How to set up and test a webcam in skype?

How To Adjust The Resolution Of A Webcam

Skype is one of the most popular conferencing applications in the world. People use its applications on a variety of devices, from Windows laptops and PCs to Android smartphones, IPhones and IPads. One of the fundamental features of Skype is the ability to make calls. However, before doing this, it is best to make sure that your webcam works well before using it in a call. Here’s how to set up and test your webcam in Skype for Windows, Android, and iOS.

On a Windows computer, start Skype and then open its settings by clicking or tapping the Advanced button. It looks like three points of suspension, and it is the case here is your name.

In the “” menu, click or tap “Settings”.

Skype opens its settings. On the left, select “Audio and”. Then, on the right side of the Settings panel, you will see the live webcam feed (3). If you have more than one webcam installed on your Windows device, you can select the active one in the upper right corner (2).

If you see a live webcam feed, in the Audio Settings settings, the webcam should work for any Skype calls you make. If it doesn’t work as expected, you can try some of THESE troubleshooting steps or select another webcam from the “Camera” drop-down list.

How to set up and test a webcam in Skype for Android and iOS

Unlike Windows, you cannot check your IPhone or IPad cameras in the Skype app for Android and iOS. On both platforms, you can see if your cameras only work during a call.

On your Android device, on your IPhone or IPad, open Skype and tap on the name of one of your friends or on a previous conversation that you had. Then press the call button in the upper right corner of the screen. The following illustrations contain Android screenshots on the left side and IPhone screenshots on the right side.

If you see a live feed from the camera on the screen, it means that the camera is working well.

Also, if you want to switch to using a different camera (front or rear), click the camera button in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you can NOT see from one of your cameras, you should check if Skype has permission to use them.

On an Android smartphone or tablet, you can do this in the Settings app, in the Apps and notifications section → App permissions → Camera permissions.

On your IPhone or IPad, you can do this in the Settings app, in Skype → Camera.

If you still don’t have all camera views on Skype, it probably means that the camera on your Android, IPhone or IPad is broken.

How often are you making Skype calls?

Some people use Skype to call for meetings and work, while others also use Skype to connect with family and friends. What type of user are you? How often do you use Skype and why? Comment below and share your experience with Skype.