Switching text entry mode and keyboard layouts on Huawei Honor

As you know, the Honor Phone Manufacturer does not use its own virtual keyboard on its phones. For this reason, you will not be able to disable vibration in the standard settings of your phone. To disconnect the vibration block, you will need to go to the “SwiftKey” keyboard settings, which is the main keyboard of Honor gadgets.

SwiftKey. default keyboard for your Honor

But there is one snag. In the usual Android phone, the SwiftKey keyboard is available in the application panel. As a rule, you can go to the “App Draw” (the so-called “box with programs”), open “SwiftKey” and disable key vibration. However, the listed method does not apply to the Chinese phones “Honor”, in which the settings are made differently. But before proceeding to the description of the response disconnection algorithm on Honor, let me tell you a little about SwiftKey.

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How to Add Language to Huawei Keyboard

Since the smartphone is an individual thing, the manufacturer does not know in advance who exactly will use them and in what language to type the texts of the messages. Therefore, only the estimated set of languages ​​for a particular region is installed in the phone. For example, in Russia, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, the Russian (as the main language of communication) and English (to enter passwords, site addresses, etc.D.), but what to do those who need to use layouts of regional or other languages? How to add language to Honor keyboard?

First of all, it should be noted that the languages ​​are added to each keyboard installed in the smartphone separately and, for example, the instructions are taken by the classic SwiftKey keyboard, which is currently basic and is pre-installed in the standard firmware from Honor.

Open the smartphone settings and in the section “System” click on the “Language and Enter” item.

We select the necessary keyboard there (in our case it is a “keyboard SwiftKey”) and already in its settings click on the “Multilingual” item.

We deploy the list “Preset languages” (you can and “all languages”, if there is no language in the pre-installed language) and click on it.

Display the layout of the selected language, where we click on the add connection check mark and from now on we can already use the new layout.

Switching between the layouts on the SwiftKey keyboard is carried out using the swipe (the rapid movement of the finger from left to right or right to left) by the “Space” button.

In other keyboards (for example, GBoard from Google) switching is carried out by pressing the button with the image of the globe.

How to change the keyboard layout on the phone Honor and Huawei

Let’s start with the fact that you can dial text in Honor and Huawei smartphones both using the SwiftKey virtual keyboard and voice entering Google. If you wish, you can download and install the application from Google. Gboard. Now consider the procedure for changing the layout on each of them.

Solution for SwiftKey

To change the location of letters, go to the phone settings and perform the following steps:

  • Select “System”.
  • Next, “Language and input”.
  • Then the “keyboard SwiftKey”.
  • In the window that opens, first select “Multilingual”, and then “English (USA) / ENGLISH (US)”.
  • Next, lying through the right and left, find and select the location of the letters you need.

On my Honor 9 Lite, you can immediately change the Russian keyboard layout. To do this, click on the “Russian”.

Solution for GBoard

The change of letters is made similarly to the above instruction:

  • Go to the phone settings;
  • Select step-by-step items “System”. “Language and input”. “GBOard”. “Languages ​​”;
  • Next, select what language layout you need to change “Russian (Russia)” or “Latina”;
  • The choice is made by scrolling the available list to the right-left.

Note! Russian layout in this application is presented in several options. This is “Russian”, “handwritten input”, “Student layout”, “Molert” and “igniter”.

How to use Microsoft Translator with Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard keyboard

Microsoft Translator is now available in Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard keyboard. Translator for Microsoft SwiftKey allows you to quickly and conveniently translate text to more than 60 languages ​​without closing the keyboard.

As in the Microsoft Translator, the intelligent translation function in Microsoft SwiftKey supports more than 60 languages. The full list is presented below in the section of questions and answers

Enter text for translation

Microsoft SwiftKey Translator is ideal for messaging (or any other interaction). The following example provides a dialogue between two people. One of the bottom speaks free in German, and the other. no. Microsoft SwiftKey Translator can help communicate with both interlocutors written and read messages.

Select language

Microsoft SwiftKey Translator perfectly recognizes languages. But language options can be configured independently by changing the original language and translation.

Click on the arrow to open the language selection menu.

Microsoft SwiftKey Translator is designed to work online, however, after downloading the Microsoft Translator application from Google Play, you can use it offline.

Using Translator offline

TransLator Is Only Available On Microsoft SwiftKey 7.one.4 AND ABOVE. Please make sure you’re using the Latest Version to Take Advantage Of this New Feature.

Translator Supports The Following Languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bangla, Bosnian (Latin), Bulgarian, Cantonese (Traditional), Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Fijian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong Daw, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malagasy, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, QUER’ETARO OTOMI, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tahitian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, And Yucatec Maya.

