Setting up the camera in Skype

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Creation of video conferencing and video negotiations. one of the main features of the Skype program. But in order for everything to happen very correctly, you need to correctly configure the camera in the program. Let’s find out how to turn on the camera, and make it the setting for socializing on Skype.

Configuring the camera in Skype

Skype computer program has a fairly wide spectrum of settings that allow you to customize the web-camera to your requirements.

Camera connection

For those users who have a laptop with a built-in camera, the task of connecting a video device is not worth it. Those users who have a PC with a built-in camera need to purchase it and connect it to the computer. When choosing a camera, first of all, decide what it is for. After all, there is no point in overpaying for functionality, which in fact will not be used.

When connecting the camera to a PC, make sure that the plug fits snugly into the connector. And most importantly, DO NOT mix up the connectors. If the camera came with an installer disc, use it when connecting. All necessary drivers will be installed from it, which guarantees maximum compatibility of the camcorder with a computer.

Setting up Skype video

In order to configure the camera directly in Skype, open the “Tools” section of this application, and go to the “Settings.”.

Next, go to the subsection “Video settings”.

A window opens in front of us in which you can configure the camera. First of all, we check if the camera we need is selected. This is especially true if another camera is connected to the computer, or previously connected to it, and another video device was used in Skype. In order to check whether Skype sees the correct video camera, we look at which device is indicated in the upper part of the window after the “Select webcam” inscription. If another camera is indicated there, then click on the name, and select the device that is required.

In order to make Direct settings for the selected device, click on the button “Webcam settings”.

In the window that opens, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, clarity, gamma, white balance, shooting against the light, gain, and color of the image that is broadcast by the camera. Most of THESE adjustments are made by simply dragging the slider to the right or left. Thus, the user can customize the image transmitted by the camera to his liking. However, on some cameras, some of the settings described above are not available. After completing all the settings, Do not forget to name the button “OK”.

If for any reason the Settings made did not suit you, then they can always be reset to the initial ones, simply by clicking on the “Default” button.

For the parameters to take effect, in the “Video Settings” window, you need to click on the “Save” button.

As you can see, setting up a webcam to work in Skype is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. Actually, the whole procedure can be divided into two large groups: connecting the camera to a computer, and setting up a camera in Skype.

Camera setup in Skype app

Not so long ago, Microsoft began to actively promote the Skype application, which is available for download on computers for Windows 8 and 10. This application differs from the usual version of Skype in that it is optimized for use on touch devices. In addition, there is a much more minimalistic interface and a thinner set of settings, including those that allow you to configure the camera.

Turning on the camera and checking the functionality

  • Launch the Skype app. Click on the gear icon in the lower left corner to go to the application settings.

A window will appear on the screen, in the upper part of which is located the “Video” block we need. Near the item “Video” open the drop-down list and select the camera that will shoot you in the program. In this case, the laptop is equipped with only one webcam, so it is only available to the list.

  • To make sure that the camera displays the image in Skype correctly, move the slider below the “Check video” item to the active position. A thumbnail image captured by your webcam will appear in the same window.
  • Actually, there are no other possibilities for setting up the camera in the Skype application, therefore, if you need more fine-tuning of the image, giving preference to the familiar Skype for Windows.

    Webcam setup guide

    Most often, a video camera on a laptop works out of the box and is preinstalled in the system. Just go to the “Control Panel”, subsection “Scanners and Cameras” and start the built-in Windows program for working with the camera by double-clicking on the device. The graphical interface for changing the settings appears, as well as the webcam image. But it happens that you need to install it from scratch with a completely “clean” PC, be it a desktop or laptop, moreover, without drivers, because you cannot find them in the PC package. Then read this instruction.

    Instructions on how to set up a WEB-camera

    • First of all, install the AIDA64 (or Everest) program. This will make it easier to find the correct drivers for your camera and other devices. You can also find out the parameters specified by standard Windows tools. To do this, go to the “Administration” sub-item of the Control Panel. Computer Management menu. In the hierarchy, select “Device Manager”, “Unknown Devices”. Right-click into “Properties”, then into the “Details” tab. Select the device instance code from the drop-down menu and copy it to the clipboard using the “Ctrl” “C” key combination.
    • If you’ve decided to go by installing a codebase program like AIDA64 or Everest, you’ll need to find the Windows Devices menu item. Find in the list (sub-item “Unknown devices”) the desired video camera and write down the identifiers VEN (VID), as well as DEV (PID) or immediately the manufacturer of the device. If the program was able to identify the vendor, then you just need to go to the official website of this company and download the appropriate driver, unpack it into a convenient directory and simply run setup. Otherwise, read the instructions below.
    • Common camera brands:
    • VEN_064E. Suiyn
    • VEN_04F2. Chicony
    • VEN_5986 (or VEN_0402). Bison
    • VEN_046D. Logitech
    • If you do not have one of the above options, then use one of the online services to identify the device and download drivers. for example Devid. You can also use the Unknown Devices program.
    • Don’t forget to download the proprietary webcam software from your PC manufacturer’s website (Acer Crystal Eye, YouCam, LifeFrame). Such programs allow you to change settings, apply various effects and of course take photos.
    • You will also most likely need to set up Skype. To do this, go to the “Tools” menu, then the “Settings” sub-item. You are interested in the “Video Settings” submenu. There should be a check mark in the “Enable Skype Video” window. After turning on the camera, you will see the camera image in the upper right corner. In the “WEB-camera settings” menu folder you can adjust the following parameters: brightness, hue, contrast, gamma, sharpness, saturation. If flickering is observed, then it can be suppressed by changing the frequency of the power line in the same window.

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