Connect the digital console to the TV: how to properly

Before connecting a digital TV receiver to a TV, you need to disassemble what is a receiver. As you know, the “digit” functions in the new broadcast format. In addition to twenty standard television channels, digital television can catch more than three hundred and gradual TV channels and gradually this amount will increase. To a greater extent, old teleceptives, even LCD and plasma, are designed to work with analog signal standard.

It should also be borne in mind that the further the reception point from the nearest tower will be located, the lower the signal quality indicator. To improve the quality of channel translation to Full HD, you should connect a special device to a TV, which is called the console. You can independently install and set up such equipment. If you independently set the console, you can always use the services of professionals.

A little about digital consoles

Digital Prefix for TV is a rectangular or square device to which the antenna is connected. The prefix already in turn connects to the TV using a cable. Thus, the prefix (tuner, decoder) serves as an intermediary on the signal path from the antenna to the TV. It converts a digital signal to the usual, which is already a TV recognizes.


TV prefix. a small device that converts a digital signal from the antenna so that TV can recognize it

When buying, pay attention to the characteristics of the device. there must be a mark of DVB-T2.

How to connect a digital console

When connected, it is necessary to take into account the presence of the appropriate connectors on the console and TV. Sometimes it can happen so that they are not suitable for each other. For example, this is possible if there is only an HDMI exit on the console, and there is no such connector on the TV. In this case, you can use adapters.

To the old TV

TV, which was released for a long time, can only perceive analog signal. Now more and more TV channels use digital broadcasting. In order for it to be viewed on the old TV, you must purchase and connect the console. Do it as follows:

  • It provides various connectors. For digital antenna Used RF In. Insert a cable from a room or general antenna insert.
  • To connect the console to the TV, use RCA connector.
  • You need to turn on the device into the power outlet through the power supply.
  • After turning on the console, you need to set the appropriate settings. To do this, press the “Source” button on the console. The menu select the desired entrance. Usually, AV is used for this purpose.

Using the console in the menu, include auto parts.

In some old models there is no connector for receiving AV signal. This applies to the “Horizon” lamp TVs, “Birch”, “Record” and some other. In this case, when connected, you must use a high-frequency modulator. In this case, the connection procedure looks like this:

  • Connect an antenna to the console is performed in the usual way.
  • Its with cable is connected to the RF modulator.
  • It is connected to the TV through the antenna entry.
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Thus, a digital television signal will flow on the old television receiver. With the help of the console and high-frequency modulator, it will be converted to a format suitable for this brand TV.

Connection using RCA connectors

To modern TV

Connection is as follows:

  • Before starting the procedure, the TV must be turned off.
  • The cable from the antenna is connected to the tune.
  • The receiver is connected to an electrical outlet using the power supply.
  • Confix and TV is connected using the corresponding cable. At the same time, the owner chooses the appropriate way to connect on the basis of which connectors are available on the console and on the TV.
  • If the RF-OUT output is present, it must be connected to the antenna input. In this case, it will be possible to view digital and analog channels.
  • Now you need to turn on the TV. In the settings you need to specify the type of connection used (AV, HDMI, SCART).
  • Then conduct auto parts of the channels.

After completion of the procedure, you can start viewing.

Connect the receiver to the new TV

Now consider in detail how to configure the digital console to the Samsung TV with Smart TV (this setting will fit both to other TV models with SMART TV technology). Algorithm actions such:

  • All work must be carried out when the TV is turned off, it will be possible to run it only after completing everything.
  • With a cable, connect an antenna with the receiver using the appropriate input;
  • Using the cable with HDMI connectors, connect the receiver to TV;
  • connect nutrition;
  • A helper will appear on the TV screen to help execute all settings correctly.

Immediately it will be necessary to choose a convenient language, country and image format. After that, you can run the search for available channels.

Purpose of connectors

The average console has several connectors, the purpose of which can be found in the instructions attached to the device. If the user’s manual is presented, for example, in Chinese, it will not be possible to understand their destination. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to consider what the most ordinary console is equipped with the same connectors.

Typically, ports are located on the rear panel of the device so as not to interfere with the user. Thus, the rear of the receiver looks like this:

On the right here you can see the cord, at the end of which the plug is located for connecting to the outlet. In modern models, a disconnected cable is used instead. Also on the receiver case are located the following ports:

  • This is an antenna way. Cable is inserted here, which goes from the antenna. It is he who provides the transfer of a television signal to the prefix.
  • This is an output for satellite plates. It is slightly different from the one that is intended for the antenna. Depending on what type of television you plan to use, you need one or another connector.
  • This is a HDMI port, which has repeatedly mentioned in today’s material. It is the most convenient inteeis for connecting the console to TV.
  • These are outputs for the RCA cable (“Tulips”). They are divided into port for video and two ports for audio. Usually, such connectors are used to connect the device to the old TV, which is not at its disposal an HDMI inerta.
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It is also necessary to give some explanations regarding SMART consoles. They have several additional connectors besides those that were marked earlier. In this case, we are talking about a LAN port for connecting the Internet and USB connectors. At the same time, the SMART consoles rarely meet the output under the antenna.

