lock and preservation of the number during the blocking period. according to the established tariff on your tariff plan.

block, card, lost, your, phone

You can install the lock “Loss SIM card” in one of the following ways:

    Internet assistant (on the network of MTS Belarus, the payment for mobile Internet is not charged, the traffic is not consumed on)

  • Go to the website of the Internet assistant.
  • Enter the number and password into the corresponding fields of the authorization form and click on the “Enter” button.


If you do not have a password for an Internet assistant, read the following article: Internet assistant.


If authorization has failed, read the following article: Internet assistant.

How to Block Sim Card when Phone is Lost ? How to Block Sim Card Permanently ? Sim Card Block l


After installing the blocking of “Loss of the SIM card”, further actions in the Internet assistant will be inaccessible until the lock is removed with a personal visit to the MTS communication salon or the commercial representative of the MTS commercial representative.

  • From another mobile device on the MTS Belarus network to the contact center 0890 (free) or
  • From any phone to number 375 17 237-98-98 (at tariffs for the outgoing call)


Before calling to the contact center, prepare your passport or remember the code word. this data will be required for your identification.


Restore the SIM card or remove the lock in case of detecting a lost SIM card only when personal circulation to the MTS communication salon or the MTS commercial representative.

How to order a temporary block

In a situation, if you needed to block the SIM card of the television operator, you can do it yourself through the website and application of the operator, if you have access to your personal account, or by calling from any phone, and even another operator-MTS, Beeline, Megaphone.

If you have access to your number through the operator’s application, then on the main page you need to click on your profile. your phone number, as well as surname and name.

At the new village, you will need to select “Blocking the SIM card” in the section “Action with the number”. The system will invite you to confirm the requested action.

You can also independently suspend the use of your SIM card using the profile settings in your personal account on the website of the mobile operator. To enter it, you need to specify your number, as well as the password. the code from SMS, or the previously installed permanent password.

Important! Many users use an entrance to a single code from SMS, since it is more convenient and faster than remember and enter their password. If you also adhere to this point of view, we still recommend setting a permanent password-you will be able to fulfill the entrance by code from SMS without restrictions in the future, but in an unforeseen situation, when there is no access to the SIM card, you will have the opportunity to enter the set according to the set password.

After passing the authorization, it is necessary to select in the upper horizontal menu “Settings”, and in the “Safety” section-“SIM-card blocking”.

In the window that opens, it is necessary to confirm the action you order. Please note that if the blocking is temporary, and subsequently use the number with the available SIM card, then set the permanent password to your personal account to unlock without a visit to the operator’s office. You can do this through the settings by selecting the corresponding section in the “Security” menu.

If there is no access to your personal account and the application, then you can order a temporary block by phone phone. From any other SIM-card of Tele2, you need to dial number 611, and from the phone of another operator, use the city number of your region-is indicated on the operator’s website at the bottom of the main page, or the free All-Russian number 8800550611. A separate number is provided for a call in international roaming. 79515200611.

How to block the SIM card MTS

MTS offers two options for blocking a SIM card-temporarily and forever, we will consider each of them in more detail.

How to temporarily block the MTS SIM card

If you need to block the SIM card for some time, but then intend to restore and continue to use it, you need to activate the “Voluntary blocking” service for your number. When activating this service, the SIM card becomes completely inoperative, that is, you can only call it to the emergency service number. At the same time, the rest of the money on the account is frozen until you yourself decide to unlock the card. If your tariff or connected services have a monthly fee, it will not be charged during the validity of voluntary blocking.

IMPORTANT: the service “Voluntary blocking” has been valid for free for 2 weeks. Further, for its use, a fee of 30 per month will be charged.

To connect the “voluntary blocking” service and temporarily block the MTS SIM card, you need to perform one of the following actions:

block, card, lost, your, phone
  • Dial the following combination on the phone in which the blocked SIM card is installed: 111157#;
  • Call the phone 1116 and act according to the instructions of the mobile assistant;
  • Go to the Personal Account on the MTS website. Next, find the button “Blocking” located at the bottom of the screen and press it. A new window will open, in which you need to select the “Voluntary Blocking” item, and then confirm your actions by pressing the “Next” button;

When you need to unlock the SIM card, it will be enough to contact any MTS salon or contact the support service.

How to forever block the SIM card MTS

If you need to block the MTS SIM card forever, for example, since you no longer want to use the operator’s services or a specific number, this can be done in the following ways:

  • Through the personal account of the subscriber MTS. Enter your account and select “Blocking”. Next, a window will appear in which there is a “voluntary blocking” option. it does not need to be celebrated, you must immediately click “Next”. The next page will need to be consented to block the SIM card, after which it will be blocked forever;

Please note that by blocking the MTS SIM card forever, you will lose your phone number and you can no longer restore access to it.

How to block a SIM card yourself

The need to independently, on their own initiative to block the MTS SIM card, can appear in any mobile subscriber, for example, if the device has lost. The operator for these purposes provided two options for installing the unit:

Depending on the reasons for installing the unit (for example, if you lose), one of the options is selected. Forever blocked SIM card is not restored in the future. Access to the services can be activated over time if you use the temporary suspension service. The subscriber independently selects one of the ways in accordance with the reasons for the blocking. Consider them in more detail.

Through a personal account

You can block SIM-ku on the official website of the operator itself. However, this method of shutdown SIM-ki online (via the Internet) is suitable only for users registered on the network.

The blocking algorithm will be identical to all mobile operators:

  • Autominate in your profile and press the “block” key (be in the lower corner of the main page). If there is no such button, press the “Settings” key and then select the “Blocking” key;
  • Next, select the “Voluntary Blocking” item and confirm your action.

Repeated inclusion of the SIM card can be made in any of the above methods.

How to block SIM cards of megaphone

This operator offers its subscribers to block two types with different conditions. When losing the SIM card, the option is connected, even if there are no funds in the account. To connect the “Voluntary blocking” option, the balance is required to exceed the threshold of “financial” shutdown. The maximum blocking time is 180 days, then unlock in automatic mode follows.

To connect the service over the Internet, you will need to open the official website of the MTS, go to the “support” page and click on the “Write to us” button with the mouse. After that, an online form for feedback will appear. It remains to indicate in the corresponding columns: the purpose of the appeal, phone number, name, passport data.

You can also contact the support service and declare the need to block by gaining 88005500500 (from Megafon) or 79261110500 (from other numbers).

A small fee is charged for the service. With voluntary locking, the of money occurs for each day of using the option, starting from the moment it is connected. When losing the SIM card, the first week will be free, but from the 8th day inclusive, the user will have to pay. Therefore, if the SIM card could not be found in a week, it makes sense to think about its replacement. It is important that in this case the operator allows you to save the old number.

Appeal to the nearest operator office

Blocking SIM-cards Tele2 can be carried out at the Customer Service Center. All that is required of you in this case is to come to the provider’s branch, and sign the corresponding application.

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However, in order for the manipulation to go as successfully as possible, several conditions must be observed:

  • The subscriber should have a passport in his hands;
  • The phone number should be issued for the applicant. If you plan to turn off someone else’s card, the subscriber must provide a power of attorney from the owner of Simka, notarized;
  • For a voluntary or temporary blocking, the number should not be considered the number.

❓ frequently asked questions

-Yes, if the thief has not changed the SIM card. Then it can be swaddled according to mobile stations and transferred to the police. However, this is precisely what the law enforcement specialists are engaged in the help of the owner of the phone (in fact, the operators of the operators, except the police, the FSB and other bodies, will not transfer data).