How to use Apple Wallet application

Apple Wallet. an application that has firmly entered our lives as a universal storage of various cards, tickets, passes. Using this program, you can pay for purchases directly from the phone, do not use paper tickets for transport or cinema, and even save time to register on an airplane.

Apple Wallet. a mobile application built into the iOS operating system, which allows users to store various cards in it, including credit, discount, as well as tickets for all kinds of events (cinema, theater, concert).

Contactly payment with “Vallet

To apply the program at the checkout, you must first make sure that the store is equipped with a device with support for contactless payments. If the terminal has an appropriate icon, two steps are enough.

After that, the fee for the goods will be made, and the permitted discount is taken into account when calculating.

If, with double pressing the “home” button, the Apple Pay is not launched, we check if the indicator is installed in the state:

Thanks to this application, you can abandon the usual plastic cards and digitize all the data. It is enough to know how to configure Apple Wallet and how to pay using a phone.

How to configure Apple Wallet

How to add a discount card to Wallet

The Apple Wallet service supports a large number of discount cards, both Russian and foreign. Thanks to this, the application can be used to obtain a bonus in online stores, where it is enough to enter the card number in a special field. Also, electronic tickets purchased via Wallet will automatically display in the application. Having dealt with the subtleties, you can proceed to add a discount card. There are several methods for this:

  • Through the click on the link to the SMS message from the store.
  • Through the click on the link received from the store to e.mail.
  • Using a barcode scan on a discount card.
  • Through the mobile application of the store.

Let’s consider the addition of a discount card from the official application “Lenta” as an example. First, let’s run the program, then:

Click on the “Add to Apple Wallet” button

Now, when buying, it is enough to show the barcode from the plastic cashier or for a few seconds to bring the iPhone to the terminal.

cards, iphone

Adding a card to the system

Let’s move on to the direct addition of credit cards and discount cards to the application. You will need to connect a banking product:

  • Run the program.
  • In the main window, see the button for adding plastic, click on it.
  • After that, the form for filling out. Bank details need to be prescribed to the appropriate fields. the card number, duration of work and data about the holder.
  • If you do not want to manually write characteristics, scan it using a mobile device camera. As a result, all fields will be automatically filled.
  • At the next stage, you need to wait until the bank approves registration.
  • Save the changes. Now you can make contactless payments in any store, subject to compatibility with the Apple Pay service and the availability of the NFC module in the smartphone.

Any discount card can be activated in this way. On most plastics on the back, there is a barcode. Count it using a camera. If there is an error in scanning, you will have to manually register the information. In addition, a discount can be obtained using a successful purchase by Apple Pay, provided that the company is included in the affiliate list. Through the utility, mail or message, on the website of a certain store, as well as using programs that support Wallet. After successfully adding, the corresponding card will appear in an accessible list.

What is Apple Pay and how it works

Apple Pay is a universal payment system that allows the owner to use a mobile device as a bank card for contactless payment. The application is compatible with almost all digital gadgets from the popular Apple brand. iPhone, iPad, MacBook and smart watches. With it, the user can make purchases in any store and in the Internet space. But this is not all, in most large settlements through a smartphone you can pay for travel in public transport.

This technology became available after the introduction of a special microchip. NFC into the design of gadgets. It is he who generates the signal of your bank card at a small distance. As a result, the payment terminal takes the device for a credit card and successfully conducts a transaction.

What are the advantages of this service in relation to the classical calculation method:

  • Significant time savings. Payment takes place in just a few seconds, you will not need to wait until the seller gains change and gives it to you. All payment transactions in the amount of less than 1000 do not require confirmation of the input of the PIN code.
  • Conveniently. In modern society and a fast pace. this is the most important aspect. To pay, you need only a mobile phone or watch with which we rarely part for a long period.
  • Safely. The developer guarantees a high level of protection. Each payment procedure requires confirmation by fingerprint or graphic key. No one but you can use your smartphone.