Channel Setup

Immediately after completing the connection of the console for digital television, you need to change the equipment to setup. The number of channels directly depends on the type of broadcasting: essential, cable, satellite. To date, 2 multiplex has been successfully operating. This means that each subscriber can configure about 20 channels, including regional programs.

In Russia, there are a huge number of different digital TV providers that provide the ability to customize additional channels. The size of the monthly subscription fee depends largely on which tariff plan will select a user.

The process of setting up digital channels on the old TV also varies depending on the type of connection. For example, Rostelecom to its customers gives a special card that is then inserted into the module. This device provides the decoding of encoded signals.

To proceed to setting the channels, take the remote control and press the source button to select the source of the signal, mainly it is marked as “INPUT”, “AV / TV”, “Source”. A list of sources will appear on the screen, select the required you.

To start searching for digital channels on old TVs, click on the “Autopoyscript” button. Wait a couple of minutes until the process of searching for available TV channels is completed. Save channels. If necessary, you can sort them by changing the location of the TV channels.

How to connect free digital television to TV through different types of receivers

Digital signal, the transfer of which is carried out by transformation through a television console, can proceed from different receivers. Before connecting the TV tuner to the TV, it should be sorted out about which of the three types of receivers is speaking, and consider each of them.

Helpful advice! If you compare the antennas for the ether, then satellite broadcasting is universal. At the same time, in order to receive signals of different formats, it is enough to simply connect the receiver to the reflector using a new head.

Meter Range Antenna. This is the oldest device for receiving a television signal, so the broadcast occurs exclusively in analog format. This type of broadcasting in early time will cease to exist, giving way to digital television. Since RTRD repeaters are far installed far from everywhere (in particular, they are missing in distant cities of small-free points), analog broadcasting has yet to demand from the population. Although there are only 10 channels, television in analog format, thanks to widespread, is available almost everywhere.

Antenna of decimeter broadcasting. a later generation receiver, so it can already be used to receive digital channels. According to the design and dimensions, such an antenna is similar to the receiver for analog broadcasting. It can safely serve to take high resolution ether, and completely free. It should be noted that digital television appeared relatively recently, so all channels are available yet. To enjoy a digital repeater, you should figure out how to connect the amplifier to the TV.

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In order to properly connect the prefix to find out the view of the receiver

Plate for receiving a signal from a satellite. Such an antenna is used to receive both digital DVB-S2 and analog signal. Broadcasting from the satellite is carried out on gigahertz frequencies, so the signal can be caught at any point of the country because it is available.

Connecting a digital console

The receiver can be connected to both the TV directly and via a DVD or monitor, however, for the last two options, you will most likely need to purchase a special adapter.

In order to connect the receiver directly, you should follow these steps:

  • Remove the console for TV from the box and remove the protective film from it. Film to shoot must be required. Otherwise, the receiver can overheat and break.
  • Take the TV cable and cut the protective shell, thus talking about 1-15 millimeters of the cable on both sides. The shell should be cleaned very carefully, so as not to damage the shielding film that is designed to protect the central conductor.
  • Carefully remove the shiny protective film and screw to the wires F-connectors.
  • Connect the TV with a console with cable.
  • Insert the wires in the tulip connectors in the TV and the console.
  • Connect the antenna to the TV. The antenna itself should be installed on the outside wall at home or at home on the balcony if it is not glazed. At the same time, make sure that it does not touch the branches of trees or power wires.

On this process of connecting TV consoles ends. Next, to view the TV channels available in your region, you should configure it.

Checking the quality of the signal

If there are interference after connecting the receiver and settings, then you need to check the quality of the signal to install which nodes caused the appearance of this problem. Press the “Info” button several times, the number of clicks directly depends on what exactly you use the receiver.

Two scales will appear on the TV screen. this is the main quality indicators of the digital TV signal. The parameter is not lower than 70%, otherwise the signal is weak, so you need to change the antenna position.

You must change the orientation of the antenna, and your assistant will follow the quality of the broadcast image at this moment. Once no interference disappears, fix the position of the antenna.

If in the process of checking the quality of the signal you noticed that the indicators of force and intensity exceed the mark of 70%, but there are interference, ripples, it means to reconfigure the receiver. It is possible that the problem arose due to the fact that you changed any settings of the console. Repeat the receiver settings, and then check the image quality again.