We publish a post on Instagram using a computer: three methods

Hundreds of millions of publications are loaded daily on social networks. The trend is such that the majority is from a smartphone, and the figure continues to grow. But you probably know that officially on Instagram there is no way to publish with PC. Today we will solve this problem, and now, knowing how to publish a post on Instagram through a computer, the presence of a phone will be optional.

publication, instagram, computer

The method is quite simple, but it copes with its task perfectly. It is enough to have one of the popular browsers and materials for publication.

  • Open any observer, in our case, Google Chrome, and go to the Instagram website.
  • Click from scratch with the right mouse button and select “view the code”.
  • We look at the icon in the right corner if it is inactive (should glow blue). we lay it on it.
  • We select any convenient device on top and reboot the page (you can press F5).
  • The usual integration has been loaded, you can fill in the post.

Online loading services

It is possible to add a video on Instagram through a computer, thanks to online services. The method does not require the installation of additional applications or extensions. Step-by-step instruction:

  • We go to the website Instmsk.ru. Click “enter” and through one of the accounts of any social. We gain access.
  • Click “Add account”, in the new window again “Add account”.
  • Enter data from the profile on Instagram and move on.
  • We put on the top on the camcorder icon and upload the video.

There are the following sites with similar functionality: Publbox, SMMPLanner, Instap.

The official Instagram application in the Windows10 store

We note right away that this method of adding posts on Instagram is suitable only for the happy owners of Windows10 and Windows10 Mobile operating systems.

But, it should be noted, a significant remark. There should be two mandatory solutions on the device with this OS: the rear camera and the touch screen (that is, tablets, ultrabooks, etc. P.).

On ordinary PC, the application will display standard features, as on the site: commenting, viewing, etc. P.

However, today it is known that the next “life.hacker” algorithm for adding posts and images through an application from a personal computer or laptop is possible. To do this, first you need images that need to be unloaded, move to the “Camera Album” folder.

Then, go to the application, click on the “camera icon” from above on the left.

We go to the camera section, click on the button, which is located on the left and

We find ourselves in the “Camera album” folder, where we can choose the image that we need.

The disadvantages of adding posts through the application for “Windows10”:

not suitable for earlier versions of operating systems;

publication, instagram, computer

It is designed for tablets and mobile devices with a touch screen and rear camera;

a large number of steps that are not known to anyone to post photos and video content;

Sometimes it can “slow down”, it updates the information for a long time.

Onstmsk online service

Using this site, you can upload photos to your account without using third.party programs and extensions.

  • We go to the site.
  • We pass authorization thanks to one of the social. networks.
  • Click “Profile”.
  • Under the item “My accounts” select “Add”.
  • Enter the login and password from Instagram.
  • We use the “Download Image” button.

How to Use Instagram on Your Desktop

Now you know that there are many ways to publish photos on Instagram from a computer. Choose the most convenient for yourself and use!

How to upload photos on Instagram from a computer online from a cloud

We found out that posting photos on Instagram from a computer is not so difficult. There are different options for this. The lightest is to connect the phone emulator in the computer version of the site, but for this you will have to climb into the settings. In addition, problems may arise in some browsers. Another drawback is that the functions of editing photos on Instagram itself are not always connected to the fullest.

You can get rid of these shortcomings if you apply cloud technologies. The Internet storage in this case will play the role of an intermediary for transferring photo files from a computer to the phone, and then on Instagram. Many believe that this method is most convenient. How it’s done:

Save photos from the computer in any cloud storage that you are used to using, for example, on Yandex.Disk;

Enter the cloud on your mobile device;

Find the photos that you plan to post in the instagram, and download them in the memory of the phone (tablet);

Open the picture, click on the icon offering the choice of applications, select Instagram;

Edit the picture and add it to your page on the social network;

Or enter the Instagram account from your phone and publish a photo saved from the “cloud”, as you usually do.

We examined another way to upload photos on Instagram from a computer. It is more suitable for advanced users who are actively working with cloud storages. In general, it will be useful to master this method for everyone. Internet cloud is a convenient option for accumulating and safely preserving various information.

We suggest you order like your posts on Instagram at a very tasty price. You can get not only quick and high.quality performance of work, but also various conditions and criteria for each type of service.

Also read our instructions “How to download photos from Instagram on the phone and PC” and “How to shoot video on Instagram”.

How to add publication to the history of Instagram from the phone and PC

Section Stories (in Russian History) appeared on Instagram not so long ago. The peculiarity of this option is the fleeting life of the publication. Only 24 hours pass from the appearance of history in the account to its disappearance. over, it disappears by itself. True, you can save your photo or video story in the “Actual” section. Then he will decorate your profile as much as you want.