Now in almost every store you can find a terminal that supports this type of contactless payment. Typically, the display is displayed by the proprietary Apple logo and the corresponding inscription. The transaction process itself is as follows:

  • The seller in the store will collect the right amount at the payment terminal. Carefully look that it corresponds to reality.
  • Bring the gadget to the reader at a close distance and attach your finger to the scanner of the Touch ID print.
  • A sound signal confirming the of funds will be heard, get the check.
  • Ready.

It is interesting that you do not even need to remove a smartphone from the sleeping mode and undergo authorization in the utility. Everything happens automatically and instantly. Cash is written off from a bank card, on which you put priority in advance. To make purchases using Smart hours, you need to press the side button twice and bring them to the reader.

In addition, consumers can make payments in online stores and mobile applications. If MacBook is equipped with Touch ID, then everything is very simple. Opposite the selected product, click on the Apple Pay button. On the next page, enter data on the recipient and confirm the purchase by scanning the fingerprint. If there is no scanner, then confirmation is carried out through synchronized iPhone or iPad.

So that you can make payment using gadgets the following conditions and restrictions must be observed:

  • An important component. the device must support contactless technology and be equipped with a NFC chip. Such devices include the iPhone above 6 versions, Apple Watch of the first or second series, iPad Pro or Air, MacBook Pro or Air. Other models do not provide for the use of this payment service.
  • The bank card should be in the list of partner organizations of the developer.
  • You must have a valid account in iCloud.
  • On the device, install the latest current version of the software.

Only if all these rules are met, you can attach a bank card to the gadget and make contactless payments.

How to configure Wallet on iPhone

Due to the fact that Wallet was originally integrated software in all models of iOS gadgets version 6.0 and above, it does not require any additional actions, installations and settings to launch. All you need to do is find the icon on the main screen, check whether the identifier is included on the gadget. Then add your credit cards or discounts. And feel free to go shopping.

When many different banking details are attached to the online pipe, the owner of the gadget can make individual settings. To put at will, the first issuance of those details from which payments will most often be held. This is done in the following steps:

  • Go to the default parameters, slip the category of “maps”. It remains in the menu to choose the necessary details that will be displayed on the screen when paying first.
  • At the end of the settings, block the iPhone, then twice press the “home” icon. At the next payment of purchases, the online wallet will give these details the first. The buyer will remain, log in through Touch-AID and make a payment through the terminal.
  • You can change the payment at any time, immediately at the terminal. No complex settings. It is necessary before payment, go to the card menu, choose other details. Undergo identification, make a payment.

Owners of iPhone gadgets, the functionality of which is not equipped with NFC, contactless payments are not available. However, many use Apple Valet as a virtual storage for discounts, followed by their use to pay for purchases.

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How to add cards and tickets to Wallet

In order to add plastic to the application, it is necessary to perform the following algorithm of action:

cards, iphone

For Sberbank cards, there is an option to add directly from the Sberbank-Online mobile application.

Not only banking, but also discount cards are included in the storage. There are several ways for this:

Applications for adding gift cards and coupons to the “Wallet”


To completely close the topic, you should answer the most common questions that come from users and customers of the Apple, Google Play and Samsung system.

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

No financial strategist will say about how much this sanction has been introduced. Some write that now users of Russian banks will not be able to use foreign systems at all. Someone, on the contrary, calls this measure of temporary. How many people. so many opinions. A modern person needs to be flexible in order to quickly adapt to changing conditions. You also need to keep Stihl and not to panic.

Of course not. Apple drink is just a system that helps to contact many purchases contactlessly. The banks themselves did not block cards. Just a user now cannot dispose of contactless payment as he did earlier. In fact, plastic cards remained.

Make sure the connected card belongs to the “Mir” system. Otherwise, such a card will not pass the Apple system; Try to restart the phone and the Apple Valet application; Contact the bank. They will answer there whether the company has come under sanctions or not.

Unfortunately, the old-like VPN in this situation will not help, since the sanctions do not depend on the territory, but on which banking organizations a person uses.

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