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With this little program you can get more out of your webcam.

One of the most important is its use in various programs for Internet communication, such as ICQ and Skype.

In addition, the program allows you to record overlay various backgrounds on the videos you are recording.

With this function, you can easily create the illusion that the recording was made from different places in the world.

Fixing your webcam video settings

In addition to changing the background image, you can also overlay text, the current date and time, as well as all kinds of animated pictures and logos on the video.

An important advantage of this program is the ability to switch the existing webcam to the computer desktop, allowing you to show your interlocutor everything that is happening on it when communicating.

Altarsoft Video Capture

Altarsoft Video Capture working window

This is another program that allows you to record from the webcam.

You can save the created project in the most common formats. wmv, avi and asf.

Before starting recording, you will need to make certain settings, including the choice of video and audio devices, as well as adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image at your own discretion.

You can even completely remove the color, thereby making a black and white picture.

You can also record only an audio stream by saving it as a file in wav or mp3 format.

By pausing the recorded video, you can skip all those frames that you do not need to save.

This program allows you to take and save screenshots even while recording video material, indicating for them one of the available extension formats. jpeg or bmp.

comparison table

Produces high-quality shooting, supports Russian Complex interface, it takes time to master

Support for a large number of cameras, the ability to scale Reduced functionality of the free version

Working with different cameras, quick response to some actions Not an easy interface, significant system requirements

The trial version has full functionality, no installation required Small free period

Great functionality Heavy CPU load

Supports a large number of devices, user-friendly interface No Russian language support

Using the phone as a full-fledged IP and web camera Does not support Russian, does not work with old devices

Easy to use, many effects available Availability of advertising

Simple interface, upload to FTP server Short term of the free version

Allows you to capture 3D video Short term of free use

Easy to use, many effects Some limitations of the free version

Great functionality Quite complicated interface

Has a large number of effects and functions No free version

Separate recording of audio and video signals Presence of advertising

Supports Russian, takes screenshots Offers installation of additional software

If the installation disc is not included

But, how to set up a webcam on a computer on Widows if there is no disk included with the camera or it is lost, and the drivers are not automatically installed? In this case, there are three ways to solve the problem. The first is to install a special program that will find suitable drivers on the Internet and automatically install them. There are a lot of such programs, the most popular are DriverBooster and DriverPack. These utilities are very simple and have an intuitive interface, so any user can figure it out.

The second way is to search the network for drivers using the built-in Windows tools. To do this, right-click on the “Start” menu. In the menu that opens, click “Device Manager” (for Windows 8 and lower versions, the path is as follows: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “System and Security“. “System”).

Next, you need to identify devices with uninstalled drivers by the yellow icon on the right. Among them we find a webcam. After right-clicking on such a device and choosing “Update drivers” in the pop-up menu, in a new window you need to click “Automatic search for updated drivers”. The drivers will be installed and the camera will work after reboot.

The third way to solve the problem is to manually search for the necessary files on the website of the camera manufacturer.

Zoom: Computer: Adjust camera and audio settings

Droid Cam

This small program will allow you to use your Android device as a webcam for Internet communication.

The connection between the computer and the phone is carried out by installing two parts of this program on both devices, and the connection is carried out using a USB cable or by using the Wi-Fi module.

In addition, in the settings, you can use the phone flash and the zoom in / out function, as well as adjust the brightness and contrast.


With this program, you can create high-quality video surveillance with your own hands and with minimal time and money.

When you start Xeoma for the first time, it launches an automatic search for cameras connected to the computer. both webcams and any other.

The button of this menu is located in the lower left part of the working window of the program.

In addition, it is possible to add a random world camera, access to which is allowed by its owner. This function allows you to see what is happening in any other city on the planet.

When adding a new camera, an information window of the assistant opens, which thoroughly describes all the stages of this procedure.

In the main window of the program, all installed and found cameras will be displayed.

In the lower right corner of this window there is a help icon, by clicking on which you can get any information you are interested in, not only about the program itself and its capabilities, but also read various articles on this topic.

When you hover the mouse cursor over any of the available icons, an information window pops up with a description of this menu item, so it will be quite easy to figure out their purpose.

You can easily add both a webcam and an IP camera for monitoring, the installation of which can be carried out using the built-in wizard.

In addition, you are given the opportunity to display the floor plan where the camera is installed, play back the recorded material or record from the microphone.

The program has a function for setting the motion detector, for which there is a list of built-in algorithms for detecting object movement.

The program also allows you to activate the alert function.

If desired, the recording of existing cameras can be activated both by a motion sensor and by an alarm, as well as adjusting the quality of the saved video and its format.

IP Camera Viewer

IP Camera Viewer working window

With this application, you can easily create a video surveillance system and view video from both IP and webcam.

In the settings of the IP Camera Viewer, it is possible to set various parameters of the video signal, as well as to enlarge the picture using the digital zoom.

Along with image recording, the program allows you to save sound, however, to implement this function, you need a special camera or a separate microphone.

Install and try this application, which is not much inferior to expensive professional equipment for organizing video surveillance.

Active WebCam

This multifunctional program is considered one of the best for working with webcams.

Among the available capabilities there is video recording using a motion sensor.

Among the connected devices, supported are local cameras connected to a computer via a USB port, network cameras with an IP interface, as well as remote.

To use the latter, you must have an installed copy of the Active WebCam program on the remote computer.

In the settings, you can choose both the method of capturing video and the device with which this will happen.

In addition, you can adjust the image resolution and select the sound source.

On the “Compression” tab, you can specify its percentage, but remember that the more the picture is compressed, the less information will be saved, and the quality itself will be poor.

On the same tab, you can also compress the recorded sound.

The item “Motion” allows you to activate and configure the motion sensor so that it does not work in vain, starting once again recording a video clip.