Let’s figure out how to add publication in the history of Instagram in a mobile application:

publication, instagram, computer

Open Instagram, click on the symbol of the “camera”, which is located on the upper left side of the screen, or draw a finger to the right at any place of the tape;

We touch a white round button at the bottom to shoot a photo, and for the shooting of the video we hold it;

Or we take out photos from the phone’s memory, for this we spend upwards on any part of the screen;

Then we create a story using new options: click on special digesters; “Pencil” makes a drawing, “aa”. for imposing the text, “square smile” adds stickers;

If you need to remove anything, drag the object into the “basket”, the icon is located at the bottom of the screen;

After we complete the design of the story, we touch the words “Your History”, they are on the left and below the screen.

If your story is long, you can post a number of photos. Pictures during viewing will be shown in turn.

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We will find out how to add publication to the history of Instagram using the capabilities of the computer. As you noticed, there is no icon of this function “camera” in the web version. But to compose stories, you can use almost all the methods mentioned in the first chapter. Perhaps the most convenient option to do this through an official web application. It will be more difficult with the method where the developer panel is used. This method is applicable only for a laptop, and in a stationary PC it will not work. And the emulator programs with the task will play playfully. Consider how to use Bluestacks:

We load Bluestacks from an official site to a computer and start;

We enter the section “My applications”, in the search we insert “Instagram”;

Install imitation of a mobile application on the computer;

At the top and right, we click on the “camera” to create history, then we do everything, as in a mobile application.

You learned about different methods for posting publications on Instagram, including Stories. As you understand, it is not at all necessary to do it from the phone, the computer is suitable.

What is important to remember before starting work

In Instagram, there is a certain encouragement for mobile software users. Sometimes users trying to find out how to post on Instagram from a computer, you have to face problems. The most common of them is the blocking of the account for placing content from third.party services. For authorization, most of these programs requires to enter username and password from their page.

Sometimes a personality confirmation code comes to the phone number that is attached to the account. In order to avoid automated actions and spread spam, the developers of social networks have created a reliable system. Therefore, at the entrance to the Institute with PC, the application may request to change the password.

When publishing a photo, it is important to observe limits, since the profiles that show high activity are blocked by spam filters. Когда количество отметок «Мне нравится», комментов, подписок или постов превышает более 150 штук в час, соответствующие функции становятся временно недоступными.

Downloading utilities that are able to solve the problem of how to add publication on Instagram on a computer, you need to be careful. On the other side of the suspicious programs, there may be scammers who stole personal data. That is why today we will only tell you about proven services.

publication, instagram, computer

Through the code in the browser

You can add publication on Instagram without downloading emulator programs. To do this, you need to go to the Instagram website in the browser and enter your account.

After press the shiftrli key combination or click with the right mouse button, select “View code” in the options that appear. After that, the main part of the intense will shift to the left, and the toolbar will open on the right.

How To Post On Instagram From Computer (2020)

An icon of a mobile device will also appear above the developer console, on which you need to press. If it is not, you can try to use the SHIFTCTRLM combination, then the browser will launch the original version of the social network.

If everything is done correctly, on the right side at the top there will be the opportunity to change the scale with resolution. After that, the page should be reloaded. At the bottom there will be options with which you can add photos and use the browser version, as on the phone.

tips on how to make publications on Instagram from a computer

With the technical side of the question, we completely figured out. Now you can go to general advice on instagram publications. Which is better to post when and how. TOP-5 tips:

  • Determine the goal. Why are you leading Instagram. Just tell friends about your life, promote yourself as a specialist, plan to earn and be a blogger. The approach depends on the goal;
  • Use high.quality photos. The second banal advice. Personnel made by shaking hands on the “soap dish” clearly will not collect a large number of views and likes. It is necessary to ensure a high quality of the picture in order to attract the attention of users;
  • Apply square pictures. It is better to process the photo in advance and make it square. This can be done in any graphic editor or specialized online service for processing pictures. Then Instagram does not wake the photo, and its quality will not suffer;
  • Photos should attract attention. The text is secondary. So that users are like, they need photos of faces or places. The first is much more valued and provokes higher activity;
  • Group photos are worse than single. It should be the other way around, but everything works just like that. If there is one person in the photo, he attracts more attention than a whole group of people.

It is worth saying a few words about “stories”. Users perceive Instagram Stories as a case with a random prize. To watch them, you need to change content. Monotonous photos in 1-2 months will lead to the number of views will significantly decrease.

Publishing photos on Instagram from a computer is easier than using a mobile application. Add text and arrange a post. 5 minutes with PC, against 15 minutes from a smartphone. It’s easy to work from a computer. you can draw up photos through a browser, or third.party programs.

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