Currently, Translator is not available for Microsoft SwiftKey on the iOS platform.

SWIFTTKEY Overview. Tablet Programs

SwiftKey is a virtual keyboard that has a scary-smart forecasting engine, supports several languages, supports Swype as an integrated function. Cloud synchronization allows you to sequentially type from different devices.

Very simple keyboard program on tablet with Android / iOS.

The latest version of SwiftKey offers an impressive set of features, with a new, even more intelligent forecasting engine, a wide selection of languages, SwiftKey Flow and a convenient data synchronization option with a cloud. And while the virtual keyboard actually costs iPad owners at 3.99, the capabilities of this application are their money.

Rating: Best Tablet Programs.

If you are not familiar with SwiftKey, this is an application-keyboard to replace the traditional Android screen keyboard. SwiftKey is part of Google Play Choice applications and is the winner of the “Most Innovative Application” award on Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona, ​​Spain. What distinguishes this keyboard from others in the same category, it is capable not only to memorize the model of your print, but also ways to form words together. As a result, you get a frightening high-quality prediction of not only the next letter, but also the next word, sometimes before you start to recruit it. Like this, SWIFTTKEY continues to learn from email, SMS, and even social networks (if you enable all these options), so the keyboard is noticeable better makes forecasts in the process of use.

One keyboard for all devices

SWIFTTKEY updated the application to version 4.3 And introduced a new feature called “Layouts for Living”, which remembers three different keyboard layouts in the application, so that you can use SwiftKey on the screen of any size.

Previously, there were separate SiWFTKEY applications for Android tablets and smartphones, which means that if you used both types of devices, you had to buy two applications. Now, there is only one application for all your needs.

Keyboard layoutSwiftKey for thumbs, greatly facilitates the set on the large screens of tablets. The original application for SWIFTKEY tablets includes various keyboard layouts to facilitate printing on large screens, and now these new layouts are available in version 4.3. You can roll out the keyboard, move it across the screen, select one of five different sizes to the keyboard full of width, and also select one of two layouts, large or compact.

Laying for large fingers shares the keyboard into two columns so that you can use each finger to print while holding the tablet for the sides. The compact layout shortens the dimensions of each key and pulls the keyboard into one side of the screen so that you can print with one hand (you can switch the keyboard to the other side in this mode). During testing, thumb modes and compact keyboard format significantly facilitated printing on tablets and fronts, like Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0.

SiwFTKeyCloud Thanks to SwiftKey Cloud, the keyboard application can now sync your personal text set profile using the cloud. This solution allows you to have a completely consistent experience of a set of text on all your devices, without having to “learn” the engine on each device separately. The function perfectly worked in the background, it also requires manual inclusion in the menu before the application starts the data transmission.

Another feature that comes with a cloud, Trending Phrases, includes a daily magazine of trend “lyrics” in the prediction engine, facilitates, for example, a sample of names from the last episode of the “Games of Thrones” or terms from the current news history.

SmartSpace One of the most useful SWIFTKEY functions is Smart Space, a kind of magic function that can tell when you accidentally missed the space space. Using the Smart Space function, you can dial the text without a single problem, and SwiftKey will fix you on the print.

How to turn on?

To restore the service after deletion, you need to:

If the service search in the application store causes complexity, developers are offered to use links on their own official website.

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Additional Information

Having considered the basic functions and settings, we will study common questions from users.

How to switch language on the tablet

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the language. How to do this on the phone we found out, but how this procedure is held on the tablets? The use of mobile keyboards does not differ from tablet PC. To switch enough swipe on space, or click on the image of the planet. Operation on changing the language depends on the clave used.

DC Unlocker sees Huawei E3372H / E8372H / E3370 modem: reasons what to do?

This instruction is suitable for another android?

Presented Instructions in the article are suitable for all versions of Android. The difference consists only in the names of the menu items.

Text transformation into speech

This module will tell voice everything you wrote. And everything will be announced that it can be seen on the screen, all your actions will be announced. Function will be useful for people with poor eyesight.

The TTS Samsung module and Google speech synthesizer correspond to the text conversion. I already wrote about them in this article. Therefore, I will not repeat. all settings are described there.

How to Add Language in Huawei?

Open the setup application, select Language and Enter Languages, then select New System Language. If you can not find a language in the list, click Add Language to add it.

  • In the “Settings” menu. “System” go to the point “Language and input”.
  • Go to the “SWIFTKEY Keyboard” menu and click on the “Enter” icon.
  • Find top tiles “Izm
  • We shift or push the edge of the keyboard to the desired size.