Apps for listening to audiobooks

There are quite a few programs for listening to audiobooks in the App Store, and among them, as mentioned above, iBooks. However, this app is available for users with iOS 10 and above. We invite you to find out what useful programs are for your smartphone in addition to the offer from Apple. This method of listening to audiobooks is also suitable for those who do not have a computer at hand and for those who want to start listening to literature in one click, without having to transfer something.

The most popular application is “Liters: Listen!”. Supported on multiple devices, including iPhone, distributed free of charge. Some of the features are:

  • Instant listening to an excerpt (to familiarize yourself with the work before purchasing or downloading);
  • The ability to listen to already purchased or downloaded audiobooks under one account on different devices;
  • Detailed data: the author (his biography), a quick jump to all available works of the writer, the year the book was published, short annotations and other useful information.
  • The library has over 18,000 offers, and there are also free copies;
  • Feedback from other users to decide on a purchase or download, as well as the ability to write your own response or review;
  • Offline listening, if there is no Internet connection (you need to download the audiobook to the device in advance).

What are the alternatives? There are plenty of them. Audiobooks from Patephone (free subscription for several days) or MP3 Audiobook Player and many others that provide content for free. For example, in the first utility it is enough to select your favorite works from the catalog among thousands of downloaded books. No need to download anything additionally.

But the second utility works in conjunction with iTunes. You cannot do without downloading from a computer (at least for users whose iPhone is lower than iOS 13), and after that the file must be copied to the “Shared Files” section, and then to “Programs”. If you have uploaded an audiobook to m4b through a browser (recall that there is such an opportunity in iOS 13 and higher), then the task is much easier. just open the file in the Downloads folder.

audiobook, iphone

This application has several advantages:

  • Advanced settings. The user can set the playback speed, rewind duration, select the theme color and much more;
  • Support for multiple formats. The application works not only with mp3 and m4b, but also with many other formats;
  • Convenience. There is no need to rewind to a specific fragment. the application remembers the time at which the listening ended;
  • Integration with cars. You can connect your smartphone to the car and listen to books while driving on the road using the CarPlay function;
  • Work with Apple Watch;
  • Decrease the volume gradually. Ideal for book lovers who like to fall asleep to the voice of the announcer. It is enough to set the interval at which the volume will decrease. For example, the announcer will stop speaking when the chapter ends. And if the user has not fallen asleep yet, just tap on the screen and the volume will return to the same level as it was originally;
  • Support for Russian and 21 more languages.

There is a PRO version for this application for 399 rubles. Its advantages are an unlimited library of downloadable files, no ads, and removal of the 12-hour listening limit. However, the free version fully meets the user’s requirements and the purchase of a paid application is optional. There are not so many analogues of this utility, so you should not immediately abandon it.

Important! MP3 Audiobook Player does not provide an audiobook library. it contains files that you have uploaded through iTunes or downloaded through your browser (on iOS 13 and above). The developers plan to add a gallery of books, equip the utility with a built-in browser and synchronize with cloud services.

How to download audiobook on iPhone

Paper editions are gradually losing their relevance. it has already become clear that in the future books will become the property of collectors and will be a rarity exclusively for them. Those who cannot live without reading stop buying books because it is a very expensive pleasure. The desired work in electronic format can not only be purchased on the iPhone, but also easily found on the Internet in the required format.

It is no secret that reading books from a smartphone screen greatly spoils vision and tires the eyes. especially if the user does it on the go or travels by transport. Audiobooks have become the ideal way out of these situations. thanks to this convenient format, you can not only do your usual things without distraction, but also not cause additional harm to your health. In this article, we will explain in detail how to download audiobook on iPhone, all possible download methods. We will also share important information for those who prefer to listen to literature rather than read it. books in audio have a special format. The article will also describe where to find works and whether it is realistic to convert the desired book.

