The main mode setting comes down to adjusting the volume of the tune being played. In this case either the side buttons of the phone or its system settings are used. In the first case the setting is quite simple: the top button adds volume, the bottom. reduces volume.

If you select the second method, more extensive settings become available.

In the system settings of your smartphone you can adjust the volume level of the melody, multimedia and alarm clock. To do this, it is necessary to enter phone settings and select the item “Sound”. Then by dragging and dropping the sliders set the volume level for each item.

Silent mode

This mode means the complete absence of sound in smartphone. Its activation allows to remove sound from Honor and Huawei. How to do this read below.

You can turn on the silent mode both in phone settings and in the notification panel. To do this you need to enter them and select the item “Sound“. Then in item “Silent mode” move the slider to the right. Picture 2

Note: in the item “Vibration in silent mode”, the slider must be in deactivated state. Otherwise the vibration mode will be enabled.

Vibro mode

Can be turned on in the same way as described above: in the notification panel or phone settings. The difference is that with incoming calls and notifications the phone starts to vibrate.

The technology transforms audio for perception through different models of headphones, improving sound quality. When volume is turned up to maximum, sound is not distorted and remains perfectly clear. The feature was first tested with Honor 8X. Now it is found in Honor 9/10. The manufacturer has also provided a special equalizer for adjusting the high and low frequencies. Presets have been developed for Huawei headset.

adjust, sound, huawei

To use the option, you need to connect a wired or wireless device, then the “Huawei Histen Audio Effects” menu appears in the sound settings.

Huawei sound problem and quick fix

At startup, the user can select a headset by design:

  • The in-canal sound becomes more expansive.
  • Insertion bass boost in rhythmic sound.
  • Overhead Accent at high frequencies, vocals are heard from the front.
  • Optimized presets for developer models.

3D audio feature adds volume, like at a concert. This mode allows you to make the sound close, frontal, surround.

With the new Histen technology users can delve even deeper into the world of music and hear their favorite songs and compositions in a different format. By experimenting with the parameters everyone can find their own sound mode, change the sound to suit their preferences while enjoying the absence of noise at any volume.

How to check the speaker on smartphones

Testing the sound element is a very simple process. You simply plug in any audio track and listen to it. Use the volume keys to make sure it works.

We advise to do it necessarily when you buy a new device, or purchase “from the hand”. Since the speaker is a vulnerable point, it often breaks or malfunctions. In order to detect this problem immediately, it is better to focus your attention and take your time to check.

What to do if the engineering menu does not open?

If the standard options do not get into the engineering menu, then the user must use the software. MTK Engineering or MobileUncle Tools. The first one is fast and convenient. Load the application and press MTK Engineer Mode. The second one is more powerful. Install the software, go to “Engineering mode”/”Engineering menu (MTK)”. Keep in mind that the application is developed by a Chinese programmer, so there are only English and Chinese languages. Also on Play Market it can not be found, but on the Internet this task will not cause difficulties.

How to adjust the sound of music on HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

The external speaker of modern phones performs well on the phone. But given that smartphones are getting thinner and thinner all the time, it’s almost impossible to fit a high-quality speaker into such a phone case. So it’s not reasonable to demand the best sound from a cell phone.

And if you want to use your smartphone as a music player, you will have to listen only through headphones.

Since modern life is full of active events, it leads to the fact that the privacy of listening to music in perfect acoustics becomes incredible. That’s why you have to listen to your favorite music with headphones on the go, and, as a rule, in conditions of loud noise of an active metropolis.

In this respect smartphones HUAWEI (honor) have very good software, which can improve the sound in headphones, so their owners will be satisfied with the sound and be able to adjust the sound themselves to their tastes.

How to adjust the volume of the incoming call on your HUAWEI smartphone (honor)?

We are immersed in an ocean of noise all the time. And as many have noticed, the noises of the modern city only increase from year to year. So when you’re on the street and there’s a lot of traffic around, the calls coming to your smartphone may not be heard.

One of the important settings on your phone is the incoming call volume. The volume setting must be appropriate to the situation, so you don’t miss an incoming call.

On many phones, manufacturers have taken this into account and therefore in his settings is a separate section, the so-called “profile”, which exhibited the best settings for call volume and vibrate for different situations. You are usually prompted to choose one of the profiles: normal, meeting, in the car, outdoors, at home, at work. This is convenient.

How to turn on the keypad sound (SwiftKey)

Turning on the keyboard sound is carried out in the phone settings. It’s done this way:

  • Go into the phone settings;
  • Select “System” first, then “Language and input”;
  • then select the default keyboard, in this example it’s SwiftKey;

This is also where you can turn on and adjust the vibration.

How to mute the keyboard sound back

To turn off the keyboard sound on Honor, you can follow the above instruction. To do this, you need to move the slider to the left in the “Keyboard sound volume”. Deactivating all sliders allows you to completely remove the sound of the keys.

The speaker does not work on Honor and Huawei smartphones: causes, how to fix?

Today smartphones are distinguished by their functionality and are considered real assistants for users. Developers improve their devices every year, increasing the power of “iron”. But in spite of this, sometimes the equipment can fail. One of the common questions why the speaker does not work on Honor and Huawei. This important detail is used not only when listening to music or watching videos, but also for phone calls. Here are the main reasons and ways to solve the problem.

Switching volume button modes on Huawei smartphone (honor).

The modern design of smartphones is becoming more and more laconic. the smartphone case has actually turned into a flat box with a touch screen across its front surface. Familiar buttons have become rudimentary, and now typing words or commands are performed by touching the touch screen on drawn letters or icons (icons). But, nevertheless, the convenience of “live” buttons that control the volume has won the right to a mandatory presence on the side of the smartphone case.

The two physical volume buttons (also called “volume rockers”) are very easy to use and can be used to adjust the volume by touch, without taking the phone out of your

Many applications also engage our “swings” for their needs and with these buttons you can:

  • Turn on/stop music;
  • To switch a track in the player;
  • Activate the application icon;
  • Activate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, GPS, silent mode;
  • Turn on/off the flashlight;
  • Accept or reject an incoming call;
  • Open the notification curtain;
  • Open the last application;
  • Close the current application;
  • Turn off the screen;
  • Take a screenshot;
  • Auto-rotate screen.
  • And much, much more.

But all these actions work only when the phone is unlocked. That is, once you put your smartphone to sleep mode, the volume buttons will no longer perceive most of these functions, but will perform their standard purpose. to adjust the sound volume.

Latest versions of Android operating system on Huawei and Honor smartphones have still introduced the possibility of sound volume control, taking into account the circumstances of the incoming signal: multimedia (when listening to music); melody (incoming call volume); alarm clock; calls (caller’s voice volume in the speaker).

All of these sound volume settings you can set in the Phone Settings according to your preferences, and their volume level will already be constant. This procedure is described in the article “How to adjust the volume of incoming call on HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?”, and to go to it click here.

But, nevertheless, the manufacturers of smartphones of Huawei Corporation have provided the ability to switch the volume control mode with the buttons for the two most relevant situations at their discretion:

Adjusting the volume when listening to multimedia;

Adjusting the incoming call volume.