Audiobook formats on iPhone

The first thing to know before looking for books and how to download them to iPhone are the formats available. There are two of them: mp3 or m4b. With mp3, everything is clear. this is the standard format for listening to ordinary songs. With m4b, everything is a little different. it is a special format for audiobooks on the iOS operating system. These files are well recognized by the native iBooks application (Apple Books depending on the system firmware version). Licensed books protected by copyright are converted to m4b, which, accordingly, are bought for money.

How to add FREE audiobooks on iPhone & Android

Listening to books in mp3 and m4b occurs through the pre-installed iPhone program “Music”. Nevertheless, users note that this is not very convenient. you have to remember or write down somewhere the time at which the listening stopped. The easiest way is to use special applications where you can pause bookmark.

Where are the audiobooks? Fortunately, both formats are easy to find for free. There are several ways to do this:

  • Search engine. It is enough to enter the author, the title of the book and add “audiobook“, “mp3”, “m4b”. On iOS operating systems starting from version 13, you can download from the site directly, and then find the file in the “Downloads”. If you have an old firmware version, then below will be described alternative download methods;
  • Social networks. For example, on or Odnoklassniki, there are communities where users share free audiobooks. It is enough to find the group “Audiobooks”, and then find the desired work on the wall;
  • Special applications. It is most convenient to do this through them. the program immediately has a library of books and many functions. The article below will list popular and free utilities.
  • Browser extensions. Not everyone knows, but it is the extensions that allow you to download files that seem to be inaccessible without purchasing. Also, extensions will help you download audiobooks through this add-on if the download button on the site does not work for some reason. It is enough to go to the site where literature is offered in audio format and download the desired content to your computer.

Is it possible to convert files to the desired format? Yes, of course, but you can’t do without a computer. You will have to use an online site or a program on a PC, and then transfer the file in the desired format to the iPhone. Conversion is suitable for situations when, for example, a book does not play for some reason: perhaps the application reads only mp3 or only m4b, then it is worth trying to change the format. Also, conversion is needed to listen to literature in the “iBooks” application. Here’s how to do it.

Listening as a song via iTunes

We figured out the types of audiobooks. Now we suggest you learn how to transfer downloaded books to your iPhone. This method assumes direct interaction between iPhone, computer and iTunes. Use any of the download methods listed above. When you find the downloaded file, do not forget to check the accuracy (whether the required book has been downloaded) and the integrity of the audio (it is better to scroll through and listen to the fragments before transferring).

Important! This method will allow you to listen to your audiobook as a music track through the Music app. To get advanced access to managing your audiobook through “iBooks”, go directly to the next item.

If everything is in order, then proceed with the following steps:

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable (preferably original);
  • Start iTunes if it doesn’t automatically. Then click on “File” and in the drop-down list select “Add file to the library” (or just simultaneously hold down the CtrlO combination);
  • Windows Explorer will start. find the folder where the audiobook was downloaded. Select it and click on “Open”;
  • The file was added but not synced to the device. Click on the smartphone icon in the upper left corner;
  • At the very bottom, find the “Synchronize” button.

Listening as an audiobook via iBooks

It is a mistake to assume that for this method it is enough to have a downloaded iBooks (Apple Books) and a smartphone. You also can’t do without a computer with pre-installed iTunes: in addition, in some cases, you will need to find a program or website with online conversion. This method is a little more difficult to execute than the previous one, but it will make it much more convenient to reproduce literature. Plus, the native Books app has integration with Apple Watch.

As stated above, iBooks only supports m4b format. If you have already found a work of interest in mp3 format or cannot find a book in the required format, then a converter comes to the rescue. Use online services or download a program (for example, MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter) if you want to listen to books on a regular basis. Converting files is easy. just add the original audio track to mp3 and wait while the site or utility changes the file format to m4b.

We recommend that you resort to converting only as a last resort, if there are no necessary files on the Internet at all. When you change the type of audiobook, the chapter division disappears and turns into a song for many hours. That is, there will be no convenient transition by content and breakdown into parts. Where can I find books specifically for the iPhone? In the search engine and enter: “audiobooks torrent Apple / iPhone / m4b”. It is better to download the torrent. And there are plenty of sites for this. If you don’t find it, write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and we will throw off the link for you.

If the conversion was successful or the book was found in the original required format, then follow these instructions:

  • Connect PC and iPhone with USB cable;
  • Add the downloaded audiobook using the CtrlO combination. Make sure that the file type is m4b, otherwise the piece will be transferred to “Music”;
  • Launch iTunes and go to the “Books” section (the icon of an open book in the upper left corner; if this tab is not there, then you need to add it. You can do this like this: click on the ellipsis icon and click on “Edit” and check the box in the list that appears opposite “Books”). This is where you will find the moved file;
  • As in the previous instructions, the book has been added, but not synchronized. It is because of skipping this step that the file does not appear in the library. Click on the smartphone icon and find the “Audiobooks” subsection in the left menu;
  • Fill in the empty box with a checkmark for “Synchronize audiobooks”;
  • The final step at the bottom of the panel is click on “Sync”.

It’s important to know! On iOS 12 and below, the downloaded voiced audio file can be opened not only in “iBooks”, but also optionally in the “Music” application. However, the work will not appear in the library. it must be found. Click on “” with the ellipsis sign, in the page that appears, select “Audiobooks”. You will see a list of all downloaded books. The listening player looks a little different: there is a 15 second rewind and forward.

For older versions, the dubbed books “moved” to iBooks.

For iPhone with jailbreak

We in no way recommend users to jailbreak. This has certain consequences, it is better not to risk it.

The article examined several effective ways through which you can listen to a work before bedtime, catch up with the school curriculum, work out in the gym with additional benefits, while away the time in traffic jams and, in general, do important things without being distracted by reading.

Unfortunately, in the latter, free literature is not entirely of the highest quality, and with a promotional code you will not always get the desired work. for works of high artistic value, huge price tags are often exhibited. Fortunately, there is a way out here too. download via iTunes or directly from the browser (not available to everyone) to a completely free application.

How to listen to audiobooks on iPhone (FAQ)

The frantic pace of life does not allow many people to devote time to reading books. Solve this problem, audiobooks, which you can listen to on the way to work, during training or right before bed, without straining your eyes, allowing your body to go to sleep calmly. In this massive tutorial, we’ve covered all the intricacies of downloading and listening to audiobooks on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

To start listening to audiobooks on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you first need to download them to your device. Quite unexpectedly, but the most convenient way to download audiobooks to Apple mobile gadgets is iTunes. Unexpectedly, this is because third-party utilities are much better at handling other typical operations. However, it is iTunes that stands out with audiobooks.

So, let’s look at the process of downloading audiobooks to iPhone using iTunes.

How to Download Audiobooks to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via iTunes

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer and launch iTunes.

Go to the “Books” section.

Note: if the section “Books” is not in the list, click “Edit menu” and in the window that opens, check the box on the item “Books”.

Select the “Audiobooks” tab.

Drag m4b audiobooks into the iTunes window. On Apple mobile devices, it is possible to listen to books only in this format. We will tell you how not to bother looking for just such audiobooks later in this guide. Select your device in iTunes and go to the “Audiobooks” section.

Check the box next to “Synchronize audiobooks”, then activate the “All audiobooks” option to download all audiobooks available in iTunes, or “Selected audiobooks” if you want to download specific books.

Click “Apply” to sync.

After syncing, your audiobooks are available in the iBooks app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and you can start listening to them. To do this, you just need to launch iBooks and select one of the audiobooks. IBooks interface gives you the ability to control playback, select chapters, and more.

Where to download audiobooks for free

Finding the right audiobook on the Internet is quite simple. There are special portals with collections of audiobooks, and torrent trackers contain whole deposits of books. We will not talk about the obvious, but we will point out one well-known way of finding and downloading audiobooks.

As you know, perhaps the largest collection of audiobooks is presented on the social network. The social network has a flexible and convenient search that allows you to find and download the books you need as quickly as possible. This is done as follows.

Note: we examined the method of downloading audio files (which are audiobooks) from using the Chrome browser extension. Similar extensions are available for other popular web browsers.

Install the “Download Music from ” extension for the Chrome browser.

Click on the extension icon to activate it.

Go to and use the search to find the required audiobook by adding the word “audiobook” to the title of the book.

Advice! In order to make it even easier to download all the chapters of the book you need, search not on the whole on the social network, but in one of the special groups with audiobooks, for example, “Audiobooks” or “Explosive Audiobooks”.

Click the Downloads button to the left of the audiobook title. Repeat the operation for each chapter as necessary.

Ready! The book is loaded, it remains only to sync it with the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via iTunes, after having performed the conversion from the.mp3 format to the.m4b format using the method described above.

And one more thing about Of course, you can listen to audiobooks from the social network itself, without the need to initially download them and upload them to a special application. This method has the right to life, but you will have to constantly remember the place where you finished listening, which, of course, will complicate your life.

How to listen to audiobooks on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch even easier

However, you will have to pay for a good app. we realized this after a careful study of the most worthy options in the App Store. No absolutely free application will provide a large selection of audiobooks, and even worse, it will constantly bore you with ad insertions.

As for paid applications, you should pay attention to: “Audiobooks for free”, “Listen to audiobooks”, “Audiobooks without the Internet”, “Audiobooks” and “Audiobooks. hits of 2017”. Note that all of the listed applications are shareware, but include in-app purchases.

There are audiobooks in iBooks, but the vast majority of them are in English.

Add Audio Books to iBooks App on iPhone using iTunes

How to upload any audiobooks to iBooks

As you can see, the process of downloading audiobooks to Apple devices is extremely simple. And everything would be fine if not for one “but”. Audiobooks in the.m4b format are presented on the Web in much smaller numbers than in the traditional.mp3 format. Sometimes it is impossible to find the required audiobook in a digestible format for the iPhone. As a result, time and nerves were wasted, the result was not achieved.

And again iTunes helps out, which allows you to convert any audio files into audiobooks. Thanks to this feature, there is no need to search for books in the.m4b format. The conversion is done as follows.

Add the audiobook folder to iTunes by dragging and dropping it into the program window.

Select the album you added to iTunes in the “Recently Added” tab.

Select all chapters of an audiobook. To do this, select the first chapter, hold down the Shift key, and then click on the last chapter.

Right-click on the selected chapters and in the menu that opens, click Details. When prompted to navigate to properties select “Edit Objects”.

In the column “Media Type” on the “Options” tab, select “Audiobook”.

Click “OK” to apply the changes.

How to add MP3 to iPhone as an audiobook

The successful completion of the operation is signaled by the fact that the album disappeared from the list of added music and appeared in the “Books” section. You just have to synchronize the audiobook with your mobile device in the way we have already described and start listening.

What to do if you don’t like iBooks audiobook player

Many users do not like the audiobook player of the standard iBooks iOS application at all. The discontent is understandable. in third-party applications for listening to audiobooks, the set of functions is often much higher. Really, in such a situation, only switching to a paid solution will help?

Fortunately, no. Some applications for listening to audiobooks allow not only listening to the books available in the database, but also those downloaded by the user. The download is pretty straightforward, via iTunes.

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer and launch iTunes.

Select your device in the iTunes window.

Go to the “Programs” tab.

In the “Shared Files” section, select an application to listen to audiobooks.

Drag the audiobook to the Documents window and wait for copying.

Ready! The audiobook has become available for listening in a third-party application, with more functionality compared to iBooks. The only drawback of this method is that not all applications allow users to listen to their audiobooks. Of those that provide such an opportunity, MP3 Audiobook Player can be distinguished